Seasons of Change
Seasons of Change
Summary: Mimmieux talks with Salazar and Ezra about Jules.
Date: PHD #206 (11/11/09)
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[ Security Hub - Deck 2 ]-------[ CEC Kharon ]

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #206 OOC Time: Tue Nov 10 22:00:38 2009

A pair of staggered desks flank the entrance, one occupied during most hours by a desk sergeant, and the other rotates between other personnel. In the back is a bank of monitors on the port wall in a 180 degree view. The arc of stacked flatscreens is under the watchful eye of an MP or three during most hours of the day, and recorded for review otherwise. These monitors are visible from the S2's desk (directly across on the starboard wall) and the station set just in front of them. One of the feeds always on display is a feed of the Brig. Other secure areas have been wired in since warday. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. An armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' and holds the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. A hatch midway through the room leads into the Small Arms Range.

Salazar remains seated on the edge of her desk in blacks, helmet sitting beside her, still awaiting orders. As the ship goes down to Condition 2, she rises from her desk, and stows her rifle atop it. She unbuckles her armor, but doesn't slide out of it yet.

There's a knock on the door to the hub and then the hatch opens. Aly's in her uniform, a file folder under one arm.

Silent, Ezra looks back over towards the S2, as he begins going through the process of unloading his rifle. the small five round clip popped out, as the one in the chamber is shocked out with the bolt being yanked back. A shake of his head, before he's looking back to the S2- His armor not completely pulled off. Nope he's left it on for now-though his helmet is being stowed on the top of his desk.

Salazar exchanges a brief look with Ezra, then turns her attention to the hatch as it opens to admit the shrink. "Lieutenant. Come in." She goes to refresh her coffee, since it doesn't look like the CMC is quite needed yet.

Sitting over in the corner, as he has been the entire time in ready gear for a Condition One, Ashe hums softly. Finally, he breaks the humming and mutters under his breath. "Is it getting better? Or does it feel the same?" The words repeat a second time as he seems to be contemplating the ground.

Aly looks, well, more than a little pale - but also rather thoughtful. As she spots the Major, she pulls into a salute, even as a small smile tilts her lips upward. "Major, Ensign, Corporal," she says quietly. "I know you all are busy, but I have some information that needs passed off."

Ezra looks back towards Aly for a second and there's a raised brow, before the hand is coming up quickly to salute back to the Lieutenant. "Go on Doc." the Major offers before the sounds from the corner in the room have Cass, looking back to Ashe. A twitch of his lips. "We're at two, you can stand down Corporal."

Salazar takes in the psych's appearance, and fires off a brief glance to Ashe. She arches a brow, then finishes topping off her coffee, takes a sip, and nods. "I take it you've had another conversation with our guest in the Brig?" She checks her watch and adds, "We've probably got a little time. She heads over closer to the CO's desk and motions Mimieux over.

Ashe looks up at Ezra when he speaks and nods a bit, starting the process of taking off the armor and re-shelving weapons, all the while humming his little tune.

Aly dips her head to Salazar and Ezra, though gives Ashe a brief, concerned look before looking up at the other pair, a brow arched in silent question.

Ezra just shakes his head back towards Aly for the moment, before he's unclipping his armor, and moving to pull out of the heavy black flak vest. His chair drawn out, the Major sinks down. Still he'll just wait to see what the Psyche has to pass on.

Salazar glances up as the wireless chimes. She makes her way over to answer it, and listens for a moment before speaking into it. She fires back orders after a brief listen.

[Into the Wireless] Salazar says, "Continue with a full sweep of the deck. Parts and Pickens are on a duty patrol. Tap them to assist, working fore to aft while you work aft to fore. It's on you, Cavalera. Find her and put her back in the nest. Minimal impact."

After her brief chat, she hangs up the comms and switches on her headset to intercept calls made to Sec Hub. Sleek battle gear, go! "PO 3 Sjetyrnnine slipped her watch in Medical. I believe she's the one who got whimsical with a needle and thread sewing her lips shut, but I received no formal memo. CMC's on cleanup again." She returns to the conversation at hand. "Swift, stop acting crazy or get the frak out and assist in the recovery." Crazy things like crazy, right? Psycho mind meld, go!

Ashe looks over towards Salazar and manages a small smile before he nods. "Canning the crazy, sir." As if it is that easy. He continues working to stow his gear before going ot stand at attention until he is dismissed proper like.

Ezra turns a head back towards Salazar "Who the hell is missing now?" It better not be their bomber friend. Though it is highly unlikely that Ozymandias was able to hulk out and open the bars so as to flee. Though as to Salazar's answer there's a nod given right back there. "Great-everyone is going nutter on this damned ship.." A shake of his head, before he's looking back towards Swift

"Head out Swift, you're dismissed." A raise of his head back towards the Pysche. He'll wait.

Aly moves to the edge of the CO's desk, waiting, it would appear, until Ashe is dismissed. For whatever reason, she's not sure about speaking in front of the corporal. When he's let go, she folds her hands behind her back and doesn't speak until he's left the room. "I had another talk with the Private," she says quietly. "The delusion is…deeper than I first thought. She is utterly and completely convinced. Rather than try to break her down, I probed a bit deeper to see how far it went. She spoke of models, and the fact that the others, in her delusion, are all considered siblings. She is, according to her, a Model 7. There's a man who's a brother to her. The way she described him, it was almost as though he were a religious man, someone with deep convictions." Her eyes go distant for a moment. "To quote: They're an older model. Wiser. A little obsessive, but with a kind of focus and conviction you wouldn't find in someone outside of a cloistered religious order on Gemenon. He has a way of taking your beliefs and showing you a new side to them. Something you hadn't thought of."

Salazar shakes her head a little, leaving the entire crazy PO issue in the hands of the convict cum marine. She watches the shrink for a moment, listening to the retelling of Ozymandias' latest mind dump. "She's been isolated. Shouldn't her delusion start to break under the stress of being removed from an individual if she were being coached? Sounds like it's getting deeper in there."

[Intercom] Praxis says, "All hands, we are docking with the Anchorage in three. Two. One. *ship reverberates* Dock complete."

Ezra is quiet for a moment before he's turning to catch up the Wireless as it rings over. One hand is up, as if to say hold on to the other two, but he's got to have words with whomever is chiming in now.

Aly's standing near Ezra's desk, he's behind it. Salazar has gone off on the call she was dispatched. For the moment, Aly's waiting, watching Ezra.

"As you were saying Doc- She's got these delusions..However you also said that they would go away if isolated- we've kept her isolated, and it seems they have not diminished. No one- and I mean no one has been allowed in there beyond the MP delivering her, her meals. That's it. And that is a different marine each time." And the Major remains silent for a second, hands coming up to rub his face. Cass raises a brow. "What's th' case now?"

While the two carry on a conversation, Cinder barges in to deliver the information she's found regarding the patient that's escaped from secure treatment in the recovery ward. The hatch swings open, interrupting whatever thread of conversation they might've had, and Cinder bursts in, taking a few deep breaths from the double-time trot she made down the hall from sickbay. When she left, the S2 was in here waiting for the call to the anchorage, and now it's the Major and a doc. "Oh…uh…excuse me, Sir? I've got a bit of information on the escaped patient, PO3 Sjetyrnnine."

Aly starts to reply to Ezra, then closes her mouth, glancing over as the hatch opens. She offers the woman a little smile then turns her attention back to Ezra, a brow arched slightly in question. Does he want her to stay or go? Apparently Marines take priority.

Ezra blinks as the Private come well-barging in. There's a hand up, towards the other marine- as if to wait for a second. "Can you hold a second-Doc?" And then back over o look back to Cinder, as if the sudden rush into the room was something, unexpected to say the least. "Private.." And Ezra is raising a brow. "Spill it, and make it quick." apparently the Marine CO isn't one for diddly dallying.

"Well, the patient was apparently in bed, in retraints for some time. Shortstack was one of the patients in there, along with a resistance fighter we picked off of Scorpia. The doctor on duty was a resistance doc. Said the PO3 was there in her bed before Kharon jumped, then the lights flickered, and when the emergency lights came on, she was gone. The straps didn't look forced, and there's no confirmation of whether she was truly secured prior to the jump or not; nobody can recall. The admitting doctor wasn't on duty, and I wanted to get this information back. There's no evidence that she's armed, unless she's stolen from an arms locker." Cinder reads off all the notes she's made on her notepad, yanking it out of the vest pocket and reading through.

Aly dips her head to Ezra, offering a small, understanding smile, before seeming to fade back toward the bulkhead, face turned from the pair to give them a semblance of privacy. Hands fold behind her back at a semblance of parade rest. But then something catches her attention - something she'd missed previously. That would be the WHO of things. The only indication she gives that something's on her mind is a slight pursing of her lips.

Ezra watches the Private for a moment longer, and there's a shake of his head. "What's her rank, Private?" Petty Officer right? "If She's not a second class or higher Petty Officer. I highly doubt that she will have access to the arms lockers. Either way, get an MP and do a run by to make sure they haven't been broken into." The Major then looks back do his desk, reaching for a pen. "And Private? Be sure to file your report with the S2 and MaA-After you have found where the restrained patient has stolen themself?"

Cinder gives a quick nod to the Major. "Yes Sir…on it right now." She turns and hurries out of the Sec Hub, to let the other marines on MP duty know what she found, to inspect the arms lockers herself, and then go on to help in the search efforts. Once she departs, the hatch thunks shut, and the Major and doctor are left alone to resume their chat.

Aly blinks at Cinder for a moment, then glances back toward Ezra. "Sounds like things just got a little more exciting aboard CEC Kharon," she says finally, voice low and quiet. "Back to what we were discussing before," this after Cinder's departed. "The delusions SHOULD have eased with her in isolation - and yet they haven't. I couldn't find a chink in them. She honestly, truly and utterly believes what she's said, the same way that you and I believe in who and what we are. She's expecting death and, I think, ready to welcome it." The woman's brow furrows a little. "I don't…know. She talked of a single God and quite a few other things. The only person she mentioned was Captain Marek and talking with him."

"Never truly a dull moment." Cass notes, before he's looking back towards the good Doctor. "Yes." back to the discussion at hand. One crazy over to another entirely different piece of Crazy. "Well if she is believing that she is what she claims to be- How do we handle her mind as far as legality goes? She sounds more broken than china in a bull shop." A chew on the inside of his lip, before he's shaking his head..

However the other piece of the puzzle that comes along does warrant a brow being raised. "Hmm? What about Marek?"

"She's more broken than the whole damned china factory after the bombs hit," Aly agrees, somewhat unprofessionally, but, well, that's Aly. A hip rests against the corner of Ezra's desk. "It seems like she's not afraid of dying. In fact, she's looking forward to it. She mentioned having all of her memories when she's reborn." This seems to bother her a bit. "Oh, and apparently they can't have children with each other." Clearly she's a bit disturbed. "Legally, she'd be considered certifiably insane and confined to a mental institution. So, we can either kill her or drop her off in the back woods of Gemenon where she can't interact with anyone or bother anyone."

"Interesting.." enough that it has the Major writing down something on a piece of angled paper there on his desk. "Right then.." a look back to her. "Legalls we can drop her off or kill her. We maroon her-" and silence. No reason to talk about it. "Sentence will be in hand. Morale for the ship and all." A cough before he is rubbing his jaw again. "What did she say about Marek- as in what did she talk about with him?"

Aly shakes her head. "Sorry," she says, smiling faintly. "Marek, yes. She mentioned almost telling him something, likely about herself, but didn't. From what I know of him, which isn't much, he would fit the profile - older, influential. He was listed as one of her known associates." A hand brushes over her face. "I don't know with her. Part of me says to maroon her somewhere and if she shows back up again, well, she didn't know any of our secrets to begin with."

"I think the Command, and myself are just settled on shooting and spacing her." And with that he's silent for a moment. "Well, thank you for your evaluation Doctor. We have a few more things to process, before we actually go any further. But, this has helped the investigation immensely." A pause for a moment. "I am ordering Swift to take the recommended Therapy, and I will want another evaluation on him in the pending weeks. See if we can't figure out what wire has slipped there, and put it back in place.."

Aly's professional expression masks what she's thinking quite handily. She simply nods and pushes off the desk. "Don't let her near a computer," she says quietly. "I'll send you a report on Swift after the one month evaluation. I don't see there being a problem with that."

Ezra nods. "Thank you again Doctor." A pause as he's rising up from his desk, a nod given over- after all, the Major is professional. "And good. Last thing I need at the moment are more marines losing their shit." A grimace there "Have a good night Doctor. We'll probably need you, once we find this recent escaped patient.."

"Given that she's my patient, yes, I dare say I will be seeing her," Aly says quietly. "Have a good evening, Major. get some rest, when you can." And then she heads toward the hatch.

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