Puppet Theatre
Puppet Theatre
Summary: Roubani brings finger puppets along to a visit to Eddie in berthings.
Date: PHD089 (16 July 2009)
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Kharon - Red Berthings

With a moment to herself, Eddie is currently sprawled out on her top bunk sideways. She's on her back, with her head hanging off the side of the matress and a book extended to the full flex of her elbows in front of her face. Castor's not home in the bunk below her, so she's free to enjoy a quiet read of a raunchy bodice ripper novel.

And lo, she's left in peace for a good long while. Then, slowly, something comes lurking up over the side of her bed. A face? No. A finger. That's definitely a single index finger, with some black wiring curled around the tip. Like…hair. There's a puffy swatch of pink felt wrapped around the rest of the long digit, with a black twisty-tie cinched around the middle. And the finger pad has a little face drawn on it. It kind of wiggles at her.

Eddie scrunches her face away from the waggling digit for a moment, before she identifies at as a befrocked finger. "What the.." She cranes her head to find the source of the phalange theater.

She can see part of someone's wrist but that's it. The owner of the finger is standing inside way inside Castor's bunk. The little 'puppet' bobs its head at her, dipping and weaving off further down her mattress and then back up, dancing gaily.

Eddie laughs a bit, in a husky sound tainted from too many cigarettes booze and late nightes before she twists around to right herself, sinking back from the edge of the mattress to enjoy this display. "And what mischief are you up to, little puppet?" She murmurs, the book forgotten.

The puppet-Eddie stops its dancing. From underneath comes a terrible imitation of her voice in falsetto. "Whatcha doooooooooooooin'?"

The grin on Eddie's lips only grows, and for a moment the rest of the world slips away and she's genuinely amused. "So this is supposed to be me, then?" She reaches out to tap the wire hair, before her hand withdraws lest she ruin the show. "I'm reading a terrible novel full of wanton loins and unquenchable lust."

"Oooh, wanton loins." The voice under her bunk cracks a bit from the mezzo register, as the finger dips its head a couple times in approval. "I'm gonna read it like I stole it. Watch this." The hand turns around to show Eddie its tanned (quite masculine) back and the finger bends, showing Eddie the knuckle through the split in the felt. "Moooooooooooooooon."

Eddie is tucked within her bunk, laid up sideways on her stomach now with her chin propped up on her palms and clearly enjoying finger puppet theater. The digit dressed up in a vague approximation of Eddie herself, and when it 'moons' her, she gives a sharp bark of laughter.

It is, thankfully, the bark of laughter from Eddie and not Roubani mooning her with his.. knuckle.. that wakes the CAG up. He'd been dozing off what's presumably a late night— or perhaps just a long shift to look forward to. There's a rustle of movement first, a grunt from somewhere behind the curtain. And a few moments later, it skitters open on its railing a foot or two. The hell?

Roubani has his back to Kai's bunk, the sound of the CAG waking up going right past his radar. His finger straightens back up and turns back around, favouring Eddie with its magic-markered face. "I did that to a raider the other day," the ridiculous falsetto continues. "It totally dissed my ride. You have a cigarette? I'm gonna go light Leda's drawers on fire and then blame it on Black."

Eddie glances past the bobbing figure to the waking CAG, but she's not going to warn the mysterious puppeteer who's still secreted away in Leda's bunk below. "Good thing for you, I just so happen to have one right here. But arson's never been my gig. So I'll leave that to the imaginary me." She pulls a cigarette out of the pack, then nudges the painted face with the filter.

Ridiculous falsetto or not, Kai would recognise that voice anywhere. It might take him a minute, but Eddie can probably spot the look of utter and complete discombobulation that slowly forms on his expression. He looks from the waggling finger puppet, to Morales, then flops his head back against the pillow and scrubs his hands over his face slowly. "If he starts doing an impression of me, he's out," mutters the Captain, whilst rifling about on the shelf above his head, for his own pack of cigarettes. He's in the rumpled t-shirt and sweat pants he generally wears to bed, dark curls matted to his skull at odd angles from being slept on.

The thumb and middle finger come up and press against the filter, holding the cigarette at an angle that would be 'jaunty' if this weren't a finger puppet that got vomited on by the costume scraps of a bad musical. Under Eddie's bed, Roubani winces his eyes shut as he hears Kai's voice, his foot almost skidding off Castor's mattress. The hand disappears and a second later it's Roubani's face as he pulls his head and shoulders up over the side of Eddie's bunk, cigarette in his mouth. "Well I could," he answers Kai, cheekily. "But I'd need my whole hand and some kleenex."

Eddie's mouth hangs agape in mock horror for a moment before she's overtaken with a guffaw of laughter. She can't help herself, really, but it's been so long since she's just let go that it all comes pouring out in almost painful sounding hiccups. She rolls back in her bunk, hands clasped to her stomach in here hysterics.

"Two," Karim mutters in reply, fishing a lighter out with the same hand that holds the cigarette. "One to jerk off, the other to smack wayward Ensigns about the head." The lighter's struck once, twice, then there's a flare of the cherry before he tucks the smoke between his lips. He still doesn't deign to climb out of bed, and elects instead to get comfy up there; his free arm is tucked beneath his head, and an experimental sniff of himself is taken. Classy. "The frak are you doing in Leda's bunk?" is asked on his exhale of smoke. His eyes slant bemusedly to Eddie while he drags from the cigarette.

Roubani glances at Eddie hiccuping her ass off, and while she's not looking there's a smile given that way. Mission accomplished. He stays put, quite unafraid of being smacked about the head when Kai's two bunks over. Let the CAG get up and it might be a different story. "Visiting." The unlit cigarette bobs in his mouth, his hands busy holding onto the rails to keep him up. His left index finger still has that ridiculous Eddie-puppet on it, now getting sadly smooshed on her mattress. "Sacrifing a touch of dignity, but it was worth it." If he can get Eddie's eyes, he shakes his head back and forth rapidly, making the cigarette whick to and fro. Lighter plz.

Hale arrives from the Hallway - Deck 1, Fore.
Hale has arrived.

Eddie keeps hear arms wrapped around her midsection, the laugh dying away but she remains curled on her side. Eyes are wet at the corner, where amusement brought forth tears, and Eddie peers out at them both from the safety of her bunk. "You can do both at once. Impressive." The words obviously meant for Marek before she notices Rou's plea and she claws to the edge of the mattress, bringing out the lighter on a chain around her neck to let it dangle for Roubani to light his cigarette with, and when he should reach for it, she's lurching forward to press a kiss to his forehead for his efforts.

"Just call me multi-talented," Kai mumbles around his cigarette, head tipping back so he can exhale another column of smoke ceiling-ward. All good things, however, must come to an end. And the Captain has a shift to get to. He hauls himself up into a seated position with a soft grunt, and starts down the ladder; uncaring of whether he's got skin showing beneath his sleep-rumpled t-shirt, or how many directions his hair's sticking up in. Oh, and as he passes by Castor's bunk, he smacks Roubani upside the head. It isn't hard, but it'll be felt.

Roubani is in a precarious position, standing on Castor's bunk and holding onto the upper rails so his chest is against the edge of Eddie's mattress above. He leans forward to get the cigarette lit, in time to get kissed. And wonder of wonders…no flinch. Surprise, yes, but that's promptly cut short by getting whacked on the back of the head. He makes an indignant hmpf of air, which sends a blast of smoke rolling out his nose. "Such oppression," he calls over his shoulder, sans malice.

"Sometimes I come in at the wrong things.." comes a voice from the hatchway. Someone's been busy in the sims, or the sweat that still hangs to his arms might be an indication of. Also having one's flightsuit on doesn't help giveaway where you were hiding either. Hale looks over towards Mooner's bunk and to Roubani for a moment, before he is chuckling and coming further in-mainly on his way over to the lockers. "Lo, Sir." called out towards Kai as he shoulders himself in and begins screwing with the combo-lock. "How's everyone today?" Cheery? Perhaps no more than usual.

he lack of flinch is noticed, Eddie murmuring, "You're a doll." Towards Roubani before she half rolls away to give him his space and allow him to be manhandled by the CAG as Kai passes. "Damn the man." She says in the same tone Roubani uses, eyes following the rumpled Marek as he moves about, then tracing after Hale as he paces in. "Everything's aces." Mooner tells her section lead, though her expression is frosting back over by a few degrees. Roubani's efforts aren't completely lost, but her humor is definitely faded.

"Bunny." Hale's cracked a rare grin as they both arrive at their lockers, roughly at the same time. Kai's eyes skitter over the man briefly, then turn to his own combination lock. Which is currently being obstinate. He tucks his cigarette between his lips, and tries again. With both hands this time. "I woke up to Roubani making finger puppets at Mooner, here. For some reason.." The door's thunked open. "..I feel like I'm back on base again, teaching nuggets. Good hunting?"

"Just fine, sir, thank you." Roubani's tone is gradually settling back to normal. Finger puppets? Him? Never. Nevermind that the evidence is still on said finger. He folds his arms on the mattress, resting his chin down and looking back at Eddie. "Should I let you get back to your wanton loins?" He offers in a quieter voice.

"Well that's good to hear." Hale, replies. If for some reason it has gotten exceedingly chilly around or near him, the Lieutenant hasn't noticed. All the same there's a glance back to Roubani, before he's grinning right along towards Kai. Taking time to wiggle out of that bloody flight suit. "Oh you know, wrote a book about war and peace. Discovered the meaning of life.." CAP was uneventful "Got three bogeys before the sim crashed on me. So all and all-good hunting."

"I'd be rather disappointed if you did." Eddie tells Roubani, then picks up the book with aforementioned wanton loins, and gets it out of the way by tucking it back up on her little shelf in there. Kai says something about nuggets, and she hitches her chin back in the CAG's direction. "It's like watching wild life theater, where the old lions are afraid of being eaten by the younger cubs coming of age."

Kai chortles softly at Hale, and digs around in his locker for two things: dogtags, and a small idol of Ares that he keeps on the top shelf. It's studied in silence for a few seconds, then kissed before being put away again. Soap's next, and a towel. "I may be old and mangy, Morales-" Slam goes his locker door. "-actually, you've got me. Just give me a headstart." And off he shambles to take a shower.

Hale raises a brow before he's looking back towards Eddie "Some would say its the other way around these days." Sick burn? Either way, Hale's gathered up his things and stowed em away for the most part, and slams his locker back per usual. One cigarette is pulled from the case in his pocket, before he is glancing back to Kai, "Light?" before you slide out there papa britches

Roubani offers Hale a faint smile. Hanging on to the edge of a bunk like this is getting irritating, so he carefully hauls up to sit instead, letting his booted feet hang over the edge. It's done with his usual reserved grace, no flailing limbs or ungainly lurches or thuds. As she slides the book away he raises an eyebrow at the title on the spine. "Oh my."

"Shuddup." Eddie replies to Roubani's observation of the book's title. "Those who can't, read about." She sticks her tongue out at Roubani, which once again is devoid of the silver piercing she only breaks out for special occasions it seems. Her gaze slides back to Hale, but has no comment. "Scrub once for me, Sir." She tells the departing Kai.

Kai gets about two steps before Hale can make his request. The Captain turns mid-stride, and tosses over the lighter he'd brought down from his bunk. "I want that back, Lieutenant," he tells the man, back-stepping a couple of paces before turning and prowling off. "For you, Morales? Twice." The young woman's given a quick wink without an accompanying smile, and then he vanishes.

The lighter, incidentally, has a 'CMC' logo on it.

"Why do you have a lighter with th' CMC logo?" asks Hale with a brow raised, but seemingly enough there's a shrug, flick-light before he is taking a drag of the cigarette and palming the lighter into a pocket before he's looking back over towards Eddie and Roubani. Brow raised and a step over in their direction. "Whattchya readin?"

"What does that say about those who write them, I wonder," Roubani replies, drolly. He tucks one leg up under him, reaching over to ash the cigarette. Hale's question pulls a faint smirk to his face, but he's not going to get Eddie out of this jam. Oh no.

Eddie glances aside at Roubani, as this is where he should pipe up and say 'Quantum Mechanics of FTL Drives' or something. Eddie snorts, then answers, "Sweet Savage Love." She responds with a sigh, preparing herself for the mockery to follow. Alas, she's saved by the intercom as: "Ensign Edwina Morales, please report to Sickbay. Pass the word, Ensign Edwina Morales to sickbay." Mooner glances up at the little ceiling speaker with a faintly quirked brow, before she's slipping off of her bunk but not before she knocks twice on the nearest thing metal.

Hale smirks, but doesn't quite say anything as he watches her slide out of the bunk for a moment. A deep toke on his cigarette before he is nodding back towards Eddie "have fun, Mooner." Not that anyone ever has fun in sickbay. A roll of shoulders and he snags out a chair before sitting his ass down.

Jupiter's curtains are pulled closed, and her bunk is silent. Just a hint of her toes peeks out from the edge of the curtain (you can tell because they're painted atomic purple). There's a snort-grunt from within, but Fingers remains, to all outside ears, catatonic.

Kai doesn't answer the question lobbed over at him, obviously, since he's in the showah rinsing off the night's sleep. At least he doesn't sing in there.

Roubani also glances up at the sound of the intercom. As Eddie starts to get up, he slides off the bunk as well and carefully back down to the floor, pink-felt finger puppet and all. As his boots touch ground he knocks back twice in return on the metal rail. Oh well. "I'll see you later, alright?"

Eddie quirks a smile again, for her friend Roubani, the merrymaker. "Sure." A silent 'thanks' in the way she pauses and makes brief eye contact. "Fun! Yes. I can't wait. People in rubber gloves, brandishing needles and questions. Gee wizz." She snorts out a laugh and slips out the door, to see what's needed of her by sickbay.

Sparro arrives from the Hallway - Deck 1, Fore.
Sparro has arrived.

Hale looks back towards Roubani for a moment, as his hand comes up, and rubs at the corner of his eye. There's the glance back towards where Eddie has disappeared too, before the Lieutenant is watching the other Ensign. "Good t' see you here mate." Meant due to the talk from last night-which he will bet has him in some hot water- but all the same, the Lieutenant could care less. "Sorry if I interrupted you all there."

Jupiter's foot twitches, then disappears from view under the curtain, leaving the blue fabric to swing slightly before it stills. The beast stirs within.

Kai is taking a little longer in there today, than usual. Even after the faucet's switched off, following a rinsing off, the Captain's loitering back there and out of sight— oblivious to the revolving door of the red berthings this afternoon.

Did she just say 'gee whiz'? Maybe she really has spent too much time around Roubani. He pulls the cloth off his fingers and turns his head, taking an absent glance towards his old bunk. It's still empty, and he watches it for a few moments. The cigarette burns between his fingers during his silence, then he reaches up to ash it into the tray at the edge of Eddie's bunk. His dark eyes shift back to Hale. "You didn't, sir. If anything I am the one thing that's not like the others in here." He lifts his chin slightly to the Lieutenant. "Did your exercises go well?"

Sparro steps carefully as he enters the berthings… here he is, in the snake's den. Glancing about, he grins slightly to himself… yup, total snooze fest. Being sure not to venture too far in, he is a guest here, after all, he glances around to see who is up and about.

Hale shakes his head for a moment as he looks back towards Roubani. Another drag, before he is exhaling. "Don't bloody say that mate. Once Red, always red." as far as he is concerned. A glance over his shoulder back towards Jupe's bunk, and there is brow raised. There was a toe, or something there yes?-And quickly he is looking back over towards the Hatch as it seems another guest has come plodding in. Eyes sliding to Sparro for a moment, and a nod. "Lieutenant."

An unfamiliar officer. Roubani's back unconsciously straightens as he notices Sparro, even in off-duties as he is. "Sir."

Kai pads back into the berthings, from the adjoining head, just in time to spot the raptor driver's entrance. His towel's occupied around his waist, so his dark hair is left to drip. "Afternoon, Lieutenant," is offered around the cigarette he withdraws from his locker. Second one of the day, and he only woke up a half hour ago. He sticks a hand out toward Hale, for his lighter. "Looking for someone, or just slumming it?" That's to Sparro.

Sparro nods to all there. "Actually, I was looking for some folks who'd be up for some practice. I was heading to the simulators and thought maybe some of you Reds would be up for the trip."

Hale eyes Kai for a moment before the CMC logo lighter is passed back over towards his Captain before he is looking back to Sparro. "Just got back there myself- Sorry mate, not looking for another time in th' dutch oven." A roll of his shoulders. "Maybe another time?" Hey at least Rabbit is offering a rain check.

Roubani's watch makes a soft beep. He gives it an unnecessary glance and then extends a nod to the officers. "Sirs, if you'd excuse me. Good hunting and whatnot." His lips twitch and he starts for the hatch.

The curtains on Jupiter's bunk part, and the mostly naked pilot slides out, dangling from the top bunk for a moment before she lets go, and drops to the deck barefoot. Thud. She stumbles to the showers in a sports bra and a thong. Both are black. Jingle go the dogtags. She remembers to drop her pillow on the end of the table before she heads into the Head. No showering with that.

"What sort of practice you have in mind, Sparro?" queries the CAG mildly. He's mastered the art of pulling on sweatpants before dropping the towel, which he does while talking. A single tank top is next; the grey one. Followed by his flight suit, one leg at a time. "I can run you through a sim or two, before I head out to CAP, if none of these lazy asses are going to bite." The departing snipe gets a flickered smile that probably isn't spotted. There's a murmured 'thanks' for the lighter, his eyes shifting briefly to the passing Jupiter before he ducks his head to light up.

Sparro smiles at the CAG. "Well, sir, rumor on the deck is that there is an op in the offing, might involve a bit of Raptor play. If you have any insights as to that, a bit of practice never hurt anyone. Otherwise, I could always go for the standard 'Twenty Raiders just jumped in survive as long as you can' bit." He grins.

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