Summary: Kassia returns to berthings to get advice on personal matters from an unlikely person.
Date: PHD060
Related Logs: Happens several hours after When Pilots Invade and just before Fight Night.

Kharon - Officer Berthings

Roubani is settled on the monstrosity that the inhabitants of this room likes to call a couch. Wearing his fatigue trousers and a T-shirt, his braced arm is in its sling as he reads a hefty book settled over his lap.

Kassia wonders into the officers quarters again and goes up to the couch where Roubani is seated. She goes to sit on the couches arm and smiles down at him. "You remember when we first meet?" She asks, softly. "We seemed to talk for hours, and I was rather taken by you." She laughs softly then goes to lean her aching head back. "I won't stay long, I've escaped medical." she tells him softly. "I wanna talk about Castor and I won't your honest opinion, he seem to be making an ass of himself…I've talked to Kai he's going to take him in hand. But I just want to see what you think I don't want him to be alienated to this ship because he's going to."

And that's a lot to say in one breath. Roubani looks up as someone sits down nearby, blinking slowly. When she comes out with one question, he looks like he might answer but by then she's moved on. And so does he. He's still a moment and then lets the book close gently over his left hand. "I'm not sure I understand," he says, in a tone that may or may not be the truth. "You feel he's having a hard time?"

Kassia waves her hands and sucks in a breath. "I'm sorry Roubani, I should have just burst into the room and bait you like this." She closes her eyes. "He's giving others a hard time, yourself included, I'm trying to figure out…What's going on." She says softly.

"Ah. Well." Roubani pauses to clear his throat. Human nature is so not his forte'. "I can hardly speak for anyone else, of course. I suppose some people just…can be rather inflexible. In what they want and how they feel they might best get it."

Kassia snorts softly. "Inflexable…You think that's what his problems are." She says going to glance down at him. "In what way, to me he's just overbearing, and too over protective."

Roubani rubs his ring finger over his eyebrow as he considers her statement. "In general? Or do you mean, to you. As his…you know." He refrains from using any particular word to define what she may be to him.

Kassia shakes her head. "I'm not conerned what he is to me Roubani, I'm more conerned with the fact people are going to hate him if someone doesn't change. Your smart, you can see more then people know what do you see in him, what is he doing wrong?"

Roubani has to consider that for a while. "I can't read anyone's mind, Nevice," he gives this preamble with due gravitas. "I can hardly say what others may think, only myself." He looks up from his hands. "But to me, he needs to listen more to people. And I don't mean do it in a way that makes it feel like he's doing them a service by letting them speak. He needs to listen without it being about him then turning it around to be about himself. Does that make sense?"

Kassia laughs softly. "Kassia, Roubani, we're almost friends are we not…Or at least I'd like to consider you one." She then nods at his words. "I know what your saying, he's a little self centered." She says softly. "He's a good person, I mean I don't think I'll ever find anyone whom cares and treats me so nicely…But I worried." She ducks her head. "That me being seen with him, might ruin my own repore with thoes on this ship."

"Well." Roubani clears his throat quietly. "I suppose everyone has to make decisions at time as to what is worth it and what isn't. But you are your own person, not…not an accessory to him. It's up to you how much you embody that. No matter how he acts."

Kassia hmms softly as her as her first question is ignored and for a second she alsmot debates letting it slide. "You don't consider me a friend?" she asks, now perhaps making it more a question, she then sighs. "I'm sorry this isn't about you and I." She taps a food against the chair and simply waits for him to speak again.

"Hmm?" Roubani blinks, raising his dark brows for a moment. "Oh no, I…" Durr, there goes the awkward. "You were talking and I just didn't want to divert from that," he replies, apologetically.

Kassia laughs softly and would have reaches out to pat his shoulder but remembers his dislike of contact. "It's fine, sorry your are correct I'm trying to make sure…Maybe I should just leave it at that you've given me, a little go on and I have distrubed your reading."

"It wasn't that interesting," Roubani admits, with a flick downwards of his eyes to indicate the book. They stay down for a moment and then look back at her, brows furrowed in questioning. "Do you understand, though? What I meant with what I said about accessories?"

Kassia looks down at him. "It's not like I have men beating down my doors and I do love him, very much so I'd spend the rest of my life with him…But he needs to sort this crap he's doing, he can't go around treating people as he does." She says softly. "Maybe I don't understand." She admits softly.

Roubani tips his head in acknowledgment, considering before he replies. "How long have you been together? I'm afraid being away from the pilots now I've…rather missed announcements and such."

Kassia tries to think. "I've been with him a while you know, I was with someone else but that wasn't going to work…I guess almost eight weeks now. I know not a long time, we've been friends though since I arrived here."

Roubani nods once. He glances down at his hands and then back at her. "I suppose what I meant was that who he is and who you are ought to remain separate. Always. If you show yourself to be just an offshoot of him then yes, what he does will certainly affect you. But you are more than that, and I hope you remember that."

Kassia nods her head,. "I'm having problems finding myself lately Rou." She tells him looking down at his hands. "But, I will just takes time…" She smiles at him. "How have you been, arm feeling better?"

"Please, if you need a diminuitive, Nadiv will do," Roubani says, with a thin smile. "Rou sounds rather like a puppy." He runs his fingers over his elbow as she asks. "It has been better, thank you. If nothing else it has taught me a great deal of patience."

Kassia looks rather pleased at being allowed to use his given name. "I'd like to call you Nadiv, it's a nice name different." She then smiles. "Something, I seem to have too much of…Can I ask you something, don't have to answer but…Will you be coming back into the wing?"

Roubani glances off past her face and then back, one slender brow raising as he scratches it with his thumbnail. "That's rather up to the arm," he says, pronouncing the words with no opinion involved. "It is day by day, that's all I can really say just now."

Kassia nods her head. "I wish somedays I could get out of the air wing, I'd like to finish my MD and be a doctor of psycology but, perhaps one day. Can't be a pilot forever." She says softly shruging.

"We won't be anything forever," Roubani muses, drily. "Including alive. But I suppose while institutions of higher learning aren't likely to spring out of the woodwork, it's best to focus on what's here."

Kassia looks down at him sadly. "I suppose you are right, still if we don't have dreams and something to reach for, what have we got?" She asks, leaving the question hanging.

"The moment," Roubani replies, matter-of-factly. "What could be more precious than that?"

Kassia can't really disagree with that. "I guess and talking of thoes, I'm going to watch a few jarheads beat each other up. You coming?" She asks. "I'll spot you a cig and get you front row seats….Well I'll try anyway can't promise anything."

Roubani says, "I suppose I could stand some fresh air." That comes out dry. He shifts on the couch, muscles engaging in the particular, slightly lurching routine they have to employ to get him up with his weakened side. "Let me find my boots and such and I shall see you down there."

Kassia nods her head pleased he's agree to come. "And Nadiv thanks for talking to me, I got alot to think about but your right, I shouldn't let people opinions of Cassy reflect on me." She bangs the soft next to his shoulder with her fist lightly as if that was him. "Seeya there."

Roubani nods. Probably to more than just the 'seeya there'. "Indeed." He spares her a faint smile and turns away to go find his footwear.

Kassia heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
Kassia has left.

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