Put A Baby In Me
Put A Baby In Me
Summary: Agatha visits Josef in the Weapons room, only to have one of their usual 'conversations' Tiera is ambushed in this log.
Date: PHD 205 (November 9th, 2009)
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This is the room which controls the main defensive guns on board the Kharon. Much like the CIC, this room is kept dark but for the dark blue overhead lighting. Fire control computers line each square inch of the wall, the systems literally packed into this room's every inch. Red lights and displays provide the Watch Officer with the tactical information required for running defensive operations from on board the ship. Sharing a DRADIS terminal with CIC, wiring pipes link directly Fore to provide up-to-the-second information for the crewmembers in here. Terminal boards glow yellow in the low light to provide ammunition levels and gun status readouts with only a quick glance.

Though he could easily sign out and go and grab himself an early dinner, the Lieutenant remains at his small post within the Weapons room. Just a larger mainstay of that which is in CIC as well. Here all reports come across his desk, and on several screens as to the readiness of the ship's guns as well as what might be lurking out within the darkness of space. However, no petty officers are running within the room from the galleries, and no one else seems to be present. As such, the lieuteant finds himself seated in his 'captain's chair' watching the main terminals, while enjoying a dwindling cigarette. Much peaceful here than in the berthings for this particular Beckett.

The hatch opens carefully, with a cloth handkerchief between hand and wheel, and Aggie Beckett steps into the Weapons area with a slight frown of distaste. Her eyes sweep the room briefly, and find it mostly empty, save the lights and controls which dominate the room. She finds the space very cold and cluttered, dirty as well. Something about it, with all the gunners…

The Lieutenant carefully folds the hanky into a neat square, and slides it into her left pocket tucking it in wrapped in an unused surgical glove. She approaches the main terminal, where Beckett is seated. From her other pocket, she removes a very crisply folded pair of men's shorts. She tosses them just past his shoulder, her approach very quiet. They almost take out his smoke before landing on the terminal. "What is that." And why was it crumpled up in the middle of her bed after lunch.

There's a blink, a rather rapid blink as it seems the room comes alive, not when the Doctor carefully enters the room, and thus adds some of the lovely artificial light from the corridor into his dark room. No the reaction comes from the pair of men's shorts nearly knocking out his cigarette. Rather there's a shake and a tumble as he rises to catch it, only to burn his already scarred hand (along the back) which issues a curse, before the smoke itself is rolling to knock itself out against one of the terminals in the room. There's a sputter, a pause as brown eyes slide to the shorts, and then back towards Agatha, as he rises up.

"What in the frak are YOU doing?" Not hello, my darling or sweet. " Toj Koo mas-sharmuta!" the curses roll, all this over a cigarette. "You know what exactly these are Kanith! These are my gym shorts- what I wear when I have to do PT." seething though his body remains poised, his voice level raises considerabbly. Specially when cursing out the Lieutenant in Kashmiri. "You came here, to my work, to interrupt me, over my shorts?!" and yes, he is clenching a fist right there.

"In'al yomak, Hmar!"

Tiera steps into Weapons from CIC, a clipboard tucked under one arm seems she's on one of her projects again. SHe stops as she hears the yelling and blinks. Turning to find the source she spots her CO, with another blink she slowly starts to back out of the Weapons bay.

Aggie Beckett, also known as the dentist from hell, stands roughly two feet behind Josef Beckett, having just tosses a pair of shorts onto his work console, during his shift. Her hands remain perched just above her pockets, like she might shove them in at any moment, but she doesn't quite do that. "I am returning your dirty laundry from the center of my pristine personal space. You're quite lucky I didn't post them on the Ward Room wall." Her eyes narrow slightly, back straight, posture perfect. "Do not use that language with me," Must have been some of the colorful Kashmiri. "Lieutenant." The last is perhaps switch from her usual salutation due to the presence of other crew. "Do not do it again."

"This. This is the big thing that was on your mind that you could not simply wait to deal with during a time in which we were both off duty-" However his words stop right there, before he is turning his head. Spotting Tiera there's a cool gaze leveled in her direction. "Lieutenant?" Beckett finally finishes before he is looking back to the unlucky PO who has just wandered in at this exact moment. A hand up to the Dentist as if to tell her to wait just a moment. "Something I can help you with, Mister Reyn?" tone decidedly cooler than what had been used on Agatha. Now, Tiera must do the skillful act of navigating through this literal-shitstorm.

Tiera looks at the two giving each a big eyed look then nods "Y-Yes sir" She walks over, holding out the Clipboard "The latest Ammo update sir. We really need to find a resupply ship or something soon" Once she's delivered the ciplboard she nods to the other officer in the room "Sir" before stepping back and waiting to see if Beckett has any questions.

Aggie steps back a half step, a tight nod following Beckett's words. Her lips tighten a little at the hand that's raised to tell her to hold, but her expression smoothes as her eyes flick to the PO. She gives the woman a level stare. She nods slightly with the second 'sir'. "PO." Her tone is brusque, professional, short.

There's a faint flicker of his eyes between the two women, before his hand is coming out to take the clipboard. Eyes skimming over the notations for a moment, as a small frown shows. Perhaps the good way to get one out of this argument-simply show him numbers. "If it comes down to it, pack a frakking casing with tylium and forks, we'll use that.." Though no mirth is in the little jibe, Instead he reaches for a pen in his pocket in order to make a quick initial and signature, followed by some indiscernible scribbling. "Thank You, Reyn." apparently whatever little tirade was on his tongue, is now swallowed down for good, or ill. "Please send this to the XO, so he knows what we don't have. My professional opinion is that we might be able to hold for one light skirmish, at best- and that is with hoping no pilots are shot down, and we only have to have our Triple A screen up for two minutes. Other than that, we will soon be frakked in the water." and there's a raised brow. "A fair guess-would you say, PO?" Don't worry Aggie-he will get back to you soon enough.

Tiera nods and retrieves the clipboard, she doesn't comment on the suggestion on ammo. "Aye sir, we were lucky we didn't have to expend any during our return to Scorpia" She holds up the clipboard "I'll get this to the XO right away, along with your data sir" Stepping back a bit more she nods "Yes sir, let's hope it doesn't get to that state before we can find some re-supply"

Agatha Beckett, DDS, appears to be waiting quietly for the moment. Her hands slide into her pockets, then the left one slides back out with a slight frown of distaste. She slides a little bottle out of her pocket, squires some gel into her palm, then rubs her hands together briskly.

Beckett sighs after a moment and nods, just once over towards Tiera. And with that, eyes are back and focused on Agatha for a moment as he calmly moves to pick up those shorts that were thrown. A swallow, and eyes look back to the Dentist. "Do you want to have this conversation-here. Or, should we move?" He'll wait, or so it goes. Shorts dropped back into his chair, the Sagitarrian man, isn't sitting back down, just yet.

Tiera glances between them again then nods "If you will excuse me Sir's, I 'll go hunt down the XO" She turns to push her way through the hatch leading to the CIC, the most likely place to find Praxis.

"It's a non-issue, Lieutenant." The dentist replies without looking up from her hands. "You clutter my station." She glances up. "I clutter yours. You will excuse our confrontation, PO, we're having a miscommunication between departments." Yes, medical and weapons have overlaps often. Sure they do. Her eyes return to Beckett after a quick glance to Tiera.

"A bed is not a station." Josef quips, before he's looking back towards Tiera, and a nod. "Of course, PO. You are dismissed." As if it wasn't clear by his earlier nod. Though passionate her boss is- rarely is he ever close to frothing. Agatha just brings that out in him. And so there's a tightening of his jaw, as one scarred hand moves up, and rubs at his temple for a second. "Anything else Lieutenant?" asked, it is rare that she would even bring up the pants- at least here of all things, that or he feels like not accepting the shorts as a means to such a disruption.

"A bed is a station when you do much of your paperwork in your bunk due to the great over-crowding of the medical office, particularly since the evac of Scorpia. There's a new redheaded doctor who's apparently old friends with Pike. Do I look like I want to swap recipes over charts?" Agatha Beckett, cheerful people person. Only not. Ever. She hesitates to leave, however. Normally the petite dentist would have stormed out by now. Something must be keeping her.

That is enough to set off alarm bells. At least not to every other married man, but to someone who is used to Aggie's own storming out after something of this sort. And so the Lieutenant hesitates. "Which red head, there's Locke-" who is one of us, goes unsaid. Leave it to Beckett to be prejudice to those not of their beloved colony. Still though the hesitance is noted, and so he moves from his place in the room to come over. "Yes?"

"Some skinny little redhead from the resistance. Alyssa Oddysey-something." There's a shake of Aggie's head, her sleek black hair shining even in the odd weapons lighting. She glances away, just a flicker of her eyes, and then she looks up, eyes meeting his directly. She takes a breath, and then looks away. "Josef."

"Agatha." Beckett replies as he watches her. Perhaps the most curious behavior he's ever put with his bride. Still his hand reaches out for her, which stops just sigh, fngers moving to find their way pressed back at his side as whatever tension that was in the room seems to have been sucked out by some unseen airlock.

"Agatha." Beckett replies as he watches her. Perhaps the most curious behavior he's ever put with his bride. Still his hand reaches out for her, which stops just sigh, fingers moving to find their way pressed back at his side as whatever tension that was in the room seems to have been sucked out by some unseen airlock. "Agatha, what is the matter?"

She doesn't answer right away. It would be customary for her to snap at him, perhaps slap him, and storm out. She breathes in through her nose, her jaw clenching slightly. She fights with whatever words there are, and then cuts her eyes back to him at last. "Josef. I want a baby. You are my husband." It's possible the incidents of the last couple of months have sent the poor OCD doctor just over the edge.

One might wonder, what in the name of hell goes on with these two. And in fact Josef might have been waiting to see and hear the usual words, of I want a: "Baby, does not sound a thing like a divorce." finally said as the look of momentary shock has faded from his face. "Wh-" and then he is closing his eyes, as if trying to find a way to vocalize his mind in this moment. "Why now?" perhaps he doesn't follow the sudden change- though after a moment of silencehe adds. "Does this have to do with the thing-" you know the attack shaped elephant, we've never really discussed.

Aggie doesn't answer that right away. She brushes a few imaginarily out of place strands of hair back into place. Her hand slides up her opposite atm, to her shoulder, where it remains curled for a moment. "Nothing changes here. Every day we face death, for what? For what, Josef?" There's a slight crack in the usually brusque and impenetrable facade of the younger Beckett. "At home…" She swallows. "At home these things happened. Terrorists." She uses words sparingly. He knows what home was like in place, inside cities where unrest grew like weeds between the gaps in pavement. "I need something else to focus my attention." It must have something to do with the bombings.

Beckett remains silent. Current protestations swallowed down as the Lieutenant simply watches his wife- Finally his hand moves to rest on the one at her shoulder. "That has always been an aspect of Naval life- you and I both know this. And usually, married couples are not on the same ship.." A pause before he steps in closer. "I know." His own reasons for joining the Navy came from that exact environment. "A baby should come from love-not fear of the next day not being there…Look." quiet as his hand retreats, finally. "We could talk to the psychologist…See what she says-" and he cuts himself off, before she can.

Aggie's eyes grow cooler as he mentions the shrink. "Josef Beckett." It's a statement and a criticism all in one. "When a wife wants a baby, it is a husband's job to provide. You could, at the very least, take this one opportunity to behave as a husband should." Manburn. She tosses her hair back, and it slides across her cheek. "Or I will find someone who will." Aw, hell no. She went there. Aggie turns on her heel, prepared for a full on storm out.

"Any man's penis who touches you, that isn't my own, will be cut out. I have gone to prison once- I will go again." Alright so he's been jailed once, and then it was on suspicion-not the same thing as being a hardened Criminal. But his hand is coming back to catch her, before she can simply storm out, and just leave. "IF you are sincere about then-then I will do my duty. However, as this is serious." quiet for a bit. "You quit calling for divorce." And there Josef raises a brow. Now there is something curious to see-will she still want a child then?

"Do you really think that a baby could make me stop asking for what I wanted for so long?" Aggie shakes her head slightly. "No. Let go of me, Josef." She doesn't quite look at him, her dark eyes turned away. "What you do to other men is your business. You will not give me what I want, and just now, when I ask you something, you offer it with caveats?" The dark haired dentist is angry. It's a quiet anger, not the usual shouting in public anger.

"Do you actually think I would just let you go, with my child?" Simple question back. And eyes remain on her and then he's shaking his head, one hand releasing while the other is going back through his hair. "This is not about a baby- because if it was, you would not ask me for it. You simply would stop using whatever BC you have left." A look back, his own anger beginning to show-mainly from frustration. "Why can you not, be honest with me? Have you ever thought that I might deserve a little bit of honesty- or something close to it- at least right now with something so huge that you ask for?" Beckett- isn't keeping her, that is for certain. "I at least deserve that much."

Aggie turns on her husband, and steps up closer to him. Thank the Gods this room is empty, because what she says next would clear it, and probably get them both reprimanded for public displays of conduct unbecoming. "You don't love me, Josef. You never had. You met me and saw me in that bar, and we were so drunk, neither of us could see straight for two days. And now we're here, in this shithole, in the middle of the war that's almost claimed us both. Our command is incompetent and slow to respond." She gives him a shove, toward his consoles. She's so small, it probably has very little effect. "And you did not come for me. I could have died, and you didn't come."

"Our command is Dead." said plainly, before he is looking back. The shove, is enough to teeter him off balance, but not send him to his ass-mainly because the consoles are there to steady him, and he's looking right back to her. A tightening of his jaw for a moment, before he's looking away from her. "This day? I will be honest. I do not." Quiet for a moment. "There have been times I thought I did. Many times, during shore leave, and times even on this walking shit hole." A look back to her, now. "However, when you have years of hearing someone chipping away at you. Chipping with each request for something that is against your core and being-what little spark there might have been after a drunken mistake slips away, quite easily." And he lets that sit in the silence for a bit.

"It is not that I didn't want to." though his voice feels ragged, and hard, as if he was swallowing gravel as he spoke. "I could not. I was not allowed from my post, even when I was told of what happened. As Sheridan put it- I could not leave my post during war. And even if he had let me…" Eyes look down to the floor. "I do not think I could drag myself there- not out of wanting to protect you, but out of the fear that I would come by when finally released only to see them wheeling you out, with a blanket over your face- if there was any left." silence. "I cannot think of you dead," finally admitted. "You are all I have left, that I care about- and pray for. And easily the only thing that cut through me like an achilles heel- I could not move- because I could not know."

Aggie just stares up at Beckett for a long moment. Her eyes lock on him and she stays where she is, just a few feet away. She could have left by now. SHe should have left by now. In the face of those words from her husband, she remains standing there, motionless. Her eyes focus on him, and she just breathes in. The breath is short, almost a startled sound. Her lips press together gently. She closes her eyes. It's probably a reboot of evil. Give her a moment and all will be back to normal.

Beckett is quiet still, as he looks back towards his wife for a second. And eyes just watch her for a moment, and with that he is now moving away from her. "I am sorry." for ruining her life, or what have you, is never fully clear-nor conveyed. Still his voice comes back. "For all I have done, and not done, I am sorry." And with that he's turning his head to look back to her as he waits by the hatch.

Aggie reaches up and slides her hands through her hair. She brushes it down smoothly, then gently pats her hands over her lab coat, smoothing it over. She lifts her chin, then takes a breath, and makes her way to the hatch. "It's a little late for sorry, Josef. Do not make me excuses. And do not look at me with those wide brown eyes implying I've done something." She advances on the hatch, and stops nearby him. "Give me a cigarette." Please and requests seem to have exited her vocabulary…. er or were never there.

Beckett looks back to her, before he's patting down his duty blouse. the crumpled pack of dwindling cigarettes is pulled out, before he brings out two cigarettes, one handed over before his battered lighter follows suit. It seems whatever was on his mind is not following forth, as he simply-waits for her to light her own cigarette- before he is lighting his own. "Will I see you at dinner?"

Aggie lights the cigarette smoothly, her hands well accustomed to the gesture, moving through it without looking. She takes a deep drag, and then hands him back his lighter. "You will." The two words are simple, an agreement and a warning both. She will be present, though what it is about her that binds him so thoroughly is anyone's guess. Outside observers could certainly never see it, no matter how long they looked.

"Good." offered over a plume of cigarette smoke, as if the whole baring of souls had never occurred. And like that one might wonder what it is either of them might have said during a drunken night of being in a bar, let alone the many times they met on shore leave in order to hash out a divorce that never game, and papers that have never been signed or filed. Josef, looks back to her as he swings the hatch open, orderly. "May eyes honor you-" a traditional enough parting for a female- formal and respectful. No- no one who may have witnessed this, would ever understand it.

Aggie flicks her hair out of her eyes again, though it's unnecessary as her hair wasn't really in her eyes. She tucks her hands behind her back, fingers clasped, and steps out. "Leave your dirty shorts on my bed again, and I will return them afire on your pillow." Not the traditional parting. Agatha Beckett does what she can.

"We share the same pillow." responded back-deadpan, before he's moving back to his seat once she is out in the hallway- He needs to sign out of his shift finally, and alert Ensign Keating that he will be out until his next rotation. Another drag of his cigarette and eyes close for a moment, as fingers grasp his shorts. A shake barely noticeable in his hand, and with that he will file out to change and clean up before dinner, soon enough. Josef Beckett, must be a crazed man.

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