Raider Field
Raider Field
Summary: Kharon's Air Wing drops the hammer on a cylon raider base on Scorpia.
Date: PH080 (07 July 2009)
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Space, Scorpia, Orbit
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #80
OOC Time: Tue Jul 07 18:25:21 2009

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] The CEC Kharon flashes into existence in an orbit around Scorpia, successfully completing the jump through Colonial space. The distortion of the jump takes a moment to fade, disorientation hanging on with some of the crew less fond of FTL travel. The remains in orbit just long enough to disgorge a compliment of vipers and raptors. There is a brief lull as the birds pull away from the carrier.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Mooner, cleared from the tubes. Request to go weapons hot."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale coughs "Kharon Actual, this is Rabbit. Green for launch when you are ready. Also we're requesting weapons hot for all birds leaving the roost."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Jester reports aaall systems in the greeeeen. Wolf-5 standing by."

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Mudguts to CIC. Board's green, standing by for launch."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Rainbow, launched."

You create NPC Skittles.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Kharon, Rebound. Looking good out here. Hey Jester, were you still looking for a box of those 'hot wings?'"

You create NPC Shaker.

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus responds with amusement and a hint of gravity, "Funny you should ask. Good for a meal or a snack."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Jester and Mudguts, this is Kharon. You are both cleared for launch."

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Fen's Viper emerges from the tubes and swings into her slot in the fighter group. The pilot herself looks around, then considers DRADIS while the others yammer on.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Kharon Actual. Rabbit. Permission for Launch and Weapons hot for all my birds."

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Wolf-5 screams out the tubes and banks hard on an intercept course with the rest of his wing.

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Jester. Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle. What are our wing assignments?"

[Wolf-9: Mars] Mars, like Fenris, isn't chatty at the moment. As her viper jolts out of it's launch tube, it pulls into formation with some precision.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Rabbit, Kharon. Your plane is good to go, you are cleared for takeoff. Good hunting."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Thank you Actual. Alright Wing form up on me."

[Wolf-7: Willem] Like a good little soldier, whatever he was yammering about on the comms, Wil comes careening out of the tube as well, pulling his Viper into formation with Fenris smoothly.

[Wolf-3: Hale] Rabbit shoots out of the tubes, ready and rearing to go. Already he is moving seamlessly along, kicking his thrusters to get a good little speed going. He'll be taking the point in flight formation Delta

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "All fighter craft, Kharon. Authorized for weapons hot once within range of targets."

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] On Hale's mark, Jester rolls into place on the wing.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Rebound. Going weapons hot. Oh, and the wings? They might be a little stale."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Well they sure are tired."

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Mud puffs a bit of her braking verniers to slow, letting the Wing lead overtake her, though she takes up a position at his seven o'clock.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Alright listen up, the wing assignments are as follows: Rabbit and Mooner, Fenris and Rainbow, Jester and Rebound. Are we clear. We're sticking to formation Delta until we get contacts. Understood? Once we meet the bandits we'll break off and engage before coming in. We'll be bombing the frak out of them so expect them t' be pissed"

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie is pitched lower then the rest of the group, slowly drifting up to form on Hale's wing. She's flying slower today, more cautious then she normally sticks it.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Nothing blips as the ships make their initial launch progress, space seems clear, and planet below — serene.

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Rabbit, Rainbow. Acknowledged."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that, Rabbit. Mooner forming up on your five. Weapons hot. Let's slap this pig and call 'er Sally."

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Inside Xanth's cockpit, an arm reaches up to flick a few dials along the canopy, and then Wolf-5's pilot peels off ever so slightly, arranging for Rebound to form on him. In contrast to Eddie's flying, Xanthus is, if not a little brazen, flying like he's unconcerned. Resignment to death will do that to a person. Leave it to Xanthus to follow the five stages of grief in random order.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Mooner, Rabbit. Our goal will be to keep em off Skittles and Shaker, at all costs if they come under fire. If I go down you stay on em."

[Wolf-9: Mars] Mars' viper stays in the delta formation, set at the same cruising speed as everyone else. Mars herself peers out her canopy, staring out into space.

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Rabbit, Jester. Confirmed."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Rabbit, Mooner. Acknowledged."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Rabbit, Rebound. Copy that. Jester, uhh, try not to hit the brakes."

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Rabbit, Mudguts, copy."

[Wolf-3: Hale] Rabbit checks his DRADIS as the voices ring in over the comm. Nothing in the skies and nothing down below, and so He's leading down to head for Atmo. Eyes are peeled and he's flying all normal, and weapons hot.

[Wolf-7: Willem] Throttling up, Wil's fingers flick a few switches, going weapons hot and keeping a flexible but firm grip on the controls as his engines send the bird hurtling through space.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Kharon, making the jump. FTL countdown commencing. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Mark."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] As the ships pull free of the carrier, the FTL spins and FLASH. The Kharon is gone. According to the plan, the escort carrier is parked on the other side of the planet, waiting for the slumbering enemy to raise its head. Distraction duty is a go, and then there's only that beautiful planet below, and the raider facility somewhere about 32km NE of Osprey waiting to be engaged.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Fen holds the formation as Rabbit starts to head into the atmosphere. Several toggles are flipped as she alternates between looking around through the canopy, and checking DRADIS.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Breaking atmo, Alright Happy hunting Vigilantes.."

[Wolf-3: Hale] And with the plan in motion Hale punches the speed, and prepares to dive right on in. Time to pay back our little sleeping enemy right where they least expect it. And with that the Formation banks on in.

[Wolf-9: Mars] Down into the atmosphere Mars' viper goes, the pilot herself with both hands on her stick as the burn is kicked in. Goodbye imperfect vacuum of space, hello wispy upper layers of sky.

[Wolf-7: Willem] Wil kicks in the burn straight-up, in formation with Xanthus, bracing for the lovely, lovely experience of atmospheric entry. The red nimbus of friction envelops his ship.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale 's voice crackles in once Wolf-3 Has broken atmo " Vigilantes. Rabbit. Alright Our destination is 32km North East of Osprey, hopefully we caught them frakking sleeping, when we see the objective, if not already engaged, The orders are to form up for a strafing line, and drop on em like Sparrows, I don't want any of us coming back with ordinance and them sitting all pristine. Over."

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Giving Rebound a quick visual, Xanthus turns back to the atmosphere below and suddenly all around him. He loosens his grip on the flight stick, exhales, and then focuses on staying on course. Fingers flex around the yoke, closing tightly, then opening one at a time and closing again.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Wolf-8 drops into atmo with Eddie carefully guarding her stick this time. Don't need any repeats of her almost bricking again, like in the beacon training mission. As her ship vibrates from the change in gravitational forces, her lips press into a thin line, waiting until she's well within the Scorpian atmosphere before she coms back over the line.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] The trip into atmo is an uneventful one, and soon the beautiful late afternoon skies light up the canopies of the pilots. The cloud cover is fairly sparse today, and the sky is a warm, summery blue. Visibility is outstanding, unlike the conditions of the last mission to this Colony. The vipers breach over a forested area, and, down below in the distance, a river can barely be seen.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Rabbit, Mooner. Copy that. I am a frakking one with the sparrow."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Rabbit, Rainbow. Sounds like a plan. Let the slaughter begin."

[TAC1] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Two DRADIS contacts, and they're coming right for us. One minute. Looks like someone remembered to change their spark plugs this morning."

[Wolf-2: Fenris] As the corona of reentry starts to fade from her Viper, Fenris finishes flipping switches, bringing her ordinance to full function.

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Two DRADIS contacts, and they're coming right for us. One minute. Looks like someone remembered to change their spark plugs this morning."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Rabbit, Rebound. Copy. I like the simplicity and the elegance of simply slaughtering -anything- here. Nice plan"

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Bearing one one niner."

[Wolf-3: Hale] Rabbit breaks atmo rather uneventfully as opposed to his other times in which he's managed to brick himself coming in. Instead he smoothes his way in. Well as smooth as breaking atmo can be. Speed is adjusted as he scopes out and around his cockpit. Formation lead is still held even as the voices ring right in.

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Mudguts copy…. We can take them."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Do not break formation until we're engaged I want them to think they have a pass at us. But we got em. Take em out quickly before they get a chance to call home."

[Wolf-7: Willem] A quick glance at the horizon, to the DRADIS console, all while his Viper descends on Xanthus' wing, Willem makes another quick visual scan even has he maintains course and throttle, keeping with his lead.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Jester, Mooner. I confirm two bandits on the DRADIS. Let's piss on their parade, and shit on their picnic."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "How about we just shoot them? Rebound, Jester. Play it tight."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Seems like a waste of a perfectly good picnic basket."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] The raptor with their emergency demo team (should things go awry), and a special air to ground missile rig, jaunts in low under the vipers. It's up to them to protect Skittles and Shaker from the oncoming bandit party.

Two bogeys are shortly confirmed as bandits, both on DRADIS and visually. They are definitely coming in fast, and they look to have a little bee in their bonnet.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Rabbit to All: Engage."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Jester, Rebound. Copy that. I see them. Moving to intercept."

[Wolf-3: Hale] As the Bandits come screaming in: Rabbit moves to engage the one on the right which poses the greater danger to his little Raptor friends down below the formation. Even as his nose pulls up to engage his KEW kick in and begin to bark fire in a rather rapid motion. Let the games begin..hopefully with a splash. That would be nice.

[Wolf-9: Mars] Staying in formation, Wolf-9's pilot peers towards the bandits while keeping a firm hand on her stick. The viper stays in delta until the word is given and then banks out, moving after Wolf-2 and targeting her wing lead's target. Round after sizzling round pours from her guns.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Stay on him stay on him.."

[Wolf-7: Willem] Rebound's going in high and fast, after a quick glance to his sec-lead. He's smiling a little bit behind the translucent material of his helmet's faceplate and takes careful aim in tandem with his sidekick, turning the bird hard and squeezing off a series of rounds which graze the Raider's systems.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Trust me. He's not going -anywhere-."

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie's bird dips after Rabbit, sticking to her section lead as they go barrelling after the bandits to protect the Raptor. Her sleek bird slices through slightly denser air of Scorpia, adjusting for things like wind factor. Her KEW rounds stream after her bandit, but the little sucker is slick.

[Wolf-3: Hale] Rabbit's rounds do nothing, but lead the bandit into the combined firing lines of Jester and Rebound, quickly peeling off, as rounds skitter off his bird, like gravel kicked up, Rabbit's burning to come around and catch the raider on a hot pass. Hot, as in Rabbit's guns a firing. pew.pewpew. Hate sounds ever so cute.

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Jester takes it low and fast, turning his eyes to the target in front of him. He swings over, tapping his afterburners as needed. Munitions fire sails hard and bright against the air. His guilty pleasure of considering the actual numbers involved… the physics and the engineering, willgo unnoticed. The impact of his shots against the thick of the raider's hull will not.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "I'm on him…"

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Good shooting. I hope it has something like nerve endings."

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Fen's Viper gets into the slot just in time for the raider in question to speak his mind, and an -awful- lot of tracers trace the cockpit area of the bird. The warcraft flutters, orange and black smoke trailing from the fuselage as she tries to keep it together.

[Wolf-9: Mars] Unwaveringly, Wolf-9's guns keep firing. Recklessly, Mars closes on the raider, finger never coming off the firing stud.

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Mudguts, you still with me?"

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Mudguts, Rabbit. Sing out over."

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Rabbit, Mudguts. My canopy's cracked. Avionics are damaged. I'm down to suit life support. over."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Mudguts, Rabbit. Copy, Can you hold it together?"

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Frak. Don't even THINK about going down, Mud…<pause> You really want to give Rabbit unchecked power?"

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Vigilantes, Rainbow, I need help getting this bastard off of Mudguts."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Rainbow, Rabbit. "I'm on its ass.""

[Wolf-7: Willem] Once more. With feeling. The feeling of a salvo of rounds tearing out of Reboundd's weapons system into the soft underbelly of a Raider. This time, Wil's shots did more than just cause a few glancing blows to the Avionics system, they blow a series of holes into the airframe, tearing it apart. He breaks hard left now after glance to his sec-lead to hopefully come to Mud's aid. Oh, this is going to be ugly.

[Wolf-9: Mars] The gunfire doesn't let up. Hits are scored, but Rainbow just lays in more, especially so when she sees more tracers flicking out towards Wolf-2.

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus doesn't sound cocky. In fact, he sounds rushed, "Rebound, Jester. Clean kill. Clean kill. Thanks for playing, next contestant. Come on down."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Oh my. That was -disgusting-. Did you see that?!"

[Wolf-3: Hale] Rabbit Quickly breaks after his hot and heavy exchange leaves him with nothing, rounds from the Raider skimming past him, his own guns destroying their opponent's on the other side. He screams on by moving out quickly and clearly for the other Raider to go and aid Rainbow and Mudguts, leaving the bastard behind him solely to Rebound and Jester.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] The new hit to her engines really gets Fen's bird to throwing smoke, and, throws her shot wide. She spirals a couple of times, trying to regain positive control. Inside, Mud is throwing switches and givine the eyeball sweep around her.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie watches as her bogey goes down in flames, but no thanks to any of her own doing. Her teeth are bared as her lip curls up slightly in a snarl. This playing is safe shit is for the birds, and the whole sparrow thing can go frak itself. Eddie's fist smacks her music player, and angry abusive music fills her canopy. It's go time, dammit. She banks around sharply to engage a new target.

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Xanthus plays tagteam with Rebound, managing to get another set of shots right onto the body, essentially finishing where he left off. And in all, the pilots finish off the raider, leaving scrap metal behind. Hot on the scent, Xanthus rolls hard, stressing his wings as he struggles to paint his nose on the other target.

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "That one /really/ wanted your number, Mud."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Mud, Rebound. Looks like your tail is clear. Repeat. Your six is clear."

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Pulling nice and hard, Xanthus completely opens up on on the remaining raider. He was low and fast before. Now he's lower and faster, watching the bogey erupt as he pulls up, exchanging airspeed for altitude again. He swings over, forming back up on Hale's originally requested formation, single file.

[Wolf-3: Hale] You mess with one of the Red Squadron, you mess with them all, or so the saying goes. Rabbit offers retribution for the shots fired on Mudguts, by coming in hotter than shit. The KEW rips open sending rather deadly rounds up through the nose or face of the frakking thing, before he's pulling back up as the fires begin, and the others take their turn to feed their hate on the bastard.

[Wolf-9: Mars] When the combined fire destroys the troublesome raider, Rainbow peels off to the side and forms up on Fenris, peering over into the other cockpit.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie gets a grim little look of satisfaction on her face as her live fire eats up one of those crescent shaped wings. She then waggles her wings, signaling an all clear as far as she can see, and then she's scanning for Hale to form back up on his wing.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Vigilantes Form up. Mudguts, Rabbit. Are you still with us?"

[Wolf-7: Willem] Another day, another dollar, another hail of gunfire. While less spectacular than the last one, his shots contribute to Fenris' new friend's demise in workmanlike manner. Death of a thousand cuts. Rebound forms up on his sec-lead shortly thereafter, continuing on course.

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Mud-kzzsht!- firmed… *Boom! As if Betty didn't have enough to bitch about….* Krypter, krypter. I -kzzzt!- lost my engine. I'm going for a -ksssh!-down, over."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that, Rabbit. Mooner sliding back in on your four. Double-fist bump to the canopy for you, my fri…shit. Mudguts, nice and easy. We're covering you."

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Jester mutters to himself inside the cockpit, "Join the Navy, they said. See the galaxy, they said." He sounds bitter, but isn't crazy enough to broadcast that.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Wolf-2, Fenri's most ill-fated friend, can no longer bear itself aloft, let along attain escape velocity. All but one of her thrusters goes dark as new, rolling coils of smoke pour out of the ass end. Her course is fluttery, fighting to stay in the air on a course that will carry her off tens of kilos away from the target zone.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] The dogfight is brief, but at least one pilot is out of the game. What's left of the two raiders spirals to the surface, smacking chunks in the ground as they smash to the earth. The trees zoom by below, and there's a brief glimpse of a bridge, loaded with cars, blown out in the middle. The ground is otherwise unbroken until the town of Osprey. The approach of the vipers roughly follows Highway 19, in a moment they'll fly over the railyard, then the plant. More forest, then the target. ETA 2 minutes.

Fenris appears to be going down somewhere in the vicinity of highway 606, South of Osprey.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Mudguts, Rabbit. There's a nice stretch of Highway down there, try and aim for it if you can.."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Shit. Keep it together, Mud. Keep it together."

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "-kssht!- irmative! Don't wor-ksssht!- on mission, over!"

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Vigilantes Form up. Rainbow form up on Rebound. Mooner form up on Jester. We're still on, Any sort of a rescue demands it."

[Wolf-9: Mars] Punching a non-critical part of her console, Rainbow glares at the still falling remains of the raider, then after Mudguts. Swallowing tightly, she yanks her viper's stick, pulling up and after Rebound.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie mutters something, then. "Copy, Rabbit. Jester, watch your seven, here I come."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Rabbit, Rebound. Copy that. Entering formation now."

[Wolf-7: Willem] Wil's Viper breaks gently to right, increasing throttle slightly as he moves his bird into position, darting his head about to grab a visual of Mars.

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Mooner, Jester. Copy. Load guns with spite and hatred."

[Wolf-3: Hale] Rabbit kicks his thrusters a little harder to get back into the point of the wing formation. The adjustments made, the viper continues screaming along. Soon they will be coming upon the raider platforms, and once they do, they will rain down vengeance sayeth the lords or something along that nature.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Spite and hatred, and just a pinch of vengence. Check."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Acknowledged. Rebound, Rainbow. I'm having really angry thoughts. Just thought I'd warn you."

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie almost begrudgingly breaks away from Hale's wing, arching her bird back to Wolf-5, where she settles in.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Play it smart, but don't hesitate to fire when we come in. I want them dead on the floor"

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Mud's Viper continues to lose altitude in reluctantly surrendered steps before finally coming into a landing that's more 'urban tagging' than textbook along the highway, though, to be fair, the bird's been shot to frak and all. The bouncing probably hasn't helped.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Another contact pops up on DRADIS as the formation speeds over the rail yard. Two more raiders in a patrol formation move to intercept. There's much less warning with them.

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Mud-ksssht!- down. I'm ditch-sssssht!- imately fifty kay-em south-khsssst!- arget. Signing off."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Rainbow, Rebound. I wouldn't expect anything less from you. Really. I hope you don't start disappointing me now. I th- Waitaminute. We have two new DRADIS contacts, Repeat, two new DRADIS contacts, three-eight by one-one-niner, bearing eight-three. Still feeling angry, Rainbow?"

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "You'd think we were coming to kill them or something. Mooner, Jester. Fly loose. Watch the hard deck."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Gotta fly like I gotta live, Jester. Mooner, confirming two incoming. Ready to bag and tag."

[Wolf-3: Hale] As the new DRADIS signals ring out and those bloody Raiders come out over the rail Op there's not much Rabbit can do, One's bearing in before he's tugging at the stick as he tries to come into some form of evasive manuevers. However given how quickly they came in to intercept, its more or less trying to get a few shots in before he can retake from a position of control

[Wolf-7: Willem] How nice of the Cylons. More wings. Delivered hot. Willem's not exactly going for the roundabout approach here, punching the throttle again and pushing his bird through the thick atmosphere at a sharp, downward angle.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Rebound, Rabbit. "Confirming incoming. They're hot so move fast.""

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "I'll make trophies of their spines. … If they have spines."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Well. That was. Gratifying. Rainbow, your spiteful, vicious, black soul warms my heart."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "I know. Also, I've been meaning to tell you to shave your back hair. It's revolting."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Good shooting, Vigilantes. But don't get cocky. Lets save it for the barn. Eyes on the prize and all that."

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Apparently not one to take his own advice, Xanthus drops below the hard deck, taking his shadow on a trip while Rebound comes in and beats the daylights out of it. Pulling up and giving his afterburners another tap, Jester manages some parting gift shots at the thing. The altitudes involved mean there's not far to fall, but it's far enough.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] The approach to the target is ahead, visual imminent. Better ready those missiles, people, the raider field is ready for lighting. Seconds to target… 30… 29… trees blow by underneath and the coordinates are just ahead.

[Wolf-7: Willem] There's something to be said for being in the right place at the right time. In a combined and coordinated effort with his squadron-mates, Rebound's cannons flicker and whirr as he comes down hard on the Raider's flank, tearing up its wing. It probably wasn't top-of-the-line.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie cuts fast after a Raider that goes streaking by the nose of her ship, a quick roll bringing her line up almost perfectly with the bandit. She opens up her guns without abandon, tattooing it's core with her KEW and with Hale's help, they pick it out of the sky.

[Wolf-3: Hale] In his hurry to come up his shots stray off from truly hurting the bastard, a few shots to the face, but in the movement he took saved his ass from getting streaked, so all in all Rabbit came out even, yes? And then as the Raider drops form the sky, he's moving to get back into lead position

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Pfft. I've been told worse."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "I know. I'm having an off day."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Moon, Jester. Form up on me. We'll do this tight, leave smoking transistors, and then go home and set some consumer electronics on fire while we're on a roll."

[Wolf-9: Mars] Forming up on Rebound's wing, Rainbow ready-checks her ordinance and gets ready to fire as the distance closes to target.

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Krypter, Krypter, Krypter, this is Colonial mission recon. Present position on Scorpia 54 12 North 115 32 West. Request rendezvous at 53 49 North 116 11 West. 2200 Jul 09. AA batteries 56 01 North 115 99 West, 51 50 North 113 83 West. Raider flybys at 20 min. intervals in region of rendezvous."

[Wolf-7: Willem] Target accquired, entering bombing run. Good thing the target isn't moving, but, OH SHIT, DOOD, Willem is. Whatever happened, everyone has to have a bad day once in a while. That Cylon-shaped tree is going to eat some high-test ordinance.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale there's a moment of silence before the crackling voice can be heard. "Colonial Mission Recon. This is Rabbit. Repeat again if you can over."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Rabbit, this is Thorn. I say again, krypter, krypter, krypter. Colonial mission recon present position on Scorpia 54 12 North 115 32 West. Request rendezvous at 53 49 North 116 11 West. 2200 Jul 09. AA batteries 56 01 North 115 99 West, 51 50 North 113 83 West. Raider flybys at 20 min. intervals in region of rendezvous."

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Mooner drops low, following Jester's lead as the roll in to drop some pain on that Raider installment below. Dead on the ground means less in the skies. She drops her payload, then starts skimming higher, almost missing the com chatter over the sounds of their barrage below.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "THORN! Frak yeah!"

[Wolf-9: Mars] With her missile lock screaming in her ear, Rainbow flips the cap on the missile firing button on her stick and pulls it with Extreme Prejudice. One of the weapons drops away from her wing before thrusting forward, blazing forward and leaving a wispy white trail behind it. It sails in after one of the others, entering the structure itself through the gap created by it's brethren.

[Wolf-3: Hale] With the target acquired Hale comes screaming in per usual and offers his own strafing hit of ordinance and all else dropped. However Rabbit's busy with other right now.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Missiles (most of them) pound the facility, blowing the southern half to the Gods. Part of the structure collapses, sending raiders sliding along the surface before they're able to start up. Secondary explosions flare up from below, but it looks like this bitch is gonna take one more strafing run with a full compliment of missile action before it's dead and buried. In the mean time, at least three raiders make it off the launch pad before it turns into tilt-a-whirl.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Thorn, this is Rabbit. We've got your coordinates. We're coming back for you. Repeat We are coming back for you"

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Good t' hear your voices, people. We have t' keep transmissions t' a minimum t' avoid detection, but will resume contact when wwe can. And thanks."

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Jester swoops down like some angry falcon. Instead of talons, he has explosives. As far as olive branches go, this is probably not a very good one. He gets tone, slams his ordinance into something expensive and important looking, then angles upwards again, making sure to give the carnage a look as he pulls up.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Oh frak. Umm, nobody tell me you saw that."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Damn. Don't you people have the good sense to stay dead? Glad you're with us. GUess that means we have to unshare your stash."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "I saw it, Rebound."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Rabbit, Mooner. Looks like this pig needs a bit more lipstick before she'll go to the big barn party. Permission to do a second run at the facility?"

[Wolf-7: Willem] Since the party just got joined, Wil maybe wasn't in the best place to be out-of-sight and he banks sharply to engage one of the Raiders head-on. It's time for a joust, apparently.

[Wolf-7: Willem] One might note that said Raider was a nature lover. He's probably really pissed about that tree.

[Wolf-9: Mars] Making her deposit, so to speak, Rainbow starts to bank for another pass when an Angry Raider comes launching itself at her viper. She fires back. Chaos ensues.

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Gee. I wonder if they were insured. Mooner, you've got an adoring fan."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "You know, I have a deep, abiding, platonic love for you too, Rainbow. Uhh, here they come. ENGAGING."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Rabbit to Vigilantes. Engage, and evade!"

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that, Jester. I'll give him hot lead autograph."

[Wolf-3: Hale] With his own payload dropped off and sent down to rain in fire and hate, Rabbit's quickly maneuvering to deal with the incoming bandits. he immediately joins Jester in hunting down Raider seven. Taking time to help lead the target into Jester's guns, before he's juking quickly to come in and Engage the Raider on Rainbow's ass.

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Splash one. Sunshine, if you die, I will kick your stupid ass."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "I'm not going to die. I have a parachute."

[TAC3] (from "Rainbow" Mars) .. Dammit.

[Wolf-7: Willem] Whatever he did with that missile, Willem makes up for it with sheer aplomb in facing down the Raider he's on a head-on course with and gets the shot off first. Boom. BOOM. BOOM. Cannons flare and he jerks the controls sharply as he rolls to port, a salvo hitting center-mass. The poor hippie Raider breaks apart. Die, hippie.

[Wolf-7: Willem] Then brings his bird hard around after sweeping his head about to locate Mars and her assailant, bringing a bit of assault of his own to bear.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "I think I just solved a problem. Rainbow. Rainbow, watch yourself, I'm on him. I don't want your ghost laughing at me in the Head."

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie gets into a little standoff with the Raider for a moment, greasing his engine with her fire before he catches one of her guns and causes it to studder. She drops out of formation to stave off further attack, and the others pick him out of her teeth like angry toothpicks.

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Xanth mixes it up with Eddie's secret admirer, taking advantage of her careful moves to line up a shot with Hale and send the thing to the ground. Hotwings, at last.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Rabbit, Mooner. I've taken light damage but I'm still green for a second pass."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Mooner, Rabbit. Copy that. Go for it."

[Wolf-9: Mars] Atmospheric flying means Rainbow can't just flip her bird around like she would in space. Instead, she banks, stalls and feels the Gs as she launches herself at her adversary again, hugging the damned thing's ass in an attempt to fill it full of lead.

[TAC3] (from "Jester" Xanthus) As Jester approaches the remaining target, he mutters into the comm, "Hey. Caprica says 'Hi, assholes!'

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "I laugh at you in the Head all the time, Rebound. You know why."

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Xanthus is basically forced to have a great shot. He did everything but say 'Caprica Represent!' and he may have muttered that under his breath, too. He gets a beautiful shot and takes it, squeezing the trigger and watching his shot tear through the body. A few pieces splinter off. The shots from the rest of his squadron seal its fate. Dead.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Because you secretly admire my ability to shoot the living shit out of your metal friends? I already knew that."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "No. I was referring to Little Rebound."

[Wolf-3: Hale] Rabbit catches the Raider right in the ass, where Mars misses. Don't worry Big Brother or something is here. Still the defacto CAG lets his hate rain as everyone else seems in a hurry to pull in their own knives and forks. Cut them off some pieces. And already there's the waggle of his wings to show the all clear, and get everyone back into Formation

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Apparently when Eddie flies full tilt, that's when she can actually hit the broadside of a Battleship. Er. Raider. Maybe it's because she's not overthinking her movements, she's just sticking hard after the bandits and opening up when her HUD declares she has a shot. Or maybe she's just frakking lucky. She gives the Raider a pretty nose bleed, then drops low and banks around with a flash of her reverse thrusters to peel back for a second pass of the facility.

[Wolf-9: Mars] Craft bucking a little under her ministrations, Rainbow straightens her out with some difficulty (and smoke coming from her engine housing), forming up with the others and trying to regain tone on the facility.

[Wolf-7: Willem] And, well, Willem's not to be left out. Even with his com-channel bravado, his shots are again drops in the greater bucket of new-ass-tearing. That Raider will never fly again, that much is certain.

He brings his bird around now, scanning for targets. He pulls back into formation, checking visual, Clear. Checking DRADIS. Clear. Again, he closes in on his previous course, his bird closing in on the facility. Approaching target. Approaching target. Approaching target.

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Flying level again, Jester gives his readouts a quick glance and checkthrough. His arm reaches over to flip a few dials, fiddle with the trim, and so on. Otherwise, he falls silent.

[Wolf-9: Mars] Rainbow fires off her last missile, before banking off to the right. Glancing around her canopy, she finds Rebound's tail and moves her bird so she's on his wing properly.

[Wolf-3: Hale] Diving in again Rabbit's coming back on that second pass, as he drops the rest of his ordinance on the targets. A fist hitting his canopy as the last missles fire off with a few shots of the KEW. Every bit counts.

[Wolf-7: Willem] Oh yes. Don't forget the boom. BOOM. Ordinance away. Wil brings his Viper to bear after the missiles are fired.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] The facility goes up like the tackle of a salty sailor upon first sighting of a mermaid. Unless he's had too much rum. Boooom! The wreckage is pretty fiery, hinting that there was more below than just some raiders parked on the roof. Whatever it is goes up prettily. Hm. Probably fuel. Yeah, that facility is toast. Toasty toasted toasters.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Boom Goes the dynamite. Alright everyone time to hoof it back home."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Sierra Hotel. Shit fire and save the matches, boys. Looks like we stirred the hive, and the bees are coming out to sting. We have two coming in from the north, heading One one five karom six. ETA two minutes. Two, from the west heading eight nine karom ought. And one looks like it made it out of the rubble. Looking for confirmation."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Oh lookie here. Mooner, Rebound. Copy that. Reading bandits."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "This place crawls. Rabbit, Jester. Your order stand, sir?"

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Confirm that Mooner. I got one on me. Right now we need to beat ass back, if we have to fight to shake em off then do so. But we're rolling out. Copy"

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Rabbit, Rebound. Copy that. If we sting it a bit it might run off. Rainbow, feel free to use me as a bullet shield. I know you want to, anyway. I can take a few more hits."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "With your luck, they'd hit something important and down you'd go."

[Wolf-7: Willem] Rebound's more or less keeping in line with Hale's orders. That being said, he moves to intercept the nearest partygoer. Fun is about to be had.

[Wolf-9: Mars] Rainbow follows on Rebound's wing, lining up a vector on the same target. Time to Melvin the poor wittle Raiderkins.

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Jester banks, drains a bit more of his afterburner fuel, and gets the tag-a-long in his sights, making sure his wingmate is nearby.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie might be on the course back to base, but she's not going to leave one on Hale's tail of all people. She drops in with the others, plunking herself back down wiht Jester and she'll take a shot if she has one.

[Wolf-3: Hale] Rabbit and Rebound seem to be of one mind as he is moving to come after the one Raider that is foolish enough to come a buzzing. His KEW rips open, barking out a deadly spray of fire, as the CAG bounces, much like his name sake into a firing solution. Bullets scrapping the body of his bandit Rabbit doesn't shake, but rather stays in on his target. Lets see if he can't sweep him here. pew. pew. pew.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] With half the Vigilante team chasing down one lone Raider on the way back to their rendezvous with the Kharon, it's hard to get of a shot and not hit someone with friendly fire. Eddie pitches low, and goes for the belly, but the Raider pulls out of her range just at the last moment and the shot goes off into the clouds.

[Wolf-7: Willem] Bobbing, weaving, Wil's Viper rolls sharply as a few shots are squeezed off into the Raider's metal carcass. Mmm.

[Wolf-9: Mars] When the rain doesn't seem to fall as heavily on the Raider as Wolf-9's pilot means it to, she takes a less aggressive posture, still moving with the others in the viper group, but taking the opportunity to pick at the Raider foolish enough to come into range of all their guns.

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Jester shoots the damned thing. Clearly it's going to need a second application of tender loving pain.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Mooner keeps her low pitch, coming up from below the Raider instead of trailing after it. This gives her a nice clean shot at the belly, eating it up with the KEW in a nice tasty Toaster snack. Yum. Why he was gunning after Hale and not taking any shots is curious, but he gets slaughtered before he gets off a round.

[Wolf-7: Willem] Clack, click, whirr, boom boom, Cylon, Inc.'s stock drops another three points as a Raider is ground into components. Checking DRADIS, Wil looks up and around as things, well, got a lot more complicated. He yanks back on the controls and takes aim at one of his newest assailants.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] The incoming bandits are within visual range shortly after the raider form the wreckage is dealt with. They approach from nine and twelve burning hot. They're definitely coming to attempt to avenge their fellows.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Weirder than frak, was he trying to ram me?"

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Some organisms would consider that a mating ritual."

[Wolf-3: Hale] But Rabbit doesn't have time to chatter on the coms it seems as in come the others to avenge their toaster brethern. No time to gloat in the burning carcass of the one he just splashed as it seems he is going head on with the Bandit coming right for him. Evasive maneuvers. Yeah. Engage the frakkers seems to be the goal. Fight your way out and all that. The KEW barks loudly as Hale comes close to those opening words.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "I don't think I'm feeling the love from this one."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Vigilantes, Rabbit. Open up on em. Seems like we're going to have to bop our way home."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "With pleasure, Rabbit."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Pain and suffering on command. Give a little, take a little."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Rainbow, I just took back anything negative I ever thought about you."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Someone has to watch out for your bird's fat ass, Rebound."

[Wolf-3: Hale] Rabbit lives up to his name sake as he dodges the first opening onslaught from the raider paired off for him, but in doing so, his own shots go wild. Feeling the G's Rabbit is banking left to come screaming back around, as he finds his target again and lets it open up again. Open season on raiders. Hale's hunting.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Frak me…"

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Rabbit, Rebound. 2 more. And Rainbow - Thank you. I am touched."

[Wolf-9: Mars] Rainbow zeroes in on the raider tagging after her wing lead and lights it up, scoring a lucky blast to the engine that sends it spiraling downwards to the ground. She recovers, zooming after Rebound's viper again to take his wing and the same target.

[Wolf-7: Willem] Slip-siding to and fro, Wil's Viper manages to dodge admirably, and his assailing Raider slips conveniently into Mars' firing solution. Beautiful.

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Zipping over, hot on Eddie's heels, Xanthus chases after the raider that's taken such a keen interest on his wingmate while he dodges fire from the raider that's taken an interest in him. He shoot, he ducks and weaves… and for the most part he manages to stay in one piece while providing contrary care for the raider chasing after Mooner. Boom.

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "And I'm on your wing. Lead on."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Rebound, Rabbit. Copy, I got them.. As soon as we clear th' park run it home."

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Before Eddie can get off a clean shot, her board lights up red with warnings. The damage her engine makes her bank sharply, careening in a roll so that she's upside down briefly. Sky is ground and ground is sky, and Mooner has to fight off the dizziness to right herself back up.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "I'm okay. I'm okay. Nothing to see here. No photographs. No comment."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Strike wing, this is Kharon. The mother hen has returned to put all her eggs back in the basket. Please acknowledge."

Mud lines up the pistol on something that looks like it may be of some importance to her nosy neighbor. She squeezes the trigger as proper gun etiquette dictates and puts one in to rattle amongst it's intenals, somewhere. As it goes down from the fusilade of fire turned it's way, she intones a bland, "No solicitors."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Kharon, this is Strike Wing. We've got some foxes after the chicks. Soon as we shake em, we're coming home to roost."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Strike wing, Kharon. RTB immediately."

[Wolf-5: Xanthus] Jester flies hard, wings tense like a wire across an angel's back. He rolls hard, threatening to sheer the wings off. It doesn't happen, but the g-forces are certainly felt. He climbs, swings around, and opens fire. FOr his trouble, bullets riddle his hull. He's still flying, but his craft is taking some punishment.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Kharon, Strike Wing. Roger that"

[TAC1] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Vigilantes, Jester. Someone want to help me ditch funbags over there? My new life as a pencil's thrilling, but I never liked paperwork."

[Wolf-7: Willem] Eat air. Eat dust, eat, well, Willem's luck is starting to fade a bit. Either that, or he has trouble connecting with the remaining Raider. He holds on for -one more- pass.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Even though the order's been given, they have to pick off a few more obstacles so they can comply. The viper squadron eats through the Raiders like moths on your momma's favorite wool sweater, and Eddie is proud to be among them. The fact that she's once more hitting her targets is sort of lost in the blur, her attention focusing on not losing her tentative hold on keeping her bird in one piece until they get home.

[Wolf-3: Hale] Still in full flight Rabbit and Mooner take down one Raider, and it seems another as they tag through the one that had been ranting and raving about Rabbit's guts to the one that was geared after Xanthus. Bird in one piece there is a waggle of wings as he Takes the lead, moving to punch the engines hard. Seems like it is now time to run.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Vigilantes, Rabbit. Move it home. The Barn is back. Everyone RTB immediately."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Burn baby, burn. Mooner's hot on your tail, Bunny. Copy, return to base."

[TAC1] "Jester" Xanthus says, "(Did it again. Sorry)"

[Wolf-9: Mars] More bullets, less Raiders. As the last Raider is knocked out, Rainbow pulls on her stick and begins the journey up and out into space. Back to the barn and home.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "This must be one of those 'upgrades' they were talking about."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Rabbit, Rebound. Copy that. RTB."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Gotta go, gotta go. This tillium doesn't burn itself."

[Wolf-7: Willem] Still no luck. Not a problem though, for Willem, as even though he misses, the Colonials have numbers on their side. This time. He checks his instruments and his airspace and pulls hard back on the stick to climb up into Scorpia's atmosphere. What a beautiful day.

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Hope Mud made it down okay."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus replies a little sharply. Sounds like something he wants to believe, "She made it down fine. Everything is fine. She is shitting rainbows and lollipops. It's amazing and everyone is taking pictures."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Frak you, Jester."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "You know it's sad when I have to be the adult here, but - stow it. Please."

[Wolf-3: Hale] Rabbit continues on the right frakking flight path, making his way form atmo into the open arms of the Kharon. But then That's what this job is all about. Hitting and running

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Kharon. Rabbit. Everyone's home."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Rabbit, Kharon. Acknowledged."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Colonial units, this is Thorn. Surface personnel currently mounting recovery operation of downed Viper pilot."

CEC Kharon, Hangar Deck, Hangar Bay #1
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #80
OOC Time: Tue Jul 07 22:44:39 2009

There's activity here at almost every hour of the day. Impact guns can be heard with their shrieking rumble while crew call back and forth, their voices carrying just above the din of the work here. What's readily apparent is that this is the main Hangar Bay for the Vipers, the distance going back further than the other two Bays which are separated by thick, hydraulically rolled blast doors. On each side of the room, near the Fore end, six Viper tubes are ready for quick deployment of the Kharon's Viper squadron. Lining the rest of Hangar Bay One, each Mark Two and Mark Seven has its own place to be kept with a small red toolchest that holds the minimum of required equipment for quick maintenance.

Along the floor, each individual Viper bay is painted off with a single hashed yellow and black stripe. A deep red line denotes important electrical conduits and access ports just below the deck while a bright blue line follows up walls and across the floor to tell where the Tylium lines run in case of fire. Outlets along the wall for the fuel as well as corrugated rubber piping stand ready for use, fluorescent yellow firefighting gear kept in plain sight for easy access nearby.

Eddie's landing is a little rough, considering her engine got a little Toaster lovin' back there on Scorpia. When she's docked and her canopy is popped, Eddie waits impatiently for her ladder, then drops to the deck. She's peeling off her helmet, thunking it into the hands of a waiting deckie. There's no denying the shit eating grin on her face as she waits for Hale.

Xanthus is helped out of his viper by the deck crew. He pulls his helmet off, scans around the hangar, and spots Eddie, whom he walks towards. He looks less than thrilled. In fact, he looks downright… well let's put it this way. His smile is fake. And it looks obviously, intentionally fake. On him, it looks a little worrisome.

After the CAG has landed, and the crew take time to help Rabbit out, he's clambering down the small ladder, and looking to those who have made there way there. Eddie is sprting a gods damned shit eating grin, and Hale fixes her a look. But nothing is said right away, he's waiting to see all his pilots line up where they are. seems like there has to be some decisions made on where to go from here, seeing how now he has the Squadron and the CAG on his shoulders again.

Praxis heads up the stairwell, hand pulling himself up the railing until he reaches the hangar bay, a short jog towards the gathering pilots is made before he stops within reasonable speaking distance. "Welcome home." the Lieutenant says, eyes scanning over each of the viper wranglers in turn, though of course most predominatly on Hale. "The CO will want a preliminary report as we've been out of comm range for the duration of the operation. Am I able to tell him the mission was a relative success?" The grin on Eddie's face might have tipped the TACCO off.

Mars takes a moment or three getting out of her viper. Who wouldn't, given the bullet holes in the engine. She tries for a pitiable look, but the deckhand who grabs her canopy just stares. Ah well. Reaching up, she takes off her helmet and offers it over, as she takes the clipboard from the deckhand in return and starts filling out a damage report.

Instead of a fist bump, Eddie pops both her hands on shoulder, stopping him. "They're alive." She intones quietly, happily. With hope. No, she's not grinning from her own success from the guns. No gloating. She's showing something that's been so carefully hidden all this time. Hope. Mooner looks like she might even kiss the CAG in celebration, but she catches Xanthus' approach, and she turns in that direction.

Meandering out of his Viper is a very calm-looking, but guarded Willem. Mixed emotions there for anyone able or caring to read them. The jury's out on the latter, but the former, well, a monkey could tell that he's conflicted. He gingerly hands his discarded helmet to the nearest Deckhand and begins his own post-flight checklist, his lips now tightly-drawn. His bird will fly another day, that's for sure. It's still spotless, saved for the atmospheric entry wear and tear.

Hale looks back towards Praxis for a moment "We lost Lieutenant Fenris Valasche. She was shot down en route to our target. She should be listed MIA. I'll have the AAR done after I suit out to go along with your report." said back softly before he is looking back Eddie before she turns off. A slight raised brow before he is looking back. "Also, we made contact with the downed crews. They're there, and they are alive." added back to the TACCO "So yeah a success.."

Xanthus smiles broadly and fakely, "Great flying, Eddie. How about you stop smiling like we didn't just lose another pilot?" Tone: A little bitter. A little too saccharin to be legit. He points at her. If the other pilot doesn't move, his index finger comes about an inch or two from her face. "And how about next time, you stick to your gods frakking wingmate and don't leave his ass hanging? I didn't know there was a waiting period to get in this frakking squadron. Stupid bitch." Tone: Well, okay. He's practically growling now. Assuming no intervention, this is when he'll roll his eyes and turn to get back in line.

Praxis folds his hands behind his back, nodding along with everything Hale says and taking a mental note. "Understood, Lieutenant. I will do that right away." The voice of Xanthus makes his head turn, a light sigh expelled from his lips. "Take your time, please deal with your pilots first before you produce anything." he mentions to Rabbit. "Nevertheless, it is good to see you all home. If there is hope for those we have left behind on the surface, then there is also hope for Lieutenant Valasche."

The smile slowly fades from Eddie's face, like a drop of water running down a window pain. "She's safe. She's down. The stranded will find her by her kypter and haul her ass to safety. And I only left your wing after I was ordered to engage which is standard operation procedure to gain tactical advantage for a clear shot." All the while she's talking, she's approaching Xanthus until they are toe to toe, unafraid to go nose to nose with a man who has both height and rank on her. "So you'll forgive me for my moment of jubilation that I found out our family and friends still have a frakking chance down there, and you'll stow your petty insults." She adds, almost as an afterthought. "Sir."

Eyes coming up from her clipboard, Mars peers towards the little confrontation on the deck. Hard not to be an eavesdropper, Kharon isn't exactly a big ship. She hands the paperwork off to the nearest deckhand and starts to get down from her bird, heading for Xanthus, but not in a Large Lizard Monster Stomps A Metropolis sort of way.

"Whoah. Whoah. Whoah." Willem's off in his own little world, but he's not oblivious. He sets the clipboard down momentarily, gesturing towards the deckhand with an aplogetic expression and strolls rapidly over towards the emerging possible-confrontation between Xanthus and Eddie, looking calm, and, well, if there's an ethnic stereotype of Librans, this is what they do. He clears his throat. "Just. Wait a minute. Both of you?" There's no 'please' in there but it's implied, just by the tone.

Hale is looking back from where he is speaking back with Praxis and there's not even another word to the TACCO, as soon there he is sweeping in and interfering like CAG do. "That's ENOUGH!" voice there out of no where. Perhaps some might not think Bunny has it in him for this stuff. "Morales, Spiros. To the ready Room Right now!" it seems whatever is going on here is going to be stopped now. "Price, you and Mars clean up. And Wil- I'll talk to you later." no Rabbit's not pissed at him, but the current situation? Yes. "Move it-now."

Xanthus glares, but nowhere in particular. "Sir, yes sir!!" Suddenly he's really into this military stuff, apparently. He even stood at attention when he said that. He doubletimes out of the hangar and towards the stairs.

Eddie slides her gaze back towards Hale, as if losing eye contact with Xanthus some how means she's lost this fight. Dark gaze finally stops on Hale's face, and her posture too, sharpens. "Yes sir." She says, without as much pop as Xanthus, but she's off towards the ready room.

Well, Hale's got everything under control and Praxis has the all the info he needs right now. Lieutenant Demitros turns tail and heads back towards the stairwell to give his brief oral report, especially since he doesn't wanna get in the way of pilot issues. He doesn't say a word to anyone else as there is no one really to give a word to. He's gone!

"But, Sir, I -" And Wil doesn't even really get to finish at this, looking in askance at Hale and back at the rather hostile pair of pilots. His shoulders shrug a little bit, lopsided, seeing the incident unfold. He turns back towards Mars, quirking a thin, coppery brow in a small arch and then back to Rabbit. He's got nothin'.

Mars draws up short as Hale starts barking out orders. Her eyes do follow Xanthus' back as he heads towards the Ready Room, right before she glances Willem's way, grimacing. "You owe me a beer."

This, however, pretty much broke Willem's concerned state as he looks at the other pilot, flatly. He almost grins. "Yah. I do, don't I? That was the kind of shit they should put on training footage." Even though it's guarded, the praise sounds lavish in its delivery.

"Ehn." Self-deprecation contained within a single grunt. Mars reaches over and squeezes Willem's shoulder, then starts for the stairs. "Catch you in the berthings. I need a shower, stat."

As she does this, Wil just shrugs again. But there's a half-smile there still. "Yeah you do." He twitches his nose. "For what it's worth - thanks. Next time I'm on your wing I hope to at least come close to that."

Pausing for a moment at the top of the stairs, Mars looks back at Wil. She frowns, sadly. "I was on Mud's wing, too." Shrugging her shoulders, she heads down the stairs and out of sight.

Willem's immediate response is to look down at the boot of his flight suit which he probably is now puzzling out a method of removing from his mouth. "I was on Spider's. Last time." Finally, he admits. Kind of blankly. There's a slight flush of embarassment as he says this in her direction as she vacates.

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