Recovery Time
Recovery Time
Summary: The injured get visitors during their stint in the recovery ward.
Date: PHD 221 (11-25-09)
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Recovery Ward

Tiera is resting quietly after her surgery, the hospital blanket covers the bandages on her chest. Her breathing is shallow but steady and the beep of the multiple monitors hooked up to her echo softly in the room. Slowly she opens her eyes and blinks a bit foggily, moving her head only a fraction to look around the room. Softly she murmurs, her voice cracking "I must have lived, this doesn't look like heaven"

There's more than one foggy person here, lots of injured who are either doped up on carefully-rationed morpha or due to pain. One of the fortunate is Sapho who is currently riding the waves of euphoria, the pain from her wounds necessitating pain meds. When Tiera speaks Sapho can't help but to laugh, the statement taken as humorous for some reason. "No, this is not. Most -definitely- not.

Tiera turns her head slowly at the sound of the voice, squinting a bit to try and bring the speaker into focus "Where is this?" Such a simple question, but to someone who's barely conscious it's a serious one. She does however smile, well tries to around the tube in her mouth anyway.
"Sick bay. Land of the broken." Sniffling, Sapho looks over at Tiera a bit more, a brow arched slightly before she chuckles and lays back down. "If it'll make you feel better, there are some cute doctors and medics and such on staff so…hmm, maybe it is Heaven."

Tiera tries to giggle but winces, gasping a bit "Should not to that" Her voice a whisper of pain, one of the monitors starts to beep rather insistently and a Tech comes over to check it, making an adjustment then tucks Tiera in a bit. This earns the tech a smile from her " did the Marines make out?"

Sapho shakes her head. "No clue, honestly. I only know about deaths and injuries in the Wing. Sounds like the Marines took some pretty big losses but I have no details." She sounds sad as she says that. Pausing, she looks up before adding, "I am sorry I do not know more."

Tiera nods slowly and whispers "Who in the wing somehow this seems important to her as well.
you're expected to be resting until you're cleared by Medical.

Sapho licks her lower lip. "The two I know of for certain…Batista and Helios." There's a hitch in her voice when Helios' name is mentioned and tears start to roll down her face again, Sapho's feelings unable to be controlled thanks to the heavy medication she's on.

Tiera hides her relief at the fact she doesn't know either of them, even in her drug induced fogginess she realizes that the one she is talking to does. She murmurs "I am sorry"

Sapho shakes her head. "It's alright. It happens." Logic speaking there as emotionally it is not alright - Sapho loved Chris and now he's gone and she's left alive, broken hearted. "So anyhow, are you alright?"

Tiera would hold out a hand to Sapho but she can't with the tubes in her. At the question she is asked she looks down "I think so?" Looking back over "All I remember is being at my console, making sure there weren't any Raiders jumping in when I got hit by Cylon gunfire…"

Sapho blinks. She has to pause and think for a moment but she eventually ohs and winces. "You survived to tell about that? I am very impressed."

Tiera nods "It was a mess, they will be digging bullets out of the bulkheads and equipment for many weeks I think" She shifts a bit and winces.
Sapho sighs and closes her eyes. "Well…" She is out of things to say, no level of platitudes or sympathetic commentary feeling right to say, leaving her unable to do anything but nod in silence.

Tiera looks over at Sapho. "I take it you are a pilot?" A pause and a faint smile "I'm Tiera, by the way"

Martin has arrived.

Sapho nods and then holds up her hand. "Although whether I remain one or not remains for the gods to decide. I'm Sapho, nice to meet you." Shaking her head, she lays back and sighs.

Jupiter has arrived.

Tiera is talking quietly to Sapho, IV"s stuck in her multiple places, the Hospital blanket covering the injuries to her chest. The Monitors beep softly at her bedside, she and Sapho look a bit drugged up on pain meds.

Having spent the night passed out in a recovery bed next to Jupiter's, Martin's leg is bandaged at the upper right thigh and down near the side of his right calf. With the damaged leg poking out from beneath the sheets, he's finally waking up from the first full night of sleep he's had in quite some time.

Jedediah has arrived.

Sapho looks over to Martin when he starts to rouse, another pang of sympathy causing her to frown and then, with a sigh, she looks away. "Hopefully we won't lose anymore." Getting the courage to sit up again, Sapho slowly props herself up and then swings her leg over the bed's edge although she doesn't do more than that, not daring to walk on her injured foot.

Tiera nods "Let's hope we don't lose anymore of anybody" She turns her head a bit more as Sapho moves, she's pretty mobilized with IV"s and well she did take two LMG shots to the chest the other night.

Castor has arrived.

With a low and plaintiff grunt, Martin stretches his arms to cover his face as he realizes that he's awake. Arching his back with a groaning stretch, he then tries to extend the stretch to his legs. "Aaahh shit shit…" He suddenly hisses, cringing as he's reminded of the healing shrapnel wounds. Definitely awake now, he keeps his right leg immobile as he pushes up onto his elbows. "Mornin ladies…" Martin grumbles, making a turn of his head to check on his sister his first priority. "Jupiter been awake at all?"

Jedediah enters with the appearance of someone who is loitering. It takes a moment to recognize that he looks like that all the time. Someone with nowhere to be, someone with nowhere to go. As a result, he's challenged before he's fully in the room. "Oh, uh, yep, uh, right you are, I am here to see Petty Officer…" That's 'off-sir' for those who are playing along phonetically. "Third Class Tiera Reyn." The mangling of this name by his backwater drawl will not be recorded for posterity. "I was tole that she was recoverin here affer bein shot in the action." Thus directed, he approaches the foot of Tiera's cot. "Er, hello." he says with a charmingly awkward smile. "How you feelin' sir? I am Specialist Jedediah Ray Purvis Junior, you can call me 'J.R.' if ya like, everyone does. I heard you was shot in the action."

The multitudes of monitors around Jupiter's bed readout quietly, and the pale pilot is generally looking slightly less shitty, though her hair is still a mess, bleached curls lopsided from major bedhead. Her body is covered in a gown and a sheet. The bruise on the side of her head has faded to a lovely purplish yellow, as has the bruise on her arm. She's silent for a long moment, eyes closed, then her lips part, and she hisses out, "Someone get me my sidearm."

"I really can't say, Dash. If your sister has it was while I was sleeping. I'm sorry I can't say." Sapho is sitting on the edge of her bed and looks like she's now contemplating getting up but she stops and turns around, that upon hearing Jupiter's voice as she requests her gun. "There's your answer, it seems."
Sapho's attention, its span fairly short, moves from the Blacks over to Jedidiah, the new man watched curiously.

Tiera blinks as someone approaches her bed, turning slowly to look at the man she squints "Do I know you?" This is not said rudely, she's just a bit confuzzled at the moment. She realizes she was asked something and nods "I have been better, I think?" A slight nod is given "I was one of them yes"

"I'm not doing a god damned thing until I get some crutches." Martin replies, smirking at the sudden bit of Jupiter maintaining her ever-present violent humor. "Why you want it? For me or someone else?" Martin asks, finding it to be a valid question. Readjusting his pillows, he presses a button on the bed to move him into a seated position. Scowling at his own morning breath, he glances around to try to find a cup of water.

Jupes winces, her brow drawing together as she frowns. She doesn't open her eyes just yet. She reaches up to gingerly rub her hand over her face, dragging an IV tube with her arm. Day 3 of recovery post major surgery, Jupes is flat on her back, the worst of her injuries hidden under gown and blanket. The drainage tubes have been removed, and she's just left to heal, with an eye toward preventing infection after her abdomen was shredded by shrapnel. "Frak, I need a smoke." Her voice is hoarse and dry. "Boner, get me a smoke."

Leda enters the room and to be honest one could put a bed in here for Leda for as much time as he spends in here checking in on people recently. However, this time he has a box with him - a box of goodies for the wounded that is. This time he stops by Jupiter's bunk and he leaves behind a never been used toothbrush, some breathmints, and some cherry flavored lipbalm also never been used. "Jupes." He says softly as he take the box again over to Sapho and he offers her a t-shirt as well as some other things. "Tierra." He then stops by Tierra's bed and drops off a bit of hard cinnamon candy and a magazine (used). He then walks over to Marty's bed and drops off a skinmag (you don't want to know how used it is) and a fresh and hot bowl of tuna casserole from the mess and he says, "Marty." Well, Santa Leda seems to be in full swing as he places himself in the center of the room.

Jedediah says, "Oh no, you don't know me, I was just assigned to bus the table at Tactical…" Navigation. "…and thought I would come on down and meet everyone, but the place is pretty much wrecked, so I checked out the duty roster and saw you was laid up, so I figure, why not come in and say howdy, if I was the one that was laid up, I'd want a visitor, so howdy." He says, "Hey hey, here come the goodie man. Got some stuff for ever one." with a grin as Leda goes past.

"Can't, Peanut. Laid up with a bad leg, we're gonna have to wait for someone we can bribe to smug…heyyyy Tinman." Martin says, eyes lighting up as Castor brings over his two favorite things: Boobs and Tuna Casserole. Grinning broadly, seemingly elated that his sister is more responsible and that he's gotten some sleep, he goes straight for the tuna casserole. Bringing it to his lap, he keeps one ear on Jedediah's conversation with Tiera as he scans the rest of their faces. "Hey, Leda, thanks alot buddy. You really know how to go straight to a man's heart on this shit. Now…don't paint me ungrateful, but do you think there's anyway you could score us a couple smokes, too?"

"Frak me, puppy. I could kiss you if I didn't think you'd cling to my leg and never let go," Jupiter mutters out, having to take a breath in the middle just to say that all. She fumbles for the lip balm, and takes a couple tries to get the cap off. When did Jupiter start calling Castor puppy? Don't ask, she's on drugs (though not enough!). She remains flat on her back, but at least has the use of her arms. "The frak you go and get broke for? Who the frak's bringin' me smokes now? Useless…" She's a little cranky about this whole 'can't move' thing. "Hey. If he gets 'gina, I get smokes. Right damn now."

The items were ones Sapho was expecting as she had requested Helios' belongings, the contents of his locker which she knows about but not all the details as far as what Chris' possessions consisted of. The t-shirt is what she touches first and even goes as far as to smell it, trying to see if it smells like he did, it undoubtedly doing so as she smiles. "Thank you, Castor." The shirt is laid over her lap and now it's the box she looks at, it opened and looked into without anything being removed, yet.

Tiera flashes a smile at Leda "Thank you Sir" She reaches carefully to pick up the pack she's been given before replying to Jed "You were lucky you missed it it was not pretty" AS Jupiter speaks Tiera turns her head a bit, moving slowly "Leda, I think she's serious"

Jedediah looks around the place, "I didn't see no action, no. Not on this ship." he says, looking around. "This ole sickroom reminds me of the time me and my buddy Keefe decided we would try to make homemade jet fuel, on account of you couldn't buy it at any of the stores? Keefe had this idea that if you used jet fuel to boil up your soju, you could cook it twice as fast as if you used regular fuel? He was in so many bandages that you could hardly see whether it was him or someone else who was trying to make homemade jet fuel. Not that there was anyone else." he concludes. "You ever been shot before? It ain't so fun as it looks."

Leda pats his upper pocket and he says, "I've got two left, I used the rest of my smokes gathering this stuff up but give me time and I can get you something better." He then pulls out the two smokes and brings one to Jupiter and one to Martin. He then looks over at Sapho as she speaks and his expression is a simple nod since her gift meant someone had to die and he really doesn't want to talk about that t-shirt. He then looks over at Tiera and and Jedediah, "Consider it part of my job to be the bringer of stuff to whoever is wounded." He then looks back at Jupiter and he smirks when she calls him puppy.
Jedediah replies to Leda's statement with an appreciative thumbs-up.

"Lighter. Light it. I'm infirm here. Gods." Jupes shoves the cig between pale, but now cherry scented, lips. Woot, lip balm! The filter is stained pink. "C'mon."

"Yeah you're in luck if you need a g-string." Martin replies with a smirk, taking the cigarette and sliding it between his lips. He's also, unfortunately, going to need a lighter. Grinning at Leda, he lifts his hand and flicks his thumb about in the universal symbol for 'lighter?'. "So…you and your buddy decided to make homemade jet fuel? What department are you in again?" Martin asks as he quietly watches Sapho with the box, averting his eyes to give her some sympathetic privacy. "Jupiter, we should make sure you're okay to smoke first before lighting that."

Tiera tries to chuckle at Jed but gasps when she does "frak I keep forgetting to not do that" Shaking her head at Jed's question "No, but then I've been in Weapons or CIC all my career"

The contents slowly begin to be pulled out - several books and old uniforms are the first items to be removed long with a few pictures and assorted items like toiletries and all that. "Hmmm…" Sapho sighs thoughtfully upon an exhale of air, steeling herself against the emotional onslaught that is just shy of hitting, it almost enough to make her stop. She sits frozen until she gathers her wits and her courage to pull out the last remaining items from the container, a pile of neatly stacked papers, all of which are held together with a binder clip.

"Shut up, Boner. I survived. I frakkin' get a smoke. If I can't smoke, I'm airlockin' myself." Jupiter sounds pretty damn serious about that. "I am not kidding." She is not kidding! "I have a pee bag. I'm smoking." She glances over at her brother, and then scowls briefly at Jed. She was just wondering about his department too. "Oh, you. Pournelle." Jupiter's high, be prepared for anything! "Did you learn to be a jock yet?"

Leda looks at Jupiter and Martin and he fishes out a lighter, a silver one with a logo which reads Battlestar Orpheus. He opens the lighter with his thigh and then quickly slides the flint as it rolls down his thigh lighting the lighter and he offers flame for first Jupiter and secondly for Martin. "Marty, you scrounge up some panties a few times and suddenly you get a reputation." Martin and Jupiter might be able to see that there is some skin missing from his knuckles as he holds the lighter, not a lot, but it is the sort of thing that comes from hitting something over and over again. He then looks over at Sapho with a sad look for just a moment as he remembers something from long ago. His eyes flick over to Tiera and Jed as they speak and a brief smile comes across his face. "Jupiter, I'll get you some smokes if it will keep you alive, alright?"

Jedediah replies, "I only been shot once, well, only once intentional-like. I was on the Bellerophon." Well, there's that. "From what I hearn you were pretty much invulnerable, though, like a hundred shots fired at you and only the one hit? At least that is what the fella told me." He glances around, halfway between amused at the insistence at the cigarette and encouraging in the way kids dare each other to smoke in the bathroom at school. He addresses Martin's question: "Navigation. I'm in Navigation. Not Keefe, though, I don't know where he ended up. This was back on Aquaria that we tried to make the fuel. That was actually the second time we tried to make it when Keefe got all those burns. The first time we tried to make it we kinda thought you might need an actual jet engine to get it right? It's harder to get a jet engine than you might think, ya know. We went down to the swap 'n trade market? Well, long story short, it don't matter how good your fishin' motor is, you can't really trade it for a jet engine." That's the short version?

"I've known how to fly," comes the quick answer to Jupes' question regardless of if it's a drug-induced rhetorical inquiry or if it is her attempt to get Sapho wriled up. "Flew on the Bell before I came here." In other words? Not a nugget. Jed is looked at quickly as he mentions being on the same vessel she had served on and then her glance skips about the room before the papers are remembered and she starts to go through them.

Jupes is silent as the cig is lit. She closes her eyes, and inhales, slowly. "Right on, Leda." Jupiter's voice is soft now, though still rough. The cigarette has, for the moment, calmed the savage jock. She tips back against her pillow, cig sticking straight up from her lips, and props it there with a hand across her lower face. Little puffs of smoke escape her, though none of the medical staff has been alerted just yet. "I said jock, cupcake, not pilot." That's replied around the cigarette which does not come out of her mouth even to talk.

"Hey, don't think I haven't kept your resourcefulness in mind despite, Leda." Martin says before his cigarette is lit. Laying back and taking a drag with his eyes closed, he happily exhales a cloud of smoke towards the ceiling. "…never know when a man's gonna need a gift for the right girl. It's the gift that gives back, I tell ya." Martin adds, pausing to listen to both his sister and the others. Taking another drag, he chooses his words before speaking. "Peanut, there's an alarming rate of people calling me Boner around here. I love you. You're all kinds of great but it's starting to stick. I could buy you off with cigarettes right?" He sidelongs before lowering his gaze on Jed. His jaw slacks a little as he listens to the story. "…I'm more comfortable with you being navigations than with weapons then. Just do me a favor and if you ever get assigned for some lamebrained reason to handle warheads, tell your CO this story. Hey Muse? I think she's asking you if you grew balls."

Tiera shakes her head slowly trying to keep up with Jed's story. Turning as Martin speaks, her voice quiet, barely above a whisper "As long as I'm around nobody touches them unless I say they do". Turning a bit more she looks at Sapho, giving her a concerned look, but not intruding on her privacy.
Castor looks at Martin and then at Jupiter and he says, "She is a jock now. Just go easy on her she lost someone special recently." His eyes drift to a series of papers that Sapho has out and a deeply saddened look crosses over his face. He then looks over at Jed since he forces himself to look away from Sapho, "What part of Aquaria are you from?" He asks curiously as he adds, "I'm frok Thakai." He then looks over at Tierra for a moment and finally back to Sapho.

Jedediah drawls in reply to Martin and Tiera, "I donno, I was awful good at indirect fire trajectory tracer calculations when I was in training, I wouldn't mind letting off a few rounds if the need arose and I had a decent FO." His tone makes it clear he is teasing Tiera a little with her possessiveness. 'J.R.' perks a bit at Castor's question. "I thought I recognized your accent! I was born on the water, far from any shore." It's a bit of traditional Aquarian song lyric. "Never stayed in one place long. At least not long enough to get caught. I'm J.R." he adds, probably meaning Castor and Martin, since they addressed him from over there.

Sapho is not above defending herself or resorting to tossing playful retorts back when someone pokes at her but those papers have her attention, whatever they have written upon them causing her to stare. "Frak…" Shaking her head, she starts to rifle through the stack repeatedly, not stopping until the tears she holds back clouds her vision and she can no longer see the text.

The more horizontal Black waves a hand slightly to acknowledge Martin is correct, it was indeed a ball inquiry. Jupiter keeps her own pace with the conversation, noting for all in earshot, "Raptor bunnies can fly." She frowns again, wincing as she tries to move. "That ain't never gonna make 'em jocks." She smirks. Others in the ward might be more sensitive than her, but she's Jupiter. And thus, "Boner, Boner, Boner…" She takes a drag. "Boner." She snorts. "Frak off, Leda. We all lost somebody. She'll get through it, or she'll snap and fire down in a blaze of wreckage. Better it happens before she puts somebody else's life at risk." The feelings about Jupiter's survival are no doubt mixed among the Vigilantes.

"Jupiter, cmon…" Martin replies to his sister, clearly the more sympathetic and empathetic of the Black siblings. Furrowing his brow, he turns his gaze towards Sapho and lowers his voice. "Sorry, Muse, I … didn't know." Martin offers an honest apology. Keeping his voice low, he drags off of his cigarette and pries his eyes away from Muse. Unable to get up from the bed, he's stuck where he is. "I'm Dash…" Martin replies, his tone lightly sobered. "Please roll with me on this one, sis?" Martin asks, lowering his head to the tuna casserole, starting to eat while it's hot.

Leda looks at Jed first, "J.R., nice to meet you, I'm Castor." Though once he spots Sapho crying the pilot can't help but walk over to Sapho's bed and he says, "I'm sorry." Leda it would seem knows exactly why she is crying and he doesn't bother looking at Jupiter not because he is being mad but because he is concerned for Sapho. He places a hand on Sapho's shoulder to comfort her since he isn't sure of what else to do.

It seems the drugs that the Tech gave Tiera a bit ago are finally kicking in, her eyelids slowly seem to droop. Shifting a bit in her bed she is soon fast asleep in her drug induced sleep.

"Little brother," Jup breathes out a gentle puff of smoke. "It's Boner now, and it'll be Boner when we're enjoying ambrosia in the fields of Elysium."

Sapho nods to Martin and Castor both while putting each item away, the papers the last thing returned to the box as if she loathes to be separated from them. "Apparently you don't know me, Black," that being the female sibling she's addressing, "Otherwise you'd know that you don't need to worry about that with me." Turning, she looks at Jupiter and tacks on a cool, "You just work on getting better."

"Well…" Martin leans back against his pillows. Turning his head a little to watch Jupiter, he smirks as he drags off of his cigarette. Giving his sister a wink, he exhales the smoke as his words are formed. "Alive or not you're consistent. The gods favor this." He chuckles softly, running a hand over the left side of his face and through his hair. "How you feeling on a one to ten scale, Jup? Feeling any better?"

Jedediah doesn't jump up from the chair that's pulled up at the end of Tiera's bed as the person he came here to see drifts off into a drug-induced haze. In fact, he helps her along a bit by saying, to her rapidly fading consciousness, "Anyhow, the sickroom they took Keefe to, they got him patched up and someone come in and says, now you two backwater boys, who is going to pay for all this, and Keefe, he goes, mmmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm, on account of his face being bandaged up and all? And they thought he said 'my father owns the hospital', which we didn't know at the time, but might of been true since the fella what owned the hospital had been spawnin around the place havin kids with everything female that could walk and maybe some that couldn't…" The interminable, increasingly improbable story continues in a low tone not immediately audible past the bed as Jed talks Tiera into a deeper sleep.

"Like steamy shit, Boner. My belly's cut open and stitched back up tight. I can't take a piss on my own. How you think I feel?" Jupiter doesn't respond to Sappho, her attention is instead lingering on keeping awake long enough to finish her smoke. "Blood transfusions kick my ass."
cargo pockets on each leg.

Leda steps away from Sapho as she pulls herself together and he really hopes this doesn't end in a fight, not that anyone in a bed right now is in much of a position to fight. He then looks over at Jedediah and he raises an eyebrow at the story. Leda had heard of the really country Aquarians and sometimes his speech might sound a bit country but this - this is something he hasn't really ever seen. Then as Jupiter speaks Leda turns and looks at the pilot and he is glad that there will be no fighting. He then looks over at Martin, "The gods like consistency?" He rolls that idea around in his hand, "Huh?"

"They better like consistency, because she's gonna be a pain in their ass otherwise." Martin replies quietly as he gazes towards his sister. "I guess they didn't need to pull some of my own for you, but they had me on deck just in case. Don't worry about it, you'll be up and running like new in no time and we'll finish this war." Martin extends his arm, knuckles towards his sister. "Hey Aesop…" Martin says quietly, looking in Jed's direction with an upwards nod. For the moment, he's giving Sappho her privacy until he feels it's safe to change the topic with her. By all means…leave her to her mourning. "…you seriously tellin that to put her to sleep, or what?"

Jedediah slips to his feet with total silence and comes over, leaving Tiera slumbering. "Oh, no," he says to Martin, "if I want to put someone to sleep I tell em about the time my cousin Raylene decided she was going to find an alternative to parole, from Prison Tower L-191. The story takes about as long as the escape did, and she was there a solid five years. Would have gotten out earlier for good behavior if she hadn't been caught escapin so much." He addresses Castor: "You ain't heard anything from the good ole home port, have you? It's, ah, been a while." He tries to keep it cool, but worry clouds his eyes.

"Frak what?" Martin says, with a slight vein of increased urgency to his voice. Ashing his cigarette into his empty food bowl, he sits up a little more and turns his head towards his sister. Holding up his hand to motion to Jed to wait one moment, done so expertly by a politely raised index finger, he lowers his brow. "Jupiter? Need me to call the nurse?"

Leda looks at Jupiter for a moment and then to Martin, "You know, if the Lords are real I suppose both of you would give them a run for the money." He then looks over at Jed and he says, "I haven't seen home in over seven years, J.R.." He then raises an eyebrow as Jed begins to speak about his cousin and then he looks over at Sapho, Martin, and Jupiter, his side of Aquaria is extremely traditional and family focused and such discussions about family wouldn't be a public thing unless it was the elder speaking about it. He gives them all an 'I'm sorry look'.

Sapho runs her fingers over the flaps of the box before folding them in and it is set aside. Jed's voice and everyone's presence soothes her and the tears dry for now although it's safe to assume that she'll need to have a full on crying jag sometime soon. "Thank you," she says to Castor again before laying down, the sitting having drained her.

Jedediah nods slightly, confirming both the keep-quiet and the lack of news.

"No, but I'm ruined. My perfect abs," Jupiter frowns, then shakes her head. "No unless they're gonna gimme more drugs." She reaches over to grind out what's left of the cig on the bed's rail. "Somebody get me a lighter I can hide. This shit is killin' me."

Letting out a small, relieved sigh, Martin extinguishes his cigarette into a small globule of casserole goop that he left in the bowl just for that one singular purpose. Not a bit of it goes to waste with this man. "You'll get them back." Martin says reassuringly, resting back against his pillows. "So…" He scans their faces. "…have you guys heard anything about what direction we're heading at all?"

Leda nods his head and he says softly, "No problem." He then turns to look at Jed and he shrugs and offers, "I'm sorry but if it makes you feel any better the new old man on this ship is from back home." He then looks over at Jupiter, "Well, modern medicine is a good thing and maybe we can get your abs back stronger and better than before." He says this hopefully since Leda is ever the optimist. "Right, smokes and a lighter. Check." He then looks over at Martin, "Sorry, Marty, that is above my paygrade. I've got no clue though I would love to know what the plan is."

"I been asleep," Jupiter supplies helpfully, before she reaches up to stash what's left of her cigarette before someone with the rank orders her to toss it. Or the CAG wakes up and steals it for himself. Bastard. "Somebody'll tell us what the frak is up when someone tells the CAG and he tells us."

Sapho slips under the covers and falls asleep, finally able to do so without so much as an inkling of a nightmare for once.

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