Recovery Ward Threatre
Recovery Ward Theatre
Summary: Fenris is brought dinner by Yuuri and as the Ward's population grows, so do the antics
Date: PHD02 (April 20)
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Fen's eyes are open, breathing steady as she stares through the ceiling. The Yuurigami items lay beside her on the bed, though no trace of paper is to be found. The totality of her movement is the occaisional blink, otherwise, she just seems far away.

Yuuri walks in as the intercom announces the ship going back to Condition two. In his hands is a tray of about 4 different plates perfectly stacked across the tray with an assortment of food and two glasses of water. The jock himself looks pretty fresh - clean shaven and damp hair, but there are dark bags under his eyes. He's still in his flightsuit, but lacks his helmet. He notices the Yuurigami items and smiles. Following in Typhys is a nurse with a chair and a moveable table.

Fen's stare reorients toward the sound of footsteps and, seeing food, her untethered hand lifts to remove the mask. She moves the Yuurigami carefully to the side, then, with as much grace as can be managed when one is tied up with leads and medical miscalany, she sits upright. The observation "You look tired." is her greeting, but she leaves it alone aside from that.

"Brought some food for ya woman. Figured you would be getting fed very little…and I didn't know how picky you were with food so I brought a variety." Yuuri pauses allowing the nurse to position everything - the table top held infront of Fen's chest and the chair facing the the cooped up viper jock. "I have CAP again sometime tonight, just glanced at the board in the Ready room." He sets the tray down and slides Fenris' glass to a reachable position. "I swear if you call me your maid, I'll be doing more than cleaning up your messes." He says with a sly grin, settling down in the chair.

"It doesn't need to be said, now." Fenris responds, rolling her head a bit to loosen up her neck. She offers a, "Thank you." as the glass is pushed to her, whether over the glass itself or the whole enchelada is left unspecified. She glances at the nurse who takes readings, then complies without annoyance as she is given the light-test. "There were clubs on Virgon where I imagine you could pay for that."

"Maids?" Yuuri's brow quirks in response, "Never really had a fetish with them." His hand waves dismissively. "Anyways lets eat..if you need help.." His voice trails off momentarily, waiting for the nurse to leave. "I can give you a hand with the food."

After a few more moments, the wingmates are left alone, and Fen's free hand lifts to take up the fork, "I've done this before." she says simply. She pauses, then adds, "Thank you." The fork makes several press-cuts into the entree and spears it, "If the situation is reveresed, I supposed there are foods you won't eat?" Chew-chew-chew.

"Hell, I'd eat anything if fed by a beautiful woman." Yuuri attempts to crack a joke before spooning some spuds behind his lips. "I'd kill someone if they didn't let me smoke though. Hell two weeks??" His icey jades widen, "I'd go nuts, be ordering nurses to wheel me out and about just to smoke."

Mudguts swallows and gives the fork another sortie on the entree as she replies, "Fortunately I don't smoke." She gives the morsel the mastication treatment, conveying it to it's digestive fate, then, "There are plenty of attractive women aboard, on that count, you are in luck."

Her last comment brings a sly grin to his lips, "Mudguts.." He straightens up in his chair, trying to look a bit more professional and handsome, "Are you flirting with me?" He flutters his lashes at her before he can no longer take it and just cracks up.

Fenris replies, "I don't banter much." As he loses it, she continues to munch away, watching for signs that he's regaining control. Her fork makes several trips between the tray and her face before, as it seems he's getting his breath, she asks, "Where did you learn how to fold paper like that?"

Yuuri grips his chest, finally gathering wind, "Honestly? Didn't really learn, just started folding the gum wrapper and voela shapes appeared. As you can see I use to have a huge gum addiction on the Eclipse. Brother ratted me out for smoking on the old man's had to either chew gum or live in hack: end result was a lot of gum chewing and smoking with the knuckledraggers." .

"It's new to me." Fenris returns, reaching down to pluck the flower and hold it up between her fingers, "Some art I've seen took effort to realize what the intended subject was supposed to be, but, this is easy to discern."

"If you want I can show you how to do it." Yuuri offers and lifts a slice of pizze to his lips, "Anyone else come to visit you?" He inquires quietly chewing his mouthful.

"Yes, Prophet, the captain, and a female marine, I believe, came to see me today." She swallows another bite, then, "Poet was with me the first time I woke up, but I couldn't keep awake very long." Her folk hovers over the tray, circling, and she adds, "I would not have expected so much company."

Yuuri's brow quirks again, "Why? You are in the Air wing, of course people are going to come visit." He shakes his head and pull over a cupcuke, slicing down the middle with his fork and scooping it into his mouth. Knowing someone else was here when she first woke up brings a pained dulling of his icey jades, but he doesn't say anything about it.

There is a moment of consideration, then, as her fork goes about collecting starch, "I'm offputting." is her abridged reply. She starts to chew on the potatoes, swallows, then reaches for the glass to wash them down, "I don't react the same way most people do. I can't."

"Lemme guess, shows weakness?" Yuuri pushes for a reason, hell she is/was his wingman, might as well get to know her while she's grounded for two weeks.

Fenris shakes her head, "No." she replies simply, "Since I was in high school, it's proven extremely difficult to get more than a minor emotional response." Her folk starts to shovel again and she continues, "Being ruled by emotion is a weakness. Feeling them isn't."

"Never had emotions?" Yuuri sets his silverware down and peers at his wingman, "Like nothing?"

Fenris shakes her head, "I assume you've seen my scars, based on your remark last night." she begins, presscutting the entree again, "I've technicly been dead twice, now." She takes the bite and chews on it while he mulls that over.

"And yet they still call you Mudguts huh?" Yuuri smirks, "Well you do have a nice body, even if it is riddled with bullet holes. But don't feel any emotions?"

"No, Mudguts comes from how I fly." she replies after swallowing, "I flew dirtier than anyone else on post, even Pigpen, and I scared the frak out of my instructors." She starts arranging for another piece and continues, "It stuck." She chews on the new bit, and goes on to, "Anything I feel…" she rolls her wrist languidly once, twice, then, "A touching balad, a beautiful symphony, a sunset, bad food, none of them will touch me. It isn't easy to explain…"

"You were a bitch to keep up with out there." Yuuri admits, "Those examples you gave, none were physical, does that mean you feel from a physical aspect and not from a mental aspect?" His brow quirks questioningly.

Fenris considers his question carefully, perhaps trying to put a context together, "I'm sore, but not cranky, if that helps?" she starts, then, "Or are you asking about intimacy?"

Yuuri continues to peer at Fenris, "I mean like feelings found through touch." He tries to solidify his question.

Fenris puts the folk down and looks into his eyes, "Hugs, handshakes, slaps to the face, things like that?"

Yuuri nods briefly, "Yeah those types of things."

"I remember what they signify, but, aside from the touch, they don't mean anything, anymore." Fenris returns, picking up her fork. The tines of the fork trace a figure eight in the air over the tray of food and she tries to elaborate further, "Barring rare cases."

There is a portable table set up infront of Fenris' chest with a chair containing Yuuri on the outside. A rather large tray from the mess hall holds four plates and two glasses. "I really don't know what to say to that." Yuuri chuckles and takes a long drink from the glass. "When was the last time or…actually nevermind." He reaches over and pats her shoulder, "We'll have time to beat eachother up in the gym when you are back on your feet."

"I was fifteen." Fenris replies, guessing at the inferrence from the hesitation. She looks at him for a moment, "Because you don't have to worry about hurting my feelings?" she asks, perhaps an attempt at banter, again. She finishes off the entree of one of the plates, swallows, then, starts on the other.

Pike makes her way into the ward, dressed in her fatigues and a lab coat with a stethoscope hanging over her neck. "Hope I'm not interrupting… thought I'd pop in and see how our patient's doing." She pulls her chart off the shelf at the end of her bed and peruses it, nodding in greeting to Yuuri before doing so.

"Evening Doc. The painkillers worked wonders, especially with Ambrosia." Yuuri winks in her direction before turning back to Fenris, "Other reasons." A sly grin flashes briefly across his lips. "Enough food for ya?"

"Good evening, Doctor." is the Lieutenant's response, "I was having some trouble staying awake earlier, but I feel better, now." spoken in her usual inemotive tone. With Yuuri's question she nods slightly, "Yes, thank you." then looks back to the CMO to see how his joke affects her.

Pike glances sidelong at Yuuri, "You want to risk interactions, s'your funeral. Glad to hear you're back up to snuff though." To Fenris, "That's to be expected, the swelling in your brain's slowly decreasing but it occasionally slows blood flow, which is what causes the drowsiness. That's a good sign if it's not happening as often."

"Always, hoping Mudguts here has just as fast of a recovery." Yuuri's smile facing Pike then to Fenris, "Besides, her being cooped up in here gives me a chance to see you." He winks again at the doctor.

There is a small nod and Fenris replies, "I understand there was shrapnel, sir, and a problem with my suit. What happened to me?" As Typhoon Yuuri rolls up onto the CMO's shores, her eyes flit between them, perhaps to see if the storm breaks or carries on inland.

Pike glances at Yuuri with a raised eyebrow, but then looks to Fenris to explain her injury. "Ties together actually. The shrapnel pierced your suit's life support module, which killed your air supply and gave you a rather nasty gash we had to stitch up. The module probably saved your life since it kept the shrapnel from going in deeper, the fact that it was damaged notwithstanding. You're quite lucky, Lieutenant."

Yuuri turns to Fenris, his hand cupped like a viper, swinging down into the tray, "Crash and burn eh Mudguts? She'll warm up to me since I'm gunna be in here for the next two weeks taking care of my wingman." He nods sagely and leans back in his chair, crossing both arms over his chest and looking at Pike with those icey jades plus a devilish smile.

Fenris nods, "Yes, sir." she replies to the Doc, then gives a sidelong glance to Typhoon for a moment, then, "Was there any brain damage or anything like that, sir?" is her first question, followed by, "Will I need to stay in bed the entire time?" Once uttered, she turns her eyes back to Yuuri, expecting round two to end much like round one.

Pike shakes her head and smiles. "We'll be cutting you loose in the morning. I'm sorry to say, however, that I'm restricting you to light duty for the next two weeks, just to make sure the swelling heals correctly. You can still fly sims, just keep them to medium difficulty. And I don't expect brain damage, we've gotten you well oxygenated which offset the hypoxia you experienced."

Yuuri sighs dramatically and looks at Fenris, "What the frak, you couldn't stay cooped up a few more days so I had a chance with the Doc?" He shakes his head and sighs dramatically again. "So Doc, busy tonight?"

Fenris decides to answer Yuuri first, "You're a pilot, you're supposed to be able to engage quickly." she says in her usual tone, though she's probably trying to mess with him some. As the Doc lays down the conditions, she nods, "I unerstand, thank you for everything, sir." Her eyes lower a moment in thought, then, in her deadpan, "Will you take him in trade?"

Pike grins a bit sheepishly. "Much as I'd like to say otherwise, I'm on rounds tonight. So here's where I'm to be tonight."

Yuuri's brow quirks, is that interest? He coughs, a bit confused and caught off-guard. "Uh..Mudguts." he stammers, "So she's free tomorrow?" He really doesn't know what to do! ENGINE STALL KRYPTER KRYPTER viper jock going down!

There is a look between the two from Fen, not judging, not curious, just… Fen, and then comes, "So it seems."

Pike nods. "Free as a bird. So long as she doesn't climb into one."

Yuuri nods, his gaze on Fenris though he addresses the doctor, "You free as a bird tomorrow?" Round four maybe, or perhaps his just trying to get something out of his wingman.

Fenris looks at Yuuri again with a quietly uttered, "Tone." which precedes her looking to the Doctor, "Is there anything I should be looking out for?"

Pike starts to say something, then simply smiles and replies, "I'll have to see." She then says to Fenris, "If the dizzy spells or blackouts get longer or more frequent, I want to know immediately. I didn't find any organ damage from the shrapnel, so you needn't worry on that front."

Yuuri's eyes widen a bit, the icey jades lighting up from the exposure to an increase of lighting. "Mud, you finished eating?" He's tempted to give in and bail on the verbal dog-fight with the doctor, but Fenris was right; he is a viper jock. "I got some Ambrosia if that frees up a little more time tomorrow." Trigger is pulled - with a wink of those jades and dashing smile.

There's another brief glance between the docking in progress and she takes one last round with her fork, and a long draught of the water before setting them back, "Yes, thank you." See, always look out for your wingman.

Pike smiles disarmingly. "Like I said, I'll have to see. The downside of having a small sickbay is having to wear a lot of hats and put it a lot of hours." She then looks to Fenris, "Your appetite's a good sign as well. I foresee that you'll be back in the cockpit with no problems at all."

Yuuri's brow quirks, "Well I normally don't wear 'hats', and I wasn't trying to get in your pants Doc." He raises his hands up in protest, "Slow down honey." The dashing grin never leaving his lips.

And it is at this moment that the Communications Officer walks in. "Though I be disciplined harshly for this, I submit for my thoughts on the matter that any man that does not want to get into your pants is unfit for service, for he lacks a discerning eye and appreciation for the finer things in life, sir." As Charles strolls in, his gaze falls upon each in turn, assessing slowly before he moves over to the medical computers. "Good, everything is still cooperating." He purses his lips, then leans in and taps a few keys, then straightens as he takes in the condition of the wounded Lieutenant. "I apologize if I have disturbed your recuperation."

Yuuri whispers, "Raider 3 o clock low" to Fenris.

Fenris nods, at the doctor's reassurances, the parted lips of her response prompted to close with Yuuri's new entrant to the conversation. And, under her breath she offers, "Wave off." before her attention is drawn to the Comm Officer, "You haven't, Lieutenant." she assures the new arrival with a little dip of her chin.

Pike blinks at Charles' arrival, the dual-front praise apparently something the CMO's taking as her cue to head off for the night. "Well, if you need anything, Lieutenant," she says to Fenris, "I'm here all night." She then straightens her glasses and backs out into sickbay proper.

Yuuri whispers, "He flies like Kale" to Fenris.

Yuuri blinks as Charles walks in guns blaring out his mouth. He turns in his seat towards his wingman and whispers something to her before taking a drink of his water. "I'll bring this to the mess, change out of my flightsuit since we down to condition two, and be back for the rest of the night alright Mud?"

The CIC man smiles somewhat, leaning against the table as he watches Yuuri leave. "Good man. Devoted to you, the way it should be." He observes with more than a trace of conviction in his voice. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a cigarette, twirling it in his fingers though he does not light up. Respect for the wounded, after all.

Fenris nods to her Wing, "Thank you. You may want to sneak a nap in somewhere, too." she offers, tracing her fingertip under her eye for a moment. Her attention turns to the Comms as he speaks to her then, glancing toward wherever her Wingman would be, she affirms, "Quite so." with nary a trace of emotion in any of her words, "He worries. How can I help you, Lieutenant?"

Yuuri lifts the tray with one hand and pulls the table from infront of Fenris, sliding it next to the hatch. "You know where I sleep Mud. I'll be back shortly." With a nod towards Charles and a finger point gun shot at Fenris he's out the hatch with the tray.

Charles just smiles and shakes his head. "Its easy to become..distant from things, in CIC. You hear everything, you know everything, you coordinate the pieces on the board. I want to make sure that does not happen to me. So I try to remind myself that each piece on the board is a living, breathing entity." He admits, looking at the cigarette suddenly with a great deal of interest before he looks up at Fenris. "Your scars are honorable, I am almost jealous of that."

"You would lke Phiseius, I think." Fenris replies, holding to him with that distant stare, "It's good to remember the lives under one's command, though it has it's own burden." She settles back a bit, propping herself up on her hands and looks down at herself, then up to him, "There are many kinds of scar, Lieutenant, and gained through good military service, all could be considered honorable. It only takes a deep enough wound."

Charles gives a distant look of his own. "I would not presume to assume you are under my command, just that it is a…different, more dissociative environment." He sits on the bed nearest her, pulling up one of his sleeves. For all of his dignified speech, his forearm bears witness to another kind of life entirely, a patchwork barely made tolerable to look at by spending time under the knife. "I've had my share of deep wounds. Illusions are what I am good at, illusions keep people alive, or so I hope."

"One day it may happen, Lieutenant." Fenris replies, watching him sit and bare his arm with the same expression. "If properly employed, I suspect they can." Her eyes turn toward his face and she says, "You were hurt badly once, what makes that scar dishonorable?"

Charles looks from one end of the room to another, then moves to close the door. "Everyone assumes I am some pretentious Lothario and a rubbernecker. I am happy to have them think this. Truth is, it was either the military or a gang, and I'm not entirely sure I would have said no to the latter if I didn't have brothers and sisters to support. Now we seem to be at war, my gang against theirs, whoever THEY are, and I'm wondering how much wizardry I can really pull off, and how much violence I have left in me."

Fenris is, still, rather unphased by the explanation, "In the end, you'll have enough, or not." comes her reply. She doesn't stand, herself, as she's rather tethered with all the monitoring devices affixed to her body, such as the blood pressure cuff which begins going through it's automated routine on her arm. "If the Lords love you, you may not even have to stare Charon in the eye until many years fron mow. Your comm experience may be crucial to our success, with Fate's kindness those will be the only trials any battle will bring you." There is a beat, then, "It may be moot, as to my limited information, a state of war has not been declared."

Charles puts the cigarette between his lips, and sets his pack beside her bed. Perhaps his payment for confession. "But thats not what your intuition tells you, is it? Doesn't take a headset glued to your head to draw that conclusion. Nobody makes ships like that, no one." The Comms officer utters with a touch of grit in his tone. "Thats someone we don't know, someone who brought a lot bigger dogs to a fight than the Colonial Navy does."

Fenris looks momentarily at the pack of smokes, then up at him, "Even big dogs have throats, Lieutenant." She is silent then, her gaze unwavering as she studies his face, the things he's said between words, "if we're to suppose that something is coming, we'd better sharpen our fangs."

"I was referring purely to size and design, flygirl. Didn't say we wouldn't kick them in the teeth good and proper." Charles says as if in some form of backhanded apology. "Saw a dachsund rip the throat from a pack of Dobermans back in the old neighborhood….little bastards been my inspiration."

"It's good to have a role model." she replies, glancing at the cuff as it starts to release. "I've only heard of Daschunds. Most dogs in my neighborhood were dobermans and pits, and most of them strays." Her eyes glance to his arm again, then, "Was it a fire?"

Without another word Charles departs from the recovery room.

Twenty minutes later…

Through the hatch walks in Fenris' wingman, freshly showered -again- and smelling somewhat of citrus fruits. Instead of the normal flightsuit he's laced up in some offduties with his dog-tag swinging back against his chest with each foot fall. "Mud you sleepin' yet?" Yuuri whispers, his steps become tip-toe strides to the side of Fen's bed, "So you got a date with that guy from CIC?" His icey jades hold a sparkle of amusement as they look down at her.

"If he was flirting, I hadn't noticed." Fenris replies in her usual tone, laying down again with a collection of gifts. the prayer beads she'd found apparantly by accident, the Yuurigami and a box of cigarettes. She glances Typhoon's way as he steps back in and she casually tosses him the smokes, "If you smell too good the Seemoe might take a bite out of you. The lieutenant seemed taken with your concern over me."

"Oh he.." Yuuri's leg rises as a hand pins the pack of smokes to it. "He came in fangs out, but all he got was shot down by the Doc and my unbelievably -ICEY- wingman." He chuckles and settles down near Fenris' hips, "Hey now, it's not my fault a couple Marines were seeing who had less brains." He scoffs, "Bastards tip the tray all over me, I was lucky enough to get the orange smell instead of the other shit." Typhys pats Fen's hand in such a gentle manner, his voice so sarcastic it could win him a Caprica Drama Award, "Yes my wingman, my lovely wing.." - his hand raises towards her face but stops, his voice still carrying on, "My love for thee shall never waiver, be it in the cockpit or recovery room. I shall never leave your side. You are the beauty and I am the beast of the Red Squadron." He pulls his hand back against his heart, "Oh sweet icey Mudguts, never leave my side and I shall never leave yours. We were two, but now one in the holiness of Viper pilot wingman…." He coughs as his voice can't take it any longer and starts laughing, "And other shit too."

Fenris looks at him, watching his antics as he plunks down with her and begins to wax poetic of the platonic angle-and-thrust bond between wingmates. There is a forced smile brought to her lips, as she tries to make him feel better about his attempt. In case that fails, her untethered hand rises and slender, steely fingers gently pat-pat his cheek. Fluffy done, she chimes in, "One of the first cargo runs my Dad took me on smelled a lot like that." There is something in the eyes, for a moment, that's alive, then, "Are you feeling better, now?"

Yuuri leans into the hand and the laughter fades into a chuckle, "Yeah, a bit." His icey jades search her eyes and he thinks he sees something, but shakes it off, better left alone. "I figured where else to be, but along side my new wingman on her last night in sickbay. You don't mind if I crash on the floor again do ya?"

"So long as you don't hurt your back, no." Fenris replies as usual. She settles back on the pillow, neatly folding her hands on her lap, "I'll see you in the morning, Typh. Good night." She lets her eyes close, her readings lowering as she waits for sleep to finally claim her again.

Yuuri pats her hand sincerely this time, "Good night wingman. Sweet dreams" He slides to the floor and rests against the bunk, fading to sleep.

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