Promises Promises
Promises Promises
Summary: Max and Castor have a moment as they discuss booze among other things.
Date: PH 36 (May 25th, 2009)
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Castor steps into the bearthings, he has a vacant look on his face as he moves in, it has been a long and frakked up day and the man is still wearing his flightsuit. He has a cigar burning in his hand. He walks to his bunk and he says softly to no one, "You'll have to wait for booze later, Leda." He says to himself. Though the man frowns, "Frak me. I miss a chance to fly and as a consolation prize I get no frakking booze." Potty mouth on this one. He takes a puff of his cigar and then moves to the table as he begins to unzip his flightsuit to start taking off the top part.

Max is sitting reading a book. As Castor begins his little rant, she raises up an eyebrow a moment. Slowly she flips one of the pages, "Sounds like your having a bad day…"

Castor looks over at Roubani's bunk, "Not as bad as some." He offers quietly. He takes a puff from his cigar as his eyes break from Roubani's empty bunk and then over at Max's book attempting to peak at what the woman is reading. "I'll be okay." He then offers, "Though some of ours got banged up to hell." He says with his country sounding Aquarian accent. He then sets his cigar in his mouth before he rolls off the top half of his flight suit showing his black and greys underneath.

Max nods as she flips another page of the book. "Yeah, I heard something about that…missed out on it myself." She shrugs a bit, "I'm sure we'll get another chance to give them what for…" as she flips another page. "Banged up us a lot better then dirt nap…"

Castor holds up his cigar in a celebratory manner, "Yeah, here is to more chances to get out there and kick some ass." His voice has a certain tired tone, the man has been through a lot today and it is nothing compared to those in the recovery ward. He then says, "What are you reading?" He asks attempting to set his mind on something new rather than ruminating on the events of the day.

Max hmms as she stops on the page for a moment, "Reading?..not reading anything at the moment…" as she flips to the next page. "Though I hear theres a great murder mystery series in the lounge, I might look into that sometime…"

Castor takes a moment to look at the pilot with the book. He then says, "Point of correction, what are you scanning, Songbird?" He asks as he puffs on his cigar he stops puffing for a moment only to blow a smoke ring away from Max.

Max hmms, "Oh, this…it's pictures of the know, one of those 100 places you need to see before you die type things. Forests, oceans, mountains…things like that. You know, keeping in touch while surrened by all this metal.." she smiles.

Castor leans back and lets off a soft and suprised, "Huh?" He then says, "You know, I've been inside metal going on the past seven plus years. I sure as hell haven't been planetside since I left Aquaria." He then takes a moment to lean back as he places his arms behind his head, "I always wanted to see Caprica, Libris, Picon myself."

Max nods, "Maybe someday…I've always carried this book with me, from post to post. When I get tired of not having a window to look out…I loose myself in the images in the book."

Castor takes a moment to close his eyes as he tries to picture Aquaria. It is the smell of the ocean he remembers, a flash of sitting on the dock with his brother, and then the time on the streets comes to mind, of being hungry and dirty. Castor then takes a long drag of his cigar and says, "Sometimes being surrounded by metal is a good thing." He says in reminiscent tones.

Max nods, "True…still, sometimes I like to loose myself in these places…just get away from whats going on around me." She flips to the next page, "Just imagine if you could step into the pictures…see this one, it's a country side…just over this river, and on the other side of the hill out of sight, theres a fair going on…"

Max nods, "True…still, sometimes I like to loose myself in these places…just get away from whats going on around me." She flips to the next page, "Just imagine if you could step into the pictures…see this one, it's a country side…just over this river, and on the other side of the hill out of sight, theres a fair going on…"

Castor takes a moment to try to imagine it all as he closes his eyes, it would appear as if he is picturing country sides, rivers, a hill and on the other side there is a fair, however his thoughts are instead drifting to other places long forgotten, mostly a dock on Aquaria that he used to fish with his brother on. He then opens his eyes and asks, "So, where do you want to go, I mean if you could be anywhere right now where would you be?"

Max ponders a moment, "No matter where you go, there you are…….here is where I am, and it's not too bad. If I didn't care for it, I wouldn't have been here to begin with…."

Castor grins, "No matter where you go there you are…I like that and if you don't mind I'm going to hold on to that one." He then ashes part of his cigar before he takes another long puff as he says, "Well, we are where we are and we are in this moment." He says with a bit of hope, "And so, you and I get to go out and fly because some people got themselves banged up fighting raiders."

Max nods, "There loss is our gain." She grins a bit, "Thats right, have your pilot friends all been grounded. Are thier ships sitting empty…well if you act today, you get to fly in their place. Operators are standing by!…"

Castor chimes in, "Act now and we'll throw in a Raptor crew free of charge." He then chuckles softly, the first real laugh he has had all day. "I like the way you think Songbird." He then holds out his cigar offering to share, "Want a puff, I'd offer a drink, but the Cylons have again put a cramp in my boozing."

Max shakes her head, "No, never touch the stuff. Messes with your lungs, and if you can't breath good…a flight doctor might ground you. Don't want that to happen to me.."

Max shakes her head, "No, never touch the stuff. Messes with your lungs, and if you can't breath good…a flight doctor might ground you. Don't want that to happen to me.."

Castor looks at Max and gives another amused look, "You never learned how to smoke a cigar, huh?" He takes a puff to keep the cherry going, "You don't inhale a cigar like a cigarette, a cigar is like, a friend. A cigar is an old companion that you take time to sit with and to enjoy each others company. A cigar, a good cigar, is something that gives you a moment to think and to gather your bearings, but more importantly, you don't draw the smoke into your lungs, you'll draw it into your mouth, the buzz comes from the smoke touching the insides of your cheeks." He then takes a moment to look at the cigar in his hand, it isn't fancy, it is a cheap one from a company based on Tauron. "A cigarette is like a cheap date that you want to sex up and throw out before you move on to the next one."

Max laughs, "You know, the way your talking…I get the feeling, that if you could…you'd marry that cigar…." she starts laughing again.

Castor gives Max a teasing sideway glance and says, "You know what, I just might." He then takes another drag and blows another smoke ring. He then teases, "I am however a monogamous cigar smoker. Keep those filthy cigarettes away from my mouth. I mean, you never know who they have been with or where they have been." He then leans in and jokes, "I've heard that they might just kill you."

Max says, "You know, I've heard the same things about wives…." she nods slowly, "So I guess there gonna get you one way or another."

Castor laughs a little, "Well, pick your poison then. I'll stick with my beloved cigar." He then rests his elbows on the table, "So, do you have any vices other than looking at pictures in books? I mean, anything in the exciting piloty type of vices?"

Max hmms, as she closes the book. "Well, nothing I would consider a vice really. I have a drink now and then, but never if I'm going to fly. Never smoked, never saw the need to do the recreational drugs that are around. So I can't really say that I have,"

Castor listens to the woman speak before he offers, "Well, it is good to see a pilot with an even keel." He then offers to Max, "Me I drink like a fish so long as it is conditon three and I smoke cigars." He takes a moment to look back at Max, "And could the cylons have picked a worse time to end my boozing." He comes back to his first point, "Seriously? I was looking forward to a drink." He then rolls his shoulders and offers, "Well, my liver will thank me for the time off."

Max shrugs, "well, all good things must come to an end. At least your still alive…and maybe someday we'll come acoss a tanker ship full of nothing but high grade alchol.."

Castor gives Max an amused look, "Don't even joke about that, if we did, I might start believing in the Lords again."

Max hmms, "Oh…well then…I won't tell you what I heard…never mind then." As she gets up, and puts the book in her locker.

Castor gives a puzzled look, the puppy dog seems a bit eager and slightly confused, "What'd you hear Songbird?" He acctually stands, "We found booze?" Hope, it leads people to say all sorts of stupid things. "No but seriously, booze?"

Max hmmms, "oh, I'm sure it's just a silly rumor you know. Prolly nothing to get your hopes up about…just forget I said anything…"

Castor finds a piece of paper on the table which he balls up and tosses at Max, maybe it hits, maybe it doesn't he is aiming more for humor than anything else, "You're insufferable you know that. Leading a man on like that." He says in teasing tones. Castor sits down and says, "But imagine if we did…one floating refinery in space, I'd be a happy guy. In fact, if I had a dream, it would be this; I'd open a bar on Aquaria, right on the beach. Not one of those touristy sorts of places, but a place for locals. A real bar where I could drink and meet people all day, you know."

Max says, "well, you could open a resturant and do the same thing..don't need to have the booze. Perhaps one of those fancy places, with tweleve forks, and nine spoons. Where you need a reservation ten months in advance…"

Castor says in mock hurtful tones, "Listen Songbird, do I look like the kind of guy that would open a place like that?"

Max stops and ponders for a moment, "with either that or a strip club with pole dancing…"

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