Pulling the Pin - Engineering
Pulling the Pin - Engineering
Summary: All hell breaks loose, putting the engineering crew into overdrive.
Date: PHD 183 (10-19-09)
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Engineering – Damage Control

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Damage control teams to Deck Two. Engineering, place a call with a report to CIC immediately."

An explosion echoes through engineering, the noise and the vibrations reaching into the depths of the alleys and corridors that make up the bowels of Deck Two. Sen was in the main hub of Engineering, working on posting new assignments to the whiteboard when the concussion knocked her to her knees. "Status! I need a status. What the FRAK just happened on my ship?" Nothing appears to be mechanically effected in engineering, besides the annoying flicker of electricity throughout the Deck. The FTL drive is still humming, computers are stuttering but still working, and nothing is on fire. The only problem? Seems to be that they can't get /out/.

Kappel comes out of some little corridor back among the FTL drives, pulling a hazard suit and a couple enlisted along with him. Lucky them. "Come on guys, let's pick up the boots here." Yanking on the protective gloves, he heads for one of the stuttering consoles. "Let's see what the frak is going on here…"

The youngest and newest of of the engineering crew bails around a corner, braided pigtails bouncing about her face and neck with every frantic step she takes. "Sir! I don't know what happened," Callie calls out while looking around, her eyes wide and her face pale; even her freckles look a bit on the pallid side. "Yes, sir," she calls out to Kappel, now, donning her own protective gear before going to do a sitrep.

Sen is drug to her feet by a passing specialist pausing to give a hand, and Sen is heading over to the consoles. Immediately, her hand goes to the wireless console, yanking up the receiver to report to CIC what her people report to her.

Kappel waves Callie over the keys. "Get on this one, Manfrin. Run a diagnostic of the electrical connections in sectors A-3 and A-7, the hatch runners right here." His hands are already working on his own console.

The sight of the firedoors being closed is daunting but she soon snaps out of it and she steps up to one of the consoles. "Yes, sir," she murmurs while pushing on the screen, trying to get the diagnostic process started. "Hopefully this won't take long," Callie says with a sigh.

"Frak it," Kappel calls over, as it becomes painfully obvious what the problem is. "Firedoors are activated adjacent, Captain. Also up in C-15 at the ward room. You want us to override them?"

"Yeah…I see that too." Callie forgets everything pertaining to proper ways to address the officers now, her fear getting the best of her, stripping her of things like military protocol and all that. "Will we be able to?"

Sen says quick concise words into the wireless, giving CIC a play by play as they go over the reports that are pulling in. "Available damage control teams form up, we're going to have to go out and see what's what." Sen pushes away from the console, untying the arms of her coveralls from around her waist and shrugging them on. "Don't override them until we're on the scene, Kappel. If there's a fire in there, we don't want to release it until we can combat it. Let's go." She starts towards the hatch.

[Intercom] Selene says, "Now hear this, medical teams report to the ward room. Repeat, medical teams to the ward room."

"On our way, sir." Kappel grabs an extra suit and tosses it to Callie. "Come on, Manfrin. We'll take it from each access panel. Let's haul ass."

This is scary, Callie never having been in such a chaotic situation, all her training on he Elpis and here on the Kharon pailing in comparison. "Should I grab firegear for us, just in case," she asks Kappel, preparing to grab two sets if it's needed, body held taut as she readies herself for the sprint.

Sen gets to the hatch and cracks open the panel, starting the process for manually overriding the firedoor. The mechanism tries to pull it open, but…nothing happens. Sen tries a second time and …nothing. "Frak me. I think the blast compromised the doors. We're going to have to cut ourselves out. Manfrin, get on the horn to CIC. Tell them damage control teams are delayed. Kappel. Grab the torches."

Oh /shit/ yeah. Kappel calls over, "Aye, sir." And turns on his heel, pulling open one of the heavy clangy cabinets. More shit clangs and he straightens up, hauling two of the heavy gas tanks and torches out and quickly over towards Sen. "Here we go. Just had the tubes cleaned yesterday, so these babies should be ready to jam." He pulls the heavy tank onto one shoulder, unhooking the front cutting tool.

Callie looks at Sen, wincing. "Yes, sir." She lets them do there thing while she gets on the comms, speaking quickly but hopefully clearly enough to be understood.

[Into the Wireless] Callie says, "CIC, this is Crewman Apprentice Manfrin from engineering. We're gong to be a little bit as we're gong to have to cut through a firedoor before we can get the hell out of here."

[WIRELESS] Praxis says, "Manfrin, Demitros. Make it snappy."

Callie speaks, saying, "CIC, this is Crewman Apprentice Manfrin from engineering. We're gong to be a little bit as we're gong to have to cut through a firedoor before we can get the hell out of here," to whomever responded to the call on the other end. Whatever was spoken in reply has her rolling her eyes but she nods, acting as if the other person can see. "Yes, sir. We'll try to hurry as much as humanly possible. Manfrin out."

[Into the Wireless] Callie says, "Yes, sir. We'll try to hurry as much as humanly possible. Manfrin out."

Sen actually quirks a bit of a smile at Kappel as she shoulders her tank with the ease of someone who's worked in the trenches of the ship all her life. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were looking forward to this." She unclips the safety goggles that look like a fancy pair of sunglasses off the side of the tank and slips them on. "Spark up." A pause as she lights her torch. "Manfrin, what's the word?"

"Who, me? Naw." Kappel says, right as he slides 'sunglasses' onto his face. All he'd need was hair grease. But that might light on fire. He turns on his tank, blue flame popping from the torch end, and starts in on the doors. Their ass? Is his.

Callie look at Sen from over her shoulder, giving her a sheepish grin. "Nothing very helpful, I am afraid. Just…and I quote…'Make it snappy'." Rubbing her nose, she watches for a second as the cutters are ignited but she can't look for too long and eventually diverts her gaze.

Sen starts working at one corner of the door, slowly tracing a glowing red line of molten metal upwards. "Make it snappy. Make it snappy? We're not mixing martini's here, Manfrin." As if it's the girl's fault for the response she got from CIC, or maybe she's just projecting her frustration.

Kappel snorts quietly at CIC's response. Doesn't bug him bug though; he's busy. Dark glasses hiding his equally dark eyes as he works, the blue flame from the torch traces along another axis from Sen's, cutting through.

"Hey, don't shoot the frakking messenger," Callie almost wails. "You asked, I told!" That having gone less-than-well, she begins to busy herself with preparations for when they get the frak out of there, making sure tools are put where they can be easily reached.

It's slow going, trying to cut through metal with nothing more then intense heat. Sen starts pulling the line upwards, going back once or twice to retrace her steps to make sure the cut goes all the way through the door and that they'll be able to get out of here. "Do they know how many pounds of metal we have to cut through? Have they figured out where the explosions came from yet?"

Kappel glances back at Callie, at Sen's question. She gets to talk to CIC, lucky thing. Then back at the door. "Frakking overrides better work for the others or we're going to be ash smoking our way down to Solon by the time we get to the Mess Hall."

[Intercom] Praxis says, "This is Demitros. I require a stretcher at the Ward Room on Deck Two, immediately."

"Uh..sounds like something bad's happening on Deck 2 but…" Shaking her head, Callie falls silent for a moment, trying to think of what to do. "I'll get in touch, see what is going on, see if we can't get anymore answers, sirs." Kappel's statement's given a nod but she's busy picking up the transmitter, again calling CIC.

[Into the Wireless] Callie says, "CIC, this is Manfrin from engineering. Where is the origin of the explosion?"

"At least none of the other systems seem compromised. Small favors. No casualties down here reported? Sounds like they have one up there. But if they're calling up medical, they can at least get in and out." Sen mutters while she keeps moving.

[WIRELESS] Selene says, "Engineering, CIC. We've had one in the ward room. That's the only reported location so far."

Kappel makes a frustrated sound, still working at the damn door. "If the doors by the ward room are shut, they might be blocked out of there too."

[Into the Wireless] Callie says, "Is there any information on what was the cause?"

[WIRELESS] Selene says, "Not yet. We'll keep you updated."

[Into the Wireless] Callie says, "Thanks, CIC. Manfrin out."

The conversation takes a little longer although it winds up concluding in the same manner with little in the way of actual help given. "Ward room….Cause unkown." She looks towards the firedoor and raises a brow, her expression grim. "This is frakking insane."

Sen sighs quietly. "Let's be optimistic." Sen is up from her crouch, now moving in an arch to meet with Kappel at the apex. Almost through, almost done. "Can they get in and out, Manfrin? C'mon. Work with us here."

"And see if you can get remote access to any of the other shut doors," Kappel calls back to Callie. Still…cutting. "If I have gray hair by the time we get to the ward room I'm not going to be happy."

Callie grumbles. She works on working the fingers over the console's screen, trying to multi-task while holding the receiver in her other hand, somehow managing to do both at the same time.

[Into the Wireless] Callie says, "CIC, this is Manfrin again. Are the hatches in your sector locked down and unable to be over-ridden or can you get in and out alright?"

[WIRELESS] Selene says, "Manfrin, CIC. The hatches don't seem to be locked down, no."

"CIC, this is Manfrin again. Are the hatches in your sector locked down and unable to be over-ridden or can you get in and out alright?" There is a pause and she gives a thumb's up, pausing in her attempt to get access to the other blocked hatches to do so, indicating that CIC is alright in that regards. "Great to hear. Manfrin out."

[Into the Wireless] Callie says, "Great to hear. Manfrin out."

Slowly, like wading through molasses, they're finally able to cut open a portal to the other side. As the last bit is nipped through, Sen gives it a good hard shoulder to it clanks down and out on the other side instead of on their feet. "Through." The hallway outside is scorched black with the impact of an explosion, but otherwise everything else seems normal. As the fire doors leading fore and aft in the corridor closed /after/ the explosion. It seems the explosion was directed towards the hatches for engineering.

Kappel coughs softly, pulling up the mask over his face just in case. "Manfrin, when you're off that horn get over here." Putting down the torch tanks, he grabs for the fire extinguisher nearby and starts forward, keeping his back almost against the scorched wall. "Frakking hell."

The conversation's over and she hangs up, running to grab tools and a fire extinguisher herself. "What's the plan," Callie asks Sen and Kapple both, the question one of those simple, all-encompassing ones meant to be answered by one, or multiple, people.
There's no fire in the hallway, just twisted and blackened bulkhead. Sen sticks her head out, swiveling it from left to right, then she ducks back in. "Try overriding the those other fire doors. Damage down here actually seems minimal. I'll stay down here, the pair of you go do damage control at the fore."

"Aye, sir." Kappel nods to Sen. To Callie he says over his shoulder, "Get an extinguisher and grab Gibbs over there too. We'll go see if that fore panel's intact enough to hack access through the door. If not we'll have to come back and do it from here."

Gibbs is bumped with a shoulder by Callie and she angles her head, motioning to the rack of fire suppression gear. "Let's go." she doesn't wait for him to grab the extinguisher as she is hurrying to get with Sen and Kappel, not wanting to get left behind. "Yes, sirs."

Kappel picks his way through the scorched hall, quickly but carefully. Smouldering pieces are bad things to kick up by accident. He looks over his shoulder to be sure the two are following, extinguisher in gloved hands as he makes his way down the corridor to one of the wall panel, rapping it with his hand. "You two get this off, have a look at the wiring. I'll get you a power boost from this side."

Callie nods. "Yes, sir." Callie's multitool is yanked out from its pocket and the screwdriver's pulled free from it's housing, it used to undo the fasteners of the panel. Gibbs is allowed to look over the wiring initially as she's busy securing the little screws, once that's done she helps, trying to make short work of their appointed task.


Praxis is currently in the hallway outside of the Ward Room. There is debris everywhere, and the entering snipes would see that the injured form of Sergeant Dutch Elder is being taken away. In the hallway there are table bits, but more notably the pieces of body that once belonged to a person. There are unidentifiable parts strewn all over. Black smoke is billowing from the Ward Room. There is also a pile of vomit on the floor about ten feet away from Praxis. In his hand, a dogtag hangs off of it with the name embossed: Jackson Sheridan. His unidentifiable body is mutilated in the Ward Room. Praxis is as stoic as ever, watching the S2 and the XO head into CIC to do something.

The light at the end of the -…frak, never mind. Kappel's jaw is set as he leads Callie and another enlisted up the hallway, carrying DC cases and fire extinguishers. The scorching, he expected. Perhaps even bodies. Praxis hoarking, that's pushing it. "Ah, hell."

Selene comes out of CIC, doing the walk of shame in front of an unhappy looking MP. She doesn't even look up as she passes by, making her way to the brig.

[Intercom] Cortez says, "Attention all hands, attention all hands. Now hear this: all crew and personnel currently on leave are to return immediately. Multiple explosive detonations have been confirmed across deck two, and the perpetrator is currently in custody in the brig. Several casualties have also been reported, including Commander Jack Sheridan, who has been confirmed killed in action. I will be assuming command of this ship henceforth. I repeat, all crew and personnel currently on leave are to return to Kharon immediately and report to barracks until further notice."

Carnage of a mechanical kind is something Callie can handle but that of the physical kind causes her to freeze in her tracks; the dead body, the sight and smell of vomit along with whatever else might be in the air and everything else getting her to tear up immediately. "No…" she whimpers while forcing herself to look up and away, not daring to look anymore. It is the announcement of the CO's demise that does her in, however, and Callie shoves all military professionalism to the side and begins to cry.

"Pull it together, Crewman." Kappel's voice isn't harsh, but it is firm. "Go back and report to Eos or stay here, but if you do the latter I need your mind working." Gods, what a…'mess' doesn't cover it. "Gibbs," the other poor enlisted guy, "Get this room cordoned off."

Demitros catches sight of the approaching two before he listens to the audio broadcast over the ship, none of this overly surprising because all of it he's got knowledge of. To the two snipes he gestures to the room. "Take a moment. Get it together, and then proceed to make repairs." Of course, Kappel has that sentiment down. Praxis stuffs the dogtags in his pockets while he waves a couple of crewmen down the hall with another stretcher. He eyes Selene and the S2 as they move through, but pays them little mind as he assists the crewmembers to load the half-body onto the stretcher and take him away.

Callie sniffles and rubs the back of her hand along her face, smudging dirt along the wet trails the tears left. "Sorry, sirs. I ju-just…" The body's stared at for a moment, eyed in the manner that horrific sights are usually observed, morbid curiosity mingling with the innocent manner a child simply takes things in, almost as if she doesn't believe that the CO's gone. "W-hat do we ned to start on first, sir?"

"You alright, Lieutenant?" Kappel asks Praxis under his breath. Not patronizing, just making sure the man can move and everything. A nod to Callie. "Help Gibbs get this taped off and secure first. Start about fifteen feet from the hatch itself." Which will give Callie time to breathe without looking into the room.

"Affirmative." That is, Praxis is able to function and perform his duties. As for the emotional impact, well it would be hell if he even started to show it. It's hit everybody. But Demitros is the kind to push on fearlessly. "I will get out of your respective ways. Thank you. I must go write a report." With that said, he's moving out, alongside the stretcher carrying Sheridan, towards the aft section of the ship.

Callie nods. "Yes, sir." A roll of yellow caution 'tape' is the first thing fetched from the box full of stuff used only during emergencies like this. The two enlisted crewmembers begin the slow process of making sure everything's taped off, the brightly colored strip stretched from one side to the other, tied to various objects when an anchor point is needed.

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