Regs And Rabbits
Regs and Rabbits
Summary: Castor makes his feelings for Eileythia known.
Date: PHD023 (11 May 2009)
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The door to the Cargo Bay opens. An mostly empty cargo bay at the moment. There is the sound of a fire alarm going off in the hall way outside and some of the cargo bay lights suddenly dim. Many hours earlier there were two huge thudding sounds and so things haven't been the same ever since. The Aquarian begins walking to a certain location, where he is sure Eileithyia is hiding on her time off. The cargo bay is a good place to hide and it is fairly private at the moment, it is downright silent compared to the rest of the ship. In his mouth is a cigar and in his hand is a nicely chilled bottle of champagne. Castor gets close enough to say, "Eltee jig, calling, permission to come aboard sir?"

Eileithyia looks up. She's dull eyed. Those blue eyes, have almost lost their sparkle, mostly perhaps to crying, though it cold be to lack of sleep too. She stands. "sir.." her voice weak, as she flops back down in her tent. It looks almost as if she's got a 'camp' set up like a child might… Though there are a few personal amenities, a small makeshift, altar, a few dozen books, a picture… though its easily probably all stuffed into a bag.

Castor looks at the private, "Geez, Eileithyia, at ease." He takes the cigar out of his mouth and then then studies the woman for a moment, "Eileithyia, you look a little rough is everything okay?" he asks in a warm, soft, and concerned tone. His eyes glance as he is looking first for wounds, they then lock on to the Private in an attempt to gauge her situation awareness. He then moves in a little closer, it is the eyes that look like they have been crying that catch him.

Eileithyia tries to smile, she really does, but all her mouth forms is a line. "I don't know about 'ok.'" she breaths. "I think I just, it's been eating me. Alot of things…" she licked her lips trying to get words to form straight. "Off the record: when we were in that lounge that one time. Eddie, repremanded me, for apparently fraternizing with you…" she blurts it out with a colder voice. "I should appologise for acting like an idiot…" she mutters.

Castor listens, "She did, huh?" He then says, "The Engisn and I will need to have a little talk then." His tone to this news becomes cool, not towards Eileithyia per say, but rather in to this news. It is how the Aquarian reacts to bad news. Then like the tides of Aquaria the man breaks cool exterior and says warmly to Eileithyia, "You are not an idiot. If anything the Mooner is just making noise." He then begins looking for a seat, "As for eating, you are under stress, a lot of stress. Frak, we all have been." He then holds up the bottle of champagne, "I was wondering if you might want some of this. Today was sort of a big day." The Aquarian offers the champagne as a peace offering, the bottle itself has been cooled to perfection.

Eileithyia nods. "Thanks. Oh don't talk to mooner… I mean. She was right, I guess it could be construed as fraternization. I mean, in a way this a life or death crisis, too many people have lost loved ones, not saying the rules should be shot to hell or anything…" she rolls her eyes. "I am sorry. I guess I explained to her that.. we were probably reading each other subconciously." she looks away before taking the bottle and opening it carefully. She seems a little more cheerful after talking, light's returned to the blue eyes. Though that light is not the intense shine they once had.

Castor finds a seat, "Eileithyia, that is the thing…there are pilots that…" he stops midsentence, "It wasn't stupid is all I am saying. I'm just saying some rules are not so strongly enforced. At least not here." He then takes a drag off of his cigar, "Sorry that I didn't bring glasses. I tried to find them but it being the end of the world and all finding fine glasswear is a bit harder." He then says to Eileithyia, "You might want to take a sip of that though before it gets warm."

Eileithyia nods. She doesn't just sip, she drinks, its not long before she lets up on the bottle, and cracks an honest to goodness smile. "It figured. Its too hard not fall for people, I mean… its too difficult to not feel tied to someone."

Castor grins, "Everyone needs someone. Besides, this is the end of the world, new pilots and doctors don't appear out of thin air." He then leans back a bit, "And it is good to see you smile. I mean frak knows you've earned a break." He then takes another puff of his cigar, "We've all been placed in unreal situations where nothing seems right. Why, earlier today we were ambushed. The Cylons came out of no where. I got pulled from sleep and put into combat." He then pauses and says in sincere and humble tones, "And thank who ever or what ever was watching over you because Centurions got on to the ship. At least that is what they told us at briefing. The mess hall is shot to hell and we are on rations for a while."

Eileithyia seems more shaken. "What? Oh…" she doesn't start crying but its clear that the news is a bit distressing. "Damn it, I didn't think that would happen ever… I hope this means command's looking into, you know trying to find us a bigger better ship. Or something.."

Castor isn't shaken at all, "Well, we took to hits…" his tone is slow, cautious and careful as he says this, "two heavies hit the Kharon." He then frowns as if he wanted to see them, "I missed them. However, we had one loss in the entire operation, Lieutenant Larry Mickleson, your platoon commander." He then says softly, "Hey, this is a good thing. We survived a Cylon attack. I'm pretty sure I crippled a raider so they can be beaten." He takes another puff of his cigar, this one is cerimonial, a cigar earned for surviving combat. He reaches over and takes a long drink from the champage bottle. "My point is, we aren't going die." He says this with confidence. He then looks at Eileithyia and smiles as if his mind suddenly remembered something. He then shows his open hands to the Private he then begins to wave his hand in a certain pattern and all of the sudden a red plush bunny is in the man's hand, "For you. A bunny makes everything better."

Eileithyia smiles. THere's a bit of childish surprise and her eyes and grabs the rabbit hugging it to her. Just a child- no just a sensitive person. "Quie impressive." she says through the rabbit's plush. She inhales deeply taking perhaps in some inperceivable smell. "Where you'd get the rabbit, and how'd you learn sleight of hand?" she questions.

The Aquarian takes a breath and seems oddly at ease with Eileithyia, "Well, after my parents died, my brother and I were all alone on Aquaria. We lived on the streets for three years and I…" he pauses, "I learned some things to survive. In fact, I learned slight of hand so that I could run card games and busk. I used to make a career as the kid street magician however on bad days and at my worst, I used to pickpocket people." He then looks at the Rabbit, "I won it in a card game a while back." In fact the rabbit however cute has the distinct smell of ambrosia and cigar smoke, it isn't a strong scent, and yet it isn't an entirely unpleasent one.

Eileithyia smiles. "You won a rabbit in a card game? Why ?" she asks sweetly, clinging to the rabbit. "Can I keep it?"

Castor gives a warm grin, "The rabbit is yours and I was drunk and I thought it was cute. So, I had to win it." He then smiles, "And it is Caprican made, only of the highest quality. Which was another reason I wanted it. Well, that and I had full colors so I thought it would be fun to push the bet as far as I could."

Eileithyia grins. "So you won a stuffied rabbit?" She smells the rabit again and holds it closer to her chest trying to sort of allow her mind to float free. "Well being drunk just gained me a new friend." She says petting the rabbit as if it were a pet.

Castor smiles, "Well, this rabbit has not yet been given gender or name. Perhaps you would like to name this one." He takes a puff of his cigar and blows a smoke ring away from Eileithyia, "I wanted to win it also because of that book. The one about the toy rabbit. It is the story of a toy rabbit that wants to be real and eventually it becomes real, it meets the Lords in the form of other rabbits and lives with them forever. Though it meets a horse who says, " He takes a moment to pause, "…Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand…" He then grins from ear to ear, "We all want to be real…and yet it is inevitable."

Castor nods his head in agreement, "Velvet the rabbit it is." He looks at the rabbit, "And now you've found a good home." He then picks up the champagne and takes another sip, though this one is shorter. "Anyway, I figured you might like Velvet and well, I thought Velvet needed you. So, here we are."

Eileithyia grins. "I am glad you thought of it." She closes her eyes. "So exactly umm…all this talk of fraternizing, I almost don't see why Eddie, blew her top at it.. it wasn't like I kissed you or anything…"

Castor grins, "Well, that is the thing about fraternization…it only means something after command gets upset. Though it happens, we put men and women together on a ship and so it happens. We learned that long ago remember the whole don't ask don't tell thing. The sexes were fraternizing with each other and it all seemed so pointless."

Eileithyia nods. "Yeah. I guess I just feel silly, you know, I mean if I care about someone I should be able to choose wheather I feel about someone. Yeah that always got me…" she grins. "I just felt kind of surprised that there were rules about it… I understand the implications." She hugs the rabbit. "I suppose I am just a silly college-girl, caught up in her hormonal rush…" she shrugs. "Bad thing to be cooped up on a ship, you know?"

Castor nods his head, "Well, take your time and decide what you want. You are not just a silly college girl, in fact, right now, you are on a ship with a group of people, maybe the last of humanity and so….just think it out. Whatever you decide I will agree with you one hundred percent." He then takes a puff from his cigar and blows another smoke ring away from Eileithyia.

Eileithyia looks up perhaps surprised by the phrasing. "What's that supposed to mean?" she asks curiously. She moves a little closer to watch the smoke ring. "You're right, if we're the last of humanity, I can't be all glum."

Castor looks at Eileithyia, "I mean, if you decide you feel like breaking regs let me know. If you decide not to also let me know. Either way, I will support your decision." He leans in a little closer as well as he says this.

Eileithyia thinks on it. "Well breaking regs, is bad if caught, but being the last pocket of humanity-" she pauses and for a moment the quitely mouthed word 'virgin' through gritted teeth can be seen. "is stupid. Damn you rules, but I'd rather not get caught ad in trouble. I mean, I feel like I am walking on thin ice-that and it'd be all awakward. But then again, I may have been right when I told Mooner, we were reading each out subconciously and the touch was.. just that… at the time." she looks away.

The Aquarian then moves his left hand gently to Eilethyia's face and says softly, "Shut up, private." He then reaches in and kisses the Eileithyia with the passion that all of the Lords themselves could muster.

A caught breath. She doesn't exactly stop the kiss. She lets it flow, she lets herself sink before pulling away, looking much like a scared rabbit, but in a good way. She throws Velvet at him, there's a bit of laughter in her eyes. Eileithyia's back it seems. "You, sir, are incouraggible." she states, a single finger placed over her lips as if to try and process the information, sensation and emotional context. "Why?" she asks reaching for Velvet again. She's clearly a buzz with questions. "Mind explaining?"

Castor smiles, "I feel comfortable around you Eileithyia, comfortable in ways I haven't felt in a long time." He takes a breath, "You remind me of why I do the things I do. You remind me of why I need to keep moving, keep hoping, and keep fighting until there is some sort of peace with the Cylon's and ourselves. Frak me, I know…I'm not the guy you expected but your music, your style, frak, even your interest in building a better fighter draws me to you like a moth to the flame."

Eileithyia laughs. She's crying from laughter, it's a good laugh. "Oh you have me there,.." she says before realizing the seriousness it seems in his tone sinks it. "Wait your completely serious?" she looks bowled over by this relization. "I never though, the first person who ever cared about me romantically would be… well anyone in the military. Though I guess this changes the perspective from what it would have been considering home is gone." she makes a small quite prayer, the words 'thank you' and 'Aphrodite' all in the same breath, could it could be a much longer prayer. "I have to agree, you do inspire me. I speak my mind when I am around you. I talk more, I think clearer."

Castor positively beams and offers his hand, "Well, how about this, why don't you and I sit here and talk for a while…maybe we will fall asleep. If we do, I promise, no funny business, but instead, we just stay close to each other tonight. I will make sure nothing bad happens and I will look after you." He then says, "We will move at your pace. So tonight we will just talk, drink some champagne." He snuffs out a very expensive cigar, "And we learn about each other…so I promise to answer any question you ask me truly. I hope you will do the same."

Eileithyia blinks. "Sure." She says softly. She takes his hand. "Would it be too unrealistic to say that strangely enough I've bee n dreaming about a guy who's said those things to me, before I came? I mean I suppose its those things that make a functional relationship, but to get them all from one guy… its kind of astonishing and way to… unreal. So you'll forgive the…" she shrugs. "It's not skeptiscism, because it feels to good, too natural to be real."

Castor leans in and kisses Eileithyia again, this time it is sweet and smooth, he waits until she breaks before he squeezes her hand, "We all live in a time when we wait for the revelation of the Lords. Perhaps we were meant to be." He offers as he leans in for another kiss and as he breaks he says , "Truth be told, I thought I would be alone for all of my days."

Eileithyia blinks. "Alone? You? You're attractive."

Castor smiles, "I'm also apparently a lost puppy dog."

Eileithyia says, "You're cute enough." She quips. "Believe me."

Castor blushes slightly, "So are you…well…if cute covers the word." He then takes a moment to drink the cool but slightly decent champagne. "For you, I would fight a thousand Cylons."

Eileithyia says, "Don't push your luck, fly-boy." she adds, "You're getting 'cute', with the wrong combat medic. Though as romantic is that is, it's worrysome.""

Castor grins, "Tonight there will be nothing more than an talking, minor touching, and being close. I give you my word as an Aquarian, as a pilot, and as an officer." He then leans back and moves to hold Eileithia close, "I promise to be with you and as treat you as best I can. I promise to treat you as if you were as real as Velveteen."

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