Role Models
Role Models
Summary: At the first briefing to talk projects, command tempers explode and Hellicon winds up brigged.
Date: PHD011
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Kharon - Ward Room

Willem arrives from the Hallway - Deck 2, Fore.
Willem has arrived.

Legacy arrives from the Hallway - Deck 2, Fore.
Legacy has arrived.

By their command(no pun intended), Wil comes, actually in his duty Blues with an even stroll, a pair of notebooks and a pile of papers tucked under his arm, looking about the Ward Room and craning his head about to survey its occupants.

Roubani had arrived just a few minutes before Willem and Legacy, carrying a formal black folder with a ledger inside and some typed sheets. His blues jacket is back on, buttoned to the top, and he gives the room a proper salute before heading for the Lowest Rung on the Totem seat in the room.

Yuuri arrives from the Hallway - Deck 2, Fore.
Yuuri has arrived.

Thea comes in just behind Willem, only she's in her sweats and tanks. Apparently she wasn't expecting this meeting, though she -does- have a stack of file folders.

The Wardroom begins to stir as Captain Marek, Ensign Roubani, and Lieutenant Yuuri enter the room… Looking about, he nods and speaks. "We'll begin once we have Captain Legacy and Lieutenant Price here as well." The Engineer was ready to begin this briefing.

Kai is here, yo. He's just been at the back, pouring himself a glass of water and trying not to drop his file folder while he's at it. There's a glance sent over his shoulder as others file in.

Yuuri stands at Kai's five, still at attention. He seems more like a secretary of the Captain's than here to express his thoughts. He's suited up in blues and has a notepad tucked under his right arm.

"Sirs." Willem snaps into duty mode almost in a heartbeat as soon as Althea makes it in as well, crisply saluting and looking amongst the assembled crew here. He edges towards the table and finds the nearest appropriate seat, not next to anyone specifically.

File folders everywhere. Roubani's attention flickers to each one of those rather than to faces. Saluting done and personal attention to protocol in place as far as he can tell, he tucks his own folder in the crook of his arm. On his feet he remains until the others have sat.

Kai finishes filling his glass and starts toward the table where the meeting's apparently being held. His eyes flick briefly to the Lieutenant from Engineering, then back down, as he eases into a chair opposite. Drat. Spillage.

Wil simply nods his head, looking alive and energetic. He doesn't speak further, just yet, simply looking from superior officer to superior officer, and finally Yuuri and Roubani as well, waiting silently.

Yuuri settles into a chair to the right of Kai, his actions resembling that of a dog. He places the notepad onto the table and flips through to a page with quite a bit of chicken scratches.

Thea settles into a seat at the end of the table, head canting to the side slightly as she looks among those assembled with a bit of curiosity. "I do believe the required personages are here," she says with a hint of dry amusement in her voice. She's got bags you could pack for a week in under her eyes, but is at least maintaining a good facade. "Though at least one of them is inordinately curious as to why."

Kai doesn't speak for the time being, though Willem gets a mildly curious look as he flips open his folder.

Roubani sure as hell doesn't speak first. He has Ensign zen, silent and waiting for higher ups to start as they will.

Willem cants his head ever-so-slightly to one side as he catches Kai's inquisitive gaze. He doesn't speak, but clearly is looking at the man in askance.

Hellicon looks to the room as he opens the first folder in front of him. "And now we're waiting for Captain Legacy… And there she is, so if you'll take your seats, please," Hellicon says as he walks around the table with the first file folder in hand, passing each one a simple single page document. Looking at it, one can easily tell that it's a Non-Disclosure Agreement. "Before this briefing begins, I must inform you all that this briefing is classified as SCI Top Secret. Under no circumstances will this be discussed outside of this room. Failure to comply will be considered a violation of the Colonial Treason Act. If you all sign your agreements, we can begin. If you don't sign, you'll be asked to leave."

Yuuri slides a pen from his pocket, clicking it once while shifting the paper infront of him. he brings the tip of the pen down and signs his name on the dotted line.

Roubani keeps his eyes on the table as the papers come around. Retrieving his pen from inside his folder he signs it, his wrist making that slightly awkward bend that lefties do to avoid smearing ink.

A few scant moments pass, and it is clear that Wil has no problems with this as he reaches for a pen. He's eager. You can give him that, at least. He takes his copy and peers at it for a moment before scribbling his signature on the dotted line.

There's silence and stillness from the Raptor Captain for a very long moment. The woman normally wears a smile, even when the world has ended. But it would appear that, at this very point in time, A Line Has Been Crossed and Hellicon was the one who went dancing over it. She simply studies the Lieutenant for a time before she pushes gracefully to her feet and picks up her file folders once again. With her free hand, she picks up the sheet of paper as if it were something offensive, her eyes locked on Hellicon's face as she deliberately crumples it into a very small ball. Then, simply, it's allowed to roll off her fingertips and onto the floor at his feet. "If you ever, EVER, insult gentlemen such as these with this bullshit, Lieutenant," she says quietly. "I will have your ass busted back down to deck crew. I don't think you got the memo, but non-disclosure agreements and political bullshit went the way of the colonies." There is something absolutely ice cold about the woman. There's no heat in her voice or in her eyes, but her tone would freeze lava. She looks at each man at the table, in turn, and offers a very quiet, "My apologies, gentlemen." Kai is saved for last. Without another word, she turns and stalks out with all the grace and dignity her callsign might lead one to believe she was possessed of.

Kai's attention upon the jig doesn't linger. After a sip of his water, he lifts his eyes to watch Hellicon approach with the NDA form, and a brow tics up ever. So. Slightly. That's all the indication there is, that he's angry; ice to Legacy's fire. The paper isn't touched, another sip of his water's taken instead while Legacy delivers the ass kickings. Meeting her eyes for an instant before she walks out, it's probably unclear what passes between them.

Roubani sets his pen down beside the form. He sits back, his dark eyes watching this confrontation with observant sharpness. There's no judgment in his expression, more just watching what his superior officers do now.

Legacy's outburst doesn't phase Hellicon once, but he /is/ suprised that she's so disregarding of standard procedure for a Top Secret Project. "The Non-disclosure agreement is Standard Procedure before a Classified Project is to be implemented. If you don't want to follow the regs in regards to this, then there's the door," he says as he points. "There's no regs in the CCMJ that state the standing regs are to be disregarded. This is standard procedure, and it /will/ be followed for a project that can potentially save the lives of pilots and crew. I might only be a Lieutenant, but I'm also the one giving the briefing. Clear?"

Willem isn't really far from Roubani in his quiet assessment of this scene. The JG has adopted a policy of calm in situations like this, looking back towards the departing Althea with a slight wrinkling of his pale forehead showing lines of thought and maybe worry. Slowly, his grey eyes dart from her, to the other Captain, to finally Lieutenant Hellicon, studying them all. His pen sits upon the table's surface.

Yuuri has been at the front of both Captain's wraths and choose to remain the quiet, docile, egotistical jock. The only sound from his way is the click of the pen before sliding into the black of his pocket. His icey jades give a brief side-long look towards Kai, looking to see where this is going.

Hooboy. As Hellicon starts to speak, Kai sets his glass of water down mid-sip, and looks across the table to Hellicon. "Lieutenant, you're walking a damned fine line of insubordination, and conduct unbefitting an officer. You know the forms aren't required, we'll settle that after. For now, you're going to apologise to the Captain, sit your ass down, and continue this briefing. Am I clear?"

"Sir, please," Roubani draws in a quiet breath. His voice is aimed towards Legacy, soft as ever. A glance at Hellicon and kai, then back to Legacy. "Please. This is about this ship and everything we have left up here. Please don't let it be about that paper, not right now." So not his business to be talking, but there it is, and he seems ready for repercussions for it.

Captain Althea Legacy's only response to Hellicon's words is a simple one, a very simple one indeed. The hand she used to crumple the NDA raises in front of her with four fingers folded down, letting the room see her one fingered salute to the engineer for only a few seconds before she's gone. She doesn't stop, doesn't turn back, simply keeps moving.

Legacy heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
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Willem calmly continues to observe this, exchange, a resigned look on his face but he does loll his head towards Roubani measurably for a few moments, slowly nodding his head back and forth as he eyes the Ensign. He doesn't speak, but it was clear that his voice was the one clearly earning his approval. There's not much of a triad face here.

Hellicon looks to Kai with the same neutral expression. "Captain, you yourself placed me in charge of this project, and you yourself agreed to the NDA form as required under the CCMJ. This is required and is not subject to discussion. You may outrank me, but you are not above the regs that we have all sworn to follow. Now, if you want me off this project, say the word and you can try to figure out the engineering for it, without my help. I can promise you that you won't get far."

Yuuri rolls his eyes as the Lieutenant speaks to the Captain. 'And I got sent to hack for taking a shower?' Yup, the Jig is definately keeping his mouth shut. In his mind all they needed was an ECO and computer programer. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a pack of fumarella stick and withdraws one with his lips. A lighter is the next out of the pocket, igniting the end of the cig and taking a deep breath of smoke.

Okay, that was not the right answer. The sound of the failbuzzer going off is almost audible, though it seems that Karim takes a hell of a lot more to 'snap' than his raptor colleague. It's also quite, quite apparent that he doesn't want to say what he's about to say, but.. "Lieutenant Christopher Hellicon, I'm placing you under arrest. Ensign Roubani, will you make a wireless call to the security hub, please, and inform them that the Lieutenant is to be escorted to the brig pending charges." Blue eyes are fixed upon the Engineer throughout all of this, steely and unyielding. "I'm no expert at mathematics, but I'd imagine you've got about thirty seconds before the Ensign reaches that wireless, Lieutenant. I would sincerely like to have this meeting, and I'm willing to belay that order if you can sit your ass down like I told you to, apologise, and continue the godsdamned briefing."

Roubani blinks slowly at Hellicon's words to Kai. He looks back down at the table, his shoulders quite tense as he stands up and starts for the wireless as ordered. Kai wants it to take about thirty seconds? He can measure his steps out, one…two…

On this, Wil's lips curl very slightly to one side as he turns his head rapidly towards Kai. To Hellicon, back to Kai. He focuses on his commanding officer now with a neutral gaze and high-lidded eyes, asking, "Permission to speak, Sir?"

And THAT was all it took. "Don't bother. You want a yes man, you find some one else. I don't need this shit, especially from the person who asked me to do it in the first place." And with that, he walks out and heads back to his Engine Room.

Hellicon heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
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Well the el-tee sure has a lot in common with Jig, but this time Yuuri played it smart. After-all, he's got a date with Jupiter tonight and another night in hack, well not his cup of joe. "We still having the meeting. Sir?"

Kai sits quite still, not so much as a twitch in his fingers or a tic in his jaw, as Hellicon mouths off and storms out. Maybe there isn't a switch to flip in the viper Captain. Or maybe it's just such a dangerous switch, that he's keeping it turned securely 'off' at all costs. Finally, there's a breath, and a glance toward the slow-moving Ensign. A small nod, presumably to tell him to go ahead and make that call. To Yuuri, "Meeting's off. I need a cigarette."

Wil's kind of the odd man out here, having no particular assigned duty or really, reason to say what he was going to say. He simply shrugs, belaying his earlier request. There's no point -now-, after all. "Permission to leave, sir?" He inquires, gently.

Roubani has stopped his steps. At Kai's re-issue of order he turns around, picking up the wireless and making the short call. It takes but a few seconds and he hangs it up, then looks back at the table. "Sir…" Slightly hesitant, but once you've jumped, you've jumped. "May I say something?"

Yuuri pulls out his pack and flicks one to the table with a snap of the wrist. A finger slides it infront of the Captain. Typhys 'Hack' Yuuri escapes the fate of the Brig one night! His amusement is clearly masked by his silence and closing of the notepad.

"Granted, Lieutenant," Kai tells Willem tiredly. The cigarette is reached for without so much as a smile, though not lit at the moment. He's still in uniform, after all, and on duty. "Yes, Ensign?" A glance to Roubani.

Wil proceeds to roll on out of the seat but stops now, as the Ensign is granted permission to speak. He does stand, but remains present as he eyes the younger man, his face bespeaks plain ol' curiousity, plain and simple.

Roubani exhales slowly through his nose. He folds his hands behind his back, facing the table. "Captain, I realise that this is not an easy time. It's not my place to judge. But we have something in front of us that could help the few people left…at least I think it can. I believe in it, because I've sat there for hours going through this data and I know we can do it. We've worked hard on it so far and we're not broken now. There are things that are bigger than us, and our anger, and a damn regulation, and if we lose sight of that, sir, we are gone. We're done. We're dead." He keeps eye contact with Kai as his brows draw. "Don't let that mudslide start with us, here in this room. I don't care about a piece of paper or who's in or out, but if you want this done then it /will get done/. You just give the word."

Kai might be shaken by what's just happened, or he might just be processing Roubani's words quietly. Either way, it's a good long while before he answers, and the pilot's eyes are held throughout. "The project is still on, Poet." Okay, so he does have his priorities straight. "But we'll meet another night. If you would please organise it for me, I'd be grateful." Please. It's not an order. Yuuri's flickered a smile for the cigarette, and he starts gathering up his papers and pushing to his feet. He looks suddenly a whole hell of a lot older.

Yuuri rises to his feet, tucking the notepad under his arm and heading towards the hatchway.

That was all Willem needed to see. He scoops up his notes and tucks them under his arm, taking the slow way out and leaving the paper that was cause of so many of their troubles firmly on the table, padding towards the hatch.

Yuuri heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
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Roubani just nods. No 'yes, sir' this time. His shoulders and back are straight, his focused eyes giving no indication if the evening bothered him or not. He starts gathering up his things as people leave.

Willem heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
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