Rescue Me Ground
Rescue Me Ground
Summary: The stranded military recon mission on Scorpia, along with a few civilians, are evacuated to the Kharon.
Date: PHD082
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Where these two roads meet, the tarmac is mostly empty. The four lanes of Highway 606 flow off to the North while the twin lanes of Route 91 head West, its narrow stripe winding deep into the forest. Looking East, Route 91 opens to a wider road and resembles its northern brethren but for its name. An ambulance has collided with an upright that suspends the stoplights here, mangling the front end of the bright red vehicle. The resulting impact has toppled the connected lights and dropped the yellow indicators to the roadway where their contents shattered across the pavement. On the South side of the intersection is a small convenience store, the insides stripped but the windows miraculously still intact.

It is, for once, a warm and rather pleasant evening on Scorpia. Clear skies above, speckled with a canopy of stars. If you can forget about the radiation, and the odd body or rolled vehicle in a ditch, or the army of deathbots trying to annihilate humanity? It's a pretty nice night. And possibly one of the last that some of these people will see, after consigning themselves to the Kharon.
The two groups set out at slightly staggered times from the bunker, and then met up roughly a mile out along the dirt path. Both have been traveling for a good ten or fifteen minutes through the underbrush, keeping to the treeline and out of sight of road patrols. The intersection with between highway 606 and route 91 can be seen in the distance, marked by an ambulance that's half in the ditch, slammed facefirst into a cluster of trees.

Roubani got ready and moved out in silence, pack loaded up and firearm in hands. Focus on what they need to do and nothing else, he keeps his position in their formation with a watchful eye around them. This might be the longest stretch yet he's gone without cracking even a hint of a smile.

Daphne isn't going, but she is determined to help. If they are making a supplies drop when the Kharon crew comes to pick up their lost men and women, Angelica will need some hands to carry things and so Daphne's offered herself, sweat and strength, to do what she can. At least she's putting her money where her mouth is about helping. She's in a more practical, comfortable outfit than usual, her stitched together white suit abandoned for a pair of borrowed slacks and a gray teeshirt. She still walks stiff and proper, hands bare, not trained with a weapon.

Jules moves along just to the side of the group she's traveling with, machine gun locked and loaded. She keeps her eyes moving, too, on guard for anything that might jump out at them. Her gear looks -really- well lived in by now, bloodstained, sweatstained in places with tears, holes, rips and dirt all over it.

Fenris bears what she can, her wounded leg slowing her some, especially with the need for silence, but she makes her utmost effort at maintaining a sufficient balance of haste and sneak so as not to place her companions at undue risk.

Dmitri walks along with the others; he's in a light flak jacket, a rifle resting on his shoulder, looking generally scruffy… because, well, he always looks generally scruffy. Unshaven, shaggy, garments stained and dirty but unbloodied. At least by /his/ blood. His dog's trotting along beside him.

Lieutenant Stathis settles in behind Roubani. His left arm is still in a sling, and though he carries his service pistol — with but two armor-piercing bullets remaining within — the weapon remains holstered safely at his side. Ivory can't even fly a Raptor with one hand, and he's damn good at flying Raptors. Shooting guns? Well, if the group needs him to draw his weapon, they're likely in more trouble than he can save them from.

Kai has taken point with his group, to the south side of the road. His sidearm's holstered, for once, and he's got a rifle locked and loaded with explosive rounds. His eyes are trained forward as they move through the treeline, with the occasional flicker sideways; he trusts whoever's at the back, though, to keep their tails clear.

Dutch remains silent. Brought along with Kai's group, but there's not much he can do-as frakked up as he is. Instead, he's left holding a pistol if it is needed, but all the same, he can't help like feeling like a dying man in one of them movies, where the whole frakking brigade goes down. He knows there's a rifle nearby. but he's not entirely sure how he'd hold up shooting it at this point. He'll wait till they are desperate enough for it.

Komnenos is looking better himself; his still-bandaged shoulder feels almost as good as new, and all but the worst of the facial scarring from his unfortunate encounter with the Cylons in a Paros pub has healed; several of the scars still linger, though, perhaps permanently in the case of one or two. He's patched up his flightsuit as best he can and wears a loaded backpack; his pistol remains holstered at his side as he quietly walks with the group.

Gods help Timon if Roubani has to protect him. But at least the tall Ensign has one of them big guns. His left hand's in much better shape; at least he can't see clear through the palm anymore.

Thorn's pretty oblivious at the moment; instead of his weapon, his PDA is clutched in his hand, and he's looking at it with a thoughtful frown as he walks, occasionally tapping a button or a sequence of buttons. He manages to stay in line, though the group's direction is about the only thing he notices that's not on his little screen.

Dmitri's head lifts, imitating Cerberus's similar movement beside him— his jaw setting as he brings the rifle down, his voice quiet and tight as he observes, "Somethin' coming up ninety-one."

Daphne pauses, just a moment, remaining very much to the center of her group as she looks up and down the road. "…Did anyone hear that?" She whispers very faintly, not militarily trained but smart enough to know that she should be quiet about these things. She stares nervously down 91, gray eyes wide and wary…

Dutch is silent for a moment as he leans heavily on Kai. That rifle hanging off his battered back doesn't seem to be getting lighter. But the Medic is looking up. And there's a faint frown, as eyes widen. "Oh Frak-Frak." comes Dutch's words. "We got three airbound and coming in fast for us Captain.." And the good hand, he's pointing along Route 91, pistol in the air. "Right there.. three of em..Raiders by the sound.."

Roubani hears the sounds just as Dmitri speaks. His lips press together, thinning. No swearing, no nothing from him. His eyes might've even made a slight roll, hard to tell in this darkness. "Contact, sir," he murmurs to Timon. "Watch yourself."

As he turns his head to observe a bombed-out tree, Ivory's ears pick up a noise in the distance — something wicked this way comes. Timon moves to tap Roubani on the shoulder with his good hand, forgetting momentarily that the Ensign doesn't like physical contact. He withdraws just in time as Poet speaks. "I heard it too. Hope you've been working on your aim."

Samantha hasn't heard anything, but she trusts Roubani and Timon, her eyes jerking up and rifle levelling in the direction of the sounds which she hasn't yet caught. She's ready to fire any moment, but nods the group back. "Stay down and close… " She whispers to the group with her, her walking going still for the moment, prepared for whatever encounter is there, or to at least try and hide.

Halting when Dmitri speaks, Jules lifts her head and listens. Not hearing anything, she moves closer to the man and his mutt. Quietly, she asks, "What's it sound like?" At the order from Samantha, she picks herself a nice tree and makes it her firing point, drawing herself mostly behind it, but leaning out to see what may or may not be coming.

Roubani drops to a slow crouch, setting one knee on the ground. He glances over his shoulder to be sure Timon's not blithely trotting along into the firezone, then looks back towards the sounds.

"I'm not sure if these pea-shooters'll do anything against what's coming…" A step off the edge of the road and Dmitri crouches down into the ditch beside it. He sinks down to a crouch, fingers sliding over the weapon in his hands before he brings it up. "Cerberus," he whispers tightly, "Heel." The hound hops down as well, whining ever so softly.

Fenris comes to a halt as people around her start getting antsy. She looks around, rifle held on safe, while she strains to hear for herself what's got everyone so still all of a sudden.

Kai is moving a little more slowly than normal, of course, due to having a rather large marine leaning on him. He comes to an abrupt halt when the man speaks, and swivels his own rifle to follow his sight. "Get back and down," he commands flatly to the rest of his group. There's a snap of branches as he moves, hustling it deeper into the treeline and dragging poor Dutch with him, before he drops into a crouch. Hopefully out of sight.

The low whine in the distance becomes more high-pitched as — indeed — three raiders swoop past overhead in no discernable flight pattern. Close on their heels is a wing of vipers, engines throttled to maximum. The sound.. is nigh earsplitting.

Daphne is all too happy to follow the Captain's orders, and she pulls back, going low for the time being and trying to keep out of the way and unseen.

Timon drops down on one knee just as Raiders meet Vipers in the sky above him, his brief gasp of pain drowned out by the screaming whine of engines both Cylon and Colonial.

Thorn doesn't notice anything wrong until after the rest of his group is already murmuring and looking about in alarm. Surprised, he fumbles to slip his PDA back in his pocket as Kai gives his command. He crouches down behind a tree a few feet away from Marek, unholstering his weapon and wincing at the sound of roaring engines as they streak by above him.

Samantha is basically following Kai's stragety on the other side of the road. She makes a quick motion to her group, for them to get down low, though the example she sets is with guns out still. She doesn't lose her gaze from the road, but her green eyes widen just a bit as she stares that close at the raiders… and then vipers. That just makes her smile.

Roubani's eyes turn up, flatly watching the raiders zoom by overhead. The corners of his eyes tense into fine lines at the sound, but other than that there's no movement.

Cerberus whines more, though it's inaudible with all the noise, and buries his head under his paws. Poor pooch.

Dutch moves as well as he is able, and is sliding out with Kai there's a Grumble, not like the Corpsman can do much at this point, but hold his fraking breath and hope something else doesn't come a trouncing on them. Shit frak, frak shit.

It's all over pretty quickly. The low altitude of the fighters kicks up a skiff of wind, which gusts through the trees and rattles the canopy of leaves.

Kai squeezes his eyes shut and ducks his head down, rifle still cocked against his shoulder until the birds are just dots on the dark horizon.

Fenris winces under the aural assault by the screaming craft, eyes squeezing shut to ward off any debris kicked up by their wakes. When she feels things have still enough, she looks around at her cohorts once more.

Away goes the dogfight and up comes Timon, beads of sweat running down his dust-stained face. "Everybody okay?" he asks — quietly, quietly, to the point at which he can't really hear himself over the ringing in his ears.

"Well," Dmitri grunts as he pushes himself up, one hand lifting to wriggle a finger in his ear as if to clear it, "At least the Vipers were the ones doin' the chasing."

Roubani pulls his other foot under him, waiting quite a while after the raiders have passed by to start standing up again. Slowly. It's doubtful he hears Timon's quiet voice after that assault on his eardrums. His eyes watch the road.

Samantha picks her head up, looking down the road again before giving a careful nod and motioning everyone up. "Think so. Let's keep going. Gotta make the rendevous." Sam orders gently, carefully stepping in to taking point again for the south side of the road…

"All right, get up and get moving. We've got thirty minutes to make the rendezvous." Using a nearby tree as leverage, Kai begins hauling himself back to his feet. A hand's offered Dutch as well, another glance skyward that's almost.. almost wistful. And then he's setting off again, ducking and weaving between the trees.

Unfortunately? The deafening roar of the fighters going overhead, only served to mask the sound of centurions fanning out along the ditch. There's a crackle of gunfire, bullets whizzing through branches not a few metres away from Samantha.

Jules waits til the word is given by Samantha and moves from her tree cover, starting to tromp over to her previous position. "I hope they kick some major Cylon but— EEP!" When the bullets come through, she hits the deck and clambers behind the tree again, trying to figure out where the centurions are firing from.

The hell you say. "Dammit." Roubani's normally mild voice is prickled with crackles of irritation as bullets start flying. Rifle? Pointin' that-a-way. Here, kitty kitty.

Dutch is too busy cursing as he tries to help himself back up. A pause as he spits some blood. from his mouth. It ain't much, but its enough to show, that his body did not care for it. As such he's missing anything coming, unless someone points it out.

Timon snaps his head back and forth to clear out what cobwebs remain in his brain before proceeding. "On with the show," he murmurs, pushing aside a low-hanging branch with his gloved hand — and just as well that he didn't make it out of cover as quickly as he'd wanted, for he's just avoided running right smack dab into the path of burning Cylon lead. Down to the ground he drops once more, reaching for his pistol as he does. Just in case.

Frak it. Samantha hears those bullets striking a tree ENTIRELY too close to her, and training kicks in within a heartbeat. She hits the ground, using the ditch at the side of the road as the best cover possible as she trains her rifle and looks for the nearest target. Down, down!" She hisses, as if it wasn't obvious.

Roubani keeps his body between the oncoming metal things and Timon, blocking as much of the Raptor pilot as he possibly can as he lifts his weapon to take aim.

Samantha keeps low, but she calls over the group, "Open fire on hostiles, about 8 meters, 12 o'clock frmo me. . Careful for the friendlies coming across the road." And with that, she levels her gun and prepares to fire herself.

"Oh frak—" As the guns rattle through the trees at the group he's with, Dmitri ducks down instinctively, his jaw setting as he brings his rifle up, growling under his breath. "I'm not lettin' a few frakkin' toasters get between me'n the ships, damn it." The rifle's brought up, and he squeezes down the trigger, taking aim at the first centurion he sees.

Timon's not really all that big, so Poet has an easy time blocking most of his tender body from Cylon hate. No, he still hasn't drawn his weapon — things aren't all that desperate. "Yet," he murmurs aloud.

Thorn's following the CAG's lead, moving as he moves and taking cover as he takes cover. Komnenos winces at the sound of gunfire; he's heard enough Centurion fire the past couple weeks to recognize it instantly. He still doesn't see any metal though, as his head whirls about, searching for a target. Thorn sinks down, taking cover in the foliage, continuing to look for Cylons.

Being attached to the CAG, Dutch does what the Cag does. Right now this means hiding most likely. And then popping up to Surprise them, right? Who knows, either way the Marine is moving.

Combat. Daphne knew it'd happen eventually. This was survival. This was reality. Part of her briefly hesitates, something rebelling in her very stomach at the thought of throwing herself on the dirt covered ground, but there really wasn't a choice, and she dives down, looking for cover herself… no gun and no clue how to use one, she just tries to hide.

As he hears the sound of someone — or something — opening fire on the opposite side of the road, Kai calls a halt again with one hand raised. He looks briefly left, then right down the road. Visually checking for another patrol coming. When he sees the way's clear, he gestures for Fenris to head north through the treeline and Komnenos to head south. Then a jerk of his chin to indicate they'll meet on the other side of the road, surrounding the metalheads. To Daphne, "Stay down, and keep your mouth shut." He, meanwhile, fists a hand in Dutch's clothing, and takes the more direct approach. Kai isn't one for sneaking, especially with an injured marine attached to him.

Peering out from behind her cover, Jules doesn't bother taking a bead on one of the Cylons. She's got a machine gun. No, she just aims in the general vicinity of one of the ones shooting at Samantha's head and let's 'er rip. "Overgrown microwave ovens!"

"Come on, then." Roubani mutters with his teeth together as the centurion's whirring gets more and more apparent. He aims at the first one he sees, also the one Samantha's trained on.

"I have done this before.." The marine mutters back towards Kai, before he is very slowly, and carefully, cocking the pistol and sliding the round into the chamber. Wounded or not, the Sergeant will be ready to contribute.

Fenris looks a little lost for a moment, though, as Kai starts signing her way, she comes back to it and nods. She then begins to move as directed, as carefully as she can, thumbing the selector over to 'honey, we need to talk' as opposed to simply 'Couch now'.

Dmitri plays the rifle from left to right in a tight arc, bullets rattling across the centurion's arms and cutting into the armor there. As the robotic form topples to the ground, he grins a tight grin, bringing the weapon towards the next.

Roubani can't tell which of his bullets are hitting or not. Just the spray of blood he can see coming from Samantha as the toasters open fire back at them. Well that's nice. He aims the rifle at the next one.

Samantha grunts as her arm is, well, nearly blown off. Her right arm too. Being point sucks some days. Thank god she used to train with the Marines, her previous assignment having spent a long, long time on the gun range, which means she can almost shoot as well with her left hand being that her right arm is utterly useless now. She doesn't even want to look at the blood. It gone from white hot pain to numb in about 5 seconds which tells her it's not good. Other than a grunt of pain, she continues firing, determined to take the things down as adrenaline pumps through her body to accomidate the injury.

Blamblamblamblam! Samantha gets a faceful of hate, almost point blank from two centurions in tandem. The third is scanning the road, but pivots and whiiir klanks closer when it spots one of its mates going down. Then it's more blamblamblamblam! Dirt, rocks and bits of twig get kicked up under the assault as the robots do what they've been programmed to do: kill.

Roubani can see that other centurion out of the corner of his eye, but he doesn't turn around. He edges back, keeping Timon blocked off from possible gunfire, and pulls some trigger.

Daphne is just trying to keep down. Not firing back, not even running to escape across the road unless she realizes she's alone. It's too much, too very real, her head buried beneath her protective arms as she keeps tucked into that ditch.

Sorry, Poet — keeping Ivory in cover is going to get rather difficult. Timon jerks to his feet as he sees a pair of Centurions turn Samantha into a pincushion, and then he's crawling over on all fours to check on the fallen pilot — who stands up despite her grievous wounds. "You look fine," he says — lying through his teeth — as one hand searches for a bandage with which to tie up her bleeding abdomen.

Oh look, Thorn's got a rifle, too. He'd almost forgotten about the thing strapped to his shoulder; he holsters his pistol and hefts the rifle. He nods silently at Kai's signed command, and dashes lightly through the underbrush. Finally catching a glimpse of metal through the trees, he raises his weapon and opens fire, a cold gleam in his eye and a hateful twist to his lips.

Jules doesn't so much stop firing as fire more aggressively, which is to say she just holds down the trigger in longer bursts. "Artemis guide me. Take us away from this place," she mumbles.

Dutch Says nothing as the pistol is brought to bear in his right arm. There's a look over towards Kai, and he'll wait for the Captain's go before he pops up with him and opens fire. Two Centurions walking about= No bueno for them of us trying to escape, alive.

See, Timon? This is why Roubani was trying to stay on you. The Ensign just shakes his head, keeping his eyes on the second monster. He edges up further onto his feet, unable to get a very clear shot with a tree in his way.

Dmitri's eyes narrow as he sights on the robotic terror, taking aim for the machine gun-toting arm that's firing on them and firing a burst into it. "Go down you piece of junk," he swears under his breath, all too aware of people taking hits around him on the side of the road. Another burst rattles out.

Fenris attains what she figures is the best position to set up a proper killing zone with the rest of the folks hoping to catch the shuttle back to the ship. She leans against a tree for extra support and, sadly, turns three perfectly good AP rounds into noise.

"Better hope no one needs a medic, Captain.." Dutch barks with a grim bit of satisfaction as one shot hits, even if its mostly deflected, that's not something to keep him down. Another shot is fired off from his Pistol before he;s looking back towards Kai. "If there is, You're comin with me.."

Samantha looks over to Timon as he's crawling close to her, trying to get at her stomach wound. "Jus' stay down…ain't that bad!" Sam grunts out, her worry about the man coming true a moment later as the gun fire that was seemingly coming in on her suddenly get's focused on him. She swears rather loudly and fires another trio of bursts back with her off hand, landing some surprising shots with her angry determination and adrenaline filled aim.

"Ow." Jules gets plunked neatly along the arm. Stinnnnngs a bit. She tries on her war face, howling at the centurion who hit her even as she continues to fire on it.

The rifle in Thorn's hand bucks, and he stitches a line of bullets in the Centurion from head to toe. The Cylon stays standing, though, and it promptly opens fire on Timon, who flops down from a wound to the leg. The Raptor pilot stumbles back to his feet, though, but not before Thorn is on his feet charging at the thing wordlessly.

Timon's a veritable revolving door for bullets, it seems: some come out, more come in. His left leg has just healed; now his right leg is shish-kabobbed by Centurion lead. He's had worse before — but it's precisely because of his previous wounds that he finds himself nearly taken down by encroaching blackness. Only his desire to prove Poet wrong keeps him on both feet, as the man tries to tie the bandage around the protesting Samantha's waist before he succumbs to all the pain — so much pain.

Gosh. Roubani sighs quietly, darting in a quick sprint towards Timon with his rifle up. If he can get in the way he certainly does, not about to let a centurion get a man while down. That's just dirty pool.

Kai releases Dutch's arm as the pair clatter out onto the open road, cocks his rifle against his shoulder, and fires a burst of rounds into the back of a centurion's head. Bullets shred metal like butter, setting off little explosions as they skitter off into the trees. "Case, get the frak down. If you die on me, so help me gods.." He doesn't finish that. He just cuts his eyes toward Dutch with a grim look, and then advances again. Fires again.

Boom, headshot. Not that it's noticeable among all the other flying bullets. Roubani lets his finger off the trigger, still muttering things that his mother would likely have a heart attack over. And then come back from the dead to wash his mouth out with soap. He turns around as the centurions go down, reaching down to grab hold of one of Timon's arms. "Sir. get up!"

Samantha can only fire so long, while losing blood, with her off hand, and while she lands two more good shots they seem to glance off of armor. Still, others are doing a damned good job and she drops her left arm, laying there in a dirt a few moments as she just fights off the sudden blackness, looking down at her right arm, blood pooling beneath it. Frak, an artery must have been hit or something…"…See…they weren't…so damned hard… nice work…" She breathes out, frowning down to Timon…"Ivory…you okay? Talk to me, Ivory…shit…

The metal's down. Dmitri sweeps the business end of his gun over the surrounding area, and when he sees nothing gleaming and coming at them he pauses to pop the clip—snapping another in, he steps out of cover, whistling sharply, "Anyone too injured to walk without help? We need to get the frak moving before more of those red-eyed bastards show!"

Daphne carefully picks herself up off the ground, nervously, shaking a bit as she stares at the group, several of them wounded and bleeding again, the thing having happened so fast. She says nothing, just shiveringly getting to her feet as she waits for them all to press on… trying not to look too utterly shocked.

Well damn. Nothing like a bullet to the stomach to send one sprawling. Jules struggles back behind cover and looks down. Probably a mistake, seeing as how she spots the wound through her armor. "I don't think my armor worked right." When Kai puts out the call, it snaps her out of the wound-staring and she uses the tree to push herself to a standing position.

With a shower of sparks, a centurion goes down as one of Thorn's explosive rounds catches it in the chest. He's still running, though, looking ahead of him where Timon and Sam are both clutching nasty looking bullet wounds. He shoulders his rifle as he approaches the cluster of people. "Anybody need a hand?" he asks urgently.

"That's how you do it Cap…" Mutters Dutch from where he is standing, or barely standing in the middle of the road, as his gun barrel smokes, a look back to the Viper Jock and he's nodding him along over towards the wounded, or so he will try to do. "Get me to one of em, an I'll tell you what to do..Or we can save it for later.." All the same Dutch is not holstering his pistol.

"I'm good," Timon manages, breathing rather heavily as he tries and fails to stand. He's not fool enough to try and put pressure on his right knee; instead, he finds himself leaning against the other pilot, bandage clinging uselessly in his hand — tough to put that thing with bullets flying and a single available arm, really, though it was worth a shot. "Fix Case first. Me, that's a flesh wound. Don't think it hit anything vital; just hurts like a motherfrakking motherfrakker." The pilot isn't cogent enough to come up with a more colorful curse.

Bullets. Cylons. Smoking heap of metal. Kai doesn't even pause to nudge the wreckage with a boot. He slings his rifle over his shoulder and behind his back, offering his arm to Dutch like it's prom night. MAYBE IT IS. "Move, move, MOVE. Unless you're dead, I want you on your feet and hoofing it. Roubani, get Ivory up. Mudguts, fetch our delegate from the bushes." Kai doesn't normally bark orders, but they really do need to get moving. And now. "Save it for later, Elder. We'll have all the time in the world once we're aboard the raptors."

Fenris sets her back to the tree for extra support for her wounded leg, brings the rifle to bear and lets it rip, setting the canner up for another burst from Kom to finish the job. Unlike the bland commentary earlier, she turns her attention back to her comrades, where she starts to limp back to assist as best she can, reaching into one of her pockets for the dose of Morpha the doc gave her for emergencies. Dutch's comment draws her eye and she remarks, "I have a half dose of Morpha, here, if that helps."

"Shut up and get the frak up." If Roubani's aware of what whipping he'll get later for saying tht to a superior officer, he doesn't care. "…sir." Yeah, tack that on, that makes it better. He hefts his shoulder up under Timon's arm. "They've got Passi. Let's go."

Samantha can make it. Dammit, it's just an arm. And her stomach, but that one's not bad. She's had worse, right? She can make it. Sam grunts a moment, forcing herself to her feet and nodding to Kai, "Yessir." She snaps out, getting ready to go, right arm uselessly hanging at her side and her left still clutching to her gun for all that is good int he world. "I'm good, I'm good… let's go." But she won't entirely ignore help, beginning the fastest walk/run she can manage leaning against any assistance.

Daphne is just lingering along behind/towards the middle of the military. She hears the orders, knows they've got to move fast, so she's trying. Her mind is in autopilot. Just running, just moving towards an objective, not thinking of the near death of some people in their group.

Timon isn't into whipping. Sorry, Poet. Instead, he grunts as he throws his arm around the younger man's narrow shoulders, right leg tilted up to prevent it from hitting the ground. "You going to say 'I told you so?'" he half-whispers, half-laughs.

[Wolf-11: Hale] Overhead the sounds of the jets' thrusters come roaring overhead as the collected Strike wing, comes scrambling over the LZ, with those lovely Raptor's in tow. Its almost like a buzz by at first, how quick the Vipers scream in over head. But surely a sign that there are angels above then them coming to bring their children home below.

Once over the LZ, Rabbit, begins pulling up and starting a typical patrol route, scanning the area over the LZ, he'll stay till every mother's son of them is aboard.

"Already did. But you were passed out." Roubani smirks a little bit, starting to move once he's got Timon secure and walking.

"I'll take rear guard," Jules volunteers, waiting til the others are walking before pushing away from her tree and moving after them. Granted, she looks like she's in some hella pain, but she does it, machine gun held up and ready to fire.

[Wolf-12: Antioch] Wolf-12 waggles his wings saucily at the people on the ground as he passes overhead while patrolling. Zoom. Hi, folks. Nothing but us Vipers here.

Dutch chuckles along with Kai as the pistol is kept in his hand. There's a moment when it seems the Sergeant is about to sit down, but he stomachs it up, and looks back to the Captain for a second. Arm taken as he leans into Kai. Big jock that he is. "Alright.. Hoof it.." And so he'll be running ragged again.

Another lucky combat for Thorn, as he's once again come through unscathed, which can't be said for everyone. He's running as ordered towards the LZ, eyes peeled. His glance occasionally flicks overhead as a Viper screams by above him. He waves at a couple of them as they pass.

Fenris turns back on the word of the Captain and makes her way to incercept the running woman, reaching for an arm to make sure they stay on track and she starts to run in an effort to keep her pace. After several such paces, each coming with a limp, the bandages around her leg start to slowly stain in spreading crimson.

"C'mon, c'mon." Dmitri, proving that he's not a complete bastard, holds a moment or two to offer Samantha an arm or shoulder if necessary for her to keep up. There's a dog trotting along beside him too, ears flopping as it barks up at the vipers soaring overhead. A grunt at the showboating above, muttering, "Da was right about pilots, I see."

With Jules taking rear guard, Marek shifts to point. Rifle left slung across his back, he draws his service pistol instead and briefly meets Samantha's eyes. Then he's skidding down into the ditch, and moving off at a swift walk slash jog, right arm slung around Dutch to give him that extra bit of help in moving. It's roughly half a mile to the LZ now; they can probably see it, an open patch of clearing between the trees where several raptors are already setting down. Above, a patrol of vipers painting the sky in silver streaks. It already feels almost like home.

"Trust me, if I could have shot at the Centurions, I would have." Ivory's all chatty — blood loss makes him happy. "But Case's stomach and arm basically exploded, and what did you want me to do? Not even try to fix her up?" Half of his words are swallowed up by the sound of passing Vipers; in the meantime, he hobbles forward in time with Roubani, using the man as a crutch — doing his best to make sure his arm only touches cloth, not skin. See? Timon cares.

[Foxbat-8: Alyssa] The path clear, Foxbat 8 flies over the Landing zone, and carefully sets down, her pilot keeping an eye out for both their lost friendlies and any hostiles.

Roubani keeps his rifle in his left hand, the strap heavy on his shoulder. Timon on his other shoulder is heavier, making his bootprints deep in the earth. "Spilled milk, no crying." The Ensign talks through his teeth, as much to himself as to Timon.

[Wolf-9: Mars] Wolf-9 does not wiggle a wing, but it does smoke and flame an awful lot from it's engines in a most unhealthy way. HI GUYZ.

Oh, that's lovely to hear. Basically exploded, yes, that's entirely what Sam LOVES hearing about her body. She's not even looking down right now, just determined to go it on adrenaline alone as she leans against the mostly unfamiliar Dimitri and nods, "Thanks, kid…" She breathes out raggedly as the stumble in through to the clearing, trying not to lean on the younger man too much but, especially towards the end, she'll need the help.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie cranes to see past her wing, her ship even rolling a bit on it's side so she can try and make out the ground. Curiousity, hope, and expectation of who will be getting on those Raptors. It's all a blur, really, of trees and flashes of images. She'll have to wait until they're back on the Kharon. Wolf-8 straightens back out, keeping close to Hale's five.

Jules keeps on moving, even though her tummy feels totally icky. The wind the Raptors are generating whips her hair a bit, but she keeps her eyes behind the group, peering into the forest. "Any time now would be awesomesauce."

"You still look okay, Case!" Timon tries to make himself heard as he belatedly realizes that Samanthat was nearby when he spoke. Then, to Roubani: "That sounded patronizing." Ivory smiles a loopy smile. "But no worries," he adds. "You're forgiven."

"It was patronising," Roubani answers lowly. "I am patronising the hell out of you, sir, because I know you won't die until we're back and you've had the chance to have your revenge."

"Call me kid again an' I'll drop you in a ditch," Dmitri growls under his breath as he slides an arm around Samantha to keep her moving as she leans against him, helping her towards the Raptors, "Bad enough you're gettin' blood all over my clothes, woman." Cerberus trots along at his heels, as the survivalist seems entirely intent on getting the /dog/ off-planet too. Hey, priorities here.

With no injuries and no injured comrades to support, Thorn is one of the first ones to reach the clearing — where he sees what has to be the most beautiful sight he's seen in weeks: three Raptors, healthy and hale, standing on the ground before him, their engines humming idly. He can't help but smile at the lead Raptor as he bounds into the clearing. Finally, they're going home.

Samantha calls out as they get into the clearing, "Yeah, lovely. Just what all the boys want, a half torn off arm and perferated stomach. I'll be on all the calendars next year." She snarks across the group, teeth gritting through the pain that is slowly beginning to creep up from whatever blood is still pouring out of her arm. Shent hen looks back at Dimitri and chuckles faintly, "Come on, this is a privillage, bein' bled on by me. Trust me." She winks almost flirtatiously at him as she does her best to just stand still, waiting to board… waiting to maybe allow herself to finally pass out. Most colour is drained from her lips again, definitely some big artery hit in her arm.

Kai doesn't talk, at this point. He's just moving. One foot in front of the other, ignoring the branches scraping his face and hands as the party weaves their way toward the clearing. And then.. there they are! Like a great big HOME FREE sign. He jogs toward and clambers up the ramp of the nearest one, helping to get the injured medic loaded first.

Connor disembarks Foxbat-4 with the SAW gripped tightly in his hands. He sprints to his designated sector of fire, searching for the first bit of suitable cover before setting the weapon down on its bipods and dropping down to the prone. He pulls the charging handle to chamber a round and then scans the area in front of him as he awaits contact. He breathes heavily, more from nervousness than physical exertion. He takes a moment to tilt his head to the right to locate his other squad members, providing him with some degree of reassurance.

Daphne steps into the clearing, looking a bit more steady as she's got her head back on her shoulders. She waits near the Raptor that Kai is working on, murmuring flatly, "I've come to help carry back supplies, Captain. Whatever they can hand out to me I can start getting ready to go." She almost sounds military professional in her tone, this no time for waffling or debate or even begging to be taken along, whether she wishes to go or not.

"I got shot in the frakking foot," Timon retorts. "If I die from this, I don't deserve to be alive." Not mentioning the fact that he almost blacked out — and now that he sees the Raptors in the clearing before him, he clamps down hard on the Ensign's shoulder to steady himself.

Salazar steps out of the treeline once the raptors touch down, keeping her size of the LZ secure. Dover is on the other, his rifle up, eyes on the trees. Both marines seem to be intent on their jobs. "Let's go, people! Saddle up."

The LZ is situated with four raptors ready to evac the folks off the surface, hatches open and ready. A few marines have spilled out to help secure the perimeter.

"There, there. It's alright, I know the little bandaid was cutting off your circulation." Roubani answers Timon, flatly. "Come on, there they are."

And Dutch is drug along like christmas presents from a disgruntled Santa. one that forsake his acting career for a promising one in Rap. All the Same the Marine doesn't bloody complain too much as he is loaded up and passed on to medical.

Jules falls back to right about where Connor is, machine gun held in her hands. She must have, uh, lost the bipod accessory somewhere along the line. Noting the other Marines holding the line, she follows Kai's orders to saddle up, heading for one of the Raptors. That's about when she notices Cerberus and perks up, "Oh my gawd. You're so cute." Nevermind the whole bleeding from the abdomen thing, there's a frickin' puppeh.

Fenris carries on as best she can, though, at some point, the limping becomes much more pronounced and she has to stop to jab her leg with the shot of Morpha. She pants a couple of times, then resumes, letting the happyserum do it's work. She considers the 'delegate' a moment and, as she staggers to a stop near a raptor, she safeties her rifle and offers it the woman's way, "It's only down six, here." her other hand against the hull of one of the raptors to keep her upright.

"Poet, did you die and get reincarnated with the spirit of a teenaged girl? Suddenly, you sound all catty and shit." Timon shakes his head as he heads toward the nearest Raptor — that is, gets dragged toward the nearest Raptor by a man ten years younger than he is. Brown eyes open wide as he sees Sunshine ignore her wounds for the sake of a puppy. WTF is writ large across his pale countenance.

Komnenos doesn't board right away, though, waiting first for the others to get to the clearing. He'll let the wounded board and get situated first before doing so himself; as he's pacing around the landing zone, he nearly rolls his eyes as he notices Jules. "We don't have all day, Sunshine! Get on board!" Finally, he does so himself, stalking up one of the boarding ramps.

Kai briefly spots Salazar on the other side of the clearing, then it's back to loading up injured people. He'll bodily haul Dutch onto that raptor if he needs to; he's a big boy, and adrenaline'll do wonders. Ivory's next; he attempts to relieve Roubani of his precious cargo, with a curt nod to the Ensign and an unreadable look. "Madam," he addresses Daphne nearby, with a soft grunt as he tries to haul Timon up onto the ramp, "I'm afraid you've been misinformed. This isn't a supply drop, it's an evacuation. If you want on, get the frak on. Otherwise, you can attempt the trip back and end up a bloodstain on a highway. Take your pick."

"He's the best soldier we've got down here," Dmitri replies to Jules gravely at the comment about his faithful companion. The hound's tail wags eagerly, eyes bright and tongue lolling out at all the new people and new things. He gives her a wink, grinning tightly as he helps Samantha into one of the raptors.

Roubani gracefully doesn't answer that one. His tone did get a little mean, but maybe he's just got other frustrations he's shoved into his voice when he had the chance. He passes Timon off to Kai without so much as a look to the CAG, and follows up.

"Spider." Timon grins madly, his teeth glinting in the glare from the Raptors' idling engines. "Never got the chance to say 'Good to see you.' So good to see you." That's all he has the chance to say before he collapses in the aft corner of an open bird, making himself as small as possible.

Kai keeps his pistol in his left hand and his eyes on the treeline surrounding their little clearing. He's obviously intent on getting everyone loaded up before he'll duck inside himself. Timon is shot a quick grin as the man vanishes into the raptor he's helping with.

Daphne shakes her head to Kai, "I didn't get my name on the list fast enough. Someone told me there was a supply drop… frak it…" Daphne mutters, not having expected that. She turns to look back, frowning… considering the ability to even go back alone.

Connor watches the humans pass him by, relieved that they aren't metallic and shooting at him. Nevertheless, he keeps scanning his sector of fire, waiting for an audible command to retrograde back to the Raptor. After all, he has no idea how many more they are expecting. He occassionally pivots the weapon in quick, jerky motions as he thinks he sees something coming out of the treeline.

Kai ..doesn't have time for this. Daphne's small, the Captain's less so. He crouches on the edge of the ramp and slings his arms around the woman, bodily hoisting her up unless she protests. And then, into the raptor she goes.

Daphne's eyes go wide as she's scooped up, still half in shock from the fight and, well…she's being absconded back to the Kharon! It seems she'll be talkign to the commander after all.

Kai gives the signal to Connor to indicate that they're all boarded up, then hops off the ramp and jogs over to the next one.

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