Ragnar Anchorage - Engineering & Airwing
Ragnar Anchorage - Engineering & Airwing
Summary: A trip to Ragnar Anchorage gets a little rough when the Kharon encounters space mines.
Date: PHD206 (11/10/09)
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Engineering is the same as it always is, only with the recent failings of the FTL and the general wear and tear on the ship, every shift is more stressful. Sen is currently standing in the main hub, jumpsuit unzipped partially and a dry erase marker tucked between her teeth as she looks over the rotation schedule.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Attention all hands, this is the XO. Due to a shortage in munitions aboard this carrier, we are currently making preparations to get underway to Ragnar Anchorage where we will be making an emergency resupply run. Due to the nature of the EM field surrounding the atmosphere of Ragnar and other conditions, we will be most likely experiencing unsettling jarring and turbulence upon FTL egress, as well as potential system disruption. Secure yourself. Regular jump countdown will be broadcasted as per normal. That is all."

Kappel has just returned from checking on some of the air recyling pumps on a lower deck. His jumpsuit is streaked with grime and a little bit of soot that smells like copper, toolbox in hand. It clanks as he puts it back into place in a cabinet.

Callie looks up as the wireless rings. Being close, she lifts up the receiver and speaks into it.

[Into the Wireless] Callie says, "Engineering. Manfrin."

[Into the Wireless] Callie says, "Aye. Will power up for FTL."

Callie pulls the wireless from her mouth. "Power up FTL for jump!"

Sen pulls the pen from her mouth and repeats the order, making it official, and someone at a terminal starts powering up the Kharon's Faster-Than-Light drive. "Powering for the jump. Bringing FTL online. Estimated spooling time, twenty minutes." The engineer relays to Callie so she can then in turn give the status to CIC.

[Into the Wireless] Callie says, "CIC, Engineering. We're spooling up the drives. Time to jump, twenty minutes."

Kappel barely resists making a face at that projected time. "Thing's getting slower than grandma on a rusty walker." He rubs the back of his hand over the soot on his cheek and slides into a seat at the FTL console, flipping on the screen.

Callie reaches up to rub an itcy spot with her cast, the rough texture of which feels about as good as a tree's bark does to a bear with an itchy back. "Guess that's to be expected," she murmurs out aroud a yawn while standing there, the wireless cradled against her cheek and shoulder.

Sen tosses the marker back into the tray, leaving that task alone for now, as CIC is ready to make the hop. She approaches to stand behind Kappel so she can overlord the procedings. "Good thing I already had her purring. Look." She points out to the Engineer that called the twenty minute time line. "We're already at fifty percent power, now. Manfrin, call five minutes."

Callie looks up. "Yes, sir." Pulling the wireless back up to her ear, she gives the report.

Kappel is keeping an eye on the FTL readouts, perhaps understandably paranoid given the recent failure of the drive. His fingers tap on keys.

[Into the Wireless] Callie says, "CIC, Manfrin. Five minutes to jump."

There's NO COFFEE in the snipe room. Which is why Nigel was smart enough to down the empty paper cup's contents before lumbering through the hatch and tossing it in an receptacle, muffling a quiet belch as he makes his way in and blinking his eyes which peer out out of narrow slits. He stops, stands straight, and snaps off a salute before getting jiggy with whatever his current assignment may be.

Sen returns Nigel's little salute almost automatically, watching as the readout on Kappel's monitor is now with in the green range. She merely watches the Lieutenant, letting him call it now that the Kharon is ready to jump.

Kappel returns an idle salute back to Nigel, tapping two fingers against his temple. "Might want to strap in, PO. This could be a touch bumpy." He hits a few buttons here and there on the console, keeping an eye on it in case anything starts to smoke, then nods to Sen. "She's ready to go." He reaches for the wireless.

[Into the Wireless] Kappel says, "CIC, Engineering. Standing by to jump."

Callie grabs onto something tight, having learned her lesson from the last time and Lords know she can't afford to have her other arm broken.

"Better be. I didn' pay the entrance fee to this park to miss out." Nigel says matter-of-factly, with a slight waggle of his eyebrows. Still, he takes the Lieutenant's advice at face value and settles over to the wall, securing himself.

Sen doesn't bother to find a chair to make the jump, she merely just clamps her hands to the back of Kappel's so she can be ready to rush down to her baby should something go awry again. "Let's hope nothing rattles loose…" She mutters under her breath, often joking that the old Carrier is held together by ducktape and twine.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Prepare for jump. Engaging FTL drive in thirty …. …. five, four, three, two, one, jump."

As the ship completes its jump, and skews back into normal space and time once more, it's immediately slammed hard to port, and then back to starboard. The pitching and bumping continues for a good five or ten minutes. In addition, lights flicker out in various corridors and other locations throughout decks one and two, including the mess hall. Violent electrical storms are characteristic of the Ragnar gas giant's upper atmosphere, providing for a bumpier than usual egress from faster than light travel."

"Oh, son of a bitch!" Kappel has the decency at least to mutter this, albeit rather loudly, as the ship goes pitching and rolling. His elbow and left side get slammed hard into the console edge, almost sending his face right into the screen. "Not this shit again. Captain…structural integrity's good, but we've got power outages. PO, Manfrin, see if you can get a lock on where they are."

"Ahead of you, boss." Nigel says towards Kappel curtly. That being said, there's nothing resembling innate backtalk or resentment in his tone as he lumbers over towards Damage Control Monitor Three. "Huh. Let me take a look. My money's on Reserve Pod Six being frakked again."

Sen really should have considered a seat. As the Kharon goes on its wild slip and slide journey, she goes tits over tea kettle and ends up sprawled on the floor, blinking at the overhead conduits with a 'did anyone get the number of that freighter' look on her face. She quickly pulls herself to her feet, clawing back to the console. As Kappel starts barking out what he's getting off the console, she's on the horn to CIC.

[Into the Wireless] Sen says, "CIC, Captain Eos in Engineering. Boards are reading structural integrity hasn't been compromised. Reporting power outages in…two decks. Damage control is underway."

Rembering last time, Callie had tried to grab onto something but it moves as well, negating every attempt to not fall. She lands on her backside but is unhurt outside of her pride. "Fuse box…" Getting back up, she gets her tools and some other varous items, namely fuses and a couple spools of wire.

Kappel feels his ribs complaining at him from the slam against the console. "Two decks? You're kidding me. Well, at least we /jumped/ this time. PO, run a diagnostic on the outer core sectors, check if any of the sensors are reporting direct damage anywhere or if we're just getting a major case of static cling."

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Power failure, decks One and Two. I say again, power failure on deck one and two. Dispatch damage control."

"Right, sir." Nigel drawls, as his fingers start scratching at the keys and he squints at the console's readout, eyes narrowing ever further. "I'm pleased to report that at this point, nothing's on fire."

In a few more minutes, the ship has mostly stabilised again. There's the occasional shudder and groan as its hull is battered by the storms raging in its vicinity, but power on the remaining decks holds. For the time being."

[Into the Wireless] Sen says, "Copy that, CIC. Damage control teams are underway. Will report back any significant issues."

Sen orders Nigel and Callie off to deck one, and some others off to deal with the same issue on deck one. As they filter out the door with toolboxes and other various gear, Sen leans back in her chair. "Watch those oxygen readings in deck one section three-a and deck two section six-b. If there's an issue, that's going to be the first fluxuation."

It's relatively smooth sailing for the next couple of minutes. Bumps, clangs and creaks can be heard through the aging carrier as it navigates a path through the planet's atmosphere.

Then the ship violently shudders and pitches again. If it's turbulence, it's vicious. But it's probably not turbulence. Alarms start going off on deck three, and are heard around the ship as something seems to impact with the hull plating."

"Three-A and Six-B, you got it." Kappel sets the monitoring algorithm, and is about to say something more when THAT sound happens. "Frak's sake, who the frak taught them how to drive?" He stands up now, striding over to a different console and flipping it on. "Someone report from deck three. What's going on down there?"

Sen is at least seated this time when the impact rattles through the ship, and her eyes instictually close for a moment. When they open, they're treated to red red red, as the consoles light up like a dark sky on a night of fireworks. "Frak. Report."

Kappel has a hand on his earpiece, trying to hear the shouting of the DC teams through the crackling headset. "Say again, PO…copy…use the N-tube extinguishers and start containment." He covers the mic and calls over hoarsely. "Captain, deck three reporting decompression and electrical fire in a aft chamber."

<Intercom> Attention! Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the ship.

"Tell them to evacuate the area, if there's decompression, it's too unstable. We'll just vent the fire and close off the section. Order it." Sen barks, then is back on the horn to CIC again.

[Into the Wireless] Sen says, "CIC, after that last little bump, we're showing explosive decompression on deck three and indication of fire. I've ordered the evacuation of the effected sections, and we're going to vent."

[WIRELESS] Praxis says, "Yes Captain, we're reading it here - message received and understood. You have a go."

"Wilco." Kappel flips his headset pack back on, talking quickly into the mic. "PO, listen up. Order is to evacuate immediately. Do not remain in the area, spray as much as need to keep it from chasing you out and /evacuate/. We are venting the area. Alert me immediately when all hands are accounted for…yes…/yes/, PO, now move your ass."

[Intercom] Sen says, "Attention all hands! Evacuation ordered immediately for Deck Three sections eight, nine, and ten. Repeat, evacuate deck three, between firedoors eight, nine, and ten. Hull compromised. Fire hazzard. Section is being contained and vented."

Sen changes channels, warning the entire ship of the upcoming vent. She bends over the console, as if wishing people to give the all clear faster before the damage progresses and the fire eats up more vital components that they just might not have the resources to repair. Her finger hovers over the control. When they get the all clear, the section is vented. Whoosh. "CIC is sending out a Raptor to do an exterior siterep. Suit up, Lieutenant." Sen says as she pushes away from the console, leaving the rest of the damage control to capable hands.

[Into the Wireless] Sen says, "CIC, Engineering. Section successfully evacuated and vented. Team being dispatched to Hangar Bay One for exterior siterep."

Oh goodie, a field trip. Kappel's been on the mic back and forth with the evacuated crewmembers for a while, signing off once he hears Sen. "Aye aye, sir. Let me find my fishbowl."

Hangar Bay #1 - Hangar Deck

There's activity here at almost every hour of the day. Impact guns can be heard with their shrieking rumble while crew call back and forth, their voices carrying just above the din of the work here. What's readily apparent is that this is the main Hangar Bay for the Vipers, the distance going back further than the other two Bays which are separated by thick, hydraulically rolled blast doors. On each side of the room, near the Fore end, six Viper tubes are ready for quick deployment of the Kharon's Viper squadron. Lining the rest of Hangar Bay One, each Mark Two and Mark Seven has its own place to be kept with a small red toolchest that holds the minimum of required equipment for quick maintenance.
Along the floor, each individual Viper bay is painted off with a single hashed yellow and black stripe. A deep red line denotes important electrical conduits and access ports just below the deck while a bright blue line follows up walls and across the floor to tell where the Tylium lines run in case of fire. Outlets along the wall for the fuel as well as corrugated rubber piping stand ready for use, fluorescent yellow firefighting gear kept in plain sight for easy access nearby.

Kitty comes limping in after getting geared up, the bump she took to her leg gimping her thanks to the frog she got when she bumped into something. "That was…crappy." Upon hearing Kai she nods but ten looks around, trying to figure out where Kissy is.

Samantha is ready and rarin' for duty, that much is clear. She steps onto the deck, in her flight suit — just in case, and stands off to the side, her back stiff and shoulders squared as she awaits assignment or orders back to the berthing. Either way, she's here and silently professional. ready to work.

An Engineering team doubletimes it up from the bowels of the ship, already zipping into EVA suits as they travel which is a feat within itself. Seems Sen has opted to go out herself, wanting to see first hand what kind of trouble her beloved ship is in this time. Immediately, she's leading a lieutenant to a bird, silently waiting for orders lest she step on someone else's toes.

Xanthus stands at attention, supporting himself with the nose of his viper. He's otherwise motionless where the rocking of the ship permits.

Kappel has his marshmellow suit on, woe. Clump clump his boots go as he heads after Sen, looking rather cranky. Whether it's because their ship is damaged or because this damn thing chafes, nobody will ever know.

Absalom watches Kai as he speaks, and then leans back a bit in his ship, tapping at the console idly and poking his head out from behind the front windscreen of the ship.

Jupiter's caught by the arm, and turned rather easily. She considers the CAG for a beat before she nods. "Yes, sir." There's a swallow, then she turns back toward the stairwell. She doesn't have to be told twice. Jupes disappears again, presumably en route to medical.

There's an orange coveralls-clad deck crew already hauling in a damage repair kit — which is bigger than it sounds — on a wheeled dolly. There are a few shouts of 'beep beep' and 'coming through!' as they maneuver the thing as quickly as possibly through the hangar deck, and toward one of the foxbats.

Matto is suiting up with as much haste as possible, dressing, it seems, on the way to the deck rather than before coming on. Fortunately the flightsuit goes on easy over a set of off-duties, even off-dutied gooped red with jello. "Here, sir," he tells the Marek, half-breathless, moving double-time to Foxbat-4 to get her ready to go, leaping up onto her ramp and in with an energy of motion not often seen in the Raptorbunny.

Leda watches everyone as he is not a Raptor jock, well, not that he hasn't been training to fly one but he has never been cleared for it and so he looks around at Matto as he steps into save the day and he smiles softly since Matto is good people.

Kitty sees Kissy and runs after him, managing to do so at a reasonable clip. Disappearing inside, she starts to get everything powered up and pre-flighted, seeming to be trying for a new record thanks to how fast she runs through the processes.

Kappel flashes Sen a thumbs-up, made that much more comical by the big mickey mouse gloves he's wearing. He gives Kai an equally comical-looking salute and commences waddle after his CO towards the waiting Raptor.

Sen clips on her gloves that lessen her dexterity, but are unfortunately a necessity. "Captain Marek. Engineering reporting." She offers respectfully, while ushering her snipe into the Raptor. She waits behind Kappel, until he's safely inside before she steps in after him.

Kai spots Matto, and then Kitty a moment later, and turns to angle off toward the pair. The vipers can entertain themselves in the meantime; they'll know soon enough if they're needed. A notepad and pen are pulled out of his flightsuit as he strides over; the former's rested against Foxbat-4's wing while he clicks the pen on and scribbles something down. "We've got some kind of explosive damage to deck three, aft section-" He's probably jotting down the specific bulkhead joint numbers. "-originating from outside the ship. I'm going to send along a viper escort with you, though DRADIS is clear so you should be fine." The paper's torn off, and handed to Matto. "It's rough out there, so take it easy." Sen is nodded curtly to, and Kappel's salute is returned.

"All green here, Madman." With Sen and Kappel aboard, Kitty's fallen back to 'proper' military prococol, calling Matto by his callsign instead of by one of his nicknames. "We're good for flight." That said, she gives the DRADIS one more look before they're on their way.

Sen clamps herself down into one of the jumpseats, jockying her equipment into her lap before reaching over to tug on Kappel's straps to make sure he's in good and tight. "Locked and loaded." She reports upfront, just in case there was any worry about their snipely cargo.

Kappel settles into one of the seats. He doesn't go Raptor flyin that often, but he's done it enough times to know what to do without screaming in fear. Belts buckled and gear secured under his seat, he rests his back against the jumpseat-like thing he's parked on. "Rea-…" He stares at Sen as she checks his straps. "Thanks, ma." Smirk. "Ready."

"Good. Everyone else bucked in back there?" Kisseus asks his backseater, just so she can make certain. He doesn't wait for the answer to put in the call to STC, since it'll take a moment for them to clear the launch, anyhow.

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Shadow, green across the board, ready for launch."

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Kharon, this is Madman, reporting Foxbat-4 green front and back for launch."

[TAC1] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Kharon, Wolf-4. I'm in the pipe, five by five."

Matto keeps Foxbat-4 prepped for launch, the heel of his palm resting patiently against launch systems activation, the proper codes already having been tapped in. All he's waiting for is word from his backseater on the status of their guests aboard. Once he gets it, he opens up STC again.

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, I hear you. Launching in three."

With the importance of the flight, Kitty's all serious, the hint of smile that can often times be found on her face whle in a Raptor totally gone. When they're given the go she holds on, expecting a totally bouncy flight once they break away fully from the Kharon.

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Kai] Foxbat four and its viper escort clear the deck without too much trouble, though the jags and sparks of electricity being conducted in their vicinity might be a little unsettling. The trio swoop off along Kharon's port side, the raptor's searchlight illuminating the carrier's hull as they skim along. Being less maneuverable than the vipers, Foxbat four gets pummeled by a violent burst of electromagnetic interference, causing its power to flicker and its navigation systems to briefly sputter; it pitches a bit too close to Kharon and trades some paint with the larger ship.

Kappel has his seatbelt on! And this is why they tell you to buckle up, kids. His helmet knocks gently against the wall, causing him to wince one eye shut as they jostle and paint-trade. "This is incredible." He strains against the belt, leaning down to grab some little handheld thing from his kit. Preserving readings, probably.

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Kai] The good news is: the damage to Kharon's hull can be easily seen from out here. Something didn't hit the ship; something exploded in its vicinity.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Wolf-4 forms up half of an escort pattern, keeping the Raptor between it and the Kharon. The craft sweeps out of its home ship smoothly and rolls to one side, then locks itself in place, occasionally performing a full roll to get a visual on the deep black.

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, report Foxbat-4 launched and maintaining proximity diametrics. Hells and frak! Sorry 'bout that! Choppy seas out here."

[TAC1] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Madman, Jester. You okay?"

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Wolf-18 follows in Wolf-4's wake. Absalom whistles in the cockpit as he's buffeted by winds, and peels off to get a little distance between himself and his wingmate.

Sen ghosts a smile to Kappel at his mom comment, but her face is currently etched with concern. Apparently with good reason. As they're out into the black, they get pitched into the side of the Kharon like a child guiding their car through a crash derby. Sen gets slammed hard against her restraints, the grimace on her features apparent through her face plate. "Good thing black and blue suits me."

Kitty pulls her hands back, the electromagnetic charge getting her to do so on the off chance it might be enough to shock her if she were to touch the console. "Crap…" Face tightening, she makes sure the DRADIS and such is still functioning before calling out to the pilot, "Think we're okay, Madman. Doesn't seem to be any damade to anything back here."

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Jester, Madman, naucon sputtered. Systems are back up now. Falling back to second proximity."

Matto cuts off comm imput for the moment and calls back, "Everyone okay back there?"

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Jester, Madman, naucon sputtered. Systems are back up now. Falling back to second proximity."

Sen readjusts the lay of the straps over her shoulders. "Still concious. May I suggest we move this party along? The less this little ship is out in this electrical field the better. If that means a few little extra bumps, then so be it. Just get me to the damage, so we can do an accurate site rep, Lieutenant." Electromagnetic fields makes the Captain grumpy, apparently.

Crybaby already gave her report to the pilot so she simply gives a thums-up to him, letting that be all the addition she gives since nothing's changed in the few seconds since she did.

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Matto] "Right, then. Let's try this again," Kisseus begins, adventurous, creeping a little further out from the larger vessel the further south of carom he lets the Foxbat drift, mentally checking off the deck as they pass, then tapping in a forward vector and engaging it to bring them closer to the most damaged section at an oblique angle.

"Fine, Lieutenant." Kappel answers Matto. He's got his back twisted slightly, looking out the viewport to see what he can see until such time as they can climb out, or otherwise get closer.

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Nike] The damaged portion of the ship's hull is still venting various environmental gases out into space. The fire's long gone, though the fringes of a scorchmark from the blast impact and resulting electrical mess can barely be glimpsed. In addition, fragments of some kind of shrapnel are drifting away from the blast location; one of them thumps Jester's viper mid-strafe. Each piece is about as big as a chair.

"We're moving into position," Kisseus raises his voice to be heard by the snipes in back, "Engaging preliminary decompression on my mark," he informs them, just in case they took off their helmets or something and need to holler at him not to. If he hears no objection, "Mark," he calls, and unlocks the failsafes before setting environmental systems to vent.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] A slow barrell roll is done by Absalom as he keeps his distance from Kharon and Jester. From his vantage point he has a spectacular view of the damage done to Kharon, and he shakes his head a little, silent for now. His eyes dart to his DRADIS for a moment, then back to the hole in the carrier.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Wolf-4 rides slow and easy until he's not, thanks to former chunks of the Kharon impacting his ride. Jester narrows his eyes and peers over at the ship while swinging farther out, hopefully taking him away from the danger area.

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Nike] DRADIS is still clear. The scanner pings every two seconds, showing three contacts total, all green and very Colonial.

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, we're positioned at proximity to the damage, and are currently decompressing in preparation for further visual survey of the damage."

Sen unclips from her seat when they're close, steadying herself in the cabin by a well placed hand as she slips forward to get a better look at what they're dealing with. Her eyes quicly scan what damage she can. "Nothing looks like it's going to explode in the near future. Go ahead and radio back, Lieutenant, that my opinion is the Kharon can go ahead and dock with Ragnar and we'll do our space walk from there."

"Yes, sir," Kissy calls back, having turned his head to attend to the Engineer. He turns back and resumes comms.

Kappel is looking carefully out the viewport now. He's got the department's high-tech digital camera, taking a few zoomed shots through the fake glass that they can lay out later and start hammering their repair plans from for now. "Bizarre. Can we get our hands on any of those shrapnel pieces before we head in?"

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Kharon, Madman— Captain Eos is recommending that Kharon dock with Ragnar. She says that they'll be able to do the external repairs from the dock."

Matto twists his neck to glance back toward the snipes. "Kharon's asking about the cause of the damage. Any notions?" Kissy's got no clue. One explosion leaves about the same kind of mark as another, as far as he can tell.

Sen leans over Matto's seat. "Impact with foreign explosive object." Sen's eyes narrow, "No telling what, at this point unless we can collect enough of those fragments to piece it back together or see something similar."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Kharon, Shadow. There's some sort of blinking device about five hundred feet off to your portside. Looks like a depth charge device. Madman, Jester, hold position, its not moving at the moment, but, that might change."

Not having gotten an answer, Kappel is about to ask again when he hears that over tac, back straightening. "The hell?"

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Shadow, this is Kharon. Acknowledged. Madman, think your backseater might be able to disable it remotely?"

Kitty looks a bit surprised but she nods. "Go ahead and tell him that I think I can."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Kharon, Shadow. It looks like if you maneuver very carefully you might be able to get around it, but, I might be able to buy you some more room."

[TAC3] (from "Madman" Matto) "Kharon, Madman. Impact with a foreign explosive object," Kisseus replies over comms, the words a little stilted, as though having been repeated verbatim from someone else. "Crybaby's giving me the affirmative there, Kharom."

[Into the Wireless] "Kharon, Madman. Impact with a foreign explosive object," Kisseus replies over comms, the words a little stilted, as though having been repeated verbatim from someone else. "Crybaby's giving me the affirmative there, Kharom."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Shadow, Jester. What's your plan? We're an element."

Sen eases back a little bit from the viewpoint as if she's afraid this plan might back fire. Horribly. "It's my opinion those things are there for a reason. Disabling them might prove more dangerous then just…steering around." Sen looks over her shoulder at Kappel. "I don't know if the shrapnel will be any use, but likely some was blown into the Kharon itself, which will be easier to retrieve."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Jester, Shadow. I figure I get close enough and then retro backwards away from it, it ought to drag along in my gravitational wake as it tries to suck me into it. Might buy the Kharon a hundred meters or so of space to move, and give you folk a little more room to maneuver as well without whacking into it."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Shadow, I haven't lost any wingmen yet. You're not planning on popping my cherry, are you?"

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "I aint planning on getting roasted Jester. We get it far enough away from the Barn and then we can blast it. We should probably look to make sure we're not in a swarm of them first though."

"Shrapnel will tell us what hit us," Kappel points out, albeit distractedly now with this new hullabaloo. He frowns at the reports coming in about the blinking thing, glancing at Sen and nodding. "Agreed on not touching it for the time being, not with the Kharon sitting here so close, anyway."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, reporting Captain Eos' objection to an attempt to disable the device."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Madman, Kharon. Can you elucidate?"

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, the Captain thinks an attempt to disable the device would be more dangerous than simply avoiding it."

"Wait…" Kitty turns to face everyone, her expression worried. "They might cause a chain reaction if there are others close by. The shockwave of the explosion might be enough to trip off any others…" Frowning, she looks at the screen, trying to see if there are anymore out there.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Madman, Kharon. Understood. We'll plot a course through the field instead. Fly a close escort and call out anything we're about to hit. I don't want any more holes in the hull, I'm certain Captain Eos would agree."

Sen looks to Kitty, "If so, it would have already been done when whe hit the first one with the Kharon. If it's a space mine, the things aren't designed that way."

The raptor's sensors can't really pick out anything with all the interference going on out there.
[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Kharon, Shadow. Moving around to starboard flank to keep an eye out for more of these buggers, with your leave Jester."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Shadow, Jester. We'll fly search pattern epsilon seven clicks out."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "This is Kharon. Gods forbid, if any of them start to move on their own towards us…please cause their combustion away from our hull, if you would be so kind."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Jester, Shadow. Copy that. You've got lead."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, I hear you. Will comply; establishing escort initiative."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Copy that. Shadow, take aft starboard, I'll fly aft port. We'll go counterclockwise. Kharon, we will escort you safely."

"We're going to be Kharon's eyes out here, Crybaby," Kisseus calls back as he taps in the initiative and initiates, the Foxbat drifting slothfuly into motiona gain toward the fore of the Kharon. "How far can you see?"

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Wolf-4 gingerly sprints in front of the Kharon and sways off, taking a position to port side and in front of the carrier.

As general concensus seems to fall in line with her original thinking, Sen eases back from the viewport to regain her seat for the rest of the ride to Ragnar. Meanwhile, she looks back to Kappel as she fastens back in. "First we'll get stablized. Then we'll figure out the how's and why's of everything. If you still want to analyze a piece of that shrapnel, we'll see if we can petition command to go on a fishing expedition, after things calm down and our original objective is complete."

Kitty purses her lips. "I hope so." The fact that she's not seeing any more has her worried more. "There are none that I'm finding, Kissy," she says. "It's almost like we're flying blind."

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Shadow rolls his bird over as Jester sprints past, and then settles in on his wing after a few moments of catchup. He dips his nose a little to signal he's ready to initiate the search.

"I do," Kappel answers his boss. He's a mechanical guy; he takes physical evidence and pounds the hell out of it. Settling back with a slight frown on his face, he snaps another few pictures of the hull as they drift by.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Survey wing, this is Kharon. We are moving ahead at minimal sublight on my mark. Mark."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, matching speed and course at your two, ten south carom for escort. Our DRADIS is all but blind, though."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Jester, Shadow. You seeing what I'm seeing here?"

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Kharon, Shadow. You're making us nervous, what's happening?"

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Yeah. Yeah I do. Kharon, please set bearing zero zero niner, inclination four seven degrees. Six carom event horizon."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Acknowledged. Going to all stop, adjusting heading, and proceeding."

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Nike] OOC: I'm gonna skip us ahead here a little, so Engineering can do their thing, and Marines theirs. :)

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] OOC: What, you mean you don't want us to RP calling out headings for the next twenty minutes? ;)

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Nike] It's like swimming through a minefield. Which.. well, it is. Through some skilful work by the Kharon's navigators, the ship and its escort manage to dodge and weave through the obstacle course like pros. In the distance, nestled in a haze of gas and EM soup, Ragnar's anchorage itself can be made out now with its massive rings dampening electrical interference. The main docking bay, and the station itself, are intact. Time to intercept: roughly two minutes. The worst, it seems is over.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] During this period, Wolf-4 has traversed counterclockwise from aft port to aft starboard, following the slight corkscrew path of search pattern epsilon. Though it's not broadcasted, anyone who peers into Jester's cockpit will see the pilot exhale visibly. If it weren't for his helmet, he'd probably mop his brow, too. His flight glove proves to be useful in allowing a steady grip in spite of sweaty palms.

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Shadow, Jester. I'm coming up empty."

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Flying on Jester's wing the entire time is Shadow. He stays in near perfect position as he glides along silently, head turning from side to side to make sure the pair didn't miss anything in their calculations and transmissions to Kharon.

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Jester, Shadow. Copy that. I'm getting near bingo fuel as well."

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Matto] Foxbat-4 doesn't run out to scout like the vipers, but keeps on a course directly preceding Kharon's, treading the ground ahead of time, as it were, just as a safety precaution.

With her eyes straight ahead, there's no way that Kitty can call out any mines that can be seen out of viewports or whatever and she's still not picking up ay on the DRADIS, making for a quiet Kitty except for the occsional update.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Survey wing, this is Kharon. RTB. We are going to commence docking procedures."

Sen is double checking the seams of suit, getting ready for the EVA walk they're about to take. She's tried her damnedest not to look out the viewport nervously as both they and the Kharon behind them navigated the veritable mine field. This is /not/ how she wanted to spend her honeymoon. "Ready to dock and get out and take a look?" She asks of Kappel, despite her apprehension, there's a hint of excitement in her eyes, likely because she gets to play with some of her favorite toys.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, I hear you. Scrambling RTB."

[TAC3] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Kharon, Jester. On RTB vector."

Kappel is marshmellow'd up, yo. All they need are graham crackers and chocolate up in here. "Ready on your mark, sir." He's got his toolkit. And oxygen. That's important.

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Kharon, Shadow. Following Jester to the Barn."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Madman, belay that. Vipers RTB, the Raptor will be remaining out to commence repairs on the outer hull."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, wilco. Returning to primary diagnostic proximity coordinates."

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Wolf-4 gracefully swings around and heads for the hangar bays, taking it slow, but proceeding in for landing none-the-less.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Again, continuing in the theme of following, Wolf-18 lines up for landing a couple of klicks behind Jester, and moves in to land once the deck is clear for him.

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Matto] Foxbat-4, true to its bunny's word, peels off of its escort trajectory and comes around back to where it started, near the brunt of the damage.

Yep, it's a big (well, not too big, maybe five feet in diameter) hole in the ship. It's still kind of charred and crumpled from the impact of the depth charge, and there's almost certainly fragments of the thing inside the ship. The deck's been sealed off by now and depressurised, so all that's left to do is fix it up.

"It's amazing that there wasn't more damage," Kitty breathes to herself, perhaps having caught sight of the damaged hull on a pass.

Sen calls up to Matto. "Alright, Lieutenant. Bring us as close as you can, and we'll go out on safety lines and try and stabalize what we can. We should be able to secure a breach of this size today, but we'll have to make sure we're not leaking or shorting anything vital. While we're putzing, see if you can snag any of that shrapnel with your tow cable for my inquisitive snipe here. Commence depressurization for debarkation, if you will."

"Alright, Captain," Kisseus calls back, "Hook onto the lines and then I'll open the doors for you," he tells them, setting the Foxbat to hover sideways moderately more close by the moment, taking it slow, not wanting to tear up his paint job any more than he already has. "Crybaby, I hope you like fishing. Deploy the towlines and see if you can get a nibble, yah?"

Kappel smirks inside his helmet. Omnomnom shrapnel. He gets his gear together as the Raptor crew lurks closer to the scene of thr crime.

Kitty nods. "Yes sir." She engages the towline first and makes with the fishing, carefully maneuvering it about. "Hope we get something worthwhile."

Sen secures to the Foxbat itself, then of course she makes sure that Kappel and the equipment is hooked on as well. Mother hen? Perhaps. Or she's just careful about keeping the Engineering accident ration low. She gives the go ahead to Kisseus, and when the doors open, she pushes off, using that little bit of propulsion to push her towards the busted hull of the Kharon. Her voice is tinny over the comms as she floats into the black. "It's like being in a giant bathtub. Alright. Looks like we're venting a little fluid. Could be water, could be tylium. Could be a waste line. Let's identify and close it off. We can re-route it later."

Matto keeps an eye on Kharon's position, keeping relative position at all times. For his part, there's not much else to do but sit back and make sure all Raptor systems are still green in case they need to reel in the snipes and bug out.

Time to roll. Kappel gets up and out of his belt, exchanging one security blanket for another. Once Sen's on her way he follows out the back of the bird, line let slacken a little bit to give him room before he wraps his wrist around part of it. Drifting after her, he makes his way through the black to check this venting she's talking about.

After some time, the important repairs are done with Sen and Kappel working in tandem to secure all the immediate hazzards. The hull patch itself was a collaborative effort from other engineers within the ship, and eventually the hole is plugged. It's not perfect, but it will hold for the time being. Duct tape and twine. That joke is getting closer and closer to the truth. A long handful of hours later, Sen finally calls for them to be reeled back in, one more passenger heavy as the Raptor crew was successful in picking up a piece of the shrapnel that started this whole mess. When the door finally closes and the cabin is repressurized, Sen slumps in her seat. "Back home at your leisure, Lieutenant." Comes the tired request.

"Home it is," Kisseus calls back, and, after the requisite chatter with CIC, that's where they go.

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