Amaranth Rian
Amaranth Rian
Rhona Mitra
Rhona Mitra as Amaranth Rian
Name: Amaranth Rian
Alias: Ryan
Age: 25
Hair & Eyes: Black hair and dark brown eyes
Faction: Marines
Position: Machine Gunner/Private
Colony: Tauron
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info



Amaranth Rian was born and raised on a small potato farm in the rural plains of Tauron. The farm was family ran and owned by her father Peter Rian and her mother Maria Rian. The only child of the family Rian was no stranger to hard work. Her father was a distant and cold man focused only on the production of the farm not afraid to bark chores at her or offer a hard slap for insolence. Her mother was a kinder sort yet she never stood her ground against her own husband. Far from town and no siblings Amaranth’s childhood was a lone one, but knowing no different she thrived as a strong, inwardly focused young girl. Eight years before the holocaust her mother was diagnosed with cancer and to afford care her father sold the farm. A short while later her mother passed on, Rian left Tauron and her father and never looked back.


Rian was an average student, taking her primary and secondary courses through online correspondence. She looked upon her schooling as just another dry chore around the house. Her father taught her to farm by direct example. At a very young age Amaranth had an aptitude for machinery. Intuitively she could disassemble and reassemble the machinery around the plantation. Her ability with machines would be her saving grace out in the colonies, not long after she packed her bags and left Tauron a mining crew hired her on. With the crew she moved around the system mining asteroids and moons for raw ores and minerals. The crew was almost always teamed with a small military squadron and as there is little to do on an asteroid for months Rian learned a lot from her marine counterparts.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

She is a new recruit to the Colonial fleet. After war day she and her mining crew were stranded on the surface of Solon II. A survivalist, Rian managed to remain alive until the Kharon sent a rescue party to the surface three months after the initial attack.

Distinguishing Features

Dark frowning eyes.


  • Not a big talker
  • Managed to keep a few things from Solon II.
  • Doesn't need a lot of Sleep.
  • Known to worship Ares and Artemis. Loosely.
  • Avoids all contact with other survivors from Solon II.


  • Mining
  • Repair
  • Demolitions
  • Writing
  • Good judge of Character

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Kisseus Heathrow Matto. Talked with him a few times, his smile is welcoming. Seems to be quite popular with many members of the crew.
Katherine 'Kitty' Ajtai. Met briefly, seems like a polite person.
Castor Leda. What a strange pilot. He spills the beans about his past after only meeting once before and is so full of hope I think he's delusional.
Karim A. Marek. Seems like a good man, everyone else seems to think so. I'm trying to get a favor from him.
Anton Komnenos. Sweet body. Nice eyes. Now only if he'd be quiet.
Josef Tecumseh Beckett. Religious Sagitarion nut job.
Xanthus Spiros. Have you seen his ass? I spent a good minute eying it up, it's one of a kind. For all his attempts at entertaining I'm still not amused.
Jupiter A. Black. One that is not afraid to cross the marine/pilot boundary and be friendly.
Absalom Harris. Met in passing.
Epiphany Mielle Jarot. For someone so small she's got bite, was able to put me in line and that's sayin' something.

Timeline of Events

From latest to most recent:

  • Her and her Mining crew get sent to Solon II with a small squadron of Marines.
  • Is just doing her job one day when suddenly the world ends.
  • Stranded on the surface of Solon II for three months.
  • Is picked up by the CEC Kharon and enlists in the Marine Core.
Title Date Summary Other Participants
Enlist Now PHD200 Late night chat at the gym. Rian, Castor.
Smokin in the Laundry Room PHD205 Met the CAG, talked about how I came to be on this ship. Asked for a favor. Bitched with other crew members. Rian, Kai, Komnenos, Beckett.
Negative, Harvest, Toxic PHD208 Had Guard Duty in the Recovery Ward, was very boring watching prisoners sleep. Talked with Dr. Helis before getting put into line by a very sick Epi. I know why they made her a corporal now. Rian, Pav, Epi, Kellin.
Eat Fast PHD209 Got some grub, talked to a pilot about sparring, saw some shy woman recruit. Complained about lack of rations. Rian, Castor, Tiera.
Gettin Shots PHD215 Finally got my shots and met Doctor Andrews. Rian, Dante.
Dancing with Myself PHD216 Made an ass of myself in front of the CAG. Rian, Kai.
Pain and what to do with it PHD219 Met the new recruit Dell. Rian, Dell.


  • "A metal tube beats a floating rock."
  • "Frak this."


  • Whiskey
  • Smoking
  • Blowing shit up
  • PB&J Sandwiches
  • Rootbeer Slushies


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