Roads Less Travelled
Roads Less Travelled
Summary: After the Great Raptor Raid, the Paros group settles and plans.
Date: PHD074
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Scorpia - Paros

Having met back at the rendezvous point after thei smash and grab, the small group and its cars are now parked somewhere away from their ex-hidey hole. Somewhere safe, or relatively so, away from anyplace they've been before. Closer to the outskirts, probably. Roubani is sitting on the hood of the van, having been playing around with the wireless unit they took from the Raptor. A screwdriver sits by his leg. His left hand is wrapped up in gauze from the extra medical kit they grabbed, both front and back of his palm showing blooms of red as he pushes his thumbs into the back of the wireless, snapping the panel shut.

Alex as well is nursing a hand injury, though his is far less of a wound than the others. Since the escape and the amazingly awesome driving, he's been checking himself on Timon every hour or so. The inbetween times are spent surveying the landscape with the rifle still sitting on his knees, concern etched on his dusty face.

Absent from the little grouping is Jules. To begin with, that is. She comes walking back up to the group, her rifle in one hand and something else held tightly in the other. Looks like a sheath of paper. "Sirs." Oh and she's wearing a triumphant little smile.

Roubani holds up the cords to the wireless' headset, setting about untangling them over his knees. His dark eyes look up sharply at the sound of footsteps, going still until he hears a voice he knows. "Evening," he replies, quiet and terribly polite considering their circumstances. "Been away?"

Hearing the approach of Jules, Alex looks up and with a note of the smile an eyebrow quirks up. "Sunshine? You either found a nice batch of flowers to bring me or something else has come up."

"Not too far, just to a gas station a couple of streets up," Jules says as she slides into a seat next to Alex and holds up her prize so to speak. Setting her rifle down on her lap, she starts to unfold what becomes a map. A map of the local area. With latitude and longitude marks along the edges. "It isn't as shiny as a computer, but it might get us where we need to go, no?"

Roubani's tense brows unlock just a fraction at the mention of a map, and he draws a breath. "The best news all day, no doubt. How large an area around us does it cover?"

Alex leans over to look at Jules' lap since she sits next to him. Hey, it's not his fault his lean has an arm behind her back. "A map? Damn, good thinking Sunshine. If we can maybe pin down at least a search grid, we could move in the right direction of the others, right?" He glances over towards Rou.

"It's a map of Paros… so, like, not too far. But, there's latitude and longitude which is better than not knowing anything. There's markings on all the routes out of town, too and where they head. Seems a bunch lead out to this place called Osprey. West on Route 91 is the scenic route, north is… more developed. It looks like." Jules offers the map up to Alex and says, "How about you guys have a look?"

Roubani's fingertips gently rub his temple. He slides off the hood of the van, leaving the wireless on top and crossing the few steps closer to the pair. But not too close, leaving an expanse of personal space as he crouches down. "Lieutenant Komnenos believed he knew an approximate search radius. It leaves us much ground to cover. With vehicles we really only have the two choices, north or west." He folds his arms atop his knees, looking at Jules. "By more developed, what might you mean? A city? Or something else?"

"Speaking of well developed," Alex pauses and then adds, "My hunger's starting to get there. But if the way north is more structured, that means it probably got hit harder, we may avoid the metal if we stay off the beaten path." He is looking at the map in Jules' lap and shakes his head. "This is really damn good work Sunshine. I'm giving you a field promotion from Darling to Sweetums." The man smiles and then looks over at Roubani, getting a bit more serious. "Poet, how far have you moved do you think since your crash? Odds are the other groups haven't just stayed where they are, all we have are starting points right now, right?"

"I'll bet my platoon commander will be extra happy about that," Jules says with a roll of her eyes and a grin. Gazing over at Roubani and then back to Alex, she notes, "They'd probably be moving, too. Our best bet for the Kharon to find us would be to go where they'd most likely look. And if I were them, I'd look where we were originally supposed to make our landings."

"We are still within relatively short distance of our own crash site, sir," Roubani reminds Alex, when their position is brought up. "But we haven't got starting points in any sense, so that is moot. I agree with the Private; the issue is predicting where the others would likely go. Or expect us to go. I don't have those landing coordinates, but Komnenos does." He then repeats to Jules, since there was no answer. "Private, does it give any indication of what that development is to the north?"

"So two real fields of thoughts. Trying to find the others, or trying to go where they might expect us to be. Interesting." Alex sounds mildly amused before he grins, "You know your people. If it were the Peg I'd know what they'd do, so you'll have to trust your insights into their behaviors."

"There's just more streets that way. West, the streets get fewer and far between," Jules explains simply, "I could be wrong, I guess. I haven't ever been on Scorpia before we crashed on it." Lifting her chin, she smiles at Alex and says, "I'm not an officer, so, I have no idea."

"We need to know where we are in relation to those landing coordinates," Roubani murmurs, politely not staring while the two flirt. He lifts his chin back towards the van. "That wireless is also functional. The Lieutenant and Chief were working on restoring the communication drone we got from the Raptor. If together they can pick up any signals, that will be better than marching into the dark."

Alex looks right back at Jules, square in the eyes as he grins. "Officer Schmofficer. You're the one that thought to go find a map and you've kept your head on Sunshine." A glance past the Private towards Roubani again, "Hopefully the angsty kid will have some idea then of where to head to. Poet, you ok?"

"Dunno, sir." This is to Roubani, Jules looks at him as she speaks. "Seems to me using technology when critters made of technology are all around us and want us dead isn't so smart… Y'know, I don't know 'smuch as you brainy types, maybe you're on to something." She rolls her shoulders and adds, "Either way it's not really my decision. I'm a Marine and I'm going to do what Marines do best and that's kill toasters."

"It is one course of action based on situation," Roubani answers Jules. "'Better than nothing' rather than particularly smart." Still, he sounds like he believes in it. His eyes flicker to Alex. "I'm fine, sir. How is Lieutenant Stathis?"

"Damnit Poet, I'm a pilot, not a doctor." Alex states with a shake of his head then takes a breath. "Far as I can tell, he's stable. Damned well still pissed he flanked off, shouldn't have been him gettin' those rounds, they were meant for me. I'm the one on borrowed time down here." A quick breath, exhaled and he sighs, "Sorry. After ridiculin' what's his face for being angst ridden I go and throw a fit."

Borrowed time. Jules mouthes those words a second, then looks at Alex questioningly. She doesn't ask, though. Nodding to Roubani, she goes quiet, choosing this moment to check her own leg wound. It's given a sniff. There's no nose wrinkling. That's good.

"He made his own decision, sir," Roubani replies to Alex, with no change in his voice. "I don't think anyone blames you for that, especially not him." He resettles his weight on his feet, still crouched. His heels stay on the floor, bandaged hand wrapped over braced one.

Alex grunts softly and shakes his head, "Perhaps not Poet. But you all best keep in mind you are destined to get back home. And we're going to make sure that happens." He slowly picks himself up and walks a little, pacing and shaking his hand. "How is your hand holding up? And you Sunshine?"

"You're coming too," Jules tells Alex as she straightens back up from checking her bandages. "It's fine. Not pretty, but fine. Another week or two and I'll be good as new plus some scars."

"I hadn't slated you as one who believed in destiny, sir," Roubani says. The corner of his mouth comes as close to smiling as it ever has since they landed. Which is it say, it doesn't move very much. He moves his left hand fingers carefully, glancing at them. "It seems alright. It just passed through." 'Just', the young man says. He glances at Jules as she reports on her leg and then back at Alex. "Were you injured yourself, sir?"

"Flesh scraper, I've had worst. And I normally don't believe in destiny. But call it gut instinct." Alex says towards Roubani, managing a small smile. When Jules says he's coming with, the man let's his look go towards her and he nods. "Of course Sunshine. I'm not letting you weasel your way out of dinner that easily…"


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