Quantum Display 2
Quantum Display 2
Summary: A group of pilots hang out in the laundry room and two of them connect in a way they never had before.
Date: PHD 205
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"Speak for yourself." Jupes takes another long pull on the flask before she hands it back to Absalom, next to whom she sits on the couch. The two seem to have driven off the others in the lounge by their very presence, though they seem to be doing little more than sitting and talking on the same piece of furniture. They aren't even sitting particularly close. Though Jupes is still wearing her flight suit , though it's zipped open to reveal a tshirt. She's off duty, but still naughtily in at least part of her uniform.

Absalom has one more longish drink from the flask, "I shall, thank you. Now, chop chop. Your story m'dear? Since, despite not being tied off for most of the first hundred days, I can't say I've been on shift with you or Marty much until just recently. Hard to keep you day birds straight y'know."

Castor enters into the game room with a deck of cards already in his hand and he is being flashy with them at the moment with a series of elaborate shuffles and reveals - his hands are working as if they had a mind of their own since there is a blank look on Leda's face. However the moment he hears people talking he snaps to and looks up to spot Jupiter and Absalom and he pauses as his eyes spot the flask and he thinks about drinking but he is dry these days in fact one could say he is dryer than the scortched remains of Aquaria - wha, too soon? He walks over and offers, "Hey there.'

"Oh, that. I was born on Picon and terrorized the neighborhood with my brother." Jupes replies. She sinks a little further into the couch, and reaches for the flask again, whether Abs is ready to let it go or not. "We lived down the block from the mayor, so we were always frakkin' with him in some way. Wrecked his car, burned his boat. Most every year, Marty ended up naked in his birthday cake." She gestures with the flask in hand. "And every time Boner got blamed for all of it." She grins. "Not sure why he followed me out, other than our town was boring as shit. Burns his ass that I'll make full LT first." She shrugs. "We both became pilots, fly fly. I was on the Orion for a while. It's so much bigger than this POS. I prefer Battlestars, but whan can you do when your CAG is a nutball and's frakkin' someone who hates you?" She takes another swig and hands it back over, the booze, of course. Nothing else she'd be handing over in public, y'know what I'm sayin'? "So then there was some paperwork frak up and we both got transferred here. Only one of us was s'posed to be." She glances up as Castor comes in and greets with a raise of her hand. "Bubblerust, that the frak is your callsign these days?"

Absalom smirks a little and says darkly, "Y'can push the person who hates you out the airlock. Might've done her a favor in the long run." And that friends, is Absalom. He glances over at Castor, raises the flask, and then takes a long pull from it. He scoots over towards Jupiter a bit, and then pats the now open space next to him, "Have a seat!" he calls.

Castor frowns as the hands stop moving all snake with the cards and he folds them together as he reaches to put them in his top right pocket from which he produces a cigar - this is one of his good ones - like keep it in the humidor that is hidden quiet nicely on the ship good. A lighter is retrieved from his left top pant pocket and then he takes the offered seat, "Thanks." and then he says with a bit of shame in his voice, "Yeah, speaking of things that burn ones ass the fact that frakking Bubbles is my new callsign burns mine." Awww the puppydog is whinning! However, he then winks at Jupiter and gives a goofy grin as he says, "But Bubblerust is a good spin on that one." He then asks, "Mind if I smoke? If you want I'll share this one since this is one of the last good ones I have and why not share it with like minded people who might enjoy it."

"Yeah, well I didn't know she was frakkin' him until I got my inked transfer papers the day I was sent out. No warning, just get your shit, Black, you're on the next shuttle out, and it leaves in an hour. Enjoy!" Jupes isn't bitter about it, nooo. Hey, she must be feeling a little warmed up, cos doesn't usually talk about her previous assignment this much. It's too close to personal information. "Ahahahahaaha." Yeah, she actually laughs like that. "Bubbles." She shrugs. "I don't give a frak as long as you share."
Absalom shakes his head a little, "I'm good. One drug at a time is my rule..unless I'm sitting dirtside with nothin to do for a few days. Then, load me up as much as y'want," he says to Castor's offer, before holding out the flask, "Want some?" he asks.

The look on Castor's face is of course a small amount of humiliation and that is what Papabear wants since it is supposed to make him think so he will be a better officer but the laugh has achieved its intended purpose in the pilot BUT then again Leda hides this as best he can by lighting the cigar. He then muses, "Jupiter, just for that I probably shouldn't share this with you." He then takes a good long puff as he eyes Jupiter but in friendly tones he holds out the cigar to the woman as he says in friendly tones, "Good thing I like you though so I will." He then looks at Absalom, "I'm with you one drug at a time." He looks at the flask the way a lion looks at a lamb and he breaks his eyes away as he says, "Nah, thanks though. No, hooch I made a promise to someone not to drink."

"It could be worse, Leda." Jupiter mercifully resorts to his last name instead. It's a small measure of dignity from Fingers. "Spider called my brother Boner over comms in the mission the other day. He's one step away from having it painted on his viper." She grins, leans forward, and asides to Abs as she takes the cigar. "I guess everyone doesn't hate me." She takes a puff, then another puff, then hands it back. "Anyone who'd ask ya not to drink has no frakkin' mercy."

Absalom does not mind Jupiter leaning across him one bit, and places a hand lightly upon her leg, just above the knee, before he moves to stand up slowly, "And, this flask here is about cashed…so…time for a refill. Here's to me not getting caught on my run to my stash. Catch the two of you later." He then finishes off said flask, and heads for the exit.

"Acctually, she has a lot of mercy and is quiet protective." He then takes a puff of his cigar and then he blows a lovely smoke circle and he sets up to try to blow another one through it quickly but he ends up enhaling some of the cigar smoke and he begins to cough and so in his failsauce state he passes the cigar over to Jupiter, "He acctually called him Boner over the coms…" He winces in sympathy and he says, "Owww. Poor Marty." This seems to make Castor feel better for his lot but worse for Marty. "I know where there is more if you need it. Like in this room." Oh, yes, the little puppy is a horder and that comes from living on the streets with nothing. He watches the touching of Jupiter's though and his eyes flicker over to Jupiter as he wonders to see if she is going to punch him in the groin or the face.

"Get a bigger flask," is Jupiter's parting advice. Of course the man with the booze exits stage left right about the time she starts to get a little pleasant warmness from the alcohol going. "Dude." She glances down as he uses her thigh as a handrest, but doesn't really say anything more about it. Must be cos he could come back with more booze. She may be thinking up some horrible retribution, though. She just takes the cigar from Castor, tokes, and passes it back after a brief sniff. "Gods, I love a good cigar. Don't get caught, Abs. Godsspeed."

Absalom gives the pair a two-fingered salute, and then, slips out.

Castor looks over at Jupiter and he says, "I'm serious about the booze in here if you want some more Jupiter but if I show you my hidey hole I can't use this one anymore." He then says, "Then again, you know there is one in here now so I might have to use a new one anyway." He then takes a drag of his cigar and he muses softly, "Hey, Jupes, are you growing more mature or something? I mean you didn't hit, Abs?" He then says, "This is an Aquarian handrolled cigar - the honest to goodness good shit and I only have two more of these."

"I hate gettin' drunk alone, Leda, pass. I mean, if I'm at a bar, least I got a chance of gettin' drunk and goin' home with someone. Here, all in the lounge with somebody who doesn't drink? Just sad." Jupiter shakes her head and waves off any more booze. She tips back and closes her eyes, getting comfortable on the couch. One eye cracks open as he asks after Absalom. "He might come back with more booze. HIs hand went about a half inch higher, he'd be singin' all the girl parts, though."

Leda nods his head as he listens to Jupiter talk and then he chuckles, "Are you kidding me I love getting drunk - I mean even walking is fun when you are drunk." He then winks, "But someone was worried about me drinking too much and hence the promise and I keep my promises." He then says, "He might come back but he looked a little sauced." He then chuckles at mentioning making Abs sing like a girl and he says, "For half a second I almost thought you and Abs were a pair with that little touch." He then offers tthe cigar back over to Jupiter after taking a long drag.

"Sex is the most fun when you're drunk, but the last time I drank anything with a guy I planned to sleep with, I woke up blonde." She's still bitter about that, given the bite in her tone. She could use a dye job, one way or the other, cos those roots are kickin'. She doesn't really seem to give a crap. "No, we ain't together, but he's been flirtin', and I'm pretty sure he'd like to get a hand down my flight suit." She yawns a little, but makes no moves to get up. "Dunno why. We barely talk. I guess it's all that naked walkin' around I do."

"Jupes, and I'm about to say something and I say this as someone who is not trying to make a move on you." He waits a moment before he says, "Face it, you're hot." He then says, "So, I imagine almost every guy on this ship has thought about chasing after you one way or another." He chuckles and he isn't laughing at Jupiter as much as he is laughing at the sudden realization of it all, "Ah, that is why you had the blonde hair." He then he offers, "The last woman I slept with ended up in bed with another man no less than a day after breaking up with me."

"I'm hot, huh?" Jupiter gives another one eyed glance over to Castor. "That's rough. She was a slut. You're lucky. Mine just frakked with my head, broke my trust, and acted like I used him when I broke up with him for the rufie." She shrugs. "People are damaged way beyond. But I guess that's ok as long as we're alive. Who the frak cares at the end of the day, right?" She nods and says, "Thanks for not tryin' to get in my pants with that one, Leda. I can only shake off one potential frak at a time. I'm just not up to the juggle." Her eyes slip closed, then pop open again. "Aw frak. I am growing as a person." SHe sounds way bummed about it, too.

"You know what the funny thing is about her…people joke about Sam being all wild go crazy with the bedroom antics but no one ever talks about Flash." He then gives a small chuckle as he says, "Maybe that is because people are teasing Sam but when the real thing shows up." He then stops, "Wait…did you say rufie?" He raises an eyebrow and he says, "People are damaged and that is frakked up." He then takes a moment to roll that one over and he says, "Jupiter, I'm not trying to get into your pants because I think you and I both know that something like us would ever work - for one you'd be the pants in such a crazy imagined relationship…" And then he points to himself mostly for comic effect, "And two I probably wouldn't man it up for you since I'd be worried about your emotions way too much." He then says, "I mean if he wasn't taken by the S2 I'd say Kai would be more your speed. So, you don't have to worry about me coming after you." Aww the puppy knows he is a puppy.

Jupes grins. "You're wrong there. I talk about Flash plenty. Just nobody much notices, because she keeps her head down, more or less. Yeah, usually in someone's lap, but you know what I mean." She stretches her arms above her head, and crosses them behind, hands behind her neck, relaaaaxed. "Yup. I said rufie. I woke up with all my clothes on, or there would have been a trial and an airlocking. Not necessarily in that order." She grins slightly as Castor mentions her being the pants. She snickers when he mentions Kai being her speed. "Mmmhm. Throttle down on that one. Ruff." The grin just widens, and she eyes Castor with one eye opening, briefly. "You're right. I need a man with a little more thrust in his… y'know. Parts." She closes her eyes, then opens them again. "You'll make someone a fine husband some day, Leda. Some woman will love that sweetness about you, and you'll be so happy the rest of us will wanna puke. I'll have extra marital affairs if I ever get to the altar, which is highly unlikely, given the recent drop in the candidate pool. I'm just holding out for a decent frak that's over the age of 25."

Jupiter closes her eyes once more, and tips back a little further. "Besides, I've both been there and done that. It didn't work out. I'm not going there again. It's not like I can get another transfer, and that only leaves the airlock."

Castor looks a little angry for a moment, "Any man that uses a rufie on a woman should be airlocked." His voice goes a bit cool and distant for a moment and then he changes the subject since that is not a realm of conversation he would like to get into for the moment and he steers the conversation in another way, "Well, I'm good at finding things but love is something that I can't scrounge up - just like the Genie in that movie but if I see a guy that fits the bill I'll make sure to inform you. In fact we have some new civvies in processing so you know maybe someone will pop up." He then says, "And I'm waiting to see if I can start something with Delann…one of the new Raptor jocks though I never really see her anymore." He then adds, "And if I get in a relationship I'll tone down the sweetness and light in public, well, as much as I can."

Jupes smiles slightly at Castor's reassurance. "Aw, you fly that freak flag high, Leda." Her voice becomes a little softer the longer they talk, and her body relaxes into the couch. "I'll survive. I have two good hands and plenty of rack come every day." She doesn't seem too concerned on the love angle, though slightly amused that it's the second time she's talked about or heard it talked about today. "Look for one for Morales, too. She's got way too much time on her hands givin' other people advice, and betting on underwear colors."

"Well, someone has to fly the flag." Leda says simply in response to Jupiter but he does smile softly and he raises an eyebrow as something gets confirmed for him and he says, "Morales isn't seeing anyone." He grins, "She once wanted to see if I knew if she was dating someone a while back but I didn't take the bait never gamble when the odds are against you." He then says, "Seriously though she was beating on underwear colors?" He then says, "Yeah, let me get on that one since that sounds dangerous who knows her mind might go all a crazy and then we will have someone go nuts." He then pauses just for a moment as he said, "Who am I kidding we are all nuts but not that kind of nuts - that kind of nuts is saved for the marines."

"You're damn right that kinda nuts is saved for marines," Jupiter agrees, after a bit of a silent moment. It's clear that both parties are now thinking about Sunshine, her murder spree, and the resultant time in the brig. Hell, at least Drarelle bit his on his feet, armed. Jupes frowns a little. "Man, crazy frakkers."

Leda doesn't say anything else on the subject since it has already been said. Instead he takes a puff on the cigar that has now been roughly half smoked and he says, "Anyway, I tried to scrounge up some stuff with the civvies but they don't have a lot." He then adds, "Get this though I saw animals in there. Animals, when did we turn into an animal refuge we have rabits and now this."

"How many animals?" Jupes arches her brows though her eyes remain closed. "I mean, what, that one guy and his dog?" She's thinking of Dmitri, the guy who was in the bay before with his dog. No such luck! "I dunno. Any of them look tasty?"

Castor was thinking the same thing since dog is something that people used to eat after the war and he says, "I don't know I didn't get a good look I just heard a bark." He then pauses and looks at Jupiter and turns his head, "Wait, did you mean the dog or men?"

Jupes can't help but snicker at Castor's need to ask that question. She doesn't actually answer it, though she does open her eyes and roll to her feet. "Thanks for the chat, Leda. And the laugh." She smiles. "And the compliment. But I have to hit my rack, and take off the flight suit, before some higher ranking, stupid up frakker walks in and sees me hanging out in it. You stay honest." She stretches briefly, arching her back and popping it a couple of times. "It's gonna be a good night."

Castor nods his head and he stays seated for now as he says, "And yeah, I'm glad I got to hang out with you." His voice is honest and he says, "Hey, if you ever want to hang out let me know I mean you're safe with me." He then says, "Sleep tight, Jupes." He says and he adds, "And you stay cool." He then does a cheesy finger gun in the air for emphasis.

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