Pulling the Pin - Clearing SecHub
Pulling the Pin - Clearing SecHub
Summary: Security Hub is cleared.
Date: PHD 183
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CEC Kharon: Security Hub - Deck 2

Much like a MOUT training, Pandorian drops into a combat crouch with the knife hand supporting the pistol hand and hurries to split the room. Doorway to far corner, find cover and assess the situation. He's wearing marblacks, the uniform greyed with grit and smelling of Solon II's rotten-egg atmosphere.

What Panda would find in the room is simply three men bound hand and feet, just as any marine would do, and another only bound by his hands, knocked out and deposited in a chair. The on in the chair would be a ginger hair'd pilot in civilian clothes-so on his way to leave. The other three would be the marines on duty in the Sec Hub at the time. Dover, Parts, and Pickens.

"The frak is going on in here?" he hisses, the shouting outside having since abated. The konked out Marine in the chair is his best cover; for that Pandorian grimaces. He aims his weapon at the small arms range hatch while trying to get a sitrep. "Is there anybody else in here? In there? There any bombs or shit I need to know about?" Yeah, he's sweating a bullet belt.

So far, no one can answer, well save Lem, who is starting to groggily come too. The pilot is still out, as are Parts and Dover. A grimace as the Sergeant spits out a rather bloodied, and large wad of gum, that he was lucky to have not swallowed or sucked down a wind pipe. "Frrrak.." the Gemenese man groans before he's opening an eye. "Shit..Someone.." There you go- Someone's awake there Atjai.

Panda decocks his pistol to keep from a misfire as he crabwalks over to where the Sergeant is on the ground. "Hey, Sarrint," he grunts, "Take it easy. Pull your hands apart as much as you can," he tells the man, holding the knife in Lem's line of sight. The pistol, and Panda's attention, are still held on the range's hatch.

And like that Pickens is doing as he is asked "Cut these off me." frakking zipties. Still he's for his hands as far apart as his body can allow. Eyes sliding to the range hatch. And he hold's his breath for a second. "Dunno what's in there right now..Frakking hit me with her gun..Never.." never saw it coming at all. And well, look where it has him now. Not in the best situation at all.

For Nyx just coming in - Panda is helping free the awake Sgt. Lem Pickens. Dover and parts are still bound and unconcious, and a red hair'd pilot in civiis is laid out in a chair-his own hands bound.

Nyx strides in, doing a quick visual assessment before slinging her rifle. "Ajtai. Report." She draws a knife from a sheath on her thigh and kneels near Parts, slicing through the ties with a quick flick of the blade.

Panda takes his eyes off the small arms range hatch, but not the pistol. Left-handed, he pins the zip ties binding Pickens to the ground and drags. The sound of sharp, hard metal on the plating is as horrifying as the thought of what that's doing to the weapon's edge. "Just give a tug, Sarrint," he drawls, aiming back down over his sights at the range hatch. "Unknown on the other side of this door. Three Marines, one pilot prolly. I'd normally say friendlies, but shit's fucked like a whore on dole check day." He blinks, glances quickly down at Pickens. "No offence."

Nyx looks towards the range hatch, moving to Dover now. "Pretend I do not know anything, Ajtai. And begin with the beginning. I and Tsai-Yu were on shore—I know only things have exploded."

"I doubt hostiles would bind up their accomplices.." The Sergeant grunts as he is freed from the ties with a tug. "Godsdamned.." mutters the other Sergeant before he's nodding to Nyx for a second. He'll see to his feet, with his own boot knife, thus allowing Panda to deal with Gresham, Parts and Dover. He'll help out soon enough.

"Cover the hatch. Sarrint Pickens, get these Marines and that guy loose, but keep clear and stay put." He backs to the weapons locker, waiting until Nyx has the door covered before punching in his code to arm himself with something more substantial; a carbine. As he does so, he explains. "S-2 and some flieger bigwig had pistols on Ozymandias. She said some, some…" He shakes his head, kicking the base of the locker and retrieving a few magazines. "She's in the brig for now, she's lost her head. Someone tied these guys up and planted G-4 all over the place." Chambering a round, he glances to Pickens and the others. "The way shit's happening, I wouldn't treat anyone as totally friendly til we get some answers that make frakkin sense."

"Well, I know Ozymandias got me.. KNocked me the frak out.. Spect she got the others too, but hell if I know. She was the only one on guard duty with me.." Which is true. She had just gotten On duty and Parts had gone in to change and lock up his weapons. A look over to the red headed kid, as he's fiddling with his legs. A tug and a grunt. "Corporal, go an check the damned Range to make sure we're not sitting in a frakking powder keg." Pickens offers, before he's looking to Nyx "Help me with them other fellers."

[Intercom] Cortez says, "Attention all hands, attention all hands. Now hear this: all crew and personnel currently on leave are to return immediately. Multiple explosive detonations have been confirmed across deck two, and the perpetrator is currently in custody in the brig. Several casualties have also been reported, including Commander Jack Sheridan, who has been confirmed killed in action. I will be assuming command of this ship henceforth. I repeat, all crew and personnel currently on leave are to return to Kharon immediately and report to barracks until further notice."

Nyx hefts her rifle and covers the hatch as Panda gets what he needs. She nods to acknowledge Pickens, but keeps her position covering. Willing to help, but in a second, it seems. Busy at the moment. "What was he doing here?" She asks, tilting her head slightly Gresham-ward.

"Jack frak, boss," Pandorian shrugs, holding the submachinegun to his shoulder and approaching the hatch. "They were all on the ground tied up, he just woke up first. I'd trust him, b -" That's when the announcement comes over the comms. Ajtai winces, mostly in the miscles of his neck and shoulders. "But then shit like that happens," he sighs, grabbing the hatch with his left hand. "On three. One… Two… Three!" The Marine throws the door open, charging in much like he had come into the Sec Hub: Bolting for corner, though this time the near one since there are those range stands in the way.

"Frak if I know." The Sergeant offers before he's looking back towards Panda. Still he's working on reviving and freeing Dover first, so that they can both work on Parts and Gresham. Get everyone out and on to medical, before off to reporting to bunks. That's how it works, right? Still There's a look. "We need to clear this shit, ASAP." And Pickens is back to woik.

On three - quick, smooth and textbook as though it's been drilled into her bones (which, of course, it has) - Nyx hustles through the hatch and sweeps the other side of the range, covering Panda until he's in position.

The range would be clear as is the Hub in general. No explosives here at all. Just knocked out men. Soon enough though- the other Marine's are freed, and one of them is taking time to check out Gresham's dog tags- which are held up from the man's neck, as Parts works on freeing, him. "Huh." says Pickens before he's looking to Nyx. "Call the CAG on the Wireless- we got one of his kids here."

Panda crabwalks toward Nyx, clearing the shooting stalls til he's shoulder to shoulder with her. He slowly rises up, still glaring down the sights until he clears the range. Raising one finger, he shuffles into a stall, leans over and quickly looks both ways along the front, where someone could be lying down. Just as quickly he ducks back in and takes a moment to process what he saw. "All clear."

[Into the Wireless] Nyx says, "Captain Marek, this is Sergeant Asad. Over."

Nyx places the call, frowning thoughtfully at the pilot as she waits for a response.

[Into the Wireless] Nyx says, "Sir, one of the men in the Hub during the incident appears to be one of yours. Crewman Apprentice Gresham? He does not appear badly hurt, just knocked out and bound like the others."

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