Punchin' Time
Punchin' Time
Summary: Two Marines and a Snipe do some 'repair' work on the machines in the lounge.
Date: PHD 136 (Sept 1, 2009)
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Quiet. The ship has been tense since everything happened, not as many people drinking, more rushing about, whispered voices, stricter attention to duty. It's war again, a reminder after a strangely comfortable few weeks. Eleni's getting to know the ship just a bit better, medical having let her out even if she's not allowed on duty yet. She's in Marine's sweats, sitting in the enlisted area of the lounge, quite alone. Her chin rests upon her knees, eyes staring forward, completely distant… Her mind isn't in the room.

Panda blusters in wearing his marpats, sans the blouse. The sagebrush tee clings to his torso, revealing the athletic physique common to Marines. He leans against the snack machine soon after studying it, foot tapping in an anxious fashion. The flicker of an overhead light is the last straw that sends his fist hammering into the side of the machine. "FRAK!" The bark releases as he spins away, emphasising the punch. The young man turns slowly around, staring back at the eyes on him each in turn. Finally his hands clench at his hair, a frustrated growl building up.

His punch and the cursing is enough to make Eleni actually yelp out loud, fully jostled from her distant thoughts and in the room again, momentarily trembling as she looks around at what was happening… but it's not a fight. Not an attack. Just a frustrating little snack machine. She now stares at the Marine, wide eyed, only vaguely remembering him for a few heartbeats, and now she gulps… It's him. Slowly, she unfolds her lanky body from the couch, beginning to head towards him, just a bit too hesitant.

"Mnnnaawwww! Why can't this be OVER with??" His groan is tinged with the petulant whine of youth as Pandorian throws his little fit, stamping in circles. "I want Merkl Chips, and Snackawahs! Frakking watching Pyramid and playing Triangle with the boys! And gods-damned booze in more than 2 kinds!" He rounds on the approaching young thing, but instead of shouting as his tense muscles seem want to do, he reaches up and rubs the side of his nose with a thumb; in a small voice he asks, "Y'know?"

Eleni has to find her voice, really, her lips parted and faltering on any sort of words for a few heartbeats. She breathes shakily, nodding to him. "Y-yes…. I think… but… I don't think that will… happen…" She studders out, all nervous and young… Tall, yes, but it's all lanky limb which just puts her more and more looking like the teenager she is. She rubs her fingertips across her bare arms for a few moments, shakily, shy, but she's trying to speak.

Panda sighs, shaking his head and jamming thumbs into belt loops. "Yeah well…" He shrugs again, as if trying to shake up some words. "So uh, heh, you look kinda nervous. Uh, yeah." Panda's eyes roll upward in thought. "I don't, ya know, normally flip out so much. Just, those two, y'know… they could do some, er, pass for mother and daughter almost. Maybe."

Eleni shakes her head gently to him, daring to offer one of her long, slender hands…"It…it's okay. I did not mean to snap yesterday. I just… I am not quite myself yet, with the way things went down the other day." Eleni admits quietly, earnest apology in her soft voice, a touch of shame and embarrassment with the way she's been acting.

"Forget it, shit happens." His voice has finished the transition to that posturing, low and thick tone of the 'jock' sorts. Well, he's in the right job for it, right? He reaches out, taking Eleni's hand. He holds her hand with an almost tentative grip, as if afraid of breaking her. "Pandorian Ajtai. Leonis," he introduces himself with.

Eleni isn't -that- delicate. She's got a lot of toned, slender muscle, a dancer of a gymnast's build, even if she's in a Marine's uniform. She pumps his hand a few times, suddenly going a bit more relaxed with a fast, flush breath…"Private Eleni Mackenzie… Leonis. Gods… I…it's… It's good to see someone… From home." They might have never met before, never known any of the same people or grew up anywhere close… but he's from her -home-… and that matters right now.

How quaint. Snipe on duty. Off duty? It's really hard to tell. Well, he's in his tanks and offduty fatigues but still has a large toolkit under his arm. Nigel Milius slips into the lounge with a sour expression, his blue eyes narrowed as he grunts wordlessly walking down a step and over towards the coffee dispenser. He takes a cup and starts proceeding to wait patiently for the drink to be dispensed. He pushes a few buttons and grabs a cup, placing it in the dispenser and pushing a few buttons. Waiting. Waiting. TOO LONG. He slams a fist into the machine like a freight train, and another. "Thank the Bull. Think they coulda salvaged a better selection from the Bell." He drawls to himself, in a sour tone.
Oh, and the coffee comes.
Panda is shaking Eleni's hand in the lounge, which is less occupied than usual due to the guard rotations. "No kiddin? You for real?" Yes, he does give her the once-over (probably for the second or third time) at that. "Hey, uh, I mean, my sister, she's on this ship too. Heh, maybe we could have one big Leonisian family reunion sometime, yeah?" When the punch is levelled against the machine, he glances over to Nigel, then back to Eleni and breaks out into a sheepish laugh.

Eleni doesn't -quite- yelp or jump this time, though Panda's close enough to see the wince on her young features, still rather skittish about the whole thing. She allows her hand to drop away again, arms quickly folding across her chest. "Yes…that… that'd be nice. See who… who we got left, right? And meet your sister…that'd be nice too…" She looks over to the now mostly familiar snipe, closest thing she's got to family left, since he came from the Bell.

One more punch, and the drip-drip-drip of the coffee becomes a steady flow. Satisfied, he picks up the cup once it's full and lifts it to his lips. He drinks it black. And he chokes after the first ship. "Mithras' sweat, that's what this shit tastes like." He glowers before realizing he's not alone in the enlisted section. Spying the two Marines, he walks over with a slow, stiff gait. Looks like his left leg is a tiny bit sore, but nothing that ensues in a full-on limp.

"I'd love to see more of yuus, us, yeah," Panda just manages to cover his Freudian slip, and thankfully Nigel shows up. "Yeah, I was just tellin' sunshine here, I miss Merkl Chips and Snackawahs. I dunno, uh, like, if you know them." Yeah, there's a bit of an age difference, isn't there?

Eleni gives a bit of a laugh, far closer to Panda's age than Nigel's, she sure as hell knows what those things are…"Oh, come on… Merkl chips were -disguisting-. It was like… Breathing fat…but yeah. I miss Snackawahs. … and merkl chips. A bit." Leni admits, biting her lower lip with a bit of a sigh as she finally sinks back down onto her chosen couch. She looks over to Nigel, giving him those babyMarine eyes…"…Care to pour an old comrade some coffee? Hm?"

Lumbering on over, Nigel squints a little and grunts something of a hello towards Eleni, and Panda too, for that matter. "Hupmh. Hey, kiddo." It could be directed towards one or both of them really as Panda gets a look with a nod. "Hey, I remember you. You were at the boarding party. If this bucket of bolts has a beer on it somewhere and I get my hands on it, I owe you n' your people for getting our collective asses here out of that shit show." And just then, he cracks a sort of broad, slightly discomfiting smile. "I haven't seen action like that in -years- since I was planetside." Planetside? Action? He's talking like a jarhead here. At least, he thinks he's one. What gives?

Panda breaks into a broad grin, tucking his thumbs back into his front belt loops. "They were totally heinous, yeah, but y'know, the commercials were right. Guys love 'em anyway." He follows Eleni the short distance to her couch, but stays standing. "Hey, man, uh, y'know…" The young Marine shrugs at Nigel, but it's true that he puffs up when he glances over briefly at Eleni. "Damnedest thing, you always hear the preachers sayin' if you do what the gods made you to do, you'll love life. But uh, yeah I never seen nobody love their job like I love crackin' frakkin' toasters, hoorah?"

Eleni has gone quiet. She'd never seen anything like that in her life and, it seems, she didn't quite come out all in one piece on the flipside. She did physically, somehow not even a -scratch- on her, as two thirds of her squad died, and almost the whole rest of the ship, and she helped Epi back to the Kharon while holding the woman's guts in… But Eleni's eyes have now gone just a bit distant thinking of it all. She just curls back into the couch, long legs pulling up, knees into her chest. Quiet again.

"Yeah. Shooting at those metal filthpigs'd bring a smile to my face too, bud. What's your name, L.C.?" A thin blonde eyebrow rises as Nigel addresses Panda, but he also keeps Eleni in mind as he just taps the girl on the shoulder. "Relax, kid. You made it through a firefight and shot the shit out of one of those things. You'll be fine." Yeah. Uncle Nigel's in the house.


"I used to be a Marine ya know," He drawls in his backwater-sounding accent, "Before some weaksauce insurgent shot the shit outta my leg on Gemenon 'bout nine years ago. So I had a career change. And another. That's how life is, yeah?" He takes a deep swill of his coffee and winces. That which does not kill you and all that.

Nigel adds, belatedly. "Seventh Regiment, Third Batallion, CMC in those days. Was 'Corporal Nigel Milius.' Now I'm a Petty Officer on a Battlestar that doesn't exist anymore. So I guess 'm here."

"Pandorian Ajtai, was with the Thirty-Sixth Provisional Recon for a few years before I got here." His hand is extended to Nigel. "I heard about some of that shit, boss. HEH!" Panda barks, looking over to Eleni. "Guess all that shit is pretty petty now, eh?"

Eleni looks up to Nigel as he tells her to relax, a half smile crossing her lips, trying to remember how to breathe again, she just nods. "Yeah… I know. Just…" She shakes her head, not really able to find any sort of words for it at all. She's really not wrapping her mind or heart around things yet. She does, however, shakily stand and move for the punched coffee maker. She needs something in her hands.

"Ajtai. Pretty slick. You guys were pretty mobile, or so I hear. Or heard. I still had friends back in, y'know. My bud Muddy was in that mess on Sag, but I got out before it happened. And yeah, it's petty. That's the thing, war's meaningless but we always gotta do it, don't we. Humanity's not happy unless we're out shooting the shit out of some poor bastard to keep 'em from shooting us." Another clap on Eleni's shoulder. "Look on the bright side. Nobody feels guilty about knocking these fraks down. Nobody. And the next time you do it, I suggest you kick one in the face for me afterwards and tell that metal son of a bitch it's for the Bell. My fightin' days are basically over, so I'm countin' on you." He smiles again, and for some reason that smile's just — off putting. Even if his words are friendly enough.
Again, this was Nigel. Of course.

"Heh, mobile. Yeah, for some reason the 'light infantry' always got to CARRY their heavy shit. Sure didn't feel light t'me." He snickers, reaches up to rub the side of his nose, then is quiet to hear Nigel's say. Panda just nods in a somber manner. He checks his chron, then reaches up to run a hand through his hair. "Hey, uh, Eleni was it? I'm on shift here in a few. I'll try an' get Katherine and we can have dinner in, what, 4 hours yeah?"

Eleni looks up to Panda, seeming a bit surprised about the dinner invite, but she nods immediately. "Sure, Pandorian… It…it was good meeting you." She offers, her voice earnest but still so young, it one of the things that really gives away her youth. She then looks back to Nigel, grinning just a hint as he tells her to kick the thing. "…I…I'll sure as hell try, sir… they certainly deserve it."

"I love military misnomers." Nigel grunts again, holding in a snicker. Barely. "Yeah, I was a combat engineer attached to my unit. Blow-shit-up-or-fix-it guy. Guess that came in handy after all." He brushes his thinning hair back with a spread-fingered hand and grins cheerily at Pandorian. "Remember the Bell the next time you kill something ugly and metal, bud." He echoes his request to Eleni, as the girl gets a bit of a smirk in reminder.

As Pandorian leaves, something else occurs to Nigel. "I guess you can can it with the 'Sir,' marine. For one thing, we're not really in direct chain of command. Second, we're off duty." He takes a swill of his coffee. Another one.
Eleni considers Nigel's words after giving Pandorian a small wave, keeping her coffee close now as she heads back to the couches near him. She settles down, but this time just on the edge of the couch, not curling back an in, not hiding away there. "Suppose that's right. I…I'm just used to everyone bein' sir. Too…damn new to this all." She admits with a nervous wrinkle of her nose. At least she acknowledges how green she is.

Nigel amends, lazily. "And third? You remind me o' my little sister, Magdelena. She was a hoot." Another clap on the girl's shoulder as he pads away, slowly. "Gonna get me some pretzels. If that damned machine's workin'. Mithras give me strength."

Eleni smiles a bit more at those words, "…Well, her brother is… quite enjoyable also. And if not sir…what should I call you?" Eleni isn't even certain she remembers any of his name. His rank, sure, it's on his uniform… but otherwise they weren't exactly introduced as they were working on not dying and killing as many of the cylons as possible.

Nigel shrugs as he pauses on his pretzel run. Uh oh, Eleni must have his attention. "The only difference was Mags started more fights. Just how our family worked, y'know? Saw her pop this guy in the jaw once. Woo-HOO. Frakker never saw it coming." This passes a moment as he ruminates. "I'm just a washed up grease monkey, lady. Just call me Nigel. I know what you're speaking 'bout about being 'used to' shit. I got used to havin' a lot of things," in another amendment. "I had a vintage Scorpian Motors Medusa G-86 Targa. That bitch SMOKED. T-Top and everything. Put in an aftermarket engine and some subs that would shake this ship. Then the Cylons went and frakking blew it up. Just like they blew up the Bell. And the Elpis. That's THREE. Count 'em. THREE rides those pricks knocked down. And they'd better be damn sure I'm keepin' score."

Eleni considers that, wincing a bit as she actually thinks through just how much was destroyed…the Bell included. She sighs into ehr coffee, taking a deep drink of the stuff and allowing her lanky form to sink back against the couch's back rest. Still, she allows her legs to rest down, forcing herself not to curl up again. She's got to be stronger than that. "…Damn shame. Sounds… sounds like a nice ride. Be… so good to take her in the open air… Be good to see air again at all…" Eleni confesses, and then she remembers herself, offering him her long, thin hand…"Eleni Mackenzie… it…It's good to actually… Meet you, Nigel."

"Frak it. I'm feelin' bold. Maybe we'll go back to Gemenon and get 'er back." Nigel says, seeming a bit elated for a moment. "Maybe mount a frakking shell launcher on the damn thing if we could. Now that there's no more department of licensing. Take ADVANTAGE of this shit!" He claps his hands together. "Whaddya say, Eleni?"

Eleni's eyes go a bit wide at the snipe's ideas, but they're making her smile too. She looks lovely when she smiles, all the more painfully young, but lovely. "…Who knows, Nigel…they…They said they went to Scorpia. Maybe we can do all the colonies. Big…happy…squished family here." She looks around the place. "…frak this ship is small."

"Yeah. It ain't the Bell, that's for frakking sure. Maybe that's how this bucket snuck under their DRADIS. Clever if they did. I still haven't been cleared for a lot of information but I'm sure they'll 'get around to it.'" He snickers. "Scorpia, eh?" He ambles towards the pretzel machine and starts smacking at the stale dispenser again with his usual aplomb. He gives it a love-tap. WITH HIS FIST.

Eleni winces, just a bit, as he fist taps the machine. Loud noises aren't doing well for her right now, but she's got to stop being scared of mice. She never used to be. Things are apparently still not quite right in the back of her head. "…I don't know. That's what I heard… they haven't cleared me for anything yet either, including duuty. So… we'll see."

"Mithras' left cheek, DAMN YOU GIVE IT UP YOU BITCH!" Nigel has a way with machines. SLAM. That's TWO packets of stale pretzels. Never underestimate the efficiency of brute force. He snatches them both up as he tucks them under his arm, returing to Eleni's space and tossing her one. Mm. Stale. "These people are desperate for help. I'm pretty sure in a month we'll be beggin' for leave. Kinda wouldn't know what to do with myself." He stifles a yawn. "I think I should go check the survivor sortin'. See if anyone else we knew made it. We pulled some Lieutenant off Bell, looked, familiar. Medical maybe? Dunno. She was in the escape pod with a couple of civilians. One of the civvies was up and awake. Cute little bubbly girl. Way too young for -my- tastes though. Hehh."

"Isn't -everyone- too young for your tastes, hm?" Oo… Little Marine has some wit in her after all, as Eleni works on peeling off that shell of shock she's been wearing pretty much since the battle. Her hand moves fast, grabbing the pretzels without even thinking, and giving him a quick smile. "Thanks… and yeah. We… we should. I thought it was just us but, frak… Maybe there are more. That'd be good… would feel better… about things.." She admits quietly, trying not to sound as shakey as part of her feels.

Nigel just shoots Eleni a scandalized look. "Naw. Not really. I just, how'd ya say — A fine wine? Besides, I'm married. I love my wife." The large man just breaks into a ridiculous, goofball grin that's a little offputting again for some reason. "We'll find 'em, kiddo. We'll find 'em." Yeah. She's just 'kiddo.'

That wasn't something she wanted to hear. She tries not to wince, not to look sorrowful for him, but there is a line of it there. "I…I am sorry, Nigel. I didn't know. That's good… we… we'll get her back too, right? Hit every colony one at a time. If they did Scorpia, surely we can handle the rest." Eleni does her best to sound like she believes it and a tiny part of her does.

"Oh. She didn't love me back. Enough. Heh." A bit of creepy, gallows humor from the man. "But I'd hope she's allright. At least that weak-ass pretty-boy Pyramid frakker she ran off with got the what for, probably. Shame, he couldn't a' handled her if he tried." Wow. That was probably a conversation-stopper under normal circumstances, but Nigel's not quite — normal, these days.

Eleni blinks at him, not certain if she should laugh or look horrified. She actually ends up doing a bit of both. She shakes her head, simling to him with a breathless little chuckle before taking a sip of her coffee to swallow back the shock of it all. "Well…then… Maybe find yourself something…cute around here. Whole new crop of women to pick from. It's like the dating pool just dobled."

"Maybe. I'm just gonna work on finding a beer. N' somethin' decent to eat. Later, kiddo. Be good. And if you see Major Cass, tell him he's a frakking HERO." Nigel grunts again, pleasantly enough as he lopes on up towards the stairs and the hatch. He shoots the young woman a bizarre grin over his shoulder as he leaves as he starts singing off-key, in a gruff voice "HEAAAR THE PURRIN' MOTOR! ENGINES ARE BURNIN' FUUUUUUEL!"

Eleni stares after his exiting form, eyes wide, but she's grinning. It's an honest smile, probably first one she's worn since they got to the ship, so his insanity might just be worth it.

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