The Human Resistance

The boots on the ground. This group, like the Civilian "department," doesn't technically fall under the command of the Kharon. This group of people are fighting to try and kill as many Cylons as possible before they die themselves. Life in the Resistance will be hard and the victories satisfying. Its like playing a giant game of Hide and Go Seek with the Cylons where Scorpia is your playground and the losers get sent to Elysium. But seriously, like on the Kharon, the staff will not be playing lead roles in the Resistance. That means that this "Department" could encounter any number of things that you may never see coming except through RP.

Available Positions:

  • Cop – A member of local, regional, or federal/Colonial law enforcement that fights for the Resistance.
  • Military – A member of the Colonial Navy or Marines who, for whatever reason, will not be joining the Kharon and will fight with the Resistance.
  • Medic – A doctor, nurse, surgeon, or someone who will be aiding the Resistance somehow with medical knowledge or physical help.
  • Survivalist – A person who typically lives in the woods (or away from population centers) and spends most of their time isolated from civilization for whatever reason and joins the Resistance.
  • Outdoorsman – Hunters, hikers, pyramid players, etc. These are the people who just happened to be out away from the population centers when the attacks came and decide to join the Resistance.
  • Other – This encompasses everything else from the Resistance that is not in the other listings. Reporters, vacationers, district attorneys, garbage men, auto mechanics, factory workers, etc. The limitations are only those imposed by the player’s mind (within the theme).
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