Punctuality and Proposals
Punctuality and Proposals
Summary: Praxis' perfectly timed proposal goes a bit behind schedule…
Date: PHD #182 (Oct 18, 2009)
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Praxis is exploring. He's inspecting the conditions of the tower, along with a few crewmembers from the Kharon who have been tasked with tuning up and monitoring things. The Tactical Officer looks about, but at the moment he's still in his ship command mode. "Attempt to establish a narrowband link with the escort carrier. I want to be able to breach that troposphere even if it's on a single frequency." One of the crewmembers is talking back to him and Demitros rolls his eyes. "Yes, I am aware that you don't have the channel bandwidth. There is no way we can send digitized voice - use Morse code (or the colonial equivalent) instead. Think outside the box, Ensign."

Camille knows he's not technically scheduled for a shift… but from where she's been told he's gone, she suspects he's working. A few good glares, and the fact that people are starting to hear about her and the over working TACCO, got her through the other officers and to the communications room where he's working. She's in her off duty clothes, clearly having come down for leave, a soft dress of lovely gray sweater material flowing around her legs and shoulders, suede boots on her feet, a comfortable, warm, feminine outfit around her hour glass shape. She steps into the room, arms folding across her chest, not saying anything. She waits to see how long until he notices her.

The thing is, it's kind of tough not to notice her. Demitros turns his head once Camille arrives, staring at her and chewing his lip before looking back to the crewman. "Carry on." he murmurs before he starts walking back towards Camille, reaching out for her hand if she allows him to. "Is this not wonderful? A change of scenery. More things to do. Walking on honest-to-gods soil." He attempts to draw away from the fact that he was working, but she would at least noticed that he's a little bit more relaxed.

Camille slips her slender hand out to his, smiling a bit more, squeezing his palm, "And when do I get to steal you away from work to actually -enjoy- this honest to gods soil, my dear?" She asks gently, actually pulling him a bit closer for a proper kiss, if he permits. She doesn't care if people watch. They are on leave, she is out of uniform, and she wants to kiss the man she loves.

"I believe now is as good a time as any, Camille." Praxis responds smoothly after brushing his lips against hers, gesturing towards the stairs that will take them further down the tower and outside. "I cannot say that this is the tropical paradise that I had been hoping for. In actuality, much of this planetoid is uninhabitable. The quantity of sulphur in the air is great, and that can actually pose quite a danger when it begins to rain." The temperature is fairly warm at all times, though. "Ah, look at me go on about things not a single individual cares about. I can be passionate, Cam."
You begin following Praxis.

Camille smiles a bit wiry, amused, but still warm looking. She rubs her fingertips down his side, "…I care… but I will admit, only because you care. Far more interesting from your mouth than other's." She chuckles warmly, following along side of him, her arm lacing through his as they walk slowly through the compound. "…I know you are passionate. About many things. Especially your work."

Praxis holds Camille's hand, feet crunching the rock and soil as they walk across the barren outpost. He takes a few long glances up towards the tower for a moment, but for now they're just walking around and enjoying the fact that they are outside for once. "I am inclined to say…oh, please. I am one of the most dry officers that ever graced the corridors of that escort carrier, Cam. Persephone refers to me as 'Martini'." He squeezes her hand. "I'm passionate about you."

Camille steps outside, taking a deep, slow breath, even if it's probably not the healthiest of air…its fresh air. She squeezes his hand, holding a hint closer while they cross the stone ground, steps calmer now just to savour being out doors. She laughs at his words, "Persephone doesn't know you very well then. You are very passionate… your dedication shows it above and beyond. And yes…" She turns back to him, coming face to face with a warm smile, "I know you are passionate about that as well."

Praxis smirks a little bit, shaking his head to shake the expression off. "I will take your word for it, Doctor. But I know for a fact that even though you are a woman of observation and fact-finding by vocation, you are most likely one who is the most exceeding in bias." It's then he grins and steps in front of her, arms curling around the back of her thighs so he can hoist her onto his back. He couldn't do this on the ship. Piggyback time!

Camille's eyes go a bit wide, not even certain what he's doing for a moment before she feels his arms around her thighs. She laughs, warm and openly, shocked but not fighting, as her arms suddenly wrap around the tops of his shoulders and she gives a little jump, wrapping her legs around his waist from behind so he can carry her soft, slim body easily. "You are going to break your back!" She teases him, ruffling his hair and then giving a quick, lovign kiss to those dark locks as he carries her forward.

It's actually really good that she helped him out. Because he wouldn't be able to carry her for long. That arm that he busted up as an ECO? It's going to hurt now later because he strained it. But he doesn't care. He runs at a fairly quick clip like a horse. "I'm not as old as you are!" he teases. It's doubly funny because of the age difference between the two. He of course doesn't mean it al all hurtful as he moves across the field. Who knew the stalwart officer could be so silly in private.

Camille laughs warmly again, resting her cheek against his hair as he carries her freely across that field. For a moment… it's like nothing has happened. She melts into his back, holding on tight, waiting for them to find their stolen little spot as far from the settlement as comfortably possible. "Oh, that sounds like a challenge! I think I could last just as long as you here, my dear… exhaust you right out, I would." She teases him, leaning down to kiss his cheek.

Praxis, exhausted after a while, slowed down from the running clip to a stomp stomp stomp sort of locomotion as they finally got to a nice little quiet spot they could rest. Breathless he sits down and breathes heavily, and then his eyes lock onto hers and he gives her quite a quirked brow. "Is that right?" he asks, looking quite skeptical at the doctor.

Camille collapses down to the ground with him there, more from half laughing than actually being exhausted herself. she grins, reaching one hand up, resting it against his chest and that pounding heart. "…mmhm… Feel that already. Half exhausted. I could go the whole night yet! This is what you get for working so much…" She teases him, giving him an innocent, yet daring smile.

Praxis eyes Camille, before rolling them. "Cam…you RODE here. Of course you can go the whole night still." he mutters, catching his breath before taking in a deep breath and sighing it out. "Keep teasing me. I encourage you. Just you wait and see who is the boss around these parts, though." He leans forward and impresses lips against hers, not just a passionate sharing of his love but an honest to god fusion too. It's like he welded his lips to hers.

Camille keeps her hand there, pressed protectively across his heart, perhaps just a -bit- concerned, but also enjoying the strong beat beneath her fingertips. She smiles, about to speak…but then they're kissing, and she's forgotten words. She sinks into kissing him deeper, under an open sky with fresh air around them, the breeze only slightly chilly and the evening their's. She's more than happy to kiss… she even kisses him a second, deep time, trying to coax him into laying down on the dead ground..Finally, she just whispers…"I suppose we will have to experiment…and see…"

"Cam…" Praxis says, frowning, his hand on her shoulder just prying her off for a second, his expression turning into a bit of a long face. He slips out from underneath her and stands up, dusting off his good uniform. He looks out in the distance towards the comm tower, chewing his lip.

Camille blinks, surprised by the sudden, well…not kissing. She carefully rolls back onto her back and then sits, looking up to him but not standing yet, just sitting on the hardened, dead field all around them. "…What…what is it?" She inquires, concerned, shocked that he's broken off, but adult enough to forget her previous train of thought and focus on the man that she loves…and whatever is wrong.

"They are late. They're not doing what they are supposed to be doing." He's gesturing towards the commo tower. Demitros glances at his watch. What? He wants to go back to work? He just pushed Camille, the love of his life, off of his body because there's some sort of technical problem?f Why was he even paying attention to it in the first place?

Confusion and a bit of hurt crosses her features, not getting up from the grass now, just staring over to him… hard and quiet. "…You…want to go check up on your…work… again?" She asks, skeptical and a bit cold, trying not to be angry or hurt. But she is. She curls her legs up into her chest, hugging arms around them, keeping all of her body hugged totally still to make certain she doesn't show too much emotion.

Praxis looked back at her and didn't answer, before he started running back to the tower. Of course, just as soon as he started to run, explosions started to ring out from the top of the building. But these weren't orange, uncontrolled explosives. No- these were explosions of color and light that complimented the evening sunset, The glow of green and red and blue combustions a painting of beauty across the twilight sky. Demitros suddenly stopped in his tracks, again out of breath before he ran right back to her, falling down to his knee quite hastily and shoving his hand into his pocket. "Lieutenant Doctor Camille Locke, it would make me an esctatically happy man if you would do me the honor of becoming my wife." he says, although that statement is long and drawn out. Out of his pocket he pulls out a diamond ring, lacking the velvet box but it's a ring nonetheless. Where the hell did he get the fireworks, and where the hell did he get the ring? "I really need to teach those crewmembers about the value of punctuality…" he mutters. He always says that.

Camille is just about to get angry. But there is some strange, ticking thought in the back of her head. Sometimes he's clueless about work… but he's not normally THIS clueless. So she doesn't yell after him. She just remains settled down in the stone and dried grass, watching half calmly, half in shock…waiting to be proven wrong or right… When the small fireworks go off. Her eyes go wide, unfolding slowly from the ground, pushing herself up to her feet so she can walk just a bit closer across the sparse ground… She stares up, eyes suddenly moist, reflecting those glowing lights as he dashes back to her and kneels, ring presented… She just stares. Shocked, a happy tear escaping down her cheek… finally she breathes out words, "…T-thank…you…" And then her brain realizes those aren't the RIGHT words and she crackles a laugh, blushing…"I mean… gods… Yes! …Yes… of course… Oh… Prax…yes…"

Praxis stands up. The fireworks are long since over. He couldn't loot that many explosives and what he did find was fairly weak stuff but it was stuff. When it's the end of the world, you kind of make due with what you've got. Demitros takes the ring as well as her hand and slips it upon her finger, and then engages Camille in the tightest of hugs. "Excellent." he replies, trying not to laugh at the fact that she just thanked him.

Camille's hand is shaking, all out trembling as he scoops her fingertips up and carefully slips that ring on the second to last finger of her left hand. A few more tears come, beyond happy, beyond shocked… She throws her arms around him then, hugging crushingly tight, the tears now just coming freely…"Gods… I love you…" She breathes out into his neck.

"Yes, I'm aware. And I love you too, Camille. Take a few deep breaths." Praxis grins behind her shoulders, but that grin is kind of strained as she squeezes his body like a tube of toothpaste. "Arrg." he murmurs, patting her on the back. "I knew this was a sound tactical decision."

Camille does remember how to breathe, gasping in faintly and pulling back from him -just- enough that she can lean over and press another tight, deep kiss against his mouth. This one not interrupted by… timing. Or lack there of. She kisses a long moment, the emotions behind it this time rather different than a frak in the corner of the dead field. Rather more permanent, somehow.

Praxis smiled into the kiss while the two of them were in a tight embrace. "I must come clean about a single point before we continue." Uh oh. This sounds like something that could be important. "…Do not tell my commanding officer or anyone else I swiped fireworks from where I was not supposed to. In all honestly I have been gunning for a promotion lately and I would believe that this crime may impede my progress towards that particular goal…"

Camille stares over at him, still not entirely certain if he's kidding or not… but finally she just smiles, reaching a loving hand up to his dark hair and ruffling through the usually perfect locks to mess up his meticulous style. "I suppose… I can be quiet about that one… little thing. Gods… where in the worlds…" She begins to ask, before shaking her head slowly. She's supposed to stay quiet. "Never mind. I love you… this… it was perfect. If poorly timed. I was about to …" She laughs as she considers the choice profanties she had been thinking at his fleeing back.

Whether Praxis was joking or not, he leaves it up to interpretation. When she messes up his hair, he unconsciously reaches up and smoothes it back out, trying to get it back to its original perfection. It's as if some things will never change even with the degree of nagging he may or may not receive, but that's part of the reason they're so attracted to each other, right? Because they are themselves. "Almost perfect." Demitros mentions with a bit of a laugh. "Your response and my timing weren't spot on … but the outcome was, shall I say…acceptable."

Camille stares at him in almost shock, though her grin is in her eyes…"You want to remember the day we became affiance‘d as simply… ’acceptable'? You're insane. It was perfect." She insists, messing up his hair once more, grinning wide, and then leaning over for another kiss before she pulls him back into the shadows. There is, after all…celebrating to be done. And more better than 'acceptable' memories to be made…

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