Rooftop Ruminations
Rooftop Ruminations
Summary: The Ajtai siblings share a nice conversation and stargazing upon a rooftop after having ran into several of their crewmates.
Date: PHD 183 (10-18-09)
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Salon II – Mining Town

The nasty mustard tinge to the clouds can't diminish the fact that here there are indeed skies, and there are many people around enjoying the comforting feeling of having no steel girders, decks, or hulls overhead. Pandorian Ajtai is one of them; he's spent most every waking hour down here, and is back for more with a blanket over one shoulder and a lady on the other as he walks down the path from the shuttle transfer.

Kitty is the one who accompanies Panda, her arm linked through his as she allows him to guide her, the fact that he's more familiar with the surroundings only part of why she does so. The ECO is mostly quiet, lost in thought, although she does engage Padorian in conversation as something to comment upon comes in mind or he speaks to her first. In the hand opposite of his nearest side is a backpack, it's contents left a mystery as it's zippered closed currently.

Not too far away, Marissa is just coming out of what used to be a general store, backpack on her back and a faint frown on her face. She rubs her forehead and looks around the street, as if she's looking for something in particular.
She doesn't find it, but the sight of Pandorian and Kitty makes her smile. "Hey!" she calls, waving her arm overhead and beginning to move to join them.

"… totally safe," Panda tells her again, "worst thing that happened was a slip and fall." He reaches over to pat the hand clasping his elbow, giving Kitty a smile. "Shit, uh, did you bring gloves?" the Marine asks her, but his attention is caught by the shout and wave. "Oh look," Pandorian beams, fingers loosely raised as he waves back. "Missa."

"Yes, I brought gloves although I don't know what good they'll do, to be honest." Kitty presses her cheek against Panda's shoulder for a moment before looking up and away, her attention drifting away from her brother as she hears a known voice. "Hello," she half-calls out before giving him a sideward glance, just about smirking now as she takes him in. "Behave, hmm," she murmurs playfully to him.

The dark-haired pilot manages to catch up easily enough, giving Kitty a hug and a kiss on the cheek first. "Hi, Kits. Hey, Panda," she adds, turning to the Marine and giving him a hug, too. And a kiss, but on the lips rather than the cheek. "How are you both?"

"Just trust me, you'll need 'em," he says, ignoring the soft chide from his sister. Not just paying it no mind, but outright ignoring: When Marissa presses her lips to his he wraps arms around her shoulders and waist, holding the woman quite tightly. "Good now," Pandorian teases, giving her one more squeeze before letting go.

There must be something overhead that catches Kitty's attention as she rolls her eyes upwards and leaves her gaze there, not looking back at them until the kiss is finished. "Yeah, I guess I will," she mutters before catching herself and she sighs inwardly, taking a moment to calm herself down. "So how are you, Marissa?"

Marissa giggles as, in mid-kiss, Panda wraps her up in a tight hug 'round the shoulders and waist. She's suddenly glad she stood on tiptoe, being neither tall nor standing on a rock. "I'm glad."
She turns back to Kitty. "Me? I'm feeling a little better since I got some decent sleep. And more comfy in my old threads. The movies sure don't tell you how stiff some of the uniforms are." Her smile falters at the tension she notices in Kitty's posture, and she hugs the woman again. "It's good to see you again. Here for a little R&R?"

Tiera leaves the landing area, squinting a bit, her nose wrinkled against the smell. Looking around at the buildings, such as they are she notices at least a couple of her ship mates talking.

Panda has a blanket on his shoulder, Kitty on the other side of him and Marissa just being released from his arms. "I was gonna show her something I thought of this afternoon when I was on shift," he speaks up, then lifts his eyes to the sky. "Better get going, not that much daytime left." The man shrugs the blanket up so that it rests across both shoulders now and heads off, toward the housing building - but the side, rather than the entrance.

Kitty gives Marissa a quick hug, trying to relax as much as she can although she can't say she's totally successful as the embrace is fairly stiff on her part. "Yeah…been helping with flying so though I'd take my shore leave now…" She steps back a bit, looking the pilot in the eye. "Guess I'm doing a lousy job with the relaxation. Sorry." Marissa's given an apologetic smile but she's moving with Panda when he goes on, just barely catching Tiera out of the corner of her eye, her hand raised in a wave to her.

"Just takes practice," Mimi replies with her usual smile, probably at a double meaning in her own words. "Anyway, I've got some stuff to do back in my room, but I thought I'd say hello. Take care, both of you, and enjoy the something." She turns for the door of the housing building.

Tiera catches the wave from Kitty, returning it with a smile. shaking her head a bit at Panda, turning to head for the store as they move off.

"Seeya M'rissa," Pandorian calls over his shoulder, perhaps too eagerly. He gives the figure in the distance a friendly wave, not able to tell in the evening dimness just who it is. "C'mon Kitty, the ladder's just around the corner."

Kitty hmms softly before she turns the corner and looks up, taking the ladder in. "It's been a long time," she muses but whether she means it's been a long time since she has climbed a ladder or something else is impossible to tell. "Climb up behind me so you can brace me if I lose my balance, please." Her pack's left strap is slung over her left shoulder and her ascent begins.

Panda adjusts his load, making sure the cloth is balanced to where he doesn't need to hold it. "Gloves, Kitts," he warns, banging the side of the fire escape ladder. Flakes of paint and rust slough off, drifting away in the slight breeze. "Some of the rungs are broken on one side or the other, so give 'em a good tug before you go putting weight on 'em. I'll be right down here, I'll catch you if you fall."

Kitty sighs and unshoulders her pack and unzips the bulky thing enough to pull out the pair of gloves which she's quick to don, the protective hand gear helping to put her at ease. "Okay…" She reshoulders the backpack and it's now that she begins to climb, the way he said 'I'll catch you if you fall' ringing in her ear, making her smile and causing tears to rise up.

Her brother waits at the bottom of the ladder, shielding his eyes from the falling dust and grit. His entry gloves are pulled on while he waits for Kitty to disappear over the top. He shifts his weight, bounces a bit, making sure the blanket won't fall off while climbing. "Pretty incredible," he calls out, "The roof's in great repair. Engineering only had to replace a few patches with some scrapmetal."

The last of the climb occurs without difficulty, leaving Kitty unscathed and able to enjoy the view. The environment is not exactly what most would consider picturesque but in Kitty's opinion it's stunning. "Yeah…yeah, it's lovely, Dorian." Looking down at her feet, she carefully moves to a spot that has recently been reinforced and sits down upon it. "You're too good to me."

The last of the climb occurs without difficulty, leaving Kitty unscathed and able to enjoy the view. The environment is not exactly what most would consider picturesque but in Kitty's opinion it's stunning. "Yeah…yeah, it's lovely, Dorian." Looking down at her feet, she carefully moves to a spot that has recently been reinforced and sits down upon it. "You're too good to me."

The sound of boots on metal comes up from the ground, a 'tung, tung, scuff, tung' chorus rising in volume until Pandorian is peeking up over the edge of the roof. "It's pretty nice up here. I wanted to…" He grunts, placing his palms on the edge to push himself up and over. "Ahh, there we go. Wanted to make sure you saw a sunset before…" Her brother swallows, glances askance and clears his throat. "Before we leave, y'know? While we can."

"That is remarkably sweet of you," Kitty says while drawing her knees up to her chest, her chin soon resting upon them as she looks about. "So what's wrong?" She caught how he looked away and heard how he cleared his throat, giving her the impression that something is not right. "We're not going to get into a fight or anything like that, are we?" She pats the roof to her right, inviting him to sit with her.

Panda shakes his head quickly, taking the blanket off his shoulder and shaking it out as he approaches. "No, no, nothing like that," he insists to Kitty, letting the blanket fall over his shoulders and outstretched arm. He seats himself next to Kitty, some gravel stuck in the tread of his boot grinding against the asphalt-coated patch. As his arm drapes over her shoulder the blanket settles onto her like a cloud. The excess falls from his hand, there for his sister to pull over the front of them like children settling in to watch the stars. "It's just, you know, we could all be gone tomorrow. I don't think I could shine very bright, or even make it to the heavens if I knew I could have shared one last sunset with you and didn't."
It is pulled around her shoulder, it then used to rub at her face which is suddenly wet with tears, something Pandorian said causing her to be moved to them. "You'll outshine me," she manages to say before falling quiet, watching the sunset as it hits its peak, bathing them in oranges and reds and yellows as it begins to disappear fully, Kitty finding it all to be ironic and perfect timing. Her silence lasts for as long as the show does and when she speaks her voice is held at a timid level of volume which she then nearly mutes entirely by turning her face so that it is buried against her brother's chest. "You'll outshine me because you have always been loved…Mother and Father…guess Marissa and probably that mystery girl you've yet to tell me about and Matto…everyone loves you. That alone will make you shine brighter than a million suns. Me…the only one who has ever loved me is you."

Her brother watches the end of the day silently, holding his sister close until the little shivers of the chilly evening are dispelled underneath that blanket. Whatever he's expecting isn't what he gets, however. Pandorian is left speechless and petting Katherine's back for the space of several breaths. "Oh Kitten," he sniffs, then bows his head to kiss her hair. "You were the brightest thing in Father's life. 'The jewel of my crown,' he'd always say." Loving arms hold her close, a more warm embrace than the fiery squeeze he'd given to Marissa. "And mother loved unconditionally, you know that as well as I."

Kitty has enough tact not to argue although she is skeptical of Dorian's statement, the skepticism something he'll notice if he looks at her face. "I guess." He is given a soft kiss to his shoulder. "What are you going to do, Dorian? Are you going to keep playing games with the hearts that are being offered to you?" She has no clue what is going on, truly and the question could very well start another fight between them but maybe…-just maybe-…he'll realize it is out of concern for his happiness that she ask such questions. "I love you, brother mine…" she while drawing back, her face now lifted so she can catch the last seconds of light before they are bathed in darkness entirely.

"Kitts…" he groans, his eyes drifting away from hers. "It's not like that." Pandorian sighs, but doesn't let go of her. "I ain't smart enough to play no games. I'm just me." He shrugs, lifting his chin to look to the sky and the stars winking into existence. "Marissa asks, I'll tell her I'm seeing another girl, yeah. Might be serious, I dunno." A hand comes up to grab his hair. The first part was said with complete confidence; the next, not as much. "And, if Callie asks I'll… tell… her, y'know, Marissa's my friend. And we're kinda seeing each other til she's brass."

Kitty's eyes widen a bit upon hearing the other name; no, she has never met Callie but she at least has something to call her by instead of 'that other girl' or whatever else she can think of at the time. "Does Marissa know it's only temporary, Pandy?" She nuzzles up, her cheek pressed to his as she relaxes, his calm answer easing the tension from her body. "I tried to point out how there are regs but I don't think she really was all that interested in anything but the thought of being with you. Made me worry. Still does."

"Uh, she should," he says instantly, "fraternization." Then Kitty brings up the conversation the two women had. It makes Panda frown and chew on his lip. "You shouldn't." He speaks slowly, thinking aloud. "I don't get that… that feeling, that special feeling from her." Her brother shifts his legs for comfort and grins. "I mean, she -is- a woman, and bragging aside I'm a damn fine looking man who can service her body's needs. And I can tell that's what she's thinkin', too." His teeth practically shine in the dusklight for a moment, then the grin is gone. "But she's just…" Pandorian looks aside, then down. "Not that into me. Close friends, good friends, lovers, yeah, sure, but… not -that- into me."

Kitty shakes her head and sighs. "Careful with using the word 'lovers', Pandorian. It might lead to misconceptions." Reaching over, she smiles slightly as she looks into Panda's eyes, her hand slipping into his while speaking to him. "I'm not going to go as far as to suggest using the phrase 'frak buddies' or something but…just be careful." Lowering her eyes, she adds quietly, "I am glad she isn't that into you. Might make things easier all around. Buuuut…" Coughing, she looks over to her left and then her right before asking brightly, trying to lighten the mood, "Tell me about this Callie."

"Yeah, well, that's pretty much what it is," he sheepishly mumbles at first, but then his voice takes a thoughtful lilt. "Well, that's not true. M'rissa's a good friend before anything else. Really," he reassures his sister, whose request has him letting go of her to lean back on his hands and staring at the sky. "Well, she's nice. Not like mom, she's got a spine -thank the gods-." He lowers onto his elbows, and then it's on his back, the blanket having been pulled out from behind him before it started. "She's uh… heh," Pandorian grins, his flush visible even in the low light of the night sky. "Not quite so innocent anymore."

"Do what you can to keep her friendship, Dorian. Friends are one of the most important things we have, now." Kitty smiles over her shoulder as Pandorian lays down, watching him as she absorbs what she has just been told. "So you did it. Oh Panda." Chuckling, she reaches over to dig a finger in his side, trying to tickle her brother. "I know what it usually means to a girl when she loses her virginity. It is something very special to her. And, considering you said she's innocent, I have a feeling that might be the case with your Callie."

Panda squirms away from her knuckles and snickers. "C'mon, Kitts, cut it out!" he laughs, then rolling towards her in the hopes that pinning her hand against her side will keep the tickling at bay. Sometimes it can work! "Aww, man, don't say things like that!" her brother moans, "You're making me feel all guilty!"

There's a slight struggle when Kitty finds her hand pinned but she eventually grows still, the smile she had ebbing. "That is not my intention, Dorian. Seriously. I just wanted to make sure you know. I know you're a smart man, Pandorian Ajtai and I'm sure all of what I've said tonight was stuff you have already thought of. But sometimes I think you're too busy playing 'boorah Marine' to listen to yourself. It is why you have me." She winks.

Her brother is quiet for some time, having rolled onto his back after those words. It's just when a person should be worried about the silence that Pandorian speaks up. "Lay down, Kitten." Hands behind his head, the young man flexes his arms to offer a bicep as a pillow. "My sister's the only woman I wanna think about right now. C'mon, look at the stars with me."

The flexing of that muscle has Kitty rolling her eyes playfully at her brother, the gesture accompanied by a snort. "You just have to show off every chance you get, huh? The fact that you just did that to your sister is pretty damn disturbing." The offer is not refused, however, the chance for closeness and privacy too good to pass up. "Thank you," she murmurs, her words flowing from her lazily as she begins to play dot-to-dot.

"Mmm-hmm!" Panda nods, grinning like a fool. Kitty lies against him; her brother wriggles his side tight against hers and reaches over with the other arm to pull the blanket nicely over them. "From here I can't recognize any of the stars," he says. "But I know they're out there. The heroes, the forefathers."

Kitty looks where one of the constellations should be but the mass of stars over their heads is alien to her, nothing where it's supposed to be. "It makes me kind of sad," she says once she realizes there is nothing familiar up there, none of the celestial figures that their ancestors wrote stories about to be seen. "Oh gods, Panda. I…I want to go home." Cold, she tugs the blanket up over her chin, turtle-like in how she almost ducks her head under it completely.

"Hey, hey, Kitty, hey…" It doesn't make good reading, but the words are repeated softly to soothe. He shifts and shoves, moving so that Kitty's head is nestled in the crook of his shoulder; that way his arm can wrap around her body, promising warmth and safety. "They're all out there," he assures her. "We're just seeing another side of 'em."


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