Summary: Eddie logs some Sim time with her new Section Lead.
Date: PHD047 (4 June 2009)
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Simulators - Hangar Deck

The perimeter and walls of the room are lined with posters, white boards, viewing screens, file cabinets and lockers, which leave very little of the battleship grey bulkheads visible. A trio of small tables and chairs are set up by the hatch, allowing a space for crew to relax or study while awaiting sim time. Triad cards, some dishes, and a small coffee maker are lined up along the counter behind the tables. The paint along the steel floor is scuffed and worn in places, a testament to the volume of foot traffic the sims experience.

The dominant feature of the room is a set of four viper cockpits, complete with outside skin and canopy, which have been bolted in place. Retractable curtains separate the pods, two of which are modeled after grey Mark VIIs, and the remaining two after white Mark IIs. A trio of liquid crystal screens are positioned in an arc around each pod, providing a one hundred and twenty degree view of the sim world to each pilot. Behind the simulator setup is a control station with a view of each of the sets of screens.

The room was deserted, so Eddie's standing back by the 'break' area having a smoke before she logs her sim time. Her flight suit is on, but peeled down to her waist and tied off. Dual tanks are worn beneath, her scarred up arms unhidden for once. The angry red and pink and faded white marks march up her arms, making it no wonder she was called 'Hashmark' before she won the current callsign she now totes around with pride. She's leaning against the counter, lips canted towards the ceiling as she exhales a little puff of smoke from her nostrils.

"Oh good." comes a voice out from th' back of the room, more or less near the hatch. "I was about t' come by an see if you'd come in here yet." Don't you enjoy the odd times of day you now keep being Hale's wingman? But don't worry, Dog Watch isn't so bad. "How'd they record ya?" asked, as he comes closer. Of course he'll review the tape himself if he can see what he can work on with you during a boring CAP, whislt keeping Patrol.

Eddie pulls the cigarette out of her mouth, quickly popping it into a cold cup of coffee to extinguish it. Never can tell which officers mind you smoking where. "Gave me a ticket for speeding in a school zone." She says dryly, eyeing her new section leader as she stands away from her lean. For good measure she adds a, "Sir."

"You can call me Rabbit-too you know." added dryly back before he is nodding, and moving over to the logs, probably to see if he can't find himself a copy for later watching in the ready room. "How are you liking the midnight hour and dog watches, my dear Mooner?" Rabbit glances back over his shoulder as a disk is taken and then he's coming back to where the easy stand was 'As you were." said almost with a smirk, as if he is waiting to see if she'll get the cigarette out of the coffee.

Ew. That cigarette is now swimming in cold coffee dregs. Even if she was that desperate for tobacco, it wouldn't be salvagable. "Never was much a morning person, so it suits me just fine. Rabbit two." Eddie replies smoothly, ever the smart ass.

"Oh good, you can count, I was afraid I would have to teach you that as well." says, Hale as he eyes the disk before pocketing in the flap of his flightsui pocket. His is still zipped up, which means he was about to hop in the sims for a little bit, before they had their own patrol to get to. And eyes finally look to her arms, and a brow raises. "How'd you get your arms all cut?" Yes, he will ask invasive questions like that.

And Eddie will evade them. "Accident prone." She says simply, dark eyes locked on his, standing her own despite being two ranks and a hand full of years beneath him. "So were you going to give me my licks in the Sims, or do we need to see if I know the alphabet as well?"

"How about we do both. S, is for shut the frak up. and G is for "Get back in the sims, and lets see how you can handle it?" Ah yes the Lieutenant's voice is short, but one might say he's not entirely angry. A motion back to the sim cockpits and Rabbit is going on his own, so as to log in and lock in, as it would be.

The corner of Eddie's lips tug in the faintest of smirks, "I think we're going to have to work on that, sir. Your alphabet is leaving something to be desired." But yes, she is doing as told, walking back towards the sim while she untucks the arms of her flightsuit and starts to shrug back into it.

Hale offers a chuckle as the cockpit is opened and screens are adjusted for a moment. "Well then, while we're working on Charm school for you, Ensign-we'll see what we can do about m'letters." said over his shoulder before he was hoping in and getting on the coms. Keep slinging them Eddie, Rabbit will only fire em back.

Eddie tugs her zipper up in one quick motion, before she's hopping into the machine next to Hale. Buckling herself in against the possibility she'll, you know, fall out onto the floor, she also reaches over and flicks on her coms. "There's a reason I wasn't invited to many tea parties. You think this'll ruin my chances of getting invited to prom?"

"If no one asks you t' prom Mooner, you can always go with your cousin." or in this case Hale can be your gawky chaperone, but then he's already flying or so once the simulator starts "Alright he's the scenario, Mooner, You will be flying a standard CAP when a hostile will make contact- I'll be controlling your Hostile, mainly so I can judge what we need to work on. Sound good?" He's already going to find him a rather nice spot to come out at you from in the current sector. "Remember to raido back th' ship before you go weapons free.."

Eddie glances sidelong at the companion simulator to her own, her dark eyes focusing on Hale's profile for a moment, and her eyes narrow slightly. She might have some clever retort, but he's pulling them into work mode, and so she starts up her program and turns her 'grr' towards the machine. "CIC, this is Mooner, green for tubes."

"Mooner, This is Kharon Actual, be advised you are clear for weapons free. Say again clear for weapons free. Happy hunting." replies the almost automated voice of Rabbit, mimicing one of the CIC voices he's heard in his time here on the Kharon. And so with that Hale's bringing his own viper, or the "hostile" around from where he has been wheedling along, coming in at Mooner's Ten. Weapons being free, a quick bit of strafing fire is given before he's pulling up to allow her give chase.

Eddie is in the simulators with Hale, matching off wit as well as pilot skills. "CIC, this is Mooner, clear of the tubes. Copy that, going weapons hot." She makes the quick little movement to pull up her targetting system and bring her weapons live. As soon as she's clear from the ship, there's already a hostile on her DRADIS, Hale not even giving her a moment of breathing space. "Section lead, I have a bogey on my tail, attempting to shake my feathers free." She suddenly throttles hard and banks left, rolling her Viper abruptly.

Kai wanders into the simulators with a slow thud of boots on deck plating, hands tucked into the pockets of his blues trousers. He rounds the signup table briefly, eyes flitting over the names scrawled on it, before turning his attention toward the pilots themselves.

"Roger that Mooner-" Hale's voice cuts back in, and no, no breathing room once one is out of the frakking tubes. After all there will be times we are firing out right into the thick of it, and someone will get shot down before they even exit. He's pushing you for a reason. He was pushed this hard when he was on a battlestar. Now we have war, and you're either lucky or unlucky to come with him.

Hale still in control of the Hostile, chuckle, as she's already quick to go on the run-which is good, so far no fancy tricks-right out the door. Makes this much, much easier She banks left and he's cutting in behind her again after a moment of calculations. keeping the chase, said Bogey is firing at those tail 'feathers' as they were.

Kai, apparently, isn't staying. Just long enough to check in on the pilots, before he's darting a glance to his watch and slipping back out again.

Eddie is driving her bird hard and faster then is usually prudent. Quickly growing tired of being chased, she attempts to turn the tides on the Hale-driven-hostile. "Alright, you frakker…" Her voice is a low rumble, before she suddenly cuts throttle, and jogs her stick back sharply.

Shots seem to do nothing but chip the paint or go harmlessly by. Still the Lieutenant keeps pushing his own beard, as the Maneuver comes. "Good." murmurs Hale, as he dives abruptly to let the Ensign give chase, about frakking time to see what she's got, and so he'll take time to be the rabbit, to her hound. Or use a fox if you want better animal imagery.

Truth is, Eddie is a hellion when it comes to piloting. Gunnery is where she falls a little short. But the important thing is, not to let them see you sweat, whether it's a Raider or Hale over there. She waits until her targetting system has him in the squares and then she lets the KEW stream.

A small chuckle again barely noticed over the Comm, before he is preforming a barrell roll-spiralling himself to the right, as the thrusters are hit and he speads on. Close, but no cigar there Mooner. Hale's voice merely comes in "Stay on him, I got your four.." as he would encourage in a real situation.

Eddie takes a moment to breath, the huff of it coming across the comms in a whoosh as she releases are she didn't realize she was holding. What's the use of staying alive, if you can't make the other frakkers die. Sure, she's pretty handy at defensive. It's offensive that has her panic rising. Still, she tries to stick to the bogey, cutting after him for another strafe.

A grin there as again shots fail wide. and here he pushes his his bird as much as it can go, before he's kicking the thrusters off, breaks pulled before he's flipping back and over seeing if anything if he can shake and come on the tail of the Ensign, however if she's quick and clever enough, she should be able to adjust to this little maneuver that and pilot worth their salt would be able to pull off against a bogey, or in this case-with one

Oh no no no, my friend. Eddie had coffee and a fresh smoke before stepping in here. She has great high going, and when tries to shake her, she sticks right there with him. Now if this cat could only catch the damn mouse instead of just chasing it.

Those shots come a little closer, but still they skim and bounce harmlessly off the paint. And now he is smiling, full on smiling as he keeps up the run a jerk of his stick as he tries to shake off his pursuer by banking to the left before an abrupt, zag-to the right. There is a reason he has the name-Rabbit.

Eddie skims after Hale, gunning after him hard and fast. There's a reason why Eddie's called Mooner. She has a tendancy to show her ass. As he does the fast zig zag, they end up clipping one another and swapping paint. "FRAK." She hisses across the comms, as red angry warning lights flash onto her screen and she has to take a quick beat to recover.

"Keep it Calm Ensign." comes Hale's voice, bit of the commanding tone there, as he is jerked off his own course that he was intending from that little ass kissing he just got. And so he's coming back around this time, a chance to let the Ensign hop back onto his tail before starting over.

Eddie pulls back up around him, doing her best to pull her shit together and get her hostile wiped off the map. She's not shaken as much as she is just starting to get pissed off now. "Coming back around."

And still Rabbit manages to keep evading, easily skirtting the next blasts of KEW that come his way, and again he is trying to find a way to shake and get behind eddie this time, cutting his thrusters and punching the stick, sending him into an abrupt drop and dive. Might have to make the Ensign break in order to miss collision, unless she is really on her game.

Collision? That's not the best way to describe what happens. Maybe trainwreck. Eddie guns too hard on her throttle, pushing after Rabbit so fast that her sharp reaction time doesn't even help. His little mock up of a Raider ends up getting an Eddie Enima, and the warning klaxons don't even have a chance blare before her screen goes red and then blank out to just read: Mission Failure.

The Sim shortly stops before Rabbit's cursing softly over the comm "Get out." intoned, before he himself is climbing and clambering out the the Sim. Hale waits there for the Ensign , one hand smoothing over his short cropped hair " Mooner.." exasperated, a tiny bit, but its nothing too bad. He's seen worse "We need to work on your gun play..and the fact that giving a raider a ram up th' arse is not only going to kill your target, but it'll destroy you in the process.. So we might work on your speed for reaction times, till we can get those right, and increase th' speed again.."

Eddie fists a hand, punching herself in the leg in frustration with a growl beneath her breath. She clicks open her harness and pours herself out of the seat, coming to stand in front of Hale. All she can say is a pinched, "Yes sir." Before she goes back to grinding her teeth.

"Shower up and I want you t' review the sim footage, before CAP later, understood?" asked as he keeps that look to her, before finally a short smile breaks "You can run, which is good, we just need you t' gun as well." and with that Hale is heading off to take a look over some things before he hits the CAP as well.

Eddie drops her gaze to her shoes as he walks away, her last, "Yes sir." Given to the floor. She gives a little shake of her head, then she's off to do as he bade her.

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