Summary: Alex moves into Red Berthings. Castor and Eddie make an unfortunate welcome wagon.
Date: PHD091 (19 JULY 2009)
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Red Squadron Berthings

The hatchway to this room has a top-down stencil of a Viper Mark Two painted across the entire expanse, the rear end of the Viper at the bottom of the hatch. Once inside, the berthings are typical of Viper squadrons throughout the fleet: Two lines of bunks are mounted against each wall with another one built into the wall at the other end. The room's gray walls and the empty space surrounding the bunks hold framed pictures of Vipers in action and depictions of the Cylon War of forty years prior. There is also a hatch in the back the leads to a private Head for these officers. Even here, the dark blue curtains hide away each individual bunk from the goings-on within the common area which is centered on a large oak table, though the surrounding chairs are standard navy.

Eddie enters in the middle of a conversation…

Alex laughs and shakes his head, "It's all about appearances and mind sets. The current CAG? Good guy, but lets a few things loose here and there where maybe he shouldn't, and tightens the bolts on a few things he shouldn't. Everyone has their methods right? I was on the same ship for the past six years for a reason though. Hoping to just maybe infect the rest of you with those good mentalities." Everything he says though, Alex is smiling and almost bubbly as he speaks. He puts a few more of his clothes away. "Apathy is tearing those civilians in the hold up."

Leda considers the civilians for a moment, "So, maybe we should have a good will tour for them or something but command is right to keep them on a leash, can you imagine them running around the ship? I mean what if they decided to try to take over, the human race would be well frakked and far from home." He shakes his head, his tone is pleasent and clearly concerned for the civilians but he is also convinced they need to be where they are for now, he finally offers, "We need another ship, something to put them in. Maybe we can hit up Scorpia for something?"

Eddie steps through the hatch with a cigarette dangling from her lips. She hears the tail end of that conversation, but perhaps doesn't hear or see who Castor is talking to. "Can you imagine us tending a fleet? We can barely cover our own asses. I hear we're shipping all the civvies back down to Scorpia…" She pauses long enough to light her cigarette, head bent over the flame. Her lighter, curiously enough, is fastenened to a necklace she keeps dangling around her neck. Must've lost it often.

"The Civvies are being put down on the planet." Alex states rather firmly as if he 'knows' somehow. Which may be possible with his on duty get up and looking all officerish. "But then what? I was down there for months. The apathy, the loneliness, being lost.. it eats at you." He finishes packing and turns to look at Castor. "Try spending two months on a planet overran by Cylons with no direction, no purpose other than survival. Wondering if starvation, radiation, or the metal will get you first. We're not doing them any favors just dumping them off without a plan."

"Mooner, tell me you are joking?" He shakes his head, he doesn't want the civvies off the ship, after all they are safer here. He then takes a puff of his cigar as he is still getting ready for his day, this is one of the cheap ones with the wooden tips. He then offers it to Mooner, "Want a smoke?" He then looks back at Alex, "Well, it sucked up here two man. Hell, our Padre offed himself on account of it all." He shakes his head, "Though, this is what it is." He then pauses as his face takes on a bit of a twisted look, "Wait, seriously, we are dropping them off on the planet, sir?" This acctually causes him to stand, his tone is now curious and his expression is confused.

Alex. Eddie knows that voice well enough by now. She slowly straightens back up, dark eyes casting in that direction. "Well as that may be, but a warship is no place for housewives and children. Command has a plan, they always have a plan." She pauses long enough to draw off her cigarette, "Got one, thanks." She says as an aside to Castor. "At least down there, we wiped out one of their outposts. And there's the bunker. They'll be safer down there, then up here, where we're actively looking for trouble." Smoke is exhaled towards the ceiling, and her eyes filter past Alex to a bunk that's obviously been claimed. "Wait. /Thats/ the bunk you chose? Nobody told you that one's not for grabs?"

"The rumors down in the Cargo Bay seem to be that, yes, we'll be dropping the fokls off. Nothing I've seen displaces that." Alex responds towards Castor while shaking his head, "Never implied it was easy. Only stating that we're also prepared by and large, for dealing with stress. They aren't." He continues to smile, "It isn't an us versus them. It's all us. And while wives and children don't serve a visible purpose perhaps to you, if we prepare them and help them." Alex trails off and then shrugs, "Our food will run out eventually. It'll take all of us to make this work, people who can grow food and people who use taht to help protect those growing it." Finally he turns to look at Eddie, an eyebrow quirking. Alex looks to his bunk then towards the other pilot. "It was vacant, and as near as I can tell, there are about four people on this ship who could order me to take a different one."

Leda can't believe what he is hearing he finally takes a puff from his cigar. He doesn't say anything, it would seem this time his mouth won't get him in trouble. Instead he sits, now wide awake and sober. As the Mooner and Alex get into a tizzy Leda looks between the two, oh yeah, these two had beef. He then stands up and walks to his locker, he won't be playing hall monitor since the Captain told him not too and this doesn't seem to bad, yet. Hey, maybe a shower is a good way to avoid the blood that might be coming soon after a brunette blur pops the eltee in the mouth.

Eddie reaches out to cuff Castor on the back of the head, but he gets up to take a shower and she wiffs empty air. "You shoulda told him that's Roubani's bunk." She grumbles, then casts another side long glance at Alex, and those damn pins on his shoulder. She doesn't have a leg to stand on. "Just so you know, Castor and I get into farting contests. Fumigate the air around our bunk after bean day in the mess. Which is every day now. Just a warning. And I sing in my sleep. Badly." Lame attempts at getting him to switch out, but there it is. Shoulders hunched, she shoulders past towards her locker.

"Well that's convienent. Farting doesn't bother me, I lost my sense of smell a few years back in an accident. And singing? You too? Great, I'll harmonize with you." Alex says it all rather calmly towards Eddie before he looks to Castor and nods. "Nikolo by the way, Callsign is Icarus if you need something to speak to me as."

"Zeus's ballsack, Mooner can cut ripe ones too." He says either he is being funny or being supportive, hard to say, but either way he has Mooner's back. He also adds, "And if I get some old fashioned kimchi I can rip out some killers myself, lesser pilots have died from our contests." He then pulls out a small bucket full of tolietries from his locker, "The singing has a certain atonal quality, I mean if you like the sound of cats singing to the moon." He offers again as if to help. As he moves into the head he says, "Oh, and sometimes she sleep punches, some nights I wake up and my shoulder and jaw hurt like hell." He then says in his best welcome to the fleet tones, "Welcome to the fleet, Lieutenant Nikolo." He then shuffles off into the shower for a few minutes.

Eddie pops open her locker after an annoyed grunt when it doesn't cooperate the first time around. It finally swings open after a clang from her elbow. She's quiet for a time, even Castor's appreciated support doesn't do much to unknot the tension in her shoulders. A tick or two after Castor pads off for the showers, Eddie finally comments, "You know in the end of that story, Icarus died, right?"

"After building his wings, he pushed the limits and flew to close to the sun." Alex responds as he continues arranging his clothes just so. "The wax that held the feathers to his construction melted and he fell to his death. It's a constant reminder to push the upper limits but always know what happens if you fail."

Splish, Splash, Castor was taken a shower early in the morning time. Rub-dub, wish he had some grub, but now it is washing time.

Eddie starts shuffling things around in her locker, the thing such a mess it's amazing she can find anything when she wants. The cigarette is pulled from her lips and ashed into a tin can propped on top of her locker. "Gee, and here the only thing my callsign is a reminder of, is the day I dropped trou in messhall and gave two Captains a two cheek salute and survived to tell the tale."

"Poetic." Alex quips dryly as he slams his drawer shut and clambors up into his bunk in a single bound. "So what's the ruffle in your shorts there Mooner? You're really that upset over it? As I recall, and I've got a good memory, you were the one that vanished."

Singing in the shower, Castor, isn't singing in the shower, oh what a glorious feeling, he isn't singing in the shower.

Eddie glances over her shoulder, a tick in her jaw visible as she eyes him in /that/ bunk of all bunks. She shakes her head and goes back to her locker, finally finding a clean pair of socks amidst all the clutter. "Yeah, like you wanted to hang out and be pals after you found out you just banged a Colonel's underage daughter." She responds dryly, shaking the socks out of their ball. "You're just a reminder of the past, that's all. One I never expected to come creeping back to the forefront." She mumbles around her cigarette, well practiced at keeping the paper roll tucked into the corner of her lips.

Why does it always rain on me…oh right because Castor is in the shower. However, the sound of the shower suddenly stops, why, because it isn't an Aquarian bath, civilization people have none of you savages ever heard of a bath? Anyway, in a moment or two Leda is going to enter the berthings.

"Creeping huh?" Alex intones with a chuckle. "I'm the one that came creeping? You're the one that's clinging to something that happened six years ago, seven years ago? Something like that. Maybe it's time to just get over it Mooner, it'll make your life that much smoother."

Eddie gives a sharp 'heh' of laughter, as she turns to face him. The cigarette is pulled from her lips, and she looks ready to say something by the way the venom seems to gather in her eyes. But in some corner of her brain, she hears the distant sound of the shower stopping, and so whatever was going to be spouted, is forceably chewed back. "Easier said then done." She finally intones. "Sir." A pause. "And it was six." Turning her back on him once more, she leans over to fuddle with her laces before kicking off her shoes so she can change socks.

Leda steps out of the shower in his regulation undergarments as he moves to his locker and he begins to thrown on his blues, why, because he won't be flying until the action happens. However as he puts his pants on he looks at Mooner and then to Alex, making a blood check, no blood, okay, he then goes about putting on his top as he prepares for sim time, paperwork, and the gym. However as he hears Eddies voice he winces slightly, not because he has any idea of what is going on, but because Eddie is of the Kharon tribe and Alex is still untested so if Eddie is unhappy Leda is unhappy.

"I know it was six." Alex says as he lays down in his bunk. "I remember the day, the hour, the minute." His shoulders shrug and he's about to say something more before he hears another entrant and he stops, instead fetching the magazine he traded for down in the Cargo Bay, some kind of comic looking thing.

Eddie tugs off her sweaty socks and stows them in a rucksack at the bottom of her locker that's destined for laundry. Her toes curl as they touch cold deck, and then she does that awkward dance of pulling on a fresh pair without sitting down. Straightening once more, she peels off her thick sweatshirt to reveal tanks beneath. For such a warm ship, Eddie always dresses in layers. Dog tags jingle as she pulls the fabric free of her arms and then head, before hanging that garment up neatly. On her arms are a myriad of white and pink scars, that criss cross over her forearms like macabre hashmarks. At least one thing has changed in six years. "Well, at least the Lieuy has a good memory." She says aside to her bunk and locker mate, as he gets dressed in blues, and she seems intent on getting ready for the rack. She flies dog shift with Hale now, and so her hours are all frakked to hell.

Leda hovers for a moment mostly to make sure Eddie is fine, or mabye to make sure she won't hit Alex, either way he won't be scheduled to fly until the big shindig, seriously, paperwork today, frak my life. Now that he is dressed he looks at the pair, "Eltee." He then turns to Eddie, "Mooner." He then leans in and whispers something to Eddie.

Castor whispers: If you set about hitting him I'll bail you out.

Alex catches sight of Eddie's arms, an eyebrow lifting a bit and he sits up again to look down at her. He doesn't say anything for a moment but nods towards Leda. "Jig. Grab me sometime later today for some Sim time, I haven't been behind a stick in three months, I'd like to shake a little rust off if I can."

Eddie gives a half smirk to Castor. "I don't think that'll be necessary. This time." She takes one last drag off her cigarette, before tossing it in the butts can. Smoke pours from her nose, as she closes up her locker, and nudges her shoes in front of it. In sweat pants and tanktops, she's moving back to her bunk. Apparently she sleeps fully clothed, too. She hitches one foot up on the ladder, then hoists herself up into shadows of her bunk, rearranging things in there like a chipmunk getting read to bed down.

Leda looks back to Alex, "Aye, sir, I'll make sure you have a spot." He then looks back at Eddie, "Alright, Ensign. Good hunting." He then looks at the pair for a moment and he steps out, no but seriously, paperwork, you'd think he'd made Commander or something for some of the pencil pushing he does, damn it all to hell. He then steps out to make sure Alex gets his sim time.

As Leda leaves, Alex sighs out a little and shakes his head. "I can already tell you're going to make my life all frakin' miserable." The comment is directed towards the other occupant nearby.

"Everyone needs a hobby." Comes Eddie's dry reply as she shuffles around in her bunk a bit more. She reaches out to draw the curtain partially closed, though it's left open a bit as a vent while she sparks up another cigarette. "Did you really serve with Marek before?" Mooner's temper runs hot and cold, and slides back to neutral just as easily, so the question comes at an even keel.

Alex laughs softly and nods his head. "Yeah, I did. I met him about two days after the club." Ironic is it not? "He was a Jig at the time, obviously I was a new Ensign. I still remember the first time we ran into each other, was thinking about it yesterday in fact."

Eddie is clearly trying to think about anything else /but/ that night, so she's quiet for a time after he mentions it again. There's the sound of a lighter flaring to life again, then. "What was he like? Back then." A question Alex will no doubt get numerous times.

Alex is quiet for a few moments then shakes his head. "That's something you'll need to ask him. I learned a lesson very early on never dig into the CAG if you want to move forward at all. But I'll say this much; it says something that he was moved off the Pegasus and I wasn't."

Eddie snorts. "Reassignment can either be good or bad. Thanks for a whole lotta nothing, Icarus." A little puff of smoke bellows out from the split in her curtain, as she continues pulling on that cigarette and smoking like a chimney. "How'd you end up on Scorpia?"

"The Pegasus was overhead for retrofit. I went down to just do some hiking, stretch my legs." Alex explains in a quiet voice. "I was out in the country when I saw some clouds. Then metal a few days later. I mean, I'm not smart, but I'm not an idiot either."

"Ain't that some shit." Eddie marvels, "One thing to be up here and get the news. Another to be down there, and have to learn for yourself the hard way. Don't envy you that." And for once, Eddie sounds genuine. "I'm going to get some rack before the panty raid." She grunts pulling the curtain closed and staring at a photograph in the shadows until she drifts off.

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