Rude Awakening
Rude Awakening
Summary: Fenris wakes up in the Recovery Ward
Date: MD057
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Kharon - Sickbay

Pike finishes closing the wound, then looks to her nurse, "Transfer the patient to a bed, I want her on 24 hours observation, and maintain O-2 intake at this level. Notify me the second she wakes. I've some pilots to speak to." She makes her way through the sealed section of the room and addresses the pilots waiting. "Lt. Valasche will be fine. She suffered a shrapnel wound and mild hypoxia due to the shrapnel damaging her suit's life support module on the way into her ribs. I've sutured her wound and we're giving her O-2. She also has a mild concussion from cranial trauma, which is why we're keeping her for a day or two until she wakes and the swelling reduces. Once she wakes, she should be fine, though I will recommend she stay out of the cockpit for at least two weeks so she gets her bearings fully."

Roubani has just flipped the last bead, talking under his breath. "…Asclepius, son of Apollo and healer of sicknesses. In the Dotian plain fair Coronis, daughter of King Phlegyas, bare him, a great joy to men, a soother of cruel pangs." He folds the beads into his palm as Pike steps into the room, straightening his back. "Will she be able to have visitors, sir?"

Pike looks back to Fenris, then to Roubani. "Once we have her transferred to Recovery, and only at short intervals, but yes, visitors will be permitted."

Roubani nods, lacing his fingers with the beads between his palms. "Understood, sir."

Pike nods. "She should be in a bed in a few minutes if you'd like to wait." She heads over to a biohazard container where she removes her surgical gloves and disposes of them. "If you need anything, just ask one of the nurses." She gives Roubani a reassuring smile before heading out the hatch.

Meanwhile, Fenris is likely having some really really trippy dreams. She is the picture of cooperation in the meantime as those so ordered start to transfer her off the table in case someone else comes in hurt.

Eventually, the curtain around Fen's bed is withdrawn, and she is left to the visitors while the Murses prepare for other contingencies that may arrise. There is a bandage on her head, and the oxygen mask to testify to her injuries, otherwise, the only visible marks are the tattoos that dominate her arms.

With Kai and Vendas off in their meeting, and Yuuri sent away, the one left for now is Ensign Roubani. Once the nurses have cleared the room for visitors, he takes a silent seat near Fenris' bedside. His wooden prayer beads are around his left hand, partially hidden by his right as his hands fold on his legs.

There is a weak murmur amplified by the mask after some time. A flicker of expression crosses Fenris' face and another murmur. Then she is still, again.

Roubani's dark eyes come up when Fenris makes sounds. He watches until she goes still again and then looks back down at his hands. The prayers he recites make no sounds, only spoken with movements of his lips. Each tick of a bead over his fingers is done with an orthodox sense of ritual.

After another such while, Fenri's expression flickers again with a feeble groan, and her head turns. A few moments silence, then a murmur and a fluttering of lashes.

Roubani looks up again. His head hasn't moved, so for a few moments he regards her from under his brows. Then his chin lifts a little bit, and another bead goes over his fingers. "Lieutenant." It's spoken very softly, letting her know someone's in promixity.

"Mmmmmwhuh….?" Fen utters eloquently as a subtle effort comes to her face and a briefly unfocused gaze opens to survey the room with delirious aim. She swallows, "…whr'm I…?"

Roubani clears his throat quietly. "Sickbay, sir. The, um…" His lips drift apart and he glances at the hatch, then back at her. "…recovery ward. Doctor Pike has been caring for you."

A slow blink, then another groan as she tries weakly to sit up, "….W-wha'pen…?" Fenris still seems to be trying to focus, the most animation her face has generally shown, "….'newun else…?"

"There were other casualties, yes," Though Roubani's voice is naturally soft, it's reserved rather than comforting. "No losses." He adds that before continuing. "You had a shrapnel injury. It damaged your suit."

"Nnnng…." Fen starts, lifting a hand to the pressure she feels on her face, "….how long…?" Within her eyes, there is a certain clarity coming, though, she's obviously still a little lost.

Roubani glances at Fenris' moving hand, then back to her face. "How long…of what, sir?"

Fenris's hand flounders a bit toward her face before flopping to her chest, apparantly giving up. She closes her eyes and swallows, coughing, then, "How long… since th'battle…?"

Roubani folds his hands. "About five hours." Then as though feeling the need to explain, he adds, "You've been in surgery."

Another attempt is made at the mask, then, with a roll of her eyes she makes another survey, in better clarity, of the room, "Five…" Her attention turns back to him, "What… what about the ship…?"

Roubani pauses, pressing his lips into a line. "No survivors, sir. The Constantine was completely taken by hostiles. The Commander ordered it destroyed."

Fenris's eyes close. "Charon will them to their rest." Fenris offers in a thoughtful tone, the closest to herself she's been, then, "How many were aboard… do we know?"

"I don't have that information," Roubani answers quietly. Which implies, of course, that somebody knows. It's just not him.

"I see…." Fen says quietly, starting to look a little unfocused again, "Make sure.. you get s'm rack…." and she drifts off.

Roubani nods. "I will, sir." He waits a while after she's gone silent again before he rises. From his pocket he withdraws something - a second set of prayer beads - which he leaves on her bedside table before he heads out.

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