Presence Patrol
Presence Patrol
Summary: Nip-Man goes to visit his Tassel Lass while she's laid up.
Date: PHD 192 (10-27-09)
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Recovery Ward

"You know…you're good with needles and all that but can we please stop with the poking and the IVs and all that please?" The familiar voice of the blonde snipe drawls out sleepily as she watches one of the medical personnel do their thing, changing Callie's IV catheter in the back of her right hand. Her left arm is in a cast, the metal pins showing through the plaster, the only injury she has suffered although, with as severe as it is, it's probably a good thing. The medic's done in no time flat and soon leaves Callie, smiling to her before leaving her alone to her boredom.

Panda had heard of Callie's injury just before relieving the next shift for ship patrols. Needless to say, he made sure to be on the Deck 2 team. He and his partner stop into the infirmary to ensure that there's nothing amiss and that everyone knows the patrols stop into the medical bay; dirtside, it's called a Presence Patrol. Pandorian makes his presence known in the recovery ward, standing where Callie can see him and, once she does, approaching her bed with a smirk and a swagger.

Callie blushes upon seeing Panda as he makes his way to her, embarrassed by being seen like this by him. She waits until he's close enough to hear her without her having to raise her voice before speaking and when she does her voice quivers along with her lower lip. "Panda…" Sniffling, she reaches out, forgetting that her left hand is all ugly and stuff, trying to encourage him closer to her bed and perhaps even sit upon it if he wishes. "I asked Cinder and Castor both to tell you I'm here and that I'd like for you to bring PJ," that being her teddy bear, Panda Junior (PJ for short), "but I guess they didn't catch you before now. Can you bring him to me, please?"

The girl is quickly wrapped up in a hug, as comforting as it can be when the Marine is wearing his patrol kit. "Aww, I wish I'da seen 'em," Panda grunts, his hand finding Callie's cheek once they separate. "I just started this shift, I'll be another three and a half hours…"

Callie nods. "Which means you probably can't stay long," she murmurs. She pouts but it doesn't linger long and she's soon smiling at the Marine, leaning into his hand as she relaxes. "But I'll be here for a while yet so you'll know where to find me." Scooting up a bit, she gets herself a bit more upright, it taking her a minute or two to do so. "I shouldn't be here for much longer, I don't think. Maybe a day or two at the most. The doctor said I can work as long as I don't use my bad arm so you won't lose me to my being bored." She looks at him adoringly, not doing anything to hide her feelings.

"Sorry babe," Panda mumbles, looking aside. The palm of his entry gloves leaves her cheek, but his fingertips are bare: They stay tracing the line of Callie's jaw. "So uh, maybe I could take you out, y'know…" He shakes from a stifled laugh, eyes shining with mirth. "Gotta be a nice place to eat around here, yeah?"

There's a faint giggle from Panda's girl, Callie's mood brightening all the more, the affection and his sense of humor setting things right with her. "How about we make reservations at Chez Cafe de…er…Storage Room?" She wrinkles her nose and adds with a waggle of her right hand, "They're very popular. Might take us months to get a table." Turning slightly, she nuzzles in against him some more, purring almost.

Panda throws his head back and laughs, full of sweet mirth but wrapped in sharp bitterness. "Maybe we should double date, you think that might work?" He drags his fingers down her neck, teasing the collar of her shirt. "So, Callie-gal, you think we're gonna make it?"

"Wouldn't a double date kind of ruin the romantic feel?" Never having dated before, Callie's genuinely baffled, not sure how inviting other people on their date would effect things, perhaps missing the fact that Panda's query might be retorical. His second question is taken as serious and she grows somber a bit. "If you mean 'we' as in you and me, yes, I do. It'll take work on both of our parts but hey, I'm more than willing if you are…but, if you mean 'we' as in humanity as a whole, not sure. That's up for the Lords to decide, yeah?" She's not exactly sure what Panda means, prompting her to answer like that.

Panda's fingers splay, slowly spreading over her throat as he looks into Callie's eyes. His thumb slides up the opposite side, and for a moment he holds her neck (albeit very lightly). The moment passes as does his hand, slipping about her neck to cup the back of the girl's head. "They have already decided. It's up to us to change their minds." His expression is tense, lines of worry stressing the corner of lips and eyes alike. Pandorian looks away, lets out a sigh and murmurs, "sorry. I gotta' get going." He says it, yet does not let go of her just yet.

Callie chews her lower lip and closes her eyes, the feel of fingers upon her throat causing her to wince out of reflex. "Panda, we need to talk when we have more time." Timid. That's the only way to describe how she sounds, perhaps meek as well. Her eyes slowly open when his hand moves elsewhere, looking like she just might cry. "I'll see you soon," she whispers in promise. "I am not going anywhere. I'll always be here for you."

The man nods, letting his hand fall to pat her on the shoulder even as he's turning away. Boots thump on the floor, the sound of Pandorian walking away from her echoing through the recovery ward.

Callie fnds herself unable to keep from frowning slightly, yet again left with no form of an actual answer from Pandorian concerning his emotions or thoughts about the pair as a couple and for her. "Someday I'll get you to say it and the frakking ship will fall apart at the seams from the shock that'll be had." Turning so she can lay on her side, she watches him go, fighting the urge to call out to him.

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