See You In Post-Op
See You In Post-Op
Summary: Roubani and Komnenos are a bit shaken after a mission, Kai is there as they return, Thea is concerned, and Ashe lends a hand. Later, Dutch gets patched up, Epi comes to visit him, and Komnenos is a bit hard on himself.
Date: PHD063
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[ Hallway - Deck 1, Fore ] [ CEC Kharon ]
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #63 OOC Time: Sat Jun 20 23:47:31 2009

The hallways of the CEC Kharon are a nondescript battleship grey, functional and plain. Dull white lighting is inset into each archway and runs along the ceiling in recessed holds, illuminating the steel painted interior, and the occasional oxygen scrubber along the walls. Storage crates, in a matching dark grey scheme, are located here and there along these corridors, containing items of use for various nearby departments.

Kai is in his duty blues, and currently bustling along the hall from the direction of CIC. He's headed for the hangar bay at a good clip, as his slight limp permits.

Legacy has just come out of berthings in her sweats and tanks and is in the process of dragging her hair back into a ponytail as she walks - right into Kai's path. She takes a quick backstep and offers him a small, wry smile that goes uncertain. "Captain," she says, dipping her head.

Komnenos steps slowly down the stairs, still a little riled up from the mission. As he descends, he lets out a deep exhale, and runs a hand through his hair. Gods, but that was quite enough excitement for one day. Thorn has never been one to panic under fire, but it was an awfully close call down there, he realizes, as he thinks about the Marines currently in sickbay and the second wave of Centurions that the two Raptors narrowly escaped from.

Roubani is heading from the direction of said hangar bay. Out of the environmental suit and his collection of tapes handed off to an on-duty engineer, the Ensign is headed…somewhere. Possibly to shower; the stink of gunfire still clings. His posture is stiff and his complexion still wan. Probably spend some time returning his pre-flight lunch to the ship's sewer first.

Kai's hand is put up to catch Legacy's shoulder as he nearly collides with her, then withdrawn again when she backsteps away. There's a small nod for the woman, and a glance at his watch. "I'm told the landing party should be getting in right about-" And then people start filtering through, obviously from said landing party. "Lieutenant. Ensign. Everyone accounted for?"

Her hand covered Kai's ever so briefly when he had her shoulder, but then dropped as the usual dance of 'am I in your way' happens. "They're back," she asks, turning to follow Kai's gaze. Roubani first - she studies him critically, clearly looking for wounds. Then Komnenos, the same look. CAG, however, takes precedence.

"Not exactly, Captain — Captains," Thorn amends himself, noticing the presence of both the CAG and the Raptor CO. His voice is wan, his eyes sunken. "No fatalities among the landing party, although they did have t' haul a few of the Marines t' Sickbay. It got hot down there," he clarifies. "Either the Cylons were lying in wait for us or they were scouting the place out at th' same time we were — were attacked by a group of Centurions as we were on the way t' pull out." He shoots a guilty look at Legacy. "We lost a Raptor crew, sir, and their bird is still stuck on th' surface," he adds, his voice thickening.

Stopped by superior ranks. Roubani's pace kind of twitches, as though he were seriously debating just blowing past, but he comes to a stop after that glitch. His hands fold behind his back, good hand holding the bad's wrist. He has nothing to add to Komnenos' brief AAR, posture tense and eyes reserved.

Kai steps to the side until he's standing nearly shoulder to shoulder with Legacy. He's taller, of course, but the posture is similar; they must be practicing their imitating one another. He listens carefully as Komnenos gives his account of things, and nods once when the man's done. "I'll be debriefing Stathis about it later." As the lead pilot on the mission, of course. The loss of the raptor crew causes his gaze to drop for a moment, then skitter sideways, before returning to Komnenos. "Get some rest," he supplies finally. Roubani is given a long, difficult to discern look, and then a small nod. Dismissal, maybe? He isn't his CO, so there's no reason to keep him here.

The news from Thorn has Thea's face falling slightly, but she has her professional expression on. "Make sure to be cleared by medical," she tells Thorn softly. "Then get some rack time. I'll catch up with you tomorrow to talk." There's a quiet note of sadness in her voice. She glances up at Kai, head tilting a bit, questioning, following his lead.

Normally he'd brush off the concern, but this time Komnenos isn't feeling too rebellious. His head jerkily nods at Legacy's concerned commands. "Will do, sir," he says simply, and moves off the stairway allowing the two senior officers to pass, should they desire.

Roubani doesn't say a word. Nor does he nod back. Neither Captain gets eye contact; that's an honour reserved for the wall between them. At the 'dismissal' he just turns around and heads off down the hall.

Maybe Kai's not as bothered by the news, seeing as it was raptors, and not viper sticks that went down. Maybe, also, pigs are flying and hell freezing over somewhere. Kai cares, he just doesn't show his emotions as easily as Thea. "I'd like you to be present for the debriefing as well, Captain. Tomorrow afternoon work for you and Thorn?" He, it seems, leaves it up to her to speak for her own pilot.

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Roubani has left.

Difficult to say whether Legacy finds what she's looking for. Kai's a brick wall at the best of times, especially when he's in that officer's uniform with all its buttons neatly fastened. There's a bare flicker at one corner of his mouth, when she looks at him like that though. "I've got some birds to check on, and a Chief who wants a few words with me. Take it easy, Black Cat." He meets the woman's eyes briefly, then turns and strides off.

Seeing that he's already been spoken for — not that he would have said differently, at any rate — Komnenos feels his presence is no longer required. As such, he nods curtly to his two senior officers. "Tomorrow afternoon, sirs," he mutters in confirmation before he tries to make his own escape, almost melding into the wall, affording his senior officers a wide berth as he slides past.

Legacy studies him for only a moment longer then nods, once. "I'm going to go check on the injured," she says quietly. "I'll report back." Then she turns to walk in the opposite direction.

Thorn is going in the same direction; the Cat did just order him to get checked out by the medics, after all. He makes no move to wait for his CO for the moment, moving at his own pace with only the cloud of his own thoughts alongside him.

Thea follows along behind the poor man, lost in thoughts for a moment. At least she doesn't have to write the letter to the families.

Komnenos enters Sickbay, still walking slowly, a solemn expression on his face. He stops in his tracks, looking over to where the wounded Marines are being treated, his features suddenly clouding with guilt. After a moment, though, Thorn starts moving again, looking for the first medic or doctor that isn't involved with their treatment.

Thea comes in right behind Thorn. "Lieutenant," she tells him quietly. "Sit. Let me get a doctor for you." One hand goes to the man's shoulder. She didn't say anything on the way down - but now she does. Fingers curl gently against his clothing, a light pressure.

Komnenos stiffens at the touch, but nods silently as he recognizes Legacy's voice behind him. Another glance flicked over at the wounded marines — could he have done something that might have kept them out of here? Doubtful — he's merely an ECO, and he's not trained to handle Centurions on the ground — but that's not going to keep him from obsessing about it the rest of the night. As commanded, he finds the nearest seat and slumps down into it.

Ashe is standing near Pike, actually helping in the work that's being done to Dutch. Apparently he hasn't really fessed up to the fact he's carrying a few pieces of round in him himself and has gotten away with it thus far.

Legacy's hand moves lightly on Thorn's shoulder, then she steps off, in search of a nurse or doctor.


[ Sickbay - Deck 2 ] [ CEC Kharon ]
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #63 OOC Time: Sun Jun 21 01:15:32 2009

The hatchway immediately opens into the larger room, though the muted blues of the room are complimented by the white sheets on the various beds lying at wait for any injured personnel, which are lain out in neat rows. Curtains are available around certain bed bays for examinations and privacy during them. Rows of lockers around the room are labeled in easy-to-read yellows that contain everything from surgical supplies to the basic items such as sterilized bandages. A counter to the Fore end of the room is the ships pharmacist and can dispense items like aspirin and ibuprofen to anyone who might need it. Behind the manned counter stands an electronically locked metal door that leads back to some of the more controlled pharmacological items. To the rear of the room is a specially designated and sealed 'clean area' for surgeries.

The hatch opens and a little marine comes bouncing in, a serious expression on her face. She's in tanks and sweats, cheeks dirty, looking as though she got in a dustup of some sort. Which, well, she DID. Pausing just inside, she starts looking around.

Dutch has come out of Surgery and is laying still on a small bed. His shirt is gone and replace with one of those horribly attractive ass smocks they hand out. Eyes are closed and tubes remain in arms and monitoring the situation on the usually foul mouthed marine. He's had similar, but probably not worse-wounds.

Komnenos is still sitting where Legacy left him, a dull pallor settling over his features. He's not sure why he's here — he managed to escape the furball on the ground unscathed, unlike some of the other unfortunates currently in sickbay — but an order is an order, and truth be told, he wouldn't mind a quick once-over himself. He stays quiet for the moment, though, knowing there are those more in need of medical attention at the moment than he.

The little woman bounces around, looking, peering. She skids to a stop next to Thorn, cocking her head to the side. "You alive in there," she asks gently, offering him a smile. "How are the rest faring?"

Don't mind the Sergeant he's still out of it laying on the small assed bed these things come equipped with. It seems Dutch isn't going to be entirely social for the moment as he is recoverying from having slugs pulled out of him.

Komnenos offers a halfhearted smile to the petite Marine. The adrenaline that had pushed him to the point of foolhardiness down on the planet's surface is long since gone now, and his thoughts are still a jumbled muddle. "I'm all right, Corp, thanks," he says softly in response, though the truth of that statement is debatable. Thorn isn't wounded, it doesn't look like, but he's obviously still a bit rattled after the experience on the surface. Flight crew don't usually come as prepared to do battle over open sights as Marines do, after all; their brand of war is rather less personal. "Sergeant Elder is out of surgery, it looks like, and Corporal Swift is up and walking around," he continues in response to her second question.

Epi bounces around the poor pilot like a kitten dancing around a dustball. "Are you sure? You look like hell. Do you need a doctor? Can I get you something to drink? You're a pilot, I know, and I'm a Marine. It's not your fault you had the bad luck to get into flying. But you had some good shots out there, so you learned something somewhere." Ok, so make it hyperactive five year old. "Sarge is out of surgery? I'll have to check on him. And kick Swift's ass."

Thorn winces slightly at the Marine's impromptu diagnosis, but can't disagree. If he looks as harried as he feels, she's not that far off. "Thanks, I guess," he replies to her comment about his shooting. He'd surprised himself, actually; he hadn't picked up a weapon since the last time he was due to requalify, and he'd never fired one in anger in the few short years he'd been in the Colonial Fleet. "I'm not hurt or anything, though, my CO just had me down here for a quick look over. But then again, I think the Cat worries a bit much sometimes." He rubs his chin and cracks his neck; ah, there goes some tension. "You know, actually, I think I could use a drink of water, but I wouldn't want t' put you out. I can scare up one myself, you go and check on your friends."

The little Marine offers him a soft smile. "Sit," she commands. "I'll be right back." The woman is gone before 'back' gets out of her mouth. She scares up a glass of ice water for the man before bouncing back. "I can't go see Sarge for a few minutes," the woman comments. "Here you go. There's even ice."

Thorn smiles with gratitude as the little sparkplug produces a glass of water. "Thanks, Corp," he replies, taking the glass of water and quickly draining half of it in one gulp. "Your people did a hell of a job down there," he continues; a substantial admission on his part, as Komnenos wholeheartedly shares the opinions most pilots normally have about the capabilities of Marines. "The way I was charging around like a bull down there, could've ended up like the Sergeant over there —" he waves a hand in the direction of Dutch's bed — "or worse, if the lot of you hadn't kept the toasters' attention so well," he finishes.

A shoulder lifts delicately and she gives the pilot and impish grin before popping herself down on a seat. "What can I say? It's my magnetic personality," Epi says with an airy smile. "I only took two slugs - likely because I'm so small. They probably didn't see me over everyone else." The smile brightens. "And you know what? You guys did an amazing job tonight. We wouldn't have had the heads up without you all, nor would we have been able to get out as fast as we did. Of course…" Her nose wrinkles a little. "My stomach's STILL upset from that take off and landing."

Finally the Sergeant seems to come to with a groan. Eyes stirring as Dutch barely tries to roll himself up, no, he's content to stay in the manner that the Doc's put him in. One hand rising up, the non throbby one, to wipe goop from his right eye. "Frak.." Yeah Its Dutch alright.

"Well, let me tell you from experience, most landings and takeoffs aren't nearly that rough; we usually aren't that pressed for time, you know. But when you've got t' hurry, you've got t' hurry," Thorn replies. His expression hardens as the earlier statement registers. "I don't know if I'd be so quick t' praise us, though. I should have spotted those bloody toasters from a lot farther out than I did," he continues after a moment, his expression hardening. "No reason they should've been able to get that close so easily. Almost didn't have enough time t' get you all extracted." Hindsight is 20/20, of course, but blistering self-critique has always been a habit of his. "And that poor third Raptor crew…" he adds, shaking his head. His features droop even further at the mention of the luckless pair.

Epi drops her hand to Thorn's shoulder briefly, squeezing. "We came home, that's what counts," she murmurs. Then she looks toward Dutch. "Will you excuse me for a minute? I need to go hit Sarge before he goes back to sleep."

Thorn nods. "Don't let me keep you, Corp, they're more in need of your attentions than I am," he replies. "In fact, I might as well be on my way. A bit of rack time would probably do me as much good as anything th' medics can do for me," he adds, draining the last of his glass of water and standing up. "Thanks for the company, though."

Dutch is looking strangely around the room. A moment of shock or so it shows in his eyes widening up before he is relaxing. There you go Dutch, yes remember you got shot three times, you dumbshit. And another blink, as the good Sergeant rubs his face, before he is catching sight of Thorn first. "I don't remember you getting shot.." he says softly.

Epi gives Thorn a warm smile, then bounces over to Dutch's bedside. "You godsdamned stupid asshole," she says, smacking him on the undamaged shoulder. "Did you download your frakking brain into your godsdamned big toe you no-grace having, Zeus-ball sucking pain in the ass?" And throughout it all, one thing is clear on her face - worry.

"Corporal.." comes Dutch's voice, very tired, and very ragged from what pain is in him. Yeah he's not doing too good, but he looks a lot better than he did when they put him on the bird back home. He'll probably be back around on duty come tuesday- or so they are saying. "You hit the only part of me that ain't hurting again, and I'll strangle you with my good hand." Ahh yes, loveable John Elder. "Nextime we're not flying with a frakkin Ensign.."

The voice stops Thorn in his tracks; Dutch is awake. Instead of leaving, Thorn follows Epi over to the bed that holds the wounded Marine corpsman. "No, Sergeant, I got lucky," he answers. He ignores Epi's caustic rebuke, recognizing the concern in her voice. "One of those Cents took a couple of potshots at me… who knows how he managed t' miss, but he did," he adds, choosing his words as delicately as he can, given that he's talking to a man who wasn't quite so lucky. "Ran into th' Black Cat on the way down from the hangar, though, and she seemed t' think I could use a checkup anyway," the Raptor lieutenant continues. "So, here I am. Feel rather silly, now, though, considering…" he trails off, not sure what else to say to the luckless corpsman when he's standing there with barely so much as a hair out of place.

Oh, oh, he didn't! Dutch did NOT just dare Epi. Because if he did, well… She smacks his shoulder again, growling quietly. "You'll have to get the frak up out of that bloody bed, you ham-fisted toaster bait," she grumbles. Room is made for Thorn, and that's the only thing saving Dutch from a third hit.

There's a Struggle there that can be seen as the Sergeant tries to rise only to lay back down with a fit of coughing, hand covering his mouth, as a shudder of pain rocks him for a moment. "Frakkin' bitch-" more or less do to the pain and not so much the Corporal who seems intent on hitting him. Dutch opens an eye once his coughs control themselves, looking to Thorn. "Good, Saw two pilots when I came out get shot to frak an back.. An then ours got pinged in the head.." A sigh as he relaxes back. "You all need t' stay in your ships.." a look to Thorn before he's looking back to Epi "How's Ashe?"

Thorn stifles a laugh. "You're probably right, Sergeant… it's you Marines that get paid to do the dirty work on the ground," he concedes. Clearing his throat, he looks, from Dutch to Epi and back. "I can get out of your hair now, if you'd like. I'm sure the last thing you want t' see in your convalescence is some bloody Raptor jock hovering about," he adds with a smile, knowing Dutch's usual opinion of aircrew types. "The rack is calling, at any rate, and I'm going to have to think about how I plan t' explain t' the bigwigs tomorrow what the frak happened and why we're suddenly down a bird." Thorn may not have been the senior officer during the little escapade, but he's rather sure that given what happened, all the officers involved will be called to account at some point. Before he steps away, though, he adds quietly, "You were quite something down there, Sergeant, hope t' see you back on your feet soon."

Epi bounces around to the other side of the bed, and looks like she's about to hit Dutch again - but she doesn't. No, instead she plumps his pillow a little before he lays back down. She's bouncing around like a worried little ball. "You're a Raptor," she tells Thorn with a grin. "Not a Viper. Therefore, you're exempt from that whole shitty pilot thing." Back to Dutch. "Ashe is up and walking around, bitching, too. So he can't be too bad."

Dutch has never had a beef with the Raptor drivers or their ECO's mainly due to the fact that they cart their asses around. However Viper jocks are another thing. "You have a good night sir..And thank you-sir." offered back before he's looking back towards Epi. A nod there for a moment. "Good. I at least stopped him from bleeding from his gut, before they tagged me in the chest. Shit." he's looking at himself. "I got the frak knocked outta me it seems."

Komnenos nods. "Well, good t' know some of us are all right, at least." And what would you know, he seems to mean it. "Rest easy, Sergeant. Good night, Corporal." With that, he disengages, allowing the two enlisted their privacy as he moves for the door.

"Night Sir," Epi says to Komnenos before she looks back to Dutch. She says nothing, simply watches the man for a very long time.

Dutch watches Komnenos leave before he's looking back tot he Corporal who fussed with his pillow and all of that nonsense. Silent as his arms fold at his chest for a second. A lick of his lips, before He's canting his head at her. "What?" he finally asks, as he lays there. What more can he say, save I got shot-ooops.

She reaches out and very softly brushes her fingers over his forehead, touch light, barely there. "I'm glad you're home safe," Epi say softly. The brash anger of earlier is gone, the adrenaline faded away.

"Thanks." Dutch finally says softly, eyes closing there under the slight brush, but it coulda been breeze from the A/C right? A deep breath and his face contorts for a second while he exhales, careful not to cough. And eyes look back to her "I wolda died t' make sure you all got back safe an sound.."

"And that's why we would have died to make sure you made it back," she murmurs, voice low and quiet. The hand pulls away and she moves to the side slightly. "Everyone made it back but the two Raptors. All the Marines are back. Yours were the worst injuries."

"Good. How its supposed to be. The NCO's get the shit pounded outta them, and then we all escape with the Calvary." Dutch adds with a weak ass grin. Eyes close once more before he watches her "You should probably get some rest, hon. I ain't going anywhere.."

She's quiet for a time then smiles at him a little. "I will in a bit," Epi says quietly. "After you fall asleep and I'm sure you're ok." Well, that's quite simple. "Close your eyes and rest. I'll be here when you wake up."

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