Pulling the Pin - Selene
Pulling the Pin - Selene
Summary: All hell breaks loose once more, trust is shattered, ignorance and heated emotion lead to foolish words, and one NCO's world comes crashing down around her. Event from the viewpoint of Selene Daiasu.
Date: PH 183 (Oct 18 2009)
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Selene comes out of the stairwell, and blinks at the sight. She didn't see the G4, so all she sees is two officers with their guns drawn on a private, so she says what's on her mind, though she's not really known for words such as these. "Wait, what the frak is this?"

"You won't shoot me. Not yet, anyway," Jules says, but she's careful to keep her hands high and then move them behind her head. "I don't think you understa—" When Kai makes himself known, her eyes meet his and there's an instant downturn in her expression, a sad look. "Captain, sir… I'm sorry." And then there's Selene and she just shakes her head.

"Backup is always appreciated, Captain." Salazar doesn't turn around, but she does say to Selene, "Get off my six, and stay out of the way." Salazar is still positions just outside the hatch, a step or two into the corridor. Jules is just in front of her. "Bet your life on that, Ozymandias." Safety is off, and her finger is on the trigger.

It's like looking at a slab of stone, and expecting any kind of emotiveness out of it; Karim's expression doesn't change, save for a very slight tightness at the corners of his eyes, when Jules looks over. His sidearm, having been pointed at the floor, is hoisted up in a remarkably swift motion as soon as she so much as flinches toward him. His breathing's quickened, but that's about all that's discernable. Click, as his own safety's thumbed off. "Petty Officer Daiasu, get into the security hub and see if any MPs are available." No please, no thank you. He keeps his weapon trained on Jules' head.

Selene steps around to the side, looking at Salazar. Her threat seems to have taken her attention more than Kai's orders. "What the frak? When did we start threatening to kill each other, and not the real enemy? This is what they want from us, you know, to finish it off. With all due respect, sir, have you gone godsdamn frakking INSANE?!" To Kai, she responds, "As far as I know, all the MPs pulled leave and are planetside."

"I guess we'll see, sir," is Jules' response to Salazar and she keeps backing up, foot by foot. As Selene inserts herself, she says, "You should probably do what the officers say, Leen. I'm in an awful lot of trouble." Pause. "Or I'm about to be."

Loud reports issue from the fore and aft of this Deck, and can both be felt and heard, moderate explosions rattle the fixtures, though the force of the explosions doesn't reach this mid part of the ship.

Salazar's attention divides briefly, though her eyes to not come off of Jules. Her hand on the grip of her sidearm tightens a fraction.

The lights above flicker, flicker, and then kick back in.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Action stations, action stations! Set Condition one throughout the ship. Repeat, action stations, action stations."

Absalom was not expecting that. Nope, not at all. The loitering pilot jerks and falls to his knees at the explosions, and, the sound of alerts spark him to action. He takes off from the deck and heads to his action station grumbling the entire way.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Damage control teams to Deck Two. Engineering, place a call with a report to CIC immediately."

Selene'll be lucky if she manages to get all of that out, before being interrupted. Because the CAG doesn't seem to be in a mood to listen. By the time she reaches 'with all due respect', his eyes have slid toward her, and he explains coolly, "Get your ass to the brig, Petty Officer. Your commanding officer will deal with you la—" Just then, the ship shudders, and a few overhead lights flicker. "Belay that, and report to CIC." Which probably still doesn't bode well for her, but. Temporary reprieve! The barrel of his pistol is nudged just a fraction higher as Jules backs up. "Move another inch, Ozymandias, and it'll be your last." His voice threatens to break for a moment there.

Selene winces at the explosions and gives Jules a 'what the hell just happened' look, just before the klaxons go off. That's about when she spins about, to sprint for the CIC.


Selene comes in to CIC at a dead run, pale as a ghost for some reason, her hands shaking.

Praxis, as well as everyone else in CIC is extremely shaken. A series of explosions rocked Deck Two, one of them seeming to come even directly from the Ward Room. The tactical officer is on watch (as per usual) and is barking orders at everyone. "Full sweep of DRADIS. Check hull integrity throughout the ship, not just on Deck Two. Get those teams out there!" Demitros locks eyes on Selene. "Daiasu, did you see anything on your way here?"

Selene looks somewhat torn between disbelief and tears as the question is asked. "They're arresting Sunshine," she replies, running her hands through her hair as she sinks into her chair. "My gods, they're…"

Praxis settles his sight on Selene when she relates what she saw, mind mentally cycling through the duty rosters when it locks onto the memory of Jules Ozymandias. Demitros grits his teeth tightly, looking over to the phone when it starts to ring. He moves towards it, but not before eying Selene. "Pull yourself together, Petty Officer. I need your mind here and in the now. Stay and help, or be relieved and leave." He picks up the phone. "Demitros."

Selene sits up a little, not entirely sure what good she'll be with the ship stuck in orbit. "I'll try, sir," is all she replies, while her mind is still swirling.

Suddenly, a panicked crewman comes in to report from the hallway. "Sir, the explosion from the Ward Room — someone was in there. And one of the Marines…oh my gods, he's bleeding."
Praxis stares at the new report from the unknown face, a grave look given to him before Demitros starts towards the hallway. He points to the two Marines in turn, "You're with me. Daiasu, quickly page medical teams to the Ward Room, immediately!" He realizes it's not exactly her job, but he'll make her do it anyway.

Selene nods and grabs her phone, fumbling it a little and clicking it over to the intercom.

Without waiting, Praxis runs into the hallway, flanked by a pair of marines on either side of the tactical officer. He has to go see this for himself.

[Intercom] Selene says, "Now hear this, medical teams report to the ward room. Repeat, medical teams to the ward room."

[WIRELESS] Praxis says, "Ring ring."

[Into the Wireless] Selene says, "CIC, go ahead sir."

[WIRELESS] Praxis says, "Daiasu, Demitros. Send a message down to Solon II and tell our people to get the frak back up here. Understood?"

You paged Nyx, Hyun, and Castor with 'A message has been relayed to you: Condition One has been set on Kharon, report to your action stations immediately.'
Castor (Tin) pages Selene, Nyx, and Hyun: On the way boss
Hyun (HK) pages Selene, Nyx, and Castor: Roger On My Way.
Nyx (NA) pages Hyun and Selene: We are on our way. Asad out.

[Into the Wireless] Selene says, "Understood and relayed, sir."

[Intercom] Praxis says, "This is Demitros. I require a stretcher at the Ward Room on Deck Two, immediately."

[WIRELESS] Callie says, "CIC, this is Manfrin from engineering. Where is the origin of the explosion?"

[Into the Wireless] Selene says, "Engineering, CIC. We've had one in the ward room. That's the only reported location so far."

[WIRELESS] Callie says, "Is there any information on what was the cause?"

[Into the Wireless] Selene says, "Not yet. We'll keep you updated."

[WIRELESS] Callie says, "Thanks, CIC. Manfrin out."

[WIRELESS] Callie says, "CIC, this is Manfrin again. Are the hatches in your sector locked down and unable to be over-ridden or can you get in and out alright?"

[Into the Wireless] Selene says, "Manfrin, CIC. The hatches don't seem to be locked down, no."
[WIRELESS] Callie says, "Great to hear. Manfrin out."

Selene is sitting at the navigation station, trying to keep track of everything that's going on, now that there's no officers in the room. Dammit Jim, I'm a nav tech, not a bosun's mate.

Salazar steps into the CIC on the heels of Cortez, her hands clasped behind her back. She does not appear particularly tense or uncomfortable, just watchful. Her eyes scan the CIC and pause on Selene. "Petty Officer Daiasu, step away from your station. Come with me." There's no time wasted. Nikos is efficient.

Cortez sweeps in just ahead of Salazar, thumps up the short set of stairs leading to the planning table, and strides past it to head for the nearest wireless handset. The S2's already got things in hand with the nav tech, so he doesn't interfere beyond barking at a couple of officers to get back to their stations.

<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the ship.

Selene flinches a little when her name is barked, closing her eyes and sighing as she rises. She goes without so much as a word, though the glistening returns to her eyes.

Salazar nods to Selene, and turns toward the hatch leading out into the corridor. "Report to the brig, Petty Officer." She'll wait to take up the rear, to follow along behind the PO. She leaves the CIC to Cortez, under the watchful eye of the two MPs always posted here. The herd just got thinned, got to keep that command chain intact!

Hallway - Deck 2, Fore

Selene comes out of CIC, doing the walk of shame in front of an unhappy looking MP. She doesn't even look up as she passes by, making her way to the brig.

Brig - Deck 2

[Intercom] Cortez says, "Attention all hands, attention all hands. Now hear this: all crew and personnel currently on leave are to return immediately. Multiple explosive detonations have been confirmed across deck two, and the perpetrator is currently in custody in the brig. Several casualties have also been reported, including Commander Jack Sheridan, who has been confirmed killed in action. I will be assuming command of this ship henceforth. I repeat, all crew and personnel currently on leave are to return to Kharon immediately and report to barracks until further notice."

Selene comes in ahead of an MP, and finds herself quickly herded into the cell next to Jules'. She only gives the other cell a single look before slumping down on her cot, tears in her eyes. "Gods, how did I let myself get in this mess?" she whispers to herself.

Cinder's the guard on duty as a more veteran MP brings Selene down to the brig. From totally empty to two prisoners in one day; if this place isn't the hopping now, it probably won't ever be. She's standing in the middle of the brig, at attention, not paying a particularly large amount of attention to the first prisoner when the second is brought in. The exchange is swift, as she opens the cell for the other MP, and they're the one to put Selene in. Cinder stays silent, looking the woman over for a minute, but then recognizes her; she bumped into this woman when she was scrambling to the Sec Hub at the Condition One announcement. "You…I ran into you when I was heading to the Sec Hub. How'd you get free to run off?"

Selene doesn't look up, keeping her eyes on her knees. "I wasn't arrested yet," she replies. "That came after we stood down to CON2." Her voice is quiet; meek even. She's in all sorts of trouble, after all, judging by what the other MP has to say about her, and she doesn't really have anyone else to blame.

"Who's the detaining officer?" Cinder barks out, recognizing that if Selene isn't officially arrested yet, then she's just detained. Because of the detainment, Cinder needs to know who to contact to get things in motion for arrest or release.

Selene stays quiet, but the other MP responds for her. "The S2 arrested her." For her own part, Selene is laying face down on the cot now, not wanting to talk to anybody if she doesn't have to.

Cinder gives a nod to the other MP. "S2, got it." With both prisoners secured, the other MP is free to leave, letting Cinder alone. "Water?" she asks Selene, who seems distraught in the cell.

Selene shakes her head, keeping her face buried in the weak excuse for a pillow that she gets. To say that she's distraught would be putting it lightly. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and landing in the brig as a suspected cylon conspirator is a horrible thing to have happen to anyone.

"Suit yourself" she comments, taking a cup and filling it up for her own sake. She drinks it down, then thumps across the metal floor, standing at attention off to the side of the hatch, in such a position that she'll be able to see anyone who peeks in the door as it opens.

Selene curls up on the cot, shivering a little as she presumably sobs. There's not much else for her to do anymore, given that she just had her world shattered for a second time in six months, and this time it was her fault. At least, that's what she thinks.

Just because it's a brig doesn't mean that Cinder has to let the prisoner sit there and shiver, particularly when it's well within her power to get a blanket and toss it in the cell. Granted, it's not the greatest quality, but she snatches one of the olive blankets from the lone supply locker just for the purposes of dressing bunks, and slides it through the bars. "Here" she states flatly, not expecting Selene to get up and thank her or anything. Mostly, she just slides it through and makes an attempt to toss it onto the bunk.

Selene takes the blanket without a word and hugs it tightly to her chest, trying her best to draw some comfort from it. She definitely doesn't look like a criminal or a soldier right now. She'd probably be better described as a frightened young woman, broken and terrified of what the future holds.

As much as Cinder wishes she might be able to help this woman in some small way, the blanket is about the best she can do. She's not allowed to ask questions of the prisoner, and while talking is permitted, she certainly doesn't seem to be in any state to open up and chat. For the moment, Cinder settles herself down at the desk in the brig, and begins to fill out any paperwork necessary for the arrivals.

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