Pre-Fight Karaoke
Pre-Fight Karaoke
Summary: Sam catches Thorn off guard in the shower, Willem is momentarily oblivious to it all, and the ship's newest lieutenant makes an appearance.
Date: PHD103 (31 July 2009)
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The head is mostly empty at the moment, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's quiet. One of the shower stalls is running, and the sound of running water splashing down on the tile is accompanied by a voice. A gravelly, accented voice. And it's singing, no less. "Don't turn around, uh oh… the Kom-missar's in town, uh oh…"

Samantha steps into the room, just wrapped up in a towel, bare feet, limbs, etc. She's got her brace off, having actually just come from rehab and the decision finally made she can probably seal sans brace and sling, if she takes it easy. Her right arm looks like it's been through war which, well…it has. A whole lovely mass of scar tissue and fading bruises, but it gives a girl character. She pauses as she hears the singing, beginning to tip toe in, closer to the shower stall….Just listening with a big, wide cheshire cat grin.

Roubani is a mess as he comes into the head. Nothing bizarre for an engineer, especially not one running around after all the problems the Kharon's been having these days. Something apparently blew up next to him, and it contained a lot of dirt. It's all over his uniform, on his face, and in his hacked-off hair. He has a towel in hand.

"You're in his eye, and you know why…" Oblivious to the new arrivals, Komnenos keeps singing as he turns off the water. He pushes the door open, towel draped over his shoulder. That's right, everything's visible. "The more you live, the faster you'll die…" Thorn trails off, snapping his towel down to cover his dangly bits as he realizes he's no longer alone. The man's face flushes crimson, but he manages to keep his composure. Mostly. He struggles to find words for a moment, but finally he snaps, "How long have you been there?" at the grinning Viper pilot.

Samantha is standing right there. Hell, she almost falls INTO his shower stall as he opens the door quite so quickly, but with a sharp move of reeling hands and arms, she keeps herself upright and even manages to give him a long once over before he covers those dangly bits. Sam almost pouts. Almost. Then that pout disappears back into that chesire grin, her green eyes all amusement. "Just long enough to hear the Komissar's in town. You should do a public announcement. I'm certain the whole ship would -looove- to know." She laughs warmly, striding away towards the sinks and leaning there. Roubani receieves a smile then a double blink…"Damn, boy. I told you not to go frakking the snipes."

The door swinging open is enough to make Roubani glance away with a convenient need to scratch his temple, just in case. He misses the display, though he can certainly hear the aftermath of it. "I assure you it was not a roll in the…dirt. Sir." He turns on a tap, putting his soot-pwned hands underneath for now.

With his towel quickly wrapped around his waist, and what's left of his dignity salvaged, Thorn grins despite himself. Sam's mood is infectious, and he chuckles, studying her for a moment as she walks back over towards the sink. She got a free show, it hardly seems fair… He goes over to one of the lockers where his clothes are stored. "Maybe I'll have t' do that," he answers Sam with a smirk as he passes behind her. "I can just see it now." A pause, as Roubani's presence registers. "Hey, Poet," Thorn greets the ensign as he swaggers over to his locker, still humming that same inane tune.

Samantha is about to say something more, probably teasing, towards Poet, but then her eyes catch on his collar. Her green gaze just goes wide, and naked or not… not yet showered or not, suddenly Sam is charging towards Roubani, arms open, probably going for a hug. It's the VERY last second she remembers Roubani's touch issues and stalls herself, offering her hand for a shake instead…"Frakkin'eh, JiG. Promoted. Frakking right, congrats. About time! Look at this, Thorn, kid's got pips on his collar like a grown up! We gotta throw a party! You can strip, Thorn. Now that we've all seen it, I judge it as more than acceptable and would like a repeat performance!"

OH SHIT, SON! Roubani registers at the last second that Samantha's like charging at him, blinking like a deer in the headlights until her hand comes instead. Phew. The handshake he does manage, admirably, one shake given before his hand withdraws. It leaves wet soot all over Samantha's, yum. His eyes flicker to Thorn and then back to Sam. "Well you would have to as well, sir. The military is, after all, an equal opportunity institution." Wait, was that…cheek?

"Holy frak. Lieutenant Roubani, now, huh? Congratulations," Thorn offers with another grin as he pokes his head around the corner of the locker bay. "You deserve it." That's said more seriously, but not much. He once again disappears for a moment before reemerging with a pair of pants on, his dogtags hanging on his chest. He doesn't reach for the newly minted jig, though, whether out of a desire to respect the man's space or to simply not get dirty right after taking a shower. Then, he directs a teasing smirk at Sam. "Man's got a point, Case. Besides, where I come from, you usually have t' take someone out t' dinner and a movie, at least, before you get t' see the naughty bits."

Samantha looks between BOTH of them as Roubani actually manages some cheek, and Komnenos chimes in just behind him. She lofts her slender blonde brows, that devilish grin never leaving her lips. "Looks like bein' a Lieutenant got Roubani some balls here too. Very nice. And that's dangerous water yer treadin', boys. You think I'd really have an issue strippin' for a good cause? Get me a big cake and we'll give Poet here a REAL congratulations party. Though… I agree with him." She looks over to Thorn, giving him another gaze up and down, as if remembering what she saw when those pants were off. "It would have to be equal opportunity. Fair is only fair."

At the senior officer's going on about her willingness to strip with cake involved, Roubani glances over his shoulder at Komnenos. You know what that arched brow means, bro. 'Yeah, you owe me'. "Thank you," he comments quietly to the other JG, then promptly ducks away from any further praise by sliding his hands back under the faucet. Gods only know why if he's about to shower too. "It's a hard bargain, Thorn. I cannot advise."

"Mmm… cake." Komnenos sighs theatrically from around the corner. "Though I tend t' prefer pie myself…" He once again emerges from around the locker bay, fully clothed this time. "Fair nothin'. You already got a free peek," he directs with an arched eyebrow over to Sam.

Samantha lofts a brow towards Thorn, tilting her head as she realizes he's -almost- serious. Surely not. She chuckles quietly, heading towards a shower stall with a wide grin on her lips. "Oh, come on, Poet. Man can make up his own mind. And I'm not -that- hard a bargain." Thorn better be looking fast, as Sam steps into the shower, she allows her towel to drop just about 3 seconds before she pulls the stall door shut, that same chesire cat grin on her lips. A moment later the water can be heard, but she's keeping her head peeking over the edge to continue conversation.

Roubani keeps his back politely towards Sam as she heads for the shower. If there's a free show it's for Thorn alone. He's lapsed back into silence through all that, that short burst of friendliness now ebbing again like a tide. His eyes watch the dirt swirl in the sink bowl until his fingernails are clean, then he picks up his towel. Shower time for him too, finally.

Yeah, Thorn was watching all right, if that wistful little exhale is any indication. After Sam's door closes, he turns slowly back around, heading over to the sinks and bringing out a shaver and a toothbrush. His mind still lingers, though, on her… smile. Yeah, that's it. "As exciting as that sounds, Sam, I don't do public shows," Thorn calls out with a smile over the sound of the water, referring to the whole cake idea.

"Who said anything about public?" Sam calls across the shower stall's top, but then she actually does duck beneath the water, the sound of it driving her deaf to any other public flirtatious for the moment as she actually showers off the sweat and stink of rehab, trying to use her right arm as much as possible now.

Thorn simply rolls his eyes with an amused snort as his only reply. He's standing at the sink in his offduty tanks, looking as though he just got out of the shower. Shaver in hand, he's scraping the stubble off of his face, sans shaving cream as is his usual habit. His toothbrush and toothpaste rest next to the sink, as yet unused.

As one shower goes on, another goes off. Such is the way of things. A freckled arm reaches over one of the stall doors to retrieve the towel hung there. A few minute or so later as drying occurs, the door swings open as Wil meanders out in a towel. It's not a sight for the faint-hearted. Careful, a glance at the wrong angle will result in a reflection of artificial light that might strike one blind. He's singing. In-key, like. "But I aaaam my father's son. And his deeds cannot be undone. Beeee undone." Oh. Wait. There are still other people there. An audience. Oops. Catching Thorn he clears his throat. "'Scuse me." He says, abashed. For the record, he actually sounded like he knew what he was doing. Maybe he was auditioning for 'Colonial Musical Three.' Whatever. It was actually a grim song. He shuffles over to one of the sinks to retrieve his gym bag.

"Hey, Rebound," Thorn acknowledges Willem with a nod and a half smile. "'s okay, Sam walked in on me singing 'The Commissar'." He turns back to the mirror, giving his attention back to his half shaven face. At the mention of the song, Thorn once again finds himself humming a few bars of the song before he annoyedly cuts himself off once again.

"Heh. Oh my." Wil's head shifts over towards Thorn as he goes through the process of fishing through his gym bag, methodically slipping his shorts on. He's got a nasty jagged scar over his right ribs. Now for the tanks, mercifully covering his blindness-inducting whiteness. He ventures a timid, crooked grin as he offers further. "That takes me back. I forgot that song existed. I keep remembering I had this collection of Tauron metal from my last posting. Drove my sec-lead batshit."

And the shower in Samantha's stall gets turned off again. It doesn't take long for the Lieutenant to come out, a towel barely clinging to what she's got, her hair soaked and limbs bare, including the right arm which looks like it was attacked BY a bear. Least it's healed up enough to be bare. She steps back over to the sink, grabbing her tiny bag of shower stuff which mainly includes a brush which she starts pulling through her hair with her right hand. She only slightly winces, her arm not wanting to bend that way…"Whichever of you loses in the fights tonight has to sing for the whole crew. Bet?"

"Taur-metal," Thorn repeats with a grin. "I loved Taur-metal. That, and electro music, I'm almost ashamed to admit," he finishes. "Seemed like half of my closet in college was filled with metal band t-shirts." A sideward look at Samantha. "I'm going t' regret this, I think, but you're on," he replies, smirking. His face shaven, Thorn gathers up his things and tosses them into his bag. "Right, then, I'm off t' the gym," he calls out as he heads for the door.

"I used to almost be in a band. Briefly dabbled with the idea of a music major, but this was high school. Didn't have the taste for hymns, though. Except for the really heavy, weighty, jaw-dropping stuff." Wil notes, distractedly in admission. His record isn't exactly good, so if Sam holds him to it, he's a goner. Still, he -can- carry a tune so it's likely most of the embarassment will be a product of his own mind. Clearing his throat, he slips into his fatigues and proceeds to pull his gear out of his bag. He shoots Thorn a sidelong glance, noting, "Remind me to share out what I still have, later. Who knew?"

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