Seduction, Betrayal and Math
Seduction, Betrayal and Math
Summary: Nine tutors Ashe in Maththings.
Date: PHD45
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Nine sits curled up in a quiet corner of the stacks, then, two thick tomes on her lap, and she seems to be cross-referencing one with the other, a bit of blotchy flush to her cheeks.

It is most likely people don't tend to 'sneak' into the Library, but that is precisely what Ashe is attempting to do, peeking in and then slipping in as stealthily as possible. Granted it is difficult to do while carrying a rather large thick book with him. The large tome is lofted in his arms as he makes his way towards a table and sits, pulls out glasses, and opens the book to begin to read.

<FS3> Nine rolls Alertness: Success.

Nine doesn't much mind that someone's coming into the library, but the stealth of the act draws her notice— a creature of invisibility, herself, it always attracts her attention when others endeavor to join her in the realm of the unseen. She watches for a silent moment.

The silent and diminiutive Nine doesn't get much attention from Ashe either as he sits with his book and frowns at it. After several moments he can be heard muttering, "The Frak… but… that number… where'd they get that frakkin' number from? Oh… there.. .but.. what the hell?!"

Nine slowly pushes herself from her huddled crouch into a standing position, unfurling like a shade in a shifting bit of sunshine, and the hidden number drifts quietly closer, books hugged to her person as she goes to investigate the case of the other hidden number.

The book in front of Ashe is actually what would appear to be a Math book, not overly advanced but decently so. It would seem the young man is working on Math, and so oblivious to the fact that he is being snuck up upon that he keeps on ranting. "Ok… so that's where you went but where the hell did that go… the heck… ugh. She was right, I am too stupid to handle this."

Nine comes to stand close behind the would-be mathematician, angling her approach subtly so as not to cast a shade on his text, her eyesight rather keen so as to let her read from a distance, given a moment. "It switched sides," she finally says, quietly, a little too near his ear to be socially correct.

"Sweet mother frakin' son of Ares!" Ashe belts out as he knocks himself out of his chair, landing on the side away from Nine from completely fright and startlement. "What the frak?" He asks catching his breath at being that surprised, having not been surprised in some time.

Nine seems surprised at Ashe's surprise, but less exuberantly so, her scarry eyebrows rising faintly as she looks at Ashe, and then back to the book. "It's not as strange as all of that," she tells him. "The equation's like a romance. The two sides share traits back and forth, each modifying the other even as it gives up a part of itself, hoping… striving at some basic level of compatability and comprehension. Some simple series of numbers through which whole worlds of relativity can be expressed."

Blink. Stare. Those are the best words to describe Ashe's reaction as he tries to recover from the start and then listens to the explanation. "A romance?" He asks tilting his head. "Look… I ain't know nothin' bout romance so that ain't exactly gonna help. Unless one of the numbers is beer, and the other is a large burger… that's romance right?" There's a slight grin, an attempt perhaps at a joke. Not that good but at least he's picking himself up off the ground.

Nine has seen too many plays not to know how romance is supposed to work, even if her own personal record is twisted and warped even where it's existant. Even her stomach growls at the mention of a large burger, though, "I've never thought of math as something inherently carnivorous," she admits, looking back to the equation. "Though I suppose you might say the variables want to shed all the trappings of society and find their primal, savage natures," she smiles at the thought, thinly at first, then with more enthusiasm. "And Dionysus revels in the omophagia," that is, the ritual devouring of raw flesh observed in Dionysus' cult.

Ashe tilts his head, "Huh?" He frowns a bit then shakes his head further. "Look, I'm not exactly the most er… learned person about, hence why I'm working with a Math Textbook here. I appreciate what you're trying to do, really, but I don't get it." He looks back at the equation he's working on. "It's like a foreign language to me."

Nine finally shifts to one side and sets her own tomes down on the table. Engineering schematics. Hard to decipher the pictures, much less the associated text. Without getting to a chapter heading it's difficult for the uniniated to tell what the thing's supposed to be of. She settles down onto the next chair. "Some people just don't speak math," she agrees. "It doesn't mean you're dumb. There are other things to learn about if you want to become all educated."

"Not for OCS." Ashe responds quietly. "Gotta meet the Math requirements for OCS…" He looks at the Math Text, "This is like… the bare minimum stuff…gotta get this."

".. Oh," 9 replies, after she understands that he's not learning math simply for the sake of learning math. "Well if you'd like I can try to help," she offers feebly, "But I'm not, like, a certified teacher or anything."

Ashe looks at Nine and tilts his head. "You aren't? Well… here I thought all Fleet ships were assigned at least one certified teacher to tutor Marines who refused to pay close enough attention." Again, it's obviously a joke from the man from the way he smiles a bit. "I would appreciate anything you can offer, I can only promise to try."

Nine draws herself up onto her chair. "I didn't want to be a teacher. That's why I joined the Navy," she explains. "I taught a few classes but I got so scared that I'd teach them the wrong thing or like, mess up their brains… it's a lot of responsibility, teaching someone something."

"Eh." Ashe glances towards Nine a bit more thoroughly. "Don't worry, my brain is already messed up. So no worries." He looks to the book. "What does this xy mean? That doesnt' make sense."

Nine regards Ashe quietly as he signs off verbally on the waiver for her to molest his thinkmeats at will. Lips drawn together, she nods, then pushes up to her knees to lean over the book. "It doesn't make sense," she agrees. "You're going to have to get rid of one of them. See, if you have XY everytime you have X, then you'll have XYXYXYXYXY into forever. I'm not sure what that graph would look like, but I'm rpetty sure it'd poke your eye out. So you need to kill one of them," she tells him, turning back to look at him seriously. "Which one do you hate more?"

"Hmm. I've always been very prejudiced against Y's." Ashe confesses in a quiet tone towards Nine, leaning towards the book then looks at her. "Shall we commit Y-genocide?"

"We can try. The Y race can be more resilient than you'd think," Nine murmurs. "What's the best way to kill a Y?" she asks him.

Ashe sits there quietly for a bit then looks towards Nine steadily. "Well if it is resilient, then … converting it. Convert it from a Y to an X?"

Nine shakes her head, "A Y will always be a Y. You can't change it," she notes, "At least, not unless you already know what Y is, in terms of X. Which, if we knew that, we'd be pretty much done with the question already," she smiles. "It takes a Y to murder a Y. You have to turn Y traitor upon itself."

Ashe looks at the equation as Nine explains and then frowns but starts to nod. "Y must execute other Y's then. You can't send someone else to purge a Y. Alright, how do we make the Y's eliminate themselves?"

"You divide, by Y," Nine explains. "Y divided by Y is One. One X is… X. Y is gone," she points out. "But remember that when you create your Traitorous Y, she has to end up going over to the other side," she adds. "You have to divide the other side by Y as well."

Ashe puts a finger on the book as Nine explains, following the explanation that is being delivered in terms he understands. "Interesting. You phrased the traitorous Y as a female… I would have expected you to make it a he."

Nine tips her head and looks at Ashe quietly. "Why? All of the great traitors have been women. Medea. Ariadne. Tarpeia."

Ashe actually grins at that, "I suppose so. All taken by the temptations and what not… just interesting I imagine. Alright, so the Y's commit treason, going on both sides, eliminating the other Y's. But now we just have a Y on the other side, that… still is a mess isn't it?"

Nine looks back down at the equation, and nods her head, "Yes. It's still a mess. We'll have to cancel the genocide, and find a comely young X to seduce to our cause instead."

"Well those X's they're so finicky. Let me guess though, they only want to be with other X's right?" Ashe asks.

Nine looks up again, "Huh?" she asks him back, mildly confused at what he means.

"Er.. the X. You said we wanted to seduce an X to our side, so I figured to seduce an X we needed another X?" Ashe asks now sounding very lost himself.

"Oh! I see," Nine understands. "Yes, we'll do the same thing as we did with Y. Divide through on both sides, and—" she covers up the pertinent bits of the equation, smiling softly, "Now, that's beginning to look a little more sensible, isn't it?"

Ashe nods his head as she covers them up and then reaches down, using his finger to trace around hers where the sequence of numbers would go next as that part he seems to understand. "Right?" He asks towards Nine, looking at her.

"Yah," Nine smiles. "Then just get rid of that pesky three," she notes, "And remember to do just like we did with X and Y. If you get rid of three on one side, you have to get rid of it on the other. Then you're done."

Looking at the book, as if understanding, Ashe looks over towards Nine. "What's your name?" He asks at last, realizing he had never even gotten that courteous.

"Nine," the selfsame answers quietly, leaning back a little to fold her hands in her lap. "What's yours?"

"Ashe." The Marine leans back a bit and looks at Nine steadily. "I appreciate it, really. I'm er… probably going to need more help I doubt I'm going to magically wake up understanding other things."

"It's alright," Nine replies. "You might, though. Once you start to understand how the variables like to hide themselves, you'll probably get really good at ferreting them out," she assures him. "But if you need more help I can try to help you."

"I appreciate it. I really uhm… if you ever need a favor?" Ashe offers with a smile. "I hate to mooch knowledge and run but I need to go stand in front of a door for 6 hours.."

Nine tips her head to one side, immediately intrigued. Guarded doors oftentimes have awesome things behind them. "Which door?" she wonders.

"CIC?" Ashe responds and motions, "I'm a Marine, which means I spend most of my time watching doors… this shift is CIC. Tomorrow, I get to stand outside of the Tool Room."

Nine ohs, quietly. CIC. Not much exciting in there. "I see. Well, if you're ever guarding the door to something interesting, maybe you can let me in," she suggests with a beaming smile. "I like locked things," she admits.

"Heh, don't we all." Ashe pats the book then stands up. "I really appreciate it Er. Nine. Thank you. I'll see you around soon I hope."

Nine moves her head in a faint single nod. "O.K. Ashe," she tells him.

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