Summary: Jupiter and Castor meet to talk about siblings.
Date: PHD 143
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Castor is aparently in his dress blues but clearly he isn't on duty - offically, it would seem that Leda has just put on a show for the children in Messville and as soon as he clears out of the Mess he takes off his pins and begins to open his shirt as he falls back against the wall for a moment. He has been doing magic shows for the kids because to him they deserve better than all of this and he has a soft spot for children, however, each time he does this it reminds him of his own troubled past when he lost everything so now that he is behind the closed door where the kids can't see him there is a brief moment to fall apart a bit. This would be one of those times that he wishes that he hadn't promised Epi that he would stop drinking.

Down the corridor, in the direction of the stairwell, walks one Jupiter Black. She wears sweats, clearly off duty. She does not appear to have hit the gym recently. Her eyes fix on Castor when she's still a bit of a ways away.

Castor has his eyes closed for the moment and he holds his hand to his heart for a moment before he opens them again and starts to pull himself together, because, hopefully, no one saw this little moment…then again he is in a hallway where people pass by all the time. The he spots Jupiter Black and he stands straighter, he is at least making an effort to look like he has himself together, which he doesn't.

Jupes tips her head slightly and drops her hands to her hips. She regards the other pilot for a long moment, then asks, "You were Martin's wingman when he went down." No wait, not quite a question. More like an accusation. "Tell me what happened." That wasn't really a question either.

Leda suddenly gets what this is about and he says, "Well, Martin was my wingman. We were in formation and I was painting targets and we both were gunning for them. I painted a target and took it out only to look over and see that Martin's Viper had been shot all to hell. I never saw what hit him because he was behind me. To the best I can figure it was multiple hits at once." He then says, "So, I circled around and did my best to keep Martin safe until the SAR came to get him." He then says, "I would never leave your brother to die, trust me, I know what it is like to lose one and I'd never wish that on anyone."

Jupiter stares at him for a long moment, blue eyes intent. She processes the story, then she takes a step back. There's a nod. "Okay then." Apparently the answer appeases the elder Black. You can tell because there's no fist in Castor's face, trying to brain him with his very own nose bits.

Castor nods his head slowly and he realizes he isn't getting punched which is a good thing. He then says, "Just hold on to your brother since he might be one of the most valuable things to you on this ship." Castor then goes back to his falling apart mode, "And once you lose one you can't get him back." Now he really wishes he could have a drink since he now is rememebering his brother and his messed up childhood - though this time he is doing a better job at hiding it.

Jupiter's brow arches as she regards Castor. She reaches up, runs her fingers through her hair, then asks, "What are you, the narrator?"

Leda looks over at Jupiter, "Nah, just a guy who saw his identical twin brother blow up in front of him." He then takes a breath as he reaches down for a flask that isn't there. Leda has been clean now for a few weeks now, ever since Epi made him promise not to drink. He then says, "Though I do a wonderful magic show if you'd like to see it." He thumbs to the mess, "The kids in Messville love it."

Jupiter's arms slide crossed and she glances toward the Mess. "Thanks, but I haven't been one for magic in a while. I'm out there every day watching his ass. It figures he'd get shot down the moment I was grounded." She nods toward the Mess. "You losing it or what?"

Castor takes a breath and he does something with Jupiter that he has never done before which is to be vulnerable instead of guarded, "I'm…going to be okay." He then looks back at the door to the mess and back over to Jupiter, "Jupiter, I know I come across as some goody two shoes but my childhood was well frakked to bits. I lost my parents when I was all of twelve and then Pollux and I were homeless. We spent years on the streets, and, if we weren't found by Officer Palmer as teenagers and pulled away from the streets I'd still be on the streets most likely in a gang or dead by one." He shakes his head, "If Pollux had convinced me to follow him and become a Viper pilot than I would have gone back…so then when I am in flight school, I see, my brother die in front of me and to be honest with you, it messed me up badly. I lost my family before all of this happened and then I had issues where I tried to become my brother…only now am I trying to figure out who I am so I can let Pollux rest." He thumbs to the door, "And those kids in there need something or someone to look after them, so, I go in and I give them a show and I make them happy and I remember everything that happened in my life and how that is what these kids have to look forward to and it breaks me up a bit."

Jupes brushes a hand down her arm, and shakes it off. "Okay. One. Your parents seriously named you Castor and Pollux? Man, that's some shit right there." She brushes her arm again. "Godsdamn, I think I got some emo storytellin' stuck to my shirt. Help me out here, Leda. Seriously." She drops her hands to her sides. "He's dead. You're not. Get over it and be a grown up. We have cylons to fight today, and for the foreseeable future. So it would make me a lot better if I knew you weren't having a crisis of identity when I've got tone up my six. How about you find a woman, and work it out in sweaty naughty ways. You'll feel better."

Castor looks over at Jupiter and then he says with all honesty - which for Leda is funny considering this last bit is spiritual, "It gets better, there was a prophecy and everything." He then looks at Jupiter's arm, "Yeah, sorry about that but imagine it this way, what if Marty died? I hope he never does, but imagine, could you just let go?" He then says, "I'm working on it all…hell, I even stopped drinking which is probably why I'm remembering all of this." He then says, "And my piloting will never be affected by my personal life. I'd put myself out there to save anyone in the wing." He then smirks and teases, "Was the a come on, Jupiter?"

"I'd probably get myself killed racking up a revenge kill count. But the fact is, we're viper pilots. Viper pilots have an expiration date shorter'n most teenage relationships. So when ya signed up for this job, you knew that. All the losses we had should tellya that. How many wingmen ya lose so far?" Jupiter smirks, "Drinking? That's one of the few pleasures left, even if shine tastes like paint thinner." She takes a step closer to the other pilot. "Leda, if I came onto you, you wouldn't survive long enough to orgasm. But if you really want to go, there's a storage closet on this deck." She kind of sounds like she just threatened to hack off his left leg with a rusty razor blade, a safety one.

Castor chuckles and shakes his head, "Well, I made a promise to a friend to stop drinking and so I am." Well, he has stopped for now, but how long can that last. He then looks over at Jupiter and says, "I do my job, I will always do my job, though I still need time to get some things together. Don't worry I know who I am for the most part…I'm just trying to seperate myself from my brother." He then chuckles, "I was kidding Black, relax, I've got my eye on a civilian that is on the Kharon right now. If I am lucky she will get into the wing as a Raptor pilot." He says, "Besides I think we both know we aren't each others type."

"… Seriously?" Jupiter just looks at Castor as he takes her closet comment to the very literal place. "You need to get laid, get over your dead brother, and get drunk. Really. It's depressing." She claps him on the shoulder, and steps around to head to the stairwell.

Castor looks at Jupiter, "Well, maybe we need to have a party sometime soon." He then says, "and take it easy, Jupiter." He says as he pulls himself back together.

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