Purple People Eater
The Purple People Eater
Summary: A relaxing night in the black berthings yields a strange find in Matto's bunk.
Date: PHD 151 (Sept 16th, 2009)
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Into the berthings comes a be-uniformed Thea followed by poor Harrison. Thea has That Look on her face, the one she usually wears after she's tortured the hell out of someone. And she's smiling. Poor Harrison. "Grab a seat, Lieutenant," she calls over her shoulder to the man.

Harrison follows along, looking mostly lost as he is, half-in and half-out of his flight suit. "…right." Well, there's this here table he can sit at, and a chair that maybe is even close to comfortable. He parks there.

Well, a smart idea or not, Sam doesn't -exactly- want to come out of bed with other people audibly in the room but… dammit, she's hungry. She needs coffee. She needs a shower. and she NEEDs to get on duty within two hours. So, though she seems uncertain, she peaks a drowsy head, hair tossled and eyes half open, out of Thorn's bunk…"…safe to come out?"

Thea reaches in to toussle Sam's hair as she moves past Thorn's bunk. "Brought company home, Sam. One of yours, actually." Oh, she sounds delighted by that. "I'm pouring the coffee. Lieutenant Passi, Lieutenant Harrison." Well. She seems to be in a good mood, at least.

Harrison is sitting at the table in the middle of the area looking lost. He does it quite well, in fact, following Black Cat as she heads for the coffee. "Lieutenant," he offers to Samantha, or at least her hair, as her head appears.

Samantha is being hair tossled, making her look even more like the shaggy dog who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, her dirty blonde hair sticking everywhere but where it's supposed to, most of it over her face now if not cowlicking in the back. How shoulder length hair can manage to cowlick isn't quite clear, but her's is doing so. She blinks as Thea mentions bringing home one of 'her's…"One of…mine?…I don't remember frakking him… you mighta got things mixed up, Legs…" Sam's not really all that awake right now so, sadly, that's where her mind goes. She narrows her gaze on Harrison, blowing some hair out of her face, and then drowsily grins…"But damn, when yer done with him, maybe I'll take my turn. Hey, handsome." Shameless. As always. She slips out of the bunk then, just in her shorts and sports bra.

The curtain to Teall's bunk is tugged open and out the ensign drops, bare feet hitting the floor with a soft thump. She's probably on the same duty schedule as Sam, as she looks like she's rousing herself for duty sometime soonish. The presence of the Vipers in the Raptor den is noted but, if she makes anything of it, it's kept to herself. She yawns, stretches and makes for the Head.

"Morning, Cookies," Thea calls brightly. "We've got a visitor - Lieutenant Harrison. The Lieutenant is getting ready to get back on the line as a Viper stick." She pauses to look at Sam, head tilting to the side. "Gutter. Mind. Remove second from first," she says with a grin. "He's not a toy I brought home to play with. He's a damned good pilot I'm forcibly introducing to his squadmates." She grins, somewhat impishly. "How many for coffee?"

Dun dun dun. The hatch squeaks a little bit as it opens and one more Viper slips inside. In his duty greens, Wil wipes the back of his hand against his forehead and slowly scans his head about, apparently looking for someone or someone. Probably Thorn as his head immediately makes a beeline for his bunk and, well, sees Sam instead. Not appearing to register anything resembling surprise, he lopes a step or two inward and spies some of the others moving about. "'Lo." He says, with a faint sideways twitch of his mouth.

"I'll have some," Harrison says as he offers a pleasantly embarrassed smile in Samantha's general direction. He folds his hands in front of him as he waits, taking a few moments to just look around. After all, he's in a foreign country now or some such thing.

Samantha laughs a moment to Thea, huskily and warm, but it's laughter at least. "…Come on, come on… tabby might have a tomcat to come home to, but don't stop her from lookin'…" Definitely a strange sense of humor this time of the morning. She hops down in front of Willem and gives him a smile, "Mornin', gingercat. Thea brought us a new play toy. Harrison. He's hot. Better keep yer girl close to home. Harrison, this is Rebound. He's dangerous." Sam makes some quick and dirty introductions before padding over barefoot for coffee.

"Hi," Teall calls sleepily to Harrison. "And hi. And hi." To Samantha and Willem in turn. They each get their own separate one. Before she squirrels herself away in the Head. Shower first. Coffee later.

"Uh. Yeah. I think you're exaggerating. Just a -bit-, Case." Willem says after a brief bout of hesitation, attempting to sound glib. To his credit, he ALMOST succeeds. Strolling inside a bit further, he peers into Thorn's bunk just to make sure the man didn't fold himself up into a tiny ball in the corner of his rack to hide from the rest of the ship. No, he ain't there. His chin juts out towards the newly-named Lieutenant Harrison, and then Thea in turn. "I'm mostly dangerous to myself. And Raiders I guess which is why they keep me around. Got to have some skills." Finally towards Teall. "Morning, Cookies." He beams a brief, crooked smile at the Ensign before she disppears into the Head.

Thea just groans quietly as she goes about pouring. "Rebound, you up for coffee," she calls over her shoulder, clearly off duty. "Harrison and I just came from the sims where he let me beat up on him for a little while. Isaiah, the one who just scampered is Shadia "Cookies" Teall, one of my ECOs. Rebound, like Case, is one of the best Viper sticks we have. Good folk, both of 'em. Of course, Rebound's getting ready to get hitched." She turns, carrying three cups to hand out.

Harrison sketches out a brief wave to the retreating back of Cookies before he nods to Rebound. "Pleased to meet you." He's doing his best to be polite, smiling on cue and all that good stuff. When Thea returns with coffee, he reaches for his mug so that he has something to occupy his hands as he's forced to be social.

Samantha gives a half salute, "Mornin, Cookies. How's it hangin?" She calls after the woman, even as the ECO is scampering into the shower and probably away from the terror that is Samantha Passi in the morning. Or is it evening? Who knows on a ship. Sam paws through her blonde mess of hair, taming some of it back and out of her eyes before she pours herself the mug of coffee, looking back to Willem. "Yer boyfriend ain't around. I think he went to the sims or something. But I'm his secretary, I can take a message if ya like?" She flashes a waggling grin before looking back to Thea, then Harrison, then back to Thea. She just waggles her brows at the woman, grinning too wide. "So…Harrison… where ya come from? Give us the need to know."

Legacy senses: Samantha gives that 'You should totally frak him' look all women know.

Legacy just groans quietly and goes back for her coffee. "I'm going to regret this," she mutters. "Dear Gods, I'm going to regret this. I promise, Isaiah, she doesn't bite. Not unless asked nicely and bought dinner."

"You flatter me." Wil says, simply. "Guess word of that's getting around." he adds with an almost-abashed smile which more or less matches his tone. His nose wrinkles as he directs both of these statements towards Thea before explaining to Harrison, "I don't know about 'best' but I'm getting by doing my job and not crashing my bird into anything." He looks after the now-departed Cookies and then towards Samantha with a sort of guilty look. "By the way. Sorry about that little dust-up on the hangar deck." He clears his throat and adds, "Careful. There's only so much of him to go around, Sam." He waves a hand at the coffee pot indicating he's opting out for whatever reason. Probably the obvious. Shift rotations and all.

"Picon," Harrison replies as he leans back slightly in his chair, wrapping his hands around his mug. "I could see Fleet Headquarters out my window when I was growing up. My last assignment, though, was on Sagittarion, as a colonial affairs liason officer." A less than thrilling assignment, it would seem to be, if the decidedly non-plussed expression that lingers on his face for a few moments is any indication. "Since the war, I've been in the infirmary. They let me out ten days ago, so I'm trying to get spun up again."

Samantha's voice, especially still half asleep, sounds more backward Picon with a hint of something that isn't Piconese…Gemenese, maybe, but it's a poor, low class mix of both accents that he might be able to pin down if he knew the spacers lines that went between the two planets. Sam slumps down into a seat at the table and she smiles up towards Willem…"I'm jus' bein an ass. Makin' the boy feel welcome… and ain't nothin' like a woman's attention to make a man feel hale and hearty again, right, Harrison? Though I'm tempted to share ya with the lovely Captain over there." She grins and waves to Thea. "Thea might bite, but if you buy her dessert first I'm sure she'll provide the coffee."

Teall doesn't take too long in the shower. The point appears to have been more to douse herself awake than anything else. She's shrugging her sweatshirt back on over her sports bra top as she emerges from the Head, using the sweats as much as anything else to dry herself. The serious toweling is reserved for her mop of hair. "Save me some coffee, Captain!" she requests of Legacy while rummaging through her bunk for her duty uniform pieces.

There's a very quiet whimper as said Captain settles down on the edge of her rack, coffee in hand. "It's on the table, Cook," she calls back to the other woman. "Case, behave yourself," she scolds the other woman, but it's very good natured - and clear to see that Thea adores the other woman. "Case is good people," she tells Harrison quietly. "Which reminds me. Case, Rebound, you two will be going up with me on that scouting mission. I'm expecting you to watch my ass."

Harrison lifts his mug in salute, but uses the opportunity of the subject change to fall silent and just listen, a thoughtful expression plastered on his face.

The reddish-haired pilot replies by leaning against an unoccupied bunk ladder, crossing his arms in front of his greens-clad chest and barely smirking again. "Welcome back to the world, I guess, Lieutenant. Picon? Went to school there. Ended up bouncing back there when I enrolled and went through OCS and Flight School. Can't see how you guys could handle that brandy, though." He chuckles softly before addressing Sam. "You're going to be giving the poor guy a heart attack, case. Or -someone- a heart attack." It's clear that, likewise, he's more amused by the woman than anything else. Scuffing his boot against the floor, he acknowledges Teal II - The Return of Cookies(tm) with a brief quirk of his eyebrow and then lolls his gaze back towards the Captain. "Seriously? That's. Huh. Guess the CAG took me seriously when I said I owed him on that promotion. I couldn't -not- sign up. Huh." Wil finishes.

Matto putters in somewhere between the middle and end of his slumber-hours for this particular cycle of shifts, looking like he's… almost awake. Hair shoved up against the side of his head from having fallen asleep on it wet, somewhere— down in the lounge, likely. Sleep his source and sleep his ultimate destination, he wanders shuffle-footed through a waking world that seems almost like a dream. "Heeeey," he greets all and sundry, yawning, "I didn't know there was a party in here tonight."

Samantha smirks a moment, pressing lips together as she's told to behave, bt she shrugs momentarily to Harrison and just sips her coffee. "If someone gives me a cigarette I promise I'll be decent until CAP. Or…I'll try, at least." She looks about the room for any takers. She then grins over to Will and Thea, smiling proudly…"Field trip. Sounds frakking fun to me. Maybe we can bring back some big, metal, shiny souviners." Like cylon heads. Or Raider parts.

Teall hoists herself back into her bunk so she can dig into her available clean uniform garb. More rummaging is done. Her bunk is not a particularly neat place, so digging through it takes some time. "Hey, hey," she calls to Matto chipperly, though she doesn't look up from her rummaging. "Too right. Black bunks. Where everyone wants to be…" She might do more alliteration in a moment, but she's really focused on finding socks just now.

"Tough guts," Harrison notes over his coffee mug, offering a crooked sort of smile. "Nothing like a little fire in your belly to end the day. That's what my old man used to say." He's still mostly observing, lifting his mug and waggling it slightly in greeting to Matto as he enters.

"Heh. My mom had a stock of that stuff, for some reason." Wil tosses this statement out languidly as he leans back against the ladder a little more severely. Matto gets a sidelong glance. "Hi." It's simple, brief, but rather pleasant all the same. He wrinkles his nose, seemingly addressing both his statement and Teall's at once. "I'm just here for the ambiance. Or something. Was actually looking for everyone's favorite hairy ECO." He jerks his thumb towards Komnenos' unoccupied bunk and shrugs lopsidedly. "Anyway. Any idea what we're reconning? Or can this not be discussed?" He winks, and apparently knows how these things tend to be.

Samantha gives Matto a bit of a wave and a concerned look…"Kissycat." Yes, apparently this is a feline themed morning, "You feelin' any better? Pukin' up gummy bears yet?" She seems half teasing, but there is earnest worry in her voice too. She then looks back to Willem, "Back to Scorpia, I thought…I might be wrong. I just signed up for the shift in hopes to kill a few toasters. Still determined to get highest kill count on the ship." That statement is the most dead serious thing she's said all morning. It's a life's goal for her right now. She then looks back to Cookies and Thea…"Hmm… two lovely ladies. Maybe I'll let the two of you argue over who gets hotstuff over there." She nods to Harrison.

"You mean the Scorpia recon? It's an scouting mission in advance of scrambling civilian transport to the surface, yah," Kisseus murbles, Leontinian accent slathered onto the latter half of his explanation, fumbling his way up his ladder before pausing, "Wait, did the list come out?" he wonders. Nobody's told him who's going, yet, at least. "I'm fine, Beece," he tells her with a sleep-addled smile. "I would never vomit a gummy bear. It's a heresy to the sacrament."

"Only if he knows where my left boot is…" is Teall's response to Samantha. Muted by the fact that she's stuffed back in her bunk in her quest for clothing. "And I don't know where Thorn's keeping himself, but I'm sure he'll find his way back soon enough. ECO's don't get lost. That's a pilot's job." The merriment in her tone makes it clear she's kidding. She finally cobbles together various uniform garments from her search and gets herself dressed. Still sans boots.

Harrison shakes his head at that. "No idea on where your boot is, I'm afraid. I know I don't have it," he offers in a dry tone, although it's tempered with a smile. "I don't think my foot would fit in it anyway."

Matto putters in somewhere between the middle and end of his slumber-hours for this particular cycle of shifts, looking like he's… almost awake. Hair shoved up against the side of his head from having fallen asleep on it wet, somewhere— down in the lounge, likely. Sleep his source and sleep his ultimate destination, he wanders shuffle-footed through a waking world that seems almost like a dream. "Heeeey," he greets all and sundry, yawning, "I didn't know there was a party in here tonight."

Samantha smirks a moment, pressing lips together as she's told to behave, bt she shrugs momentarily to Harrison and just sips her coffee. "If someone gives me a cigarette I promise I'll be decent until CAP. Or…I'll try, at least." She looks about the room for any takers. She then grins over to Will and Thea, smiling proudly…"Field trip. Sounds frakking fun to me. Maybe we can bring back some big, metal, shiny souviners." Like cylon heads. Or Raider parts.

"I only get lost on the lower decks." Wil snaps off in a bit of a mockingly defensive tone. "But. Doesn't everyone?" So say we all, yo. He looks back over his shoulder towards Matto and raises a pale eyebrow. "Whoah. Seriously. Well, nobody gets to take extended Scorpian vacations this time. Unless it's me. I don't get shore leave and it's making me antsy." This attempt at a joke was probably tasteless and his voice falls a little flat. "Uh. Anyway. I guess that sounds like a plan. Kill counts." He riffs on Sam's statement and adds, hastily, "Any pursuit of -that- goal is a side effect of two things — the ability to keep my ass in the cockpit for more of these missions, and the ability to keep my ass coming home in one piece for as long as humanly possible. Well, I guess that involves everyone else's, obviously."

Teall sighs mock-dramatically at Harrison. "Well, then. That's it for that!" She hops down from her bunk holding her right boot. The left remains MIA. But rather than conduct a full-scale search for it, she gets some of that coffee. Her head tilts up occasionally as the mission is discussed, following the conversation though not adding to it.

"Lieutenant," Isaiah offers with a nod to Matto before he drains off his coffee, apparently taking comfort from the coffee mug in his hands. "Apparently Black Cat has decided that I spend too much time working and not enough drinking coffee, so here I am." Could it be that he's teasing Legs?

Samantha chuckles, smiling to Kissy. "I think Thea's showin' off her new guy. I know I'm jealous." she winks at them both, especially as he teases Legacy. That makes her smile damn wide. She then takes another good gulp of her coffee…"sounds good… About the trip. I can't wait to stretch my legs again. Just… no crash landings this time. i think I seen all of Scorpia I ever wanna see." For a moment, Sam goes a bit serious… a flash in her eyes. Something disturbed and quiet… Scorpia still hits her hard.

Matto stands perched on the ladder a quiet moment as his head pivots about toward his Captain. Half-asleep as he is, the announcement wakes him a little. Going back to Scorpia. The use of his full rank and name by the Captain suddenly makes him jump a little like he's in troube, before he realizes he's being introduced to someone. "Oh. Hey," he tells Isaiah, "Just Kissy's fine," he tells the other guy, climbing the rest of the way up into bed and settling halfway in before he frowns briefly, reaches back and digs up a boot, pulling it around, "Cookiemonster, is this it?" he wonders. Doesn't look like his, that's for certain. But it could be one of Beta's or Poppy's.

Thea peers up at the disappearing Kissy, looking a little concerned. "Not mine," she announces after a moment. The concern's still there, but she doesn't push it for now. "You'll be fine, Case. If you go down, you're going to have two SAR teams looking out for you." Yep, there's that fondness again. She colors slightly at the teasing, but just gives both Sam and Harrison Looks. "Yes, you need to do more than work," she tells Harrison, primly. "Be nice, or I'll have Case and Kissy break you in."

"Never been there. Just saw the view from the sky. And above the sky. Doesn't really count, does it? Think I'd get a passport stamp?" Wil inquires with a slight narrowing of his eyes, glancing over towards Sam. The gaze is slightly questioning, but he leaves it at that. He smirks a little at Matto, dragging him out of that look momentarily as he adds, "Not mine either. Of course, if it was I'd have some explaining to do." He snorts a laugh.

"Break him in? Gods, woman, what do you think I've BEEN doin'? I'm usually crude, but this level of horrific takes practice." Sam tries to joke more, but the thought of crashing on Scorpia, damn, it's shaken her. She breathes through it and takes another deep gulp of her coffee, finishing it off. "Yeah… I'm countin' on you SAR teams…I ain't takin' another three day vacation on that frakking planet. The accomidations are shit. There's no continental breakfast or turn down service and the staff are starting to rot." She really is tryign to joke about it, but the humor in her voice is falling short. "Heh…other than the priests…" She stands with that strange remark, heading for the coffee maker, to pour more.

"Hey!" Teall pops up from her coffee when Matto finds her boot. Or something resembling her boot. It's sized in her range, so it's very likely hers. "I think so!" She reaches over to snatch it. "You are a life-saver, Kissy. Hangar deck's a tricky place to be without shoes. Girl could lose a toe." Her joking sounds a little forced, though, as the talk about Scorpia continues. She shrugs to Willem. "Not missing much, far as Scorpia's concerned." She doesn't sound too cheerful about the place. Now that she's got both boots, she sits down to get them properly laced.

Harrison pinches off the bridge of his nose for a moment before he stands, offering a weak sort of smile. "I'm always nice, Captain. It's a philosophy and a way of life." It doesn't match the humor that twinkles in his eyes, though, as he leaves his mug behind. "Thanks for the coffee."

"Yeah." Wil finally says vaguely in Cookies' direction, having backed himself into an uncomfortable narrative corner. "I should probably stop now." He taps his own boot against the floor of the berthings and pushes himself away from the ladder he's resting against. "Anyway. Suppose I'll find out more at the briefing."

Matto leans down to hand the boot down to Shaddi, then rolls over onto his back to try to relax into something like some extra slumber, only to make a noise resembling 'gak!' as he's poked in the back with something… something… he fishes it out from the mussed-up blankets, squinting at what must be one of the girls' Battery Operated Boyfriends. "What on Earth were you all doing up here?" he wonders.

Legacy eyes Sam for a long moment, then looks to Kissy, and finally to Harrison. Her sigh is theatrical and helpless. "My children are usually much better behaaaaaack!" Thea apparently just caught sight of what Kissy is holding up. "Sweet GODS. Is it… PURPLE?" She looks aghast. "Rebound, Harrison, I'm so sorry. This wasn't supposed to be show and tell. Kissy, if you find a string of beads up there, for all that's holy, just get a biohazard bag and leave them in the owner's bunk." Nope, Sam isn't even getting blamed this time.

Samantha stares at the dildo…"Damn…that's larger than the Rabbit! Who the hell does that belong to?" Sam sounds like she might be asking for borrowing privilleges in the future, but she doesn't offer it right there. She then looks back up to Legacy and smirks…"Well behaved? Are you sick now, Legs? We're just off duty and… pretty much like this all the time. Don't let her get you thinkin' she's a prissy lady either. She's made her share of jokes, Harrison… Hell, maybe the purple people eater up there is her's." Yes, the dildo now has a name.

Teall looks up at Willem, offering him a little shrug and faint smile. "It's all good, Rebound." No foul, so far as she's concerned. And she has her shoes. Her world is in order. She gets them tugged on and secured. She's about to say something more, but Matto's discovery makes her snort a laugh. "*That's* not mine. Swear to gods. I don't like purple." She holds up a palm mock-solemnly. Sam's use of the term 'purple people eater' makes her devolve into snorting again, though.

"What you folks do on your own time is your own business," Harrison manages to grit out after choking back his laughter. It's still there, though, threatening to erupt out of him in a fit that will ruin any chance of him ever getting an invite again. "But until you figure out who owns that, I'd wash my blankets. Just to … you know, be on the safe side. Thanks for the invite, Captain, but I think I should rack out." He heads for the doors, trying not to snort too loudly on his way.

Huh? Yawn? Well, maybe Wil's ears are turning red as this just taps into the publically prim side of his outward personality. He covers his mouth in what looks like a feigned yawn and abashedly tries to look away from the device that was just discovered and named. "Huh. Well, y'know? Personally I am just happy. Happy that someone else other than me is getting a bit of the old TMI hazing for a change. And it's not Persephone that's doing it." He coughs now as well. This too is probably feigned. Harrison's self-dismissal snaps his head about as he gives the man a little bit of a salute-like wave.

Thea hesitates for a moment and glances over at Case. Her pinky finger sticks out and up and the Captain says cryptically, "Most things are, Case." Then she calls after Harrison, "Night, Isaiah. I'll catch you tomorrow in the sims. We'll go for round two." And then, well, she ducks her head into her cup of coffee.

"It doesn't look like one of Poppy's," Kissy murmurs. He's very famiiar with her collection of equipment, after all. "It must belong to Beta," he decides, naming the third member of the Black Squadron Girls' Club that habitually uses his bunk as a meeting place. That said, he tosses it toward the top of his bunk with an expert flick of his wrist, sending it spinning without hitting ceiling and catching it again, once, twice, three times, easier the longer he does it, getting a sense for its balance until he can handle it just like one of his juggling pins. Twirl-catch, twirl-catch, twirl-catch.

Harrison makes a snappy salute, then beats a hasty retreat. It's only when the door's safely closed behind him that he laughs, long and hard.

Teall looks up as Harrison goes, offering him a little parting nod. "I hope we didn't scare him, Captain. Seems nice," she observes to Legacy. Now that her boots are on, she gets back to gulping her coffee. It's cooled enough now that it's suitable for gulping.

Rebound just turns to watch Harrison leave and then back towards the Cursed Purple Icon of Doom. "Better be throwing your name on those things. Or not." Wil says, with feigned politeness breaking as his tone turns clearly mirthful, if a little silly. "You can just say it's Thorn's and somehow got horribly misplaced and call it a day." Oh, BAD FORM WILLEM. Trolling a bro when he's not even here. As the bro-code is hideously violated, he just coughs again. And again. "Um. Yeah. Forget I said that. I think he's still sore from all the sheep jokes as it is. That was a good night." He tilts his head over towards Sam in some manner of pleasant recollection. "Even if it was a bunch of random booze bottles in a storage room and Bangbang jumping out of a bloody box."

Samantha gives Harrison a bit of a wave before looking back to the spinning dildo, Matto… then Willem and Thea. She smirks and shakes her head. "I'm beginning to think I'm the NORMAL one here… Crazy frakkers." She stifles another yawn, gulping down too weak, rationed coffee before rubbingo ne hand across her face. "I gotta shower… got CAP soon. If someone sees Thorn, can you tell him where his little lamb is?"

Samantha also gives a sideways look at Thea…"I said -the- rabbit… as in my one that vibrates… and it's far larger than most things, including it's name sibling, no doubt…"

Thea's face goes a lovely shade of red. "One of these days, Case, I'm…" Pause. Mixed company. Cough. "Sure, I'll let him know where you…" And then Willem's words penetrate. It's a good thing that no one's standing in front of her, because coffee suddenly goes everywhere. "Cookies? Am I ready for a section 8?"

"I should get some grub, now that I'm caffeinated and clothed," Teall says for her part, standing. "I'm supposed to be on pretty soon myself. Carefuly up there, Kissy." She gestures to his bunk with a little two-fingered salute. She manages, with a mighty effort, not to snort again about the prospect of telling Thorn about his 'little lamb.' "I'll…keep an eye out for him, Case." And she heads for the exit.

"Well. I see my work here is done." Wil smirks awkwardly and bashfully, totally at odds with what he actually -said-, as he eyes Thea's reaction. He sort of bows his head, watching Cookies begin to bail, he gestures openhanded towards her. "Likewise. I'm due for some rack time. I take your leave and will likely want to blow this joint before I cause any more damage." He tosses out a salute, semi-seriously before heading towards the hatch as well. "Lost little lamb," He says bemusedly towards Samantha. "Good hunting." He says it again, actually ,glancing around towards everyone else present or leaving.

Samantha pauses on the edge of the head, looking back to the room…and all she leaves them with is a quiet. "Baaaahhhh…" And then she turns around, the bahh echoing through the bathroom as she heads for the showers.

"Lambkin," Thea grumbles, standing, laughing, to clean things up. "More like LambSKIN." She just shakes her head, clearly happy. "Night kids. Sweet dreams."

The rhythmic thwacking of polymer against palm probably adds its own delightful soundtrack to the juggling of the Purple People Eater as Kissy keeps tossing and catching it sleepily. "'Essum," he tells Shaddi quietly, even as he mis-judges a toss and the thing glances off the bulkhead above him, making him drag his arms up overhead to keep from getting smacked in the face with a giant purple penis. "… ow," he murbles, almost asleep, and then just gathers the thing in his arms and curls up on his side, hugging it like some twisted stuffed animal as he falls back to sleep.

Eyeing Matto's stunt, Wil coughs again. Or was it Thea's joke? In any case, he's not sticking around to clarify. "'Scuse me."

"Incoming!" Teall hollers helpfully when Matto loses steering control of his implement. Legacy, and the coffee-splattering, do get a curious look. But it's brief. She's probably safer not pondering too much about what prompted that. She flees to go countermeasure some electronics. Or something.

Thea slides out of her bunk and goes for something to mop up coffee. "I'm getting too old for this shit," she mutters behind a laugh.

The Black Berthings are echoing with quiet laughter. Thea's currently on her knees in front of her bunk, uniform still on but unbuttoned, mopping something up with a towel. There are coffee cups about, signs of people having been here. "I'm too old for this shit," she mutters, grinning. "Spinning dildos. Lambs. Purple People Eaters."

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