Summary: Kai and Legacy conduct a debriefing regarding the mission to Periander IV.
Date: PHD064
Related Logs: Takes place an hour or so after A Hypothetical Scenario.

It didn't take Timon that long to change into his blues, and he's in the ready room ten minutes or so after his conversation with his fellow Raptor-folk in the head. Since then, he's been doing his best to occupy his mind, having settled on completing some paperwork that he hasn't yet bothered to fill out. A small-ish stack of reports is sitting next to him on one of the seats in the front of the room, and he's bent over like a very picture of concentration, pencil in hand.

Komnenos, too, is in his blues now, and sitting next to Ivory in the audience section of the ready room. He isn't occupied with any paperwork, however, a pile of barely organized papers strewn across his lap. Right now, he's sitting silently, chewing mercilessly on the end of a pen as he stares up at something or other on the wall with steel in his eyes.

Thea walks into the Ready Room standing tall, files in one arm, professional smile on her face. "Good evening gentlemen," she greets Timon and Komnenos. "Looks like you've already pulled up seats. As soon as I get settled, we can get started. The CAG will be along shortly."

Kai arrives a few minutes late, file folders and the aforementioned tape recorder under one arm. He's in a fresh set of duty blues, top flap neatly fastened, boots polished as always. "Captain," he greets the raptor driver politely, with a nod for her two pilots. "Ready to begin?"

And that's why Legacy's the CO and Timon's a mere lieutenant: no matter how hard he tries, Stathis can't make himself look cheery and succeed, though he does try — you've got to give him that. "Black," he says, his smile looking as if it's going to flee the scene at the first hint of trouble. "Captain. Ready whenever you are."

At the entrance of the two senior officers, Komnenos pulls his head back to reality. He quickly makes a halfhearted attempt to straighten his own files before simply tossing them into the seat beside him. Neither can he muster up much in the way of a pleasant expression, though he seems much more focused and together than he was before. "Ready t' go, sir," he adds brusquely; as the junior person in the room, he'll wait to speak further until spoken to in turn.

Thea glances briefly at Karim then back to her pilots. "I'll be running the briefing this evening," she corrects Timon gently. "So let's get started." She settles into a seat and flips open her file. "Alright, let's start at the beginning gentlemen. Flash isn't with us this evening because she's still in Sickbay. From the time you all left base." Apparently she's going to start at the beginning.

"Sir will suffice, Stathis." Marek doesn't seem irritated. He's just a hardass who likes his protocol. Those unlucky enough to work under him in red squadron, generally are aware of this. He heads for the front of the room, where he can set up the tape recorder while the others get situated. The 'record' button is pressed before Thea begins talking, and he moves to settle into a chair nearby the other Captain. He, it seems, is going to take notes while she talks. It's a regular double-teaming.

Timon acknowledges the corrections with a nod before setting his pencil down, replacing it in his hand with a small notepad — a fresh one, except for the four or five pages already filled with his notes. His reedy tenor sounds even less solid now than it usually does: "Foxbat-4, piloted by myself and Lieutenant Komnenos, departed Kharon at 1900 hours with four passengers aboard: two corpsmen, Dr. Pike, and Ensign Roubani. We crossed the horizon into night at 1904 hours, descending into the atmosphere two minutes later."

He knows it's standard procedure, but for some reason, on this occasion, the presence of Kai's tape recorder can't help but make Thorn nervous. He remembers making light of the impending debriefing last night when talking to Corporal Jarot — Shortspark — in sickbay; things feel a lot more serious, now, though, that he's actually here. Timon seems to have things in hand, for the moment; as such, Thorn lets him continue, remaining silent unless a question is directly asked of him.

Thea remains quiet, scratching a few notes down as Timon speaks. Strangely enough, rather than look the hard-ass captain she can be, there's a gently encouraging smile on her face. This is work, but reassuring both men seems to be a priority.

"Upon reaching the upper troposphere, Foxbat-4 encountered sleet, lightning, and gale-force winds blowing approximately thirty-five knots from the east. Visibility was approximately — " Here, Timon consults his notes, drawing his index finger down thin lines of graphite before he finds what he's looking for. " — approximately two hundred seventy-five meters, maybe less. Navigation was accomplished via instruments. Lieutenant Komnenos successfully identified a shortcut through the storm which he transmitted to Flash and Crowbar. Transit through the cloud layer was completed at 1911 hours. After identifying the LZ, pilot landed and ground team disembarked at 1915 hours, on schedule."

For his part, Komnenos is encouraged by the tone Legacy's warm smile seems to set, but he remains silent as Timon continues to read from his notes. He's not going to interrupt his senior officer, especially when Timon's already doing just fine on his own. He steels himself, however, wondering what the pilot plans to say about the ECO's little cowboy stunt at the Raptor's hatchway.

Legacy is seated with Timon, Komnenos and Kai in what appears to be an official briefing, given the tape recorder that's currently running. Thea's also taking notes. She's silent, letting the Lieutenant talk for the time being, attention on him.

"After disembarkation, pilot and ECO proceeded along standard post-flight procedures in a potentially hostile environment. Before the ground team entered the facility, pilot noticed and communicated to ground team the presence of suspicious tracks leading away from the objective. As ground team advanced into the building, ECO began performing thermal and EM scans of the surrounding area." Timon speaks as if by rote — clearly, he's thought most of this through.

Komnenos follows along with Timon as he dispassionately runs through his synopsis of the mission, each event reliving itself in the ECO's mind as Timon describes it. So far, so good.

Ahhh, now we get to the ECO's part of things. Thea dips her head, asking no questions for now, simply listening and taking notes until Timon is finished giving his side of the story. There's a lot to cover.

Here, the lieutenant pauses, scratching at the back of his head with his free hand. Brown eyes narrow as they look for the next timestamp — and, not finding one, return to Legacy looking almost apologetic. "I'll have to consult the flight recorder one more time for this one," he says. "But — minutes after ground team entered the facility, ECO detected four signatures advancing rapidly on the LZ. Thorn is prepared to discuss the results."

And now, the spotlight shifts. Komnenos clears his throat as he takes over where the pilot left off. "As the lieutenant says, I detected four unidentified signatures headed towards our position on the ground from south of our position, approximately two to three kilometers out. I was not able to concretely identify them from the initial DRADIS readings, but following Lieutenant Stathis' suggestion to compare thermal signatures of the bandits with those of the landing party, I was able to tentatively identify the bandits as Cylon Centurions, and Lieutenant Stathis then recommended the immediate extraction of the landing party to Major Pike."

Kai has been silent throughout the recounting of the mission specifics. Scritch, scratch goes his pencil on paper, with the occasional sound of the page being flipped, so he can verify something. His pencil comes up, to signal that he has a question.

Thea continues to scratch out her notes, looking from one to the other as they speak. She STILL doesn't interrupt. One might imagine that she has the mothering technique down pat. You know, when a child's done something wrong and Mom Knows but hasn't said anything. Given the smile of encouragement, though, and the lack of quiet "Mmm hmmm," chances are good she doesn't think her folks did something they need to confess. Yet.

"I should add to Lieutenant Komnenos' account that I called up to Kharon requesting a flyby to eyeball the DRADIS contacts," Timon says. "However, ECO confirmed all targets to be hostile within seconds of my request, rendering the need for a flyby moot. And yes, sir?" That's to Captain Marek.

"As flight lead, Lieutenant, would you please account for Ensign Nevice and her ECO, once the raptors were skids down? I'd prefer not to waste Captain Legacy's time, and my own, having to track down each and every one of you." It's spoken bluntly. Kai, evidently, lacks some of Thea's ability to soften her words. His eyes remain steady on Timon, notetaking paused for a moment.

"To the best of my knowledge, sir, Ensign Nevice and Lieutenant Thayer were conducting scans of their own during this time." Timon blinks a few times as he consults his notes once more — he's tied to them more firmly than a gambler to his lucky coin. "Lieutenant Thayer confirmed Lieutenant Komnenos' identification of the incoming targets as hostile. Both officers also participated in the defense of the LZ, which with your permission, Captain Legacy, I'll get to now."

Thea glances to Kai at the question, nodding a bit, then studies Timon as he answers. "If the CAG has no more questions, Lieutenant, certainly," she tells him with a small smile.

Kai scribbles a few things down, and nods once more to Timon. "Go on, Lieutenant," is his crisp answer.

"Upon receipt of transmission, ground team interrupted data collection operations and prepared for immediate departure. However, their transit back to the LZ was delayed by the poor condition of the facility. I ordered Thorn to switch our EW suite to short-range UHF bursts in an attempt to interfere with the Cylons' circuitry and delay their arrival. This attempt failed, and five minutes after Dr. Pike gave the extraction order, four Centurions closed on our location. To defend the LZ, all 4th SOS personnel took up firing positions from inside their Raptors." Timon's voice gets quieter as his eyes lose their focus, gazing up at some point above his CO's head. "In the initial volley, Dot and Crowbar were — " The pilot stops, blinking once more. " — were killed and their Raptor overrun. At this time, Kharon's marines exited the facility and provided covering fire while non-combat personnel proceeded toward Foxbat-4 for evacuation. It is my understanding that several marines were wounded during this engagement, as was Ensign Nevice."

Komnenos exhales softly as Timon describes the fall of the luckless Raptor crew — and carefully makes no clarification of exactly how a certain member of the 4th SOS chose to defend his bird. Something, however, drives him to speak up, the words tearing from him unbidden. "The UHF bursts proved ineffective, sir, and that's when I left my station t' take up a more — active — method of defense, opening fire upon the Centurions with my sidearm." He clears his throat, trying to steady his voice. "One of the medical personnel was briefly immobilized after a fall in the snow, and I briefly disembarked the craft t' assist Ensign Roubani in bringing him aboard. Once aboard, I reassumed my station, and shortly thereafter, I detected another ten Centurions inbound to our position, at which time the remaining Marines finished boarding Ensign Nevice's Raptor, and we began t' make our ascent," he finishes.

Thea's smile fades slightly as they get into the hard part of the mission. She dips her head, listening closely to both men. She's the type to keep her questions til the end.

Kai's face remains impassionate while Timon speaks. He's filled up one page completely, so flips to the next with a crisp sound of paper being shuffled. And continues scribbling. There's a brief pause at something Komnenos says, but he doesn't look up.

"Cylon reinforcements prevented us from going back and — " Timon isn't sure how to say this, and the pilot is found struggling for words. " — recovering downed personnel," is what he comes up with. "The remaining Raptors cleared the cloud layer and navigated back through the storm without incident, returning to Kharon with the collected data." And casualties, he doesn't add. "That concludes my report, unless Lieutenant Komnenos has anything to add. I stand open for your questions."

Dodged a bullet there, it seems, at least for the moment. Neither Captain makes any mention or critique of his decision to leave his station, and Thorn is visibly a bit relieved. He shakes his head. "Nothing further t' add, sir," he answers the Raptor pilot, and awaits any questions from his superiors.

The Raptor Captain leans back in her chair after the last notes are taken and simply studies the two men across from her. "Now that the official words are out," she says quietly, looking between them. "What went wrong and what went right?" A brow arches as she looks to Komnenos first this time. It might be imagination, but it might just feel like that seat is getting hotter.

Kai concludes his notes after a few moments, and pushes to his feet to turn the tape recorder off, when Thea signals that the 'official' portion is concluded.

So, maybe he won't escape completely unscathed, then. "Obviously, sir, I'd have t' say I erred in leaving my station unattended, even for a short time," Komnenos says uneasily. You think, Lieutenant? "Although Lieutenant Thayer also confirmed the detection of Cylon reinforcements, I had no way of knowing at the time whether he was in a position t' see them," he adds. Should he try to justify his actions? Probably not; superior officers tend to look down on that sort of thing. If they want to know what exactly he was thinking at the time, they'll ask.

"We got in and got out without any problems." Other than the firefight, but that's got nothing to do with how well each pilot flew. "In particular, Flash — " That's Ensign Nevice. " — displayed remarkable composure, bringing her Raptor home even after she sustained a wound to the head. As far as what went wrong … " Timon looks back down at his notes, pursing his lips. Then: "I should note that our service pistols didn't do a thing against Centurion armor. We hit more often than not, but most of the time our bullets just pinged right off. If we'd had one or two explosive rounds loaded in, that might have let us hold the Cylons off for a few precious seconds."

Kai looks askance to Legacy after the ECO's spoken, then over to Timon. Oddly enough, he doesn't comment upon Komnenos having left his station. "Noted, Lieutenant," he offers as to the pistols. That little gem of possible insight, makes it into his notes. "I'll bring it up with command."

Thea nods slowly at Komnenos, simply studying him for a time. She doesn't remark on his leaving his station yet. She turns to Timon, listening and nodding as well. "Perhaps we'll need to look into arming the birds with something a little more useful," she says quietly. "Now, a question for both of you. Was the option of having a Viper come in for cover never discussed? Is that something we should consider for future missions of that nature? I can't help but think that a Viper's weapons might have been more useful than pistols."

Timon nods at Captain Marek — that's the best he could have asked for. Then, to his own CO: "The thought crossed my mind," he admits. "But it is this officer's opinion that by the time any dispatched Vipers could have closed in on our position, the combat would already have been over. But a fighter escort working in conjunction with us at the beginning of the mission? That would have made a huge difference."

Komnenos nods in affirmation. "Given the circumstances, sir, I'd have t' say an escort wouldn't have been a bad idea, and looking back I can't think of why it wasn't considered, other than the fact that the facility was thought t' be abandoned." Thorn's answer follows Ivory's in quick succession. "DRADIS was almost useless under planetary conditions at the time — the storm was kicking up a lot of EM interference, and the cold did an excellent job of masking the Cylons' thermal signatures until they were almost on top of us. However, if a Viper or two had been around conducting visual reconnaissance, we might've had more time t' safely extract the landing party — or simply bomb them t' scrap and not had t' worry about it in th' first place."

"Fuel. Manpower. Not to mention the electrical storms you mentioned, and the fact that no sign of an enemy presence was detected prior," the viper Captain weighs in, voice even. "It was command's decision not to deploy viper assets. Vipers, typically, are best for point attacks during ground assaults. Get in, drop the payload, get out. There were, of course, alert fighters on standby— but I don't think, given your account of things, Lieutenant," He's talking to Timon, of course. "that they would have been much help by the point you became aware of the centurions."

Thea makes a note on the paper in front of her, nodding to Kai as he speaks, the gesture almost absent. If she has a comment, she's holding it, for now. "Alright. I think we've covered almost everything. Is there anything else you gentlemen would like to add? Anything you have questions on or would like to discuss?"

Timon's nodding as the CAG explains Viper tactics — he's actually interested, believe it or not, and he reaches for his pencil to make a few notes in his book. But at Thea's question, he looks squarely at Thorn for a full second or two. Then, with a breath: "No, sir."

When Thea asks for questions, Komnenos stands almost immediately. "I have a question, sir. Are there currently any plans t' attempt a recovery of the Raptor still on the surface?" As well as the bodies of Dot and Crowbar, if possible, but he carefully avoids any mention of the dead Raptor crew. "We need every bird we can get, and the loss is going t' make something of a hole in our inventory. If there's any such mission in the works, now or in the future, I'd like t' volunteer, sir."

Kai glances to Legacy briefly, then back to Komnenos. "It's been proposed, Lieutenant, and will be brought to command. Captain Legacy will inform you if and when your assistance is required for a mission to recover the raptor, and her men." Concise and inflectionless. The CAG flips a page in his folder, marks something down next to an existing note, and closes it. Another glance to Thea, as if to see whether she's finished with them.

Thea looks up as Komnenos stands, a brow arched ever so delicately as she studies the man. The standing, apparently, caught her attention. "I'll let you know, Lieutenant," she says quietly. "Thank you, both of you. I know this was a difficult mission and things didn't go quite as planned, but from all accounts, you all did an excellent job out there. I'd suggest going back to your racks and getting rest. We're down a team and all of us will need to pick up the slack." Her professional facade cracks slightly as she smiles at the men. "Good work, gents. You're dismissed." She, apparently, isn't going anywhere.

"Sir." This, to the CAG, as Timon packs up his paperwork and thrusts his pad into his pocket. "Sir." That's to Legacy — and Timon's smile, by now, is gone. "We'll redouble our efforts. And if you don't mind me saying so, we'll go down and get them no matter how bad things look, if you ask." With that, he's off for the door with just a single glance backwards to see if the ECO is coming.

Thorn colors briefly at the careful neutrality in the CAG's voice. He may have been calm and measured, but for some reason Thorn feels like the CAG just kicked him in the gut — like someone who hastily brushes away the assistance of someone else who's just spilled a drink on them. "Very well, sir," he mumbles, and his face is still red as he quickly follows Timon out.

Kai nods firmly to Timon, and then Komnenos in turn as they depart. The ECO certainly wouldn't be the first to find barbs in Marek's tone of voice, and he won't be the last. He's no Black Cat; looks like they're in for a fun time trying to sort him out.

Thea remains where she is, fingers of one hand wrapped around a pen, the other hand on the papers in front of her. She remains quiet as she watches the men — Timon in particular. There's the faintest of creases in her forehead, as if something he said didn't sit well. Though she says nothing.

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