Summary: Various pilots, and their visitors, in medical.
Date: PH 36 (May 25th, 2009)
Related Logs: Directly after: Crash and Burn.

In contrast to the chaos on the flight deck, the recovery ward of Sickbay could be called peaceful. Roubani's been put into a bed in a corner of the ward, not that he notices. He is quite soundly off in mental blackness, cradled securely by bandages and other braces that seem aimed at keeping his right side immobile. Machines beep. Oxygen flows.

Ajax has a chair in the ward over and close to where the pilots have been relocated. A good place in the middle, if not closer to Roubani's bed. His head is bowed, but do not confuse that with sleep. In fact the book remains open in his laip, as ne leg is crossed over the other. Prayer chain which usually resides along his neck, now held in one his off hand, as the other keeps finger on a passage.

It is easy to say that the Chaplain has settled in for the long run. However long, or hard it might be.

Samantha has located a chair as FAR away from Ajax as possible. She hasn't even looked the annying man in the eye, really. She's not asleep, but then she never sleeps well. A mug of coffee in her undamaged left hand, right one still damned sore and bruised even worst than before, she just sips the dark stuff and watches the beds… Mainly Jupiter's, possibly strangely… but dammit, it was the sister of the man she loved. And a woman she very strangely worked well with in flying… so she's by the woman, watching, waiting, quiet.

Thea's taken up a chair as well, only hers is a little closer to Kai's bed - and she, apparently, has brass enough that no one short of Pike, herself, will be able to dislodge the Raptor Captain. Oh, she made a pass by Roubani's bed, yes, and tucked the sheet in a little more carefully around her, but she's currently taken up vigil near Kai, a book open on her lap, unnoticed.

Lieutenant Black bitched all the way up here, bitched through the examination, threw up into a bedpan, then bitched about that. Now she's fairly quiet, due to the nausea accompanying her concussion. Somebody made her get out of the flight suit, so she's stretched out in her bed with the humiliatingly skimpy gown, under a sheet, with a scowl. She's had a couple of stitches, but her wild curls cover the tiny bald spot. Good thing she was conscious enough to bitch until the docs agreed to cut as little hair as possible to get to the injury. Bruises will undoubtedly be blossoming overnight, including a very visible impression from her flight harness in bruises across her chest. Luckily, deep bruises take longer to show.

Perhaps Roubani will be awake in time to come up with ways to tease Jupiter about the buttless gown that won't get him punched in the face. But not tonight. Ahh, blackness.

The viper Captain only required minor surgery and a few stitches, thankfully, and has been resting peacefully here ever since. The 'peacefully' part being courtesy, of course, of some liberal amounts of morpha. Jupiter got a bald spot, Kai got a hank of hair buzzed right off. And then promptly told them to get rid of the rest of it. All those dark, lovely curls. Gone. All the better to show off his stitches and defiant profile. Which is currently pointed ceiling-ward. Oh yes, he got one of those lovely gowns, too, he's just hiding it (and not much else) under blankets.

At least Jupes doesn't have to moon the world alone.

Thea remains where she is, not touching Kai, but glancing over at him from time to time. No, she doesn't seem to mind that medical personnel gave him the Lion Cut.

The Chaplain hasn't said anything to any one yet. Rather he simply hums softly. As if he could call a chant in here, but that would take peaceful and rest right out. Instead he hums, softly as he turns the page and eye looks up but once, focusing in on Roubani before one bead is pulled in for another, one prayer done another began in the cycle of the Lords. Each prayer dedicated to those wounded. Petitionary, and solemn. A glance is given then over towards Lieutenant Black and over to the Captain. A faint smile, and Ajax coughs, once

"Don't worry Lieutenant.." intoned softly so as not to disturb the others. "You'll be out soon enough, possibly another day for observation..And." a twitch of his mouth. "Hair does grow back." Yes, he did not miss the bitching, nor the other. Concussions are never, truly, fun.

As Ajax addresses Jupiter, and really not wanting to cause anything in sickbay, Samantha stands up…"Just… keep restin', Jupiter. I'm sure Martin'll be around soon again." And with that little comment, she gets -away- from that area of the room, giving the priest room to speak with the wounded woman. She heads in Kai's direction, though she briefly stops by Roubani's bunk, giving him a quiet look… a moment of silent thought, before she joins the upper crust…"We're gonna change yer callsign to cue ball, sir."

"You talk about my hair, and I will come over the side of this bed and beat down a one eyed man." Jupiter's muttering is quieter than usual in these closed quarters, but it certainly carries to Ajax. And possibly everyone else in the room. Her eyes flick briefly to Sam, but only after prolonged eye contact with Ajax.

A while later, Cygnus steps into Medical. A small, embroidered cloth which appears to be wrapped around something is clutched in one hand. He's the outward picture of focused concern, and spotting the others, he heads over in their direction, remaining silent for the time being.

Samantha calls back, briefly, to Jupiter. "Don't do it. I'm certain his head is as hard as a brick wall."

"I am sure you would, however you need to stay as is, because I doubt you want to throw up your guts again." all said in Friendly banter as he looks over to the female Black. "So save it for a rainy day?" or when it would count. There's a glance over towards Samnatha when she pipes up, and she might hear the priest's chuckle, but nothing more. A look up as Cygnus comes into the room, and there is a look to what is in his hands. A nod given, and a gesture to motion him over, only slightly curious? Yes.

Beep…beep…beep, that's the only sound coming from Roubani's space. Nose and mouth are covered by an oxygen mask. IV line. Heart monitor thing clipped to one finger. His skin nearly rivals the pallor of the hospital sheet, except around his eyes where it's a little more gray. Despite that, his expression's more peaceful that it's been in a long time, unconsciousness erasing the tension from his forehead and body that he usually carries around.

Kai may or may not be pleased with his new hairdo, though it could be worse. He could be naked under that gown. Oh, wait. He is. He's also been pretty decently drugged, so until roughly now? Conscious awareness hasn't been an option. There's a rustle and a soft grunt as he tries to push up on one elbow, grimaces slightly at the taste of blood in his mouth, and flits his eyes over Legacy a moment or two. Then he's back down again with a *thump*. "No renaming my pilots, Case. Or I'll get creative with some retribution." Okay, he's not in so much pain he can't give his squadron a hard time, anyway.

Cygnus gives a nod to Ajax, and opens his palm using his other hand to unwrap the cloth. Inside it is a finely wrought idol of Apollo. There seems to be a method to what he's about, that's for certain. After all, the temporary loss of the beads could be disconcerting were Roubani awake. Stepping over to the fallen Ensign's bedside, he carefully, and gently places the idol into the unconcious Roubani's palm, then heads back over to stand beside the priest.

Samantha looks over towards Legacy, grinning widely. "What do you say, Black cat?…Cue ball or… Hrmm. Maybe we just go for Bedknob." She winks teasingly, trying to get a bit of warmth and relaxation into the room…"And I don't think it gets much worse than SpaceCase, Captain… which is my full sign." Sam admits with a bit of an embarrassed smirk. She hadn't told anyone that in a long time.

Jupiter remains smooshed back against her pillows, though she does continue to scowl at Ajax, she makes no moves to exact retribution in her hospital gown. Still, the man would do well to remember just what is tattooed across her upper back. "You remember you said that later…" Her eyes stray from the priest to take in her fellow squaddies in a couple of beds down the way. She eyes Roubani the longest, even though he's the least animated, but then her eyes turn to baldKai.

Thea looks up from her book, expression just a touch haunted. The look she gives poor Samantha. Well, let's just say, if looks could kill, Sam would be sucking magma right about now. "You're about to get renamed Bunny, Case," Thea says in a very low, very quiet voice. "As in "Fraks more than a."" Ever see a cat staring down a threat? Thea's got that look in her eyes. In about two seconds, her tail is going to bottle brush, her ears are going to go back, and the claws will come out. She's not quite hissing, not yet. Yet being the operative word.

Roubani tends to be the least animated whether awake or asleep, really.


Castor stands outside of the sickbay for a moment he takes a breath, he looks up at the ceiling for a moment before he closes his eyes and sighs sadly. He then begins to speak softly saying, "To Whatever or whoever it is that is supposed to be guiding us along and to whatever or whoever it is that gives us life, don't take Poet away. I reckon on my account you've already taken my family away from me and right now, don't take any of my new family away from me. So, put life back in that man." Leda doesn't seem to do well with the thought of death of those around him. He then opens his eyes, it isn't much of a prayer but it is a prayer. He then puts on his puppy dog face, he has to check on his family after all, and he steps into the recovery ward.

"Try me," Kai mutters to Samantha. Though most of the testiness in his voice is kind of smoothed over by the morpha, turning his growl into something more akin to a rumble. "How are my delinquent children doing, Thea? I can hear Jupiter bitching over there, so she must be fine." Which leaves.. yeah. He can't see the other kid from here. And it's not bald, it's buzzed, thank you very much. Toss him a rifle and he could play a marine.

"He is missing his prayer beads.." something Ajax noted, when he saw Robani after they wheeled him in here, and it was not found within his personal effects that he had on him when he was brought into Sickbay in general. "See if you can find them, if they haven't been destroyed in the wreckage." The idol though. A good touch. Book is closed and sat down on his chair as he stands and places a hand on Cygnus "Any news on how the rest of the Air Wing is doing?" asked, before he is looking over towards Kai and the others. A squeeze to Cygnus' shoulder.

"I will Lieutenant Black.." he has no doubt something will come, he already has a bet that if a fight night occurs again there will be two pilots gunning for a chance at the Padre. Though words and tones from the Captain's bed might give pause, Ajax is looking over towards Castor who has shown up. A nod given to the Lieutenant, before he is moving in his direction.

Samantha was doing her best. Apparently, this is no time for amusement at all, especially with the look in Black cat's eyes. Her expression falls somber, smile disappearing, and she flickers a look between Kai and Roubani once more. "Understood, sirs." She states flatly, not speaking again for a bit, just watching. Possibly smarter just to keep her tongue tied…

Matto steps briskly into the recovery ward, with more energy than he does most things, then stops, eyes scouring the crowded space before they land on his Captain and he registers relief, stepping up behind her and to her side, "Cat," he calls gently. "You alright?"

Beep…beep…beep. Somewhere, Roubani's mind is probably keeping track of every last sound that machine makes.

"Tinman has them," Cygnus tells Ajax quietly, "He's under orders from Major Vendas to have them fixed and returned to the Ensign by morning." There's a pause before he adds, "I just felt… that Roubani should have something with him until then. It was my Grandmother's, she gave it to me when I graduated from Divinity. I think she hoped I'd be more inclined towards Apollo than Ares…" Comes the explaination. Remembering the CAG's words to him as he departed the hanger, Mac steps over to Kai's bedside to inquire quietly, "Is there anything you need, Sir? Anything I can do for you?"

Cat is seated near Kai's bed, looking at Samantha as if Sam's a mouse who had the bad luck to walk in front of the fridge. Prey? Quite possibly. It's likely that if Sam takes one more step toward the Viper Captain, there'll be another injured pilot about. "Fingers is alive and ready to kick ass. Poet…" Her voice breaks quietly and she looks over to Poet's bed. "He's stable. Not awake yet." Then Matto's voice breaks in and she looks up, about to snap until she realizes who it is. "I am, Kissy. Recovery Ward's more than a little crowded tonight." Her eyes track Prophet briefly.

Between Cat's look… and the talk of religion, and the knowledge that at least everyone was stable, if not alive and thriving yet… Samantha begins to back away. This wasn't her place any more. She parts her lips to say something, maybe a farewell… but that doesn't even feel right. "…Feel better." She finally echoes to the room before ducking for the hatch and making her retreat.

"I would kill for a toothbrush." LtJG Black mutters under her breath. "I've killed for less." She reaches down to one of the monitoring thingies they like to stick to you whenever you get admitted for any reason, and picks at it. There's a good chance she's thinking about ripping it off and making a run for it. But there's so many conscious people in the room to run interference…

Castor hangs in the back of the room looking at everyone checking and double checking on their condition, after a time he steps in and announces, "No fair all of you going out and getting banged up without me." His voice is soft, and, those who are socially aware enough might hear a hint of fear in his voice, almost like a puppy with his tail behind his legs because of lightning. However, for most folks it would appear the man is attempting to cheer folks up. He looks over at Kissy, "Yeah, this is where all the cool kids hang out." He then announces everyone again, "I'll take orders for anything you lot need until you can get out of here. Well, anything the major will let me bring in here."

Matto rests a hand on Cat's shoulder, squeezing it in what he hopes to be a comforting gesture as he stands behind her, looking to the other Captain for a moment, features openly worried. "Okay. If you want me to go and make room, just say," he offers his own Captain. "Or if there's anything you need me to bring by," he trails off, assuming that the Captain will be staying a while.

A nod of thanks is passed back towards Cygnus. "Sometimes I wonder if you aren't cut out to be a Priest, Lieutenant.." Ajax knows you won't like that, but its out there, even as he is coming up towards Castor, after all this has to be Tinman, correct? Though of all the times, he's met the man he's heard him called Tinleg, mainly. A look to the young pilot, before he is reaching out to touch the man's shoulder. "Lieutenant, I hear you have something that needs repair?" One of the things he can do is fix a set of prayer beads. Those are rather easy to see to, and will give him something to do when all are asleep.

There's a slight glance as he catches Case leaving, barely. Absent thought, before he is focused back on Castor.

Kai's head turns slightly, and he watches Samantha beat a hasty retreat with a slight tightening of his jaw. It's the only indication he's troubled by it, really. Then Cygnus has wandered over to talk to him. At least that sounds like his voice tearing through the morpha haze. "My dancing shoes, the bottle of Picon brandy I keep in the top shelf of my bunk, my porn collection and a pad of paper and a pen, so I can will it all out to my squadron." A beat. "I'm just shitting you. I wish I had a porn collection." Which means he probably doesn't need anything. Though the assistant-chaplain gets a small smile— in spite of the pain.

Thea watches Case leave, then looks up to Castor, studying him for a minute. "I think the elder LT Black would like a toothbrush, Tinman," she says, tone gentling. "Maybe, when you get a chance, you could see if there are some spares tucked away? You might also get a whip and a straight-backed chair, because it sure as hell sounds like she's about to come roaring out of that bed." A pause. "Fingers? Stop picking at the tape. You peel it off, I'm sticking it back on with rubber cement."

You know Roubani's far under when there's no reaction to people talking about porn. Not even a blush. He stays pretty pale.

Legacy glances back to Matto, covering his hand with hers briefly. "Just take care of the others. I need for you to check in on Flash. She seemed like she took what happened pretty hard. I'll be back to berthings in a little bit." What, she's not staying?

"You keep the dancing shoes near the brandy, Sir?" There's a hint of a wry smile tugging at Mac's lips to indicate that he's simply going along with the joke. Though he says more seriously, "Though I might know a place or two to get my hands on a porn collection." A beat, "I'd probably just have to root around in Fingers' locker for a half a minute." Once again, Cygnus manages to look completely angelic as he says the words. How he can accomplish that look is somewhat of a mystery really. He doesn't intend to crowd Kai, however, and simply offers, "Well, if you do need anything, Sir, just let me know. I'll be happy to fetch it for you." Once he's back at Ajax's side he murmurs in a low voice, "Oh, I know I could do the job, Sir… I just… I'm called to battle, that's what I've always felt in my heart. In my soul. And there's… there's other things as well." Things that he doesn't go into lightly in such a crowd. The details of the damned dreams that plagued him.

Castor takes a second to look at the Priest he reaches into his flightsuit pocket, yeah, he is still in his suit and pulls out a hankerchief which he offers to Ajax, "Preacher man, you take good care of this." He says as he looks over at Roubani and he notices that Roubani isn't blushing it, "Fix these beads." There is something in his voice that is a mixture of anger, fear, and earnestness, it would seem that the mask is cracking, if he isn't careful all the emotions will get out and who knows how long he has been shoving it all down. "Just, fix 'em." He then gives a weak smile to Thea and Kai, "Porn and a toothbrush. Check. I'll check into the whip and the chair, sir." He then says, "Well, I've got to go get to work on your orders…I'll come back soon." He begins backpeddling out, yeah, seeing a friend down might be more than he can take. He does add, "Just, get better, all of you." This time his voice sounds like he isn't talking to officers it sounds like he is talking to family with that the pilot makes his way out of the door.

"Alright," Kissy replies, leaning down and wrapping his other arm around Cat's neck in a hug from behind that vaguely resembles a chokehold, except without any force to it. He nudges his bristly cheek against the top of her head and then stands straight again, "I'll see if I can find her. Was she out there with you?"

Kai glances up at Cygnus, briefly across Legacy's nearby knee, then back down again. Dry-witted as the Captain is, he might have been serious about all or none of that little tirade. A hand lifts absently to fumble through his short hair like he's taking stock of it. Again.

There's another mutter from Black, but she stops picking now that she knows she's being watched. She closes her eyes for a moment, then opens them again, and just silently stares at the ceiling. There's probably a smartass comment brewing.

Legacy hugs Matto's arms then releases him. "She was back here, but she…" No, she doesn't say it. She can't quite say it. "Just…check in on her, please." Thea glances over at Kai and fusses, softly, "Be careful of your stitches or you'll get them infected."

A nod is given to Castor as he departs, and the Chaplain is left looking at a broken bit of string and beads. Something which brings to mind the fates and their own cutting of lines here and there. A slight bit of musement and he moves slowly back to his chair, beads carefully threaded back. Ajax turns his head slightly to Cygnus and there is a look. "You'll have to explain it more to me, this something else, Lieutenant." another slide of another bead, careful with the string that is left. "Feeling two callings, or being slated with two rather is a difficult path, you know."

Matto nods. "Sure thing, Cat. You take care, okay? You, too, Cap," he adds to Kai with a serious nod before he shifts backward to pivot and head out.

Roubani continues as he's been. That is, dead still. Except for the barely perceptible rise and fall of his chest under the ugly sickbay sheet. Shallow as it may be, it's at least consistent.

Matto gets a subdued little nod from Kai as he turns to depart, though the viper jock's fingers continue to scrub through his hair for a few moments after Legacy's reprimanded him. Hand drops back to bed with a grunt. Not happy. And he still hasn't spotted Poet. So he endeavours to do some shifting and dragging until he's in a more upright position, with a better view of the ward.

Leaning back against the wall near the Padre, Mac's eyes close for a moment as a soft sigh gusts out of him, "It can be." The words are an admission he's never made before. Ever. "There's always been forces at play that are beyond my grasp. Dreams. Precognition. It has a lot to do with my callsign, actually." The words are definitely food for thought.

Thea nods to Matto and leans down to lift the back of his bed so that Kai can sit up. "Stubborn ass," she mutters quietly. "You're to stay in bed until the morpha's worn off."

"Chamalla?" asked first, before Ajax is falling silent. If these have beenhad without the influence of Chamalla, then perhaps the gods were also seeking for you when you might not be seeking them. Indeed food for thought. Another bead threaded, and he is sitting down. Eye firmly on Cygnus for a moment. "Lieutnenant..I am going to need you to run services tomorrow morning, as I probably won't be there, possibly tomorrow evening as well." Not until Roubani is in a better condition. "Can you handle that? And soon…we can talk more of these dreams?" colour Ajax rather curious about that.

"No more stubborn than yours," Kai mutters back to Legacy, as she helps him with the bed. "Though I'll grant probably less good-looking." It's offered drily, though not without his warmth. The woman's watched for a long moment, before his attention tracks elsewhere.. and rests on Roubani's 'dozing' form.

Cygnus nods his understanding of the task that's been set before him. The last service he had given was the night of Sheridan's address, and it's a relief that this endeavor won't be quite as onerous. "I've never taken Chamalla, actually. I've been far too afraid of what it would do to my ability to fly. My understanding is it can have some pretty… interesting side effects. Besides, the first dreams - the not so disturbings ones - started when I was something maybe four? Five?"

"Interesting.." is all Ajax says before he is focusing in further on his repair of the prayer beads. He only knew of one oracle, well knew one oracle personally, and she died on the day of his graduation. He cannot help but think-"Well…get some rest Lieutenant. The ship needs a Chaplain tomorrow, and that is where you will be."

"Mmmmm," Thea replies quietly. "My ass is off limits to you and your pilots, unless you're saving it. At which point it's not off limits anymore." She studies Kai for a moment, then reaches out, putting her hand on the mattress not too far from his, though not touching. "Karim, we need to talk," she says, lowering her voice quietly. "I need for you to look at me, Karim." Yes, she uses his name TWICE, and she doesn't call him 'Ri,' as usual.

Roubani is oblivious to all these touching moments going on around him. There's no little jumps in his heartrate or anything when someone says his last name near him. His eyes do make an occasional movement under the lids, but it doesn't seem to be connected with anything going on in the room.

Kai's tone of voice didn't sound like a flirt. Blame it on the morpha, maybe. He cuts his eyes from Roubani, back to the redhead with her hand on his mattress. It takes a few seconds for him to look from hand, to face, with an aire of silent expectation.

Cygnus' gaze drifts to rest on Roubani, the concern evident on his face as he does so, "I'll go in a bit, Sir, I'm not really all that certain I can sleep yet, to be honest." It's clear he's not only worried about Jupiter and Kai, but even more so about the soft spoken Ensign.

Thea waits until Kai's looking at her and it seems like she's forgotten about everyone else in the room. "Karim," she says softly, quietly. "Poet's in bad shape. He's stable now, but it's not good." No, she doesn't want to be telling him this. Not at ALL. "He'll be recovering for awhile, but he's alive. He's stable." The whole stable thing is apparently important.

Jupiter's had her eyes closed for a while. It's entirely possible she's sleeping.

Somewhere, Roubani is tossing Jupiter some sheep. To count. And probably kick off a cliff.

" in the gods hands now Lieutenant. He needs rest, and to be left alone..The Doctors can and will do all in their power to help him. But he needs his own rest, and he needs to fight. But more so he needs our prayers." Quiet for a moment as the last bead is threaded. Ajax, brings the thread up as a small thick knot is tied in and tests tight with his fingers and made etain with a tug from his teeth. Who says the marines doesn't teach you anything? "If his condition worsens I will call you. I promise, but he is not the only one who will need you. We do have other souls on board, thst need tending as well." A smile there as beads are taken and placed on his bedside table. "He'll be fine.."

"Thea." Kai's still watching her closely, with a little tic at one corner of his mouth. It ain't a smile, but it ain't a frown, either. He probably just needs his sleep. "He isn't made of paper. He'll be fine." Wishful thinking, maybe. "I didn't get my ass shot to hell, just to come home and bury one of my pilots." If she won't touch him, he'll touch her; he's got no issues with physical contact. His fingers spider-crawl toward hers, then close over them. "All right?" The tone in his voice shifts to something almost gentle.

Her fingers thread gently with his, almost as if she was waiting for him to make the first move. "You need to quit getting your ass shot to hell, Marek," Thea murmurs, eyes glimmering just a tiny bit. "He's going to be fine, but I didn't want you worrying. Fingers is over there, planning her escape. If I'm not mistaken, she's going to use an IV pole as a weapon and take off down the hall. I was tempted to ask the nurse to catheterize her."

"I made a promise awhile back," Mac's voice is soft now, so soft that most assuredly it doesn't carry beyond the priest's ears, "To myself, to Major Vendas, to the Gods even that I'd keep an eye out for him." His mind travels back to that conversation he'd had in the head with Vendas the night of the Sheridan's address. "I don't want to fail in that duty." Because to Cygnus, a vow is something he cannot and will not break.

"He is a Pilot, son." comes the wors from the Priest. "Look out as you may, he will find himself in the possiblity of being sent back here, or even death. All depends on what the gods and fates hold in store for us." Ajax looks as he remains seated by the wounded. "You won't fail in your vow or duty, but now? Now more eyes will not help. I need you, to do your duty as my assistant, and as a shipmate. The Air Wing will need looking after, spiritually while these are missing. The ship will need a shepherd. Son, I need that from you till conditions are better." then you can replace him here when death does not linger so close.

"I've got to give you something to give me a hard time about," Kai retorts glibly, keeping his fingers threaded through Legacy's. Like the buzzcut wasn't enough. There might even be a squeeze there. And then a glance to Jupiter's dozing form, where his attention lingers again in much the same fashion as it had upon Roubani. "I'll make sure she stays put." Cygnus is simply left to his commanding officer to deal with. And probably gratefully so. His head's starting to slip sideways on the pillow he's propped against.

Mmm. Lamb chops… wait, what? Jupiter rolls over in the bed, ending up face down with at least two wires tangled around her. She goes face down in the pillow, twists the sheet around her body, and almost flashes the room with the gapped back of her gown. Luckily, the sheet hangs on to keep the moon under cover. Barely.

"Yes, Sir." A part of Cygnus is screaming inside to point out that he's not the shepherd, he's a /pilot/, and therefor should be right here, with his fellow wounded pilots. Who better to look after them than one of their 'own', even if he's never served in that capacity actively on the Kharon. Old habits and ways die hard. He offers no outward protest though. The blue of his eyes skate back to Roubani one more time and on his way towards the hatch, he stops to quietly offer to Kai, "Good night, Sir. May the Gods keep you well and grant you a fast return to health."

Thea reaches up with her other hand, brushing over Kai's new buzzcut, gently. "Close your eyes, darlin," she murmurs quietly. "I'll be here when you wake up. I'll take care of the pilots while you're asleep."

"Thank you." But till that change over request is granted you would be stuck between two worlds. A hard place to be in the world. And so he reaches for The Book and relaxes a moment eye down before the prayers start back up, and Ajax, calls the gods to watch over these wounded.

"Thank you, Marius." Kai sounds sincere about that, even if his eyes are closing. "Tell Jupiter her ass is showing." Hard to say whether that's intended for Cygnus, or Thea. His fingers go slack in hers, and he's off to la la land.

A bit of a smile drifts across Cygnus' face as he notices the Captain drifting off to sleep before he steps out of the hatch and heads towards his berthings.

Thea gently lowers the head of Kai's bed back down and reaches out to tuck him more comfortable in, settling the sheet around him. Leaning down, she kisses his forehead, whispering something, then turns toward Jupiter's bed.

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