The Rue Family

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A family of survivalists originally from Zemba Forest on the northern continent on Leonis. A division occurred during the previous generation that sent some of the Rue kin to seek new digs near Laconia City on the southern continent. While the Northern Clan are big game hunters that tend towards the hill billy end of the scale, the southern branch is more laid back and tends to appreciate nature more (and not feel the urge to kill it and eat it). One of the southern exiles married into another family, the Ozymandias' of Laconia City and bucked the trend. Needless to say, they're the Black Sheep of the Rue family.

Notable Family Members

Mugshot The Rues
Captain Savannah "Wrongway" Rue. Member of the southern branch of the family. In her younger years, something of a firebrand, she took the examination for entering the Fleet Academy on a drunken bet… and got in. From that point on, she straightened up and became a model officer. A follower of Artemis who earned her callsign with her exceptional (if unconventional) flight ability. Age: 31. Posting: Classified.
Corporal Lucifer "Lucy" Rue. Member of the northern branch of the family. She grew up in the wilderness and was home schooled. The opportunity to use her skills with guns against the ultimate predator (man) was what brought her into the Colonial Marine Corp. Sassy and a crack shot with, of all things, the Squad Automatic Weapon. Has a penchant for singing obnoxious Leonisian Blues songs, some of her own creation, while taking fire from the enemy. Age: 20. Posting: The Siren.
Lieutenant Pasha "Sparrow" Ozymandias. Quiet. Thoughtful. About as un-Rue-like that you can get. A childhood obsession with birds lead her to seek a flight license and ultimately to join the Colonial Fleet as a Viper pilot. It also earned her the call sign Sparrow. Age: 25. Posting: Battlestar Pacifica II.
Private Juliette "Sunshine" Ozymandias. Literally fresh out of the Colonial Marine Corp boot camp. She enlisted to get college money so she could become a bunny surgeon. Er. Veterinarian. Age: 18. Posting: CEC Kharon.



  • Surviving, primarily
  • Unique Brand of Crazy



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