Salt or Pepper
Salt or Pepper
Summary: Eddie and Castor discuss jacking an admirals car and religion - no trays were harmed in the making of this scene.
Date: PHD117
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This is the cafeteria and people are mulling in and out, some people grumbling and others enjoying themselves but either way it isn't Ice Cream Sundae Day. One of the people in the Cafeteria is Kharon's own Castor Leda who at the moment is trying to figure out just what exactly his meal is. Well, it is warm, and that is a start. He is currently in his office Uniform but the pins have been pulled and his top is open.

Eddie seems to be in perpetual off-duties ever since the incident. Today, she's brave enough not to be sporting the traditional headscarf Roubani gave her, so she garners more then a few looks as she steps into the line for food. Her hair is shorn so short it's just a peach fuzz on her head, and she has a horseshoe shaped scar over her right ear. "Eyes front, private." She grumbles to a boy infront of her as she reaches for a tray.

Castor, who is either very brave or very stupid decides to look over at Eddie, now, if this was any other pilot he might comment but with Eddie he goes the route of silence for a moment as he muses just what could have caused this new fashion trend which is good because it has stopped him from thinking about his food and what it is. He offers a greeting that is kind and without a hint of evil in his vovice, "Mooner." Marines might be looking like this is the end of the world, oh no wait it is, but Leda is maintaining some decorum or saving himself from getting bashed with a tray.

Eddie glances over her shoulder, "Oh, hey Leda." All things considered, she doesn't seem in a particularly foul mood, so Castor's face is safe from being indented with servingware. "Slim pickin's again." She comments, taking a tray of what they call 'meatloaf' but no doubt it has more crackers and breadcrumbs then anything close to 'meat'. Paired with rehydrogenated potatoe flakes, and it's a square meal. Cover it all with thin gravy, and it's almost edible. "How's tricks now that you're free from the clink?"

Leda looks at his food and says, "Yeah, things are getting a bit slim here. I mean we are getting SOS with eggs for breakfast still so it isn't so bad." He then takes a moment to eat some of his food as he says, "Well, now that I am out of the clink things are looking up." He doesn't mention the fact that he is under orders not to go looking for whoever put the bomb in his locker and that he really wants too and for once his face shows a hint of frustration. It would seem time in the brig may have killed off the Tinman or at least sent him on vacation. "Although I don't recomend the place myself, Mooner, the food selection is even worse than here if you can believe that."

Eddie gets to the end of the line and picks up her tray, taking a step aside to wait for Castor before choosing a table. Solidarity, yo. "I've never spent more then a passing moment in the brig myself. I have this undeniable luck of getting bailed out before there's paperworks. Knock on wood." Or kick the bulkhead, which is what she does at the moment, for lack of proper wood and a hand to knock it with because she's balancing a tray.

Leda sits at a table in the back of the room facing the enterance door of the entrance to the mess, maybe he wants to see who is coming out or maybe he wants to be the first to spot crazed gunmen jumping into the mess, either way who knows. He then says, "Well, like I said if you ever end up there I'll bail you out. After all no one needs to spend time in there unless they did something to deserve it. He then chuckles slightly, "And how many passing moments have you spent in the brig?" He asks in a joking but polite manner. He then sits to finally start eating his food after all meatloaf waits for no one.

Eddie selects a chair across from Leda, not afraid to put her back to the entrance. Maybe she's that trusting or that stupid. Maybe they're both the same thing. "If it had been my locker the bomb was found in, then I doubt anyone could have just bailed me out. Hell, I would have been in there twice as long as you were. No one believes you did it, you're too nice. Me? They would have been able to harbor some serious doubt as to my innocence." She prods at her food with her fork. "One on the Kharon. Twice in flight school. And before that, I was a weekly nuiscance for the MPs and my father back on base."

"So you are fleet through and through, huh?" He asks as he goes on to say, "Well, maybe being nice is what got me out of the brig but I'd think it would be a lack of solid evidence." He then muses, "And I would have doubts if they found a bomb in your locker I mean I know you are rough on the edges but…" he leans in and says quietly in an effort not to hurt anyones rep, "I think you are a pretty good person." He then leans back and takes a forkfull of food because when it comes to food Castor will eat anything then again when he was on the streets he had to do the same thing. He then takes a moment to drink some very weak tea as he says, "So what sort of stuff did you do to bother your Dad?"

Eddie grins around a bite of food as she chews when he calls her a good person is a whisper of conspiracy. "Yeah." She chokes down that bit. "Just don't tell anyone else…" A grimace, and she washes down the morsel with a sip of water. "Usual adolescent nonsense. Drunken house parties, speeding on the base, kissing his fellow officer's daughter." She tries to think. "Streaking through the PX aisles." She shrugs as if to say 'that sort of thing'.

Leda touches his finger to his nose, "Never to fear, Mooner, I'm not damaging your rep since I like my teeth where they are right now." He then grins, "And that sounds like I missed on on a few things compared to other kids." He then says, "Wait you went streaking through the PX aisles? Was it a dare or did you just do it on your own just to mess with people?" However, his energy in asking questions about the adolescent years of others is a bit up after all he spent his formative years being cared for by his brother and running around trying to find a place to sleep and something to eat.

Eddie scratches the surgical site with a finger while she tries to remember. "Um. Dare, most likely. There were a bunch of us base bound misfits. Rebelling because we moved too much, mommy and daddy were always off doing some sort of deployment, and …you know. Just being asses because we could. My dad got me out of more scrapes then I can count. Final straw, though, was when I stole an admiral's car. Though, to my credit, I didn't know it was an Admiral's."

"An Admiral's car?" Leda says, "Morales, you got some head on you." He chuckles, "I do believe you may be the bravest member of this crew." He then takes forks a bit of meatloaf into his mouth and he chews and swallows before saying, "Though I get the not having your folks around thing." He changes subjects because well, this isn't about him, "So, how mad was the Admiral and what did your Dad do to get you out of trouble?"

Eddie plants both elbows on the table, leaning forward a bit to impart a secret. "I believe strongly in one thing: live life with mistakes, not regrets. A may do a lot of stupid shit, but at least I did them, instead of wondering my whole life what it would have been like to do them." The last question makes her grin turn lopsided wryly. "He made me enlist." And here she is today.

Castor listens to Eddie before he says, "Well, I guess that is a good attitude to have. No regrets I mean." He then says, "And we all do stupid shit I mean my mouth gets me into trouble sometimes and it is rarely intended." He then chuckles softly, "Besides we are Viper jocks right and that means we have a certain reputation to live up too." He smiles, "So, just keep doing your part and fighting the good fight." He then eats a bit mashed potatos, well, not really but it is close enough. "Well, maybe it was a good thing you enlisted I mean after all you are here with three warm squares and a place to sleep never mind the bit about the cylons wanting to kill us."

"Serendipity, baby. I was /meant/ to steal that car. Just so I could be among the last remaining survivors of the human race, if only because you guys needed someone to harass you." Eddie pushes the food around a bit more and takes another bite, she has an appetite even if the food isn't appetizing. She's on the slow road to recovery, and her car needs to have gas.

Leda thinks about it for a moment before he asks, "Do you think we have a destiny?" This should be a suprising question since Castor is openly against the Lords but for now he is acctually thinking about it. "I mean you are here because you stole a car and others are here for similar reasons." He then says, "I mean we all ended up here and we survived and we are probably in better shape than the people we have left on Scorpia." He then says, "Or is it open for us and we write our own destiny?"

Eddie shrugs again. "Hard to really define, I guess. I mean. Alright…take this salt and pepper shaker for example." She pulls them over from the center of the table and puts them in front of Castor. "In your life, you're given this choice. Salt. Or Pepper. Each one will lead you someplace different, maybe. Which one do you choose?" She asks, then waits for him to make his selection.

Castor looks at the salt shaker and then at the pepper shaker and he finally says, "Both." He doesn't explain why but he lets that sit as his answer. He might not be sure why but it feels like the right thing to say. He then says, "What about you salt or pepper?" He asks as he tries to feel out why he would say both.

"It doesn't matter what I pick. This is about you. Okay, so both. Life gives you salt and pepper and you pick both. That's your path. You think you've just chosen your own destiny or fate, if you will. Now me, being fate of course, get to say 'I meant for you to do that in the first place.' So to me, it's all about perception." Eddie explains, then appropo of nothing, she takes the salt shaker and sprinkles her food.

"And since your fate you pick salt even if I percieve salt and pepper." He then takes a moment to think about all of this, "And there it is which is funny because that really answers nothing does it?" He scoops up a bit more of his mashed potatos and takes a bite before he says, "I suppose we shouldn't think about it to much, huh, since we aren't going to get the answers we want. Still though some nights I sit up and think about it. I mean whatever it is that is greater than us." He then forks at some green beans that have been cooked way to long.

Eddie is scraping the bottom of her plate in no time. "I'm not a religious person by any means, but there's something greater out there then all of us, even if it is just the great vacuum of space. I just know I don't want to find out first hand." She finishes her meal, then reaches across with her fork to clink against Castors. "Nap time for me."

Castor looks over at Eddie, "Me either but maybe I would like to know." He shrugs, "Nevermind forget I asked I don't want to get a rep as a religious type. I've just been thinking recently why a bomb was placed in my locker? I mean who would I hurt that isn't who I am. I'm a frakking pilot who is out there saving lives." He then takes another sip of tea wishing it was whisky, "However, that damn thing was found in my locker and I'm wondering it it is destiny knocking." Leda says, "Yeah, get some rest I need to think about all of this."

Eddie gives Castor a nod as she stands, dragging her tray to muck it and get back to berthings.

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