Regulation Check Up
Regulation Check Up
Summary: Pike gives Dell a physical.
Date: PHD 214
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LPike is in the midst of yet another inventory of her medication stores. Nothing like seeing just how down in the red Kharon is in terms of basic medications to put a smile on a CMO's face. Yessir. She finishes locking the deadbolted container keeping the morpha and closes the cabinet with the inventory listing inside.

Pav strides into the room from the recovery ward, a clipboard held in his left hand while he writes with his right. Muttering to himself as he makes his way across the flooring towards the workstation he most often haunts. The even tread of his feet a drum beat as he makes his way about, managing to avoid various blockades and stray carts without bothering to look up from his work.

The door swings open and a man, a new face, in an off duty marine uniform enters into the room. He looks slightly lost but slightly eager as he wants to get in the Marines as soon as possible, someone has to take on the job of shooting cylons. He lets his eyes scan the room and as he spots Pike he begins to move forward as he offers a salute a slightly sloppy one but he isn't a full on marine yet and he says, "Sir, I'm here for a medical exam as a recruit."

Pike glances in Dell's direction, brushing a stray strand of hair out of her eyes. "My, my… seems to be something of a trend of late." She smiles and waves him towards a nearby exam table. "If you'll just take seat over here and remove your shirt, we'll get started." She makes her way over to a shelf where she grabs her medical bag and an exam sheet pad and brings it back over.

Pav glances up at peers at Dell, then turns his attention towards Pike when she speaks. He turns back towards Dell and shrugs. "Counter yourself lucky, you've managed to escape Doctor Frozen Claw." He curls his right hand up with the pen between two fingers. Then makes his way over towards his workstation and settles down and resumes writing.

Dell looks up at Pike and he says, "I wouldn't know, sir." Well, he isn't the talkative type, not really, but months of living with your wits on end tends to do that to a man. He then looks over at Pav and he nods his head slowly to acknowledge what Pav has said to him and then he moves to where he is supposed to be seated and his shirt all but flies off of him as he waits to get this exam over with, the sooner he can get it finished the sooner he can start killing canners.

Pike pulls her stethoscope to her ears as sh egives Pav an amused look. "Right. We'll start with your respiration… actually, we should probably start with your name. As in 'what is it?'"

The quiet man says simply, "Dell Triptolemus." He doesn't say anything else because he is simply waiting for the exam to begin, the physical part not the questions. His eyes follow Pike with a flat look on his face, well, a slight hint of a grimace, not that it is directed at Pike but raher it is just a grimace in general. Ah, marines they are so predictable.

Pike scritches Dell's name down on the exam sheet and moves behind him. "All right, all you need to do here is just breathe normally." She then places the diaphragm of her stethoscope on various areas of his back (and yes, she warmed it first). "All sounds good there…" More notes are made on the sheet, then she reaches into her bag for additional tools.

Dell is quiet as he breathes on command and he takes a moment to breath on command and he grunts softly as the warm stethoscope hits him and the grunt sounds appreciative. He then offers, "I've been on Scorpia so you might want to check my rad levels. I've been on anti rads for a while now."

Pike's eyebrows raise at that. "Thanks for letting me know. I've been making radiologic screenings part of the standard blood work on everyone who came up from Scorpia. Nice to know I wasn't being overcautious." She removes a phlebotomy kit from her bag and unloads the contents. "I hope you don't mind then that we get that part of the exam out of the way?"

"Not at all, sir." Dell says and he is young, in his early twenties, and it shows on his face and well, his body - he is young and lean and he has a fair amount of muscle. He then says, "The sooner we finish here the sooner I can get to killing cylons." There is something in his voice that sounds older than his face, aparently living through an apocolypse changes a man.

Pike suppresses an urge to smile, and spends the next several minutes of the exam going through the process of extracting two vials of blood from Dell. Once it's over, she unties the rubber tubing from his arm and bandages the puncture. All in all, a relatively painless process. "All right, now we'll check your ears…" She puts the blood-draw tools away, along with the sample vials (now in a sealed plastic bag), and rummages through her bag again.

Dell doesn't flinch at the needles or at the drawing of the blood since he really is focused on getting into the marines. His eyes follow Pike as he says, "My ears are cool." He then remembers where he is as he quickly adds, "Sir." He then watches Pike as she works since he knows a bit about first aid but major medical is beyond him.

Pike smiles and pulls an otoscope from her bag. "Wouldn't be doing my job if I took that on faith, I'm sorry to say." She places the instrument gently in each of ear canals, looking closely through the scope and apparently satisfied with the results. That done, she places the tool back in the bag and removes a blood pressure cuff.

Dell doesn't move his head until Pike is done looking at his ears and he says, "Well, you are the expert." He then remembers again where he is an his eyes close for a moment, "Sir." He then looks over at the blood preasure cuff and he offers his arm to Pike as he lets out a breath and he asks, "Is the radiation going to effect me? I mean my ability to do this job? We were pretty high up in the mountains and that means something, right?" Yup, others would be worried about having kids but this one is worried about wether or not he can shoot things.

Pike wraps his arm with the cuff as she answers him. "You aren't showing physical signs of rad-poisoning… tissue decay, loss of hair, low energy levels. I'd like not to say conclusively until the blood work's complete, but if I were to base a prognosis purely on a cursory examination, I'd saw you were likely in the clear." She inflates the cuff and takes note of the readings.

Dell nods his head as Pike gives her appraisal and he grunts softly, "Good to hear." He then looks down at his arm as it is being examined and he asks, "i think my blood preasure should be alright. I used to be a farmer, so I should be in good physical shape." He adds with a bit of grim humor, "And between you and me, I'm far away from home."

Pike nods. "You'd be right in that assessment, Mr. Triptolemus. Both of them, if I may correct myself." She stows the blood-pressure cuff and removes a small flashlight. "If you could look straight ahead and not blink for a moment…" She shines the light at each of his eyes from an angle and gauges his eyes' reaction.

Dell's eyes flash and they are clean and clear and working as eyes should since this former farmer is not on the drugs or if he is he isn't on the kind that mess up his pupil dialation, if there were such drugs that is. He sniffs something in the air and he asks, "Think I can make it as a sniper? That is what I'd like to do. Back home I used to take the head clean off of a turkey from a fair pace. My Pa liked wild turkey, mostly because he liked free range bird." Pa, did he acctually say the word Pa outloud.

Pike grins. "Man after my own stomach. They'll gauge your skillset during basic training, so my advice? Show 'em what you can do with a rifle, they'll take notice." She then makes a longer series of notes on the exam sheet, signs it, then takes another smaller pad and scribbles a note on it. Pike hands Dell the note after she tears it off the pad. "Give this to the S2, it's my cursory signoff on your fitness for duty. This is only one part of the prereqs though. Second's the bloodwork, third's a psych eval. Dr. Mimieux's our shrink, see her as soon as possible. Any questions?"

Dell nods his head and he says, "Psych eval?" It is all he offers and his face isn't the most expressive as he then takes the sheet and he nods his head. It is weird that he hasn't smiled or grinned once since he has been in here.

Pike crosses her arms and nods. "I'm afraid it is a requirement for enlistment."

Dell simply nods his hands and says, "Thank you for your time, Ma…Sir." He then makes his way out of medical having jumped one hoop.

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