Summary: In the chapel, Legacy struggles with faith and several opinions on prayer see some light. A mention of sex makes it in there too, because it always does.
Date: PHD048
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Kharon - Chapel

"Yeah I'm not the best with stuff like this. I don't even like to tell people I'm religious. Which is why I don't come here often." There's a slightly embarassed smile that crosses Vendas but she shies away a moment while it disappears. "I guess that's a good place to start. Are you looking for anything personally? Beyond what you've already said?"

"Personally," Thea says, sitting next to Vendas and talking quietly while Harmon prays at the altar. "I don't know, honestly. I'm not really searching for anything except knowledge."

Sometimes, your timing in life just sucks. Roubani slips through the hatch, wearing olive duty fatigues and the dark blue sling for his casted arm, and instantly drifts to a halt at seeing all the people. After a second of hesitation he continues on to one of the backmost benches, lightfooted.

Harmon finishes praying after a short while, standing up again and rolling his head to each side to chase a crick out of his neck. Collecting the wooden figure he placed on the altar, he clears his throat quietly and turns to leave.

Vendas lifts her eyes to Harmon and offers him a warm smile. A hand lifts and she waggles her fingers at him before looking back to Thea. She probably hasn't noticed Roubani yet. "Its as worthy a goal as any I guess. I'm still trying to find that, though. A lot of times I question my faith, to be honest. I'm too logical. But when I do, I pray on it.. and sometimes I get answers. Sometimes not. Almost never what I expect, though. Its a beautiful thing, hon."

Legacy dips her head to Harmon as he stands and turns that way then gestures to the nearby chairs. Given her back is to the hatch, she hasn't seen Roubani either. Especially since she's paying attention to what Vendas has to say. "It all seems a little too…coincidental to me," she admits quietly.

Roubani settles in the back row of benches, unwinding his string of prayer beads from where he'd had them coiled neatly in his palm. His feet cross under the bench and he keeps his eyes down on the beads, staying quiet.

Harmon moves to sit down a few person-widths away from Legacy on the pew in order to give the pair privacy, hands folded in his lap. He cannot help but assume there is something work-oriented to talk about and, prepared to wait, he does just that.

"What do you mean?" Vendas tilts her head. "I know what you're talking about. Life's small and large coincidences. The cast-off and the important. Its what renews my faith every time." The genuine warmth in her eyes is a rare thing. It speaks to joy and happiness that well from within. "Talking about anything in particular, though?"

Legacy gestures Harmon closer, then shakes her head at Vendas. "You pray for something and you may get an answer or you may not, and you might get what you were praying for and you might not. Seems like too much of a crapsoot." She smiles a little wryly. "But I guess that's part of what I need to learn. Major Harmon, good evening."

Something Legacy says up front sparks a slight frown on Roubani's face. His dark eyes flicker up and to the back of her head for a few moments, then back down. He flips a bead quietly over his thumb.

"Well, you can look at it that way. But often enough, your prayers are answered. But not in the ways you expect. Or sometimes even want. But prayer does work, hon. Its less chance than you think. And.. it helps settle the soul." She looks to Legacy with a touch of sadness. And some hope. "You also get out what you put in. If you want to see random chance, you will. If you want to see the Gods working.. it takes more."

Harmon moves perhaps a scant few inches closer, although he isn't about to start buddying up to the pair - maybe he doesn't want to interrupt a deep and meaningful conversation that is obviously still going on, "Good evening."

Thea mulls what Vendas says, head tilting back slightly. "Which means I need to examine whether or not I'm willing to have faith in something I can't see, hear or touch," she murmurs. Then her attention turns to Harmon and she offers him a smile. "Sorry, Major. I'm a baby theist, I guess. Learning about faith and religion. How are you?" Movement. Corner of her eye. Poet! Her face lights up in a smile and she nods to the man, though, again, doesn't interrupt.

Roubani has his eyes down, mostly. The general route of an Ensign is not to get involved with superior officers talking. But, perhaps what's being discussed bothers him too much tonight. "Captain, with all due respect." His voice is soft as ever. "Prayer with expectation is one of mankind's greatest spiritual weights." His eyes come up, looking at Legacy. And the other two, peripherally, but mostly Legacy. "If we take faith as something conditional, something that can only be strengthened by our watching every prayer to see signs that it was heard, that…isn't the humility the gods ask of us. Perhaps it may help to think of it this way…faith isn't a belief that we can somehow see the gods. Faith is the belief, even in the most silent and dark times, that the gods still see us."

"I'm alright," Harmon answers Thea's question with a slight shrug of his shoulders, "Busy as usual … space might be a vacuum, but the birds still seem to suck up more dust than we've got time to remove." He leans back on the pew, looking up towards the ceiling.

Vendas lets out a soft sigh. She looks to the floor and sweeps her gaze back to the alter. She waits for Roubani to finish before saying anymore. "Hon, if you really want proof? I'd say the fact that you ended up on this ship, with that Viper Captain, and then survived an apocolypse.. it kinda speaks to miracles, Thea. They're all around you. You're riding in one. All you have to do is.. well.. look for their proof in the things and people around you. But.." she turns and nods to Roubani. "That was beautiful and true, Nadiv."

Legacy looks over to Poet, twisting slightly in her seat as she considers those words. "It's going to take me time, Poet," she tells him quietly. "For almost 40 years I've believed that the gods were only abstract things that we had parties for every so often. My whole value system, my belief system, is slowly evolving. Will I get to that place you talk about? I don't know." She doesn't look disturbed so much as thoughtful, as if she's trying to wrap her mind around things.

Roubani offers Vendas a half-smile, with a slight nod to what she's said. To Legacy he remarks quietly, "Faith is a freedom that is hard to accept, sir. It is hard to pray and not expect anything in return. It is difficult to praise the lords when we can't bring ourselves to see that they give us so much…and accept that solely praying for more isn't really prayer. A mother is rarely thanked by her children for giving them all she does. She's only asked for more, more, more. That's rather like how we tend to be with the gods." He smiles a little. "But it's when we stop and allow that gratitude to fill us, that's when we begin to feel their presence. And realise that our duty here is not to expect of them, but to be filled by them. And to accept that everything isn't going to feel fair, or just, but that doesn't mean they've forsaken us. It just means our faith has to be stronger to know they're still there, through all that. It is difficult, sir. And even taking one step down that kind of road, I admire you for."

Harmon lifts his eyes to look between the trio for a moment, clearing his throat quietly once again and standing up, "If you'll excuse me." He turns for the hatch.

"See you, Major." Vendas dips her head to Harmon as he slips away but her attention returns to the alter as Legacy and Roubani speak. Her eyes close as the Ensign gives his view on their religious activities. "So say we all," she whispers quietly, bowing her head. It would seem Navid's words have struck something tender within the CAG because she becomes very still and solemn for the moment.

Legacy blinks at Roubani for a moment, then dips her head slowly. "It's going to be a long road," she tells him quietly, then looks up at Harmon, lips falling a little. "Have a good evening, Major," she calls after him. "I'll track you down soon."

"Major, sir." Roubani murmurs to Harmon as he stands to go. And to Legacy he says, "There's no one day that you wake up and have faith, Captain. It's a winding road for all of us that never ends. We're travelling it same as you. And there is never any harm in travelling together, as all us will stumble at some time or another." His dark eyes shift to Vendas as she goes still, and he falls silent to let her have her thoughts.

Harmon nods his head to Legacy and disappears through the hatch.

Harmon heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
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"If you don't feel you can come to anyone Thea, I can listen. Shaking my faith is probably akin to shaking an old oak loose from its roots. The only force strong enough are the Gods' own powers." Vendas keeps her voice quiet, soft. Her head stays bowed forward in reverence. Its one of the few times she ever really looks peaceful.

Thea looks between the pair, nodding slowly. "I'm approaching the path," she tells them quietly. "I can see the path, but I'm not…quite there yet. I'll get there, in time, perhaps. But it will be a slow process."

Roubani shakes his head a little, looking back down as he ticks another bead over his thumb. "You've been on it almost 40 years, sir. You're just seeing new branches."

"Take your time getting there, hon." Vendas finally looks up and settles her gaze on Roubani. "Would you agree that its better to find your way to the path on your own than being shoved towards it?" Kind of rhetorical but she smirks and looks back to Thea. "If you want a hand to hold on the way, you have mine. I can answer questions - and sometimes not really well - but I won't turn my back on you or try and complicate things."

Legacy grins wryly at the pair of them and nods. "I'm trying to get this prayer thing down," she says quietly. "We'll see how I do with that, then I'll settle in to talk with the Padre again." She glances at Roubani's prayer beads then smiles up at him, while her hand slides out and slips into Vendas', squeezing gently.

"Better Major Vendas than me," Roubani says, with a note of gently self-deprecating humour. "As I complicate things on principle. It was a requirement for graduation."

See? The CAG is human! She squeezes Thea's hand in return and her face brightens. "Your family is here when you need us." Roubani's comments get a small chuckle, though. She shakes her head. "Nadiv, I think your insights are among the best I've heard. I have a problem.. ya know.." She gestures with her free hand. "..quantifying how I feel and expressing it well. I think you've got a real gift for getting at the nuts and bolts. Its impressive."

Thea relaxes back in her seat, looking between the pair for a time. "You, complicated, Poet," she asks, quirking a brow with a grin. "I think, like the CAG said, you have a gift. Well, two." There's gentle teasing there.

"Um." Articulate a moment ago, now watch it go straight down the drain! Roubani fusses with the beads a moment or two more while he thinks of something to say. "Major, may I ask who your patron is?"

"I know. Poet? Complicated? But really, its one of the best ways of looking at things that I've heard in a long time. He does have a gift." Vendas offers Thea an easy smile and she looks back to Roubani. "When I was growing up I followed Artemis. While at the Academy I found my own way and began following Apollo. I still follow him almost exclusively. You?" There's a genuine interest in her quiet voice.

"I was dedicated to Aphrodite as a child," Thea offers, just after Vendas. Thea. Aphrodite. Huh. "I suppose I'd best start reading up on the other gods."

Roubani tears his attention off his hands, looking at Vendas. Both dark brows make a subtle loft, not so much surprised as pleased. "Apollo, sir. That's good to know." His tiny smile looks a little more genuine for the brief moment that it's there. To Legacy he nods. "We owe it to all the gods to know them. I think you'd enjoy the readings."

Vendas offers Roubani a gentle smile. "Most peg me for Athena because, well, Goddess of War. But I think its just not me. The patron defender of the flocks. The God of truth. That appeals to me more. The ability to do so much damage and its he who often prefers temperance." She's proud of her choice and that much is clear. She also nods to Roubani's words. "Its the only way to make an effective choice."

Nine has arrived.

Thea remains quiet, sitting next to Vendas, hand in the other woman's. She's listening to Roubani and the CAG talk, head cocked to the side, considering both of them.

"Thy piercing sight extends beneath the gloomy, silent night; Beyond the darkness, starry-eyed, profound, the table roots, deep-fixed by thee, are found," Roubani quotes in the same soft tones he always speaks with, but it's lyrical and almost emotional, helped along a little by his functional left hand. "The worlds wide bounds, all-flourishing, are thine, thyself of all the source and end divine. 'Tis thine all nature's music to inspire with various-sounding, harmonious lyre: now the last string thou tunest to sweet accord, divinely warbling, now the highest chord; the immortal golden lyre, now touched by thee, responsive yields a Dorian melody."

Vendas listens to the words from Roubani and she smiles. "I know this -well-. Apollo was playing the lyre for the flock and Hermes found him. Right as they found friendship." Its one of her favorites. "Simply beautiful. Its hard to find someone who can recite a song from scripture so well. I'm impressed, Nadiv. You never cease to amaze, do you?" Yep, there's some more pride there. She looks to Thea, then. "Apollo was once charged to hunt Hermes down for stealing a herd of cattle. He found him in a cave and confronted him. Zeus ordered Apollo to teach him to behave. It turns out they both had a love for the lyre. At the very least, the stories are fascinating."

The Raptor Captain looks fascinated, despite herself, as she listens to Roubani, first, then the explanation from Vendas. "Are there others like that," she asks quietly, curiously.

Nine creeps bare-toed over the lower lip of the hatch, drawing herself against the wall, listening, quiet, to the hymn and stories.

"It was one of my favourite passages," Roubani tells Vendas, as though this excused his having memorised so much of it. He sounds a little embarassed, though he smiles. To Legacy he nods. "Many before and many after. Do you know any of the hymns to Aphrodite?"

Vendas nods in agreement with Roubani. "Books and books full of stories. They're great reads even if religion isn't something to really grab you completely. There's some good lessons to be taken away that can help you through rough times." She also looks interested to Thea's question.

Legacy looks to Roubani for a moment, then Vendas again. "Only the childhood hymns and stories," she says with a shrug and a small smile. "Religious instruction wasn't all that much part of my education, even though I was on Gemenon."

Nine keeps some distance from the officers, back sliding down along the wall as she clasps her hands down near her feet, thighs hugging her elbows as she crouches there, waiting to see if more music will be forthcoming.

Roubani seems to agree with Vendas, nodding thoughtfully. It's a few seconds before he comes back out of his thoughts, offering to Legacy, "Would you like hear one? The Major can probably give accurate running commentary." He smiles a little.

Danika dips her head to Roubani. "Aye. I can do my best. The hymns and peaens have never been my strongest area. I can't carry a tune to save my life." There's a slightly impish smile as she looks back to Thea. "Well I wish I could be more help. Most of what I know I've learned over twenty years plus my time with Artemis, who was Apollo's twin sister. She's the goddess of the hunt. Fertility. Virginity."

Oh, yes, Thea's attention is bouncing back and forth between the two. "I…would," she tells Roubani slowly, nodding. Yes, the Raptor Captain has an insatiable curiosity.

Roubani hehs at Vendas. "I wouldn't attempt to sing, lest this whole ship be struck down. I hope the Captain can accept a recitation instead." He gives Legacy an apologetic smile and pauses to think for a moment first. Or get into the mood. Aphrodite's a tough one for some people. "To Aphrodite." He lifts his chin, glancing upwards towards the ceiling. "Ourania, illustrious, laughter-loving queen, sea-born, night-loving, of awful mien; crafty, from whom Necessity first came, producing, nightly, all-connecting dame. 'Tis thine the world with harmony to join, for all things spring from thee, O power divine. The triple Fates are ruled by thy decree, and all productions yield alike to thee: whatever the heavens, encircling all, contain, earth fruit-producing, and the stormy main, thy sway confesses, and obeys thy nod, awful attendant of Bakkhos God. Goddess of marriage, charming to the sight, mother of the Erotes, whom banquetings delight; source of Persuasion, secret, favouring queen, illustrious born, apparent and unseen; spousal Lukaina, and to men inclined, prolific, most-desired, life-giving, kind…" This list is spilled off as he looks at Legacy's face, a few things tossed in with an almost cheeky air. Aphrodite indeed. The recitation isn't done yet, but he pauses for breath.

Nine finds the pattern of the recitation and begins to sway her head to it quietly, finding the music in it nonetheless, her head bowed.

Vendas listens quietly, brow arched. She's not shy about hiding how impressed she is with him. Even if he isn't singing per-se, he still can remember all this and amange a little flair with his cheeky inflections. She winks and looks to Thea with a grin.

Thea's WAY too serious about all of this, so ends up looking confused about halfway through the recitation. Confused and a little shocked, truth be told. Her eyebrows pull together then pop up and she glances to Vendas. Ok, so Vendas isn't upset. And there's Nine. So it must be ok, right?

It's it supposed to be Roubani who's shocked easily? But he too seems fine, if a little caught up in what he's doing. It's as much a show as it is a tell, even if he only has one functioning arm for the moment. He has his face, his eyes, and the rest of his body to help do the work that his voice can't. "Great sceptre-bearer of the Gods, 'tis thine mortals in necessary bands to join; and every tribe of savage monsters dire in magic chains to bind through mad desire. Come, Kyprogenes, and to my prayer incline, whether exalted in the heavens you shine, or pleased in odorous Syria to preside, or over the Aigyptian plains they care to guide, fashioned of gold; and near its sacred flood, fertile and famed, to fix they blest abode; or if rejoicing in the azure shores, near where the sea with foaming billows roars, the circling choirs of mortals thy delight, or beauteous Nymphai with eyes cerulean bright, pleased by the sandy banks renowned of old, to drive thy rapid two-yoked car of gold; or if in Kypros thy famed mother fair, where Nymphai unmarried praise thee every year, the loveliest Nymphai, who in the chorus join, Adonis pure to sing, and thee divine!" The long hymn has drawn to a climax both in the volume and intensity of his voice and suddenly he pauses, drawing a long breath. Softer, slowing the rhythm back down. "Come, all-attractive, to my prayer inclined, for thee I call, with holy, reverent mind."

When Roubani finishes, Vendas applauds softly. "Well-done, Nadiv." She tilts her head, smiling fondly upon the man. "Thank you for that. Are you a devotee of Aphrodite or do you just know these off the top of your head?" She then looks to Thea. "Wonderful, isn't it? I love hearing the hymns and peaens. It makes me feel young again."

Nine leans her cheek on her upper arm as Roubani finishes up, staring at him dark-eyed from her perch near the wall, outwardly sedate, inwardly thoughtful.

Thea just blinks at Roubani and Vendas, mouth working as if she can't -quite- find the words. "It was beautiful and…" Um. Hrm. "Evocative." That's a safe word. "Thank you, Poet."

Kai arrives from the Hallway - Deck 1, Midships.
Kai has arrived.

Roubani is sitting near Vendas and Legacy. Having just finished…something, he's sitting right on the edge of the bench seat and his face has a slight flush to it, one hand lingering in the air. He clears his throat softly, settling his hand back onto his knee. "Yes. Well. Aphrodite." He gives a soft 'my bad' sort of breathy chuckle. "I shall spare you the hymn to Eros for now." Hooboy. He gives Vendas a shy smile of thanks. "Not terribly a devotee, but I like that hymn."

Vendas gives Legacy a small smirk. "Ah, c'mon. Relax, hon. Religion can be serious business but that doesn't mean you can't find some levity there as well." She reaches out to put an arm around the woman in a half-hug. Her attention then falls back on Roubani. "Fair enough. I never thought you to be the sort to come to the chapel. Though I guess maybe I should have. It makes sense. I guess I'm pleasantly surprised."

Legacy leans into Vendas, laughing softly and shaking her head. "C'mon, Torch. It's kind of like throwing me behind the controls in CIC and telling me to work. I'm learning, I'm learning." She's sitting with Vendas, slightly in front of Roubani, with Nine off to the side. "Eros, hmmmm?" A thoughtful look.

Nine edge-shifts forward, half-tumbling, half-oozing down one of the steps, rolling up to sit moderately more closeby to Captain Legacy and the rest, offering the Captain a shy smile of greeting which then gets shared with the other two. "The Goddess oftentimes follows the tracks of the Wine Lord," she murbles quietly, "And increases the tumescence of the sexual organs," she notes factually. Yes, well. You get drunk and then you get laid. Quite literally a match made in heaven.

There's a sound of footsteps breaching the open hatch, then a pause, followed by the sound of rifling about in a pocket. The dark-haired officer in the doorway is dressed in his blues, which appear to house a string of polished prayer beads, and a small idol— both are gathered into one hand, before he heads deeper inside.

Roubani smiles at Vendas, though then Legacy's thoughtful look brings a slight flush to his ears. Which isn't helped at all by Nine's sudden chiming in. "Such…as it is," he murmurs, apropos of nothing. His dark eyes glance towards the hatch.

Vendas offers a quick smile to Legacy. "Think of it like learning to fly, right? At first you take everything seriously until you can learn to have a sense of humor. But also like flying, you can do it for decades and never truly master it. Some will be able to, but that's not up to you or I. Only the luckiest are blessed as-such." She looks up and blinks as she see's Kai enter. That was unexpected.

Poor Thea just stares at Nine for a long moment, then turns a lovely shade of bright red. She actually manages to out-red Roubani's ears. "Learning to fly," she squeaks, latching onto that. "I can see, maybe…" Then she spots Kai and goes quiet as well.

Nine keeps her eyes on Thea, her hands settled on her knees as she watches the reddening spead, "Aphrodite also makes the roses to bloom on the cheeks of the innocent," she adds with a quiet smile, one hand raising to try and draw some cool fingers over a red Captain cheek. "She's here with you, now."

Kai, silencer of the masses. Maybe his jacket's on inside-out, or maybe.. hell. His eyes dance over the little group at one of the benches, lingering upon each face for a beat or two each, with a murmured 'sir' to address his CO in the mix. It's the altar he's headed toward though, at least for the moment. He drops to one knee and then the other when he reaches it— the left eased to with a bit more caution. Something else is dug out of his pocket: somethings, to be precise, that make a dischordant rattling sound when gathered into his palm.

Roubani looks down after this last pronouncement from Nine, eyes flickering and finding the edge of the bench in front of him. He doesn't say anything to that.

Vendas watches Kai head towards the alter and clears her throat. This isn't something she's apparently comfortable with. Or maybe its something else. She turns to the others. "If you'll excuse me, I need to see about a few pilots." She nods to Thea. "I'll come find you later and we'll talk some more." There's a soft smile and she rises to move for the hatch.

Legacy squeezes Vendas' hand before releasing her, nodding, then she looks to Nine and smiles a little. "The innocent," she asks quietly. "I rather suspect that Aphrodite missed a memo somewhere, then. At least with regard to me." Ahhh, gotta love discomfort. "I'd best head out as well," she says quietly, dropping her voice. "It's not fair for me to be in here talking when people have come to worship."

Nine is… quiet, now. Shows her to open her utterly socially inept mouth in front of people. Four short statements and everyone suddenly has to leave. She just nods, silently, though, looking away and down toward the altar.

Kai may or may not have noticed that he's clearing the place out like a vegetarian at a Leonisian barbeque. He's intent upon his prayer at the moment, to the exclusion of that corner of the chapel and its murmured conversation. The objects in his pocket reveal themselves to be spent shell casings, which are tumbled into the devotion plate atop the altar before he starts sifting prayer beads between his fingers.

Roubani doesn't appear to be going anywhere, not rising from his bench. His speech battery is probably having to recharge for serious after the unusual amount of words he was spilling earlier. "Good night, sirs."

Legacy taps Nine briefly on the nose with her fingertip. It's a light, fond little gesture. After a moment of just watching Kai, an unreadable expression on her face, Thea turns away.

Nine stops looking, perhaps, quite so distraught after the poke to her nose, but she keeps there, half on her knees, legs half curled to one side, and she only tips her head with a faint smile at the gesture of (affection? maybe?) before she returns her attention toward the altar, and gives a lightly sung prayer of her own, some warbling tune from one of the Dionysiac Gospels, on the proper theme:

Eros, Eros, ho kat' ommaton
stadseis pothon, eisagon glykeian
psykhai karin hous epistrateusei,
me moi pote sun kakoi phaseies
med' arrhythmos elthois…

Kai must have eyes at the back of his head. When Legacy pauses to watch him, his head turns very slightly. Just a hair; it could be nothing. Shoulders tense beneath his uniform jacket, he continues his soft prayer. Whatever language he's speaking, it isn't Colonial— it's far closer to that warbling song of Nine's.

Roubani has well retreated to the silence he had occupied before all this began. Being the recipient of neither looks nor goodbyes nor anything else, introspection is back on the plate and it's a full meal indeed.

Nine lapses back into silence, herself, not venturing onward to the antistrophe but, her petition having been aired in the altar's direction, she sits still with brows furrowed to see if her request will be heard, attention similarly drawing inward.

And the door opens bringing in the Chaplain in his duties, but he has come to clean up for the night, well that is before Ajax officially calls it a night. It is one of those duties one needs to make sure that the altar is clear and there is enough incense in the air. However, silence seems to not be what he is seeing, upon coming though the hatch Ajax does come to vision with the throes of Dionysian worship. And his jaw sets a little tighter.

"I am sorry. I was unaware there were still a lot of you here."

Legacy gets caught as Ajax comes in and looks up at the padre, smiling a little. "Evening, Padre," she says softly, quietly. "The others are still worshiping. I…" She glances over at the trio. "I didn't want to bother them."

Well that's not exactly what one expects to hear from a chaplain. Roubani's eyes come up and flicker towards Ajax, softly clearing his throat. "Apologies, sir…" He murmurs quietly, standing and pulling the string of beads back onto his wrist.

Kai, contrastingly, is not in the throes of subjugating himself to Dionysus. It's Ares' statue he's made his offerings to, and whose quiet prayer he's just finished. He's in the process of shuffling back to his feet, and nods politely to the chaplain when the man's spotted. "If you're cleaning up, Brother, I can head out. I've got some rack time to catch up on, anyway."

Ajax shakes his head ever so slightly "No no- I am just saying it is not commonplace. Usually it feels like I have to fight to keep people in here even in moments of quiet contemplation and prayer." said with a grin as hands come up and motion as if to keep those in their seats for a moment, or where they are standing. "I can clean around you all, please, stay. That was more surprise than anything-I must admit."

Nine is not in the throes of anything at all, to all evidence. She kneels quietly on one of the steps, and, having sung a few lines from scripture in a voice her normal shades of quiet, she's fallen into something of a reverie. She snaps out of it with a short intake of breath, then looks down to her hands, then to her side, looking at Roubani, "Sir?" she whispers in his direction.

Legacy hesitates at the door, looking around at those present, considering each person. Her hand rests on the frame of the hatch. "I…" she says quietly, uncertain. "Have a good evening, everyone. Thank you, Poet." Then she disappears.

Legacy heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
Legacy has left.

Roubani inclines his head slightly to Ajax. There's an idle glance at the altar and his attention lingers a few second, as though he hadn't seen Kai in the room until now. Then Legacy's leaving and Nine's talking to him and he goes, "Hmmm?" at the PO.

Kai looks toward the departing raptor driver, then back to Ajax. There's a small nod of mingled acknowledgement and concession. He does look tired; sleep might not be a poor idea. But being in here, perhaps there are things on his mind. He settles onto a bench just ahead of Roubani and Nine's with a flickered, distracted smile for the pair as he eases in. Head down, he lets the prayer beads dangle from his hands, draped between spread knees.

Nine looks back toward the priest for a quiet moment, then is back to looking up at Roubani, "May I talk to you for a moment some time?" she asks him, her brow furrowing faintly with the seriousness of the question.

On complete impulse, Roubani very lightly sets his hand on Kai's shoulder, once the man's settled on the bench in front of them. Then he withdraws it, eyes turning back to Nine. "Sure," he tells the young woman. The patented I-don't-bite Officer Smile doesn't materalise, but his soft-spoken voice mostly makes up for it. "Lunchtime, perhaps. I believe we have similar shift."

There is a look back to them all before he is moving, rather skirting to head over to the Altar. A glance is passed back towards Roubani and then over to Nine for a moment. A bit of breath taken before he is making sure the dried and dead flowers are arranged, as well as clearing some of the offerings left. But then, this is what Ajax does, what any normal priest would do. " may I help you all? Seeing how I will now try to trap you all here."

Kai smiles slightly at the hand that rests upon his shoulder. He undoubtedly doesn't need to look, to see whom it belongs to. The warmth remains at the corners of his eyes, dusting away some of the harsher lines of his oft-solemn expression. Clack, clack, clack go the prayer beads. "I had a question for you actually, Brother," he addresses Ajax after a long pause.

"O.K.," Nine tells Roubani quietly, head ducking down briefly in a further signal of agreement. "Thank you," she adds, the latter half of her statement tacked on haphazardly in afterthought. That's the right thing to say. Then the priest is endeavoring to trap them, and she turns her attention to the upcoming questioning.

Ajax turns his head over his shoulder, and then a glance from the others, before that Cyclopean gaze singles in on the Captain. A straightening, even if the smile does not diminish. "Of course, Captain. By all means I ask away." And so he turns as a few cubits are picked up and held in his hand before going over to the petition box and sliding them in.

Roubani looks unsure what he's being thanked for, but he nods anyway. It's polite. To Ajax he murmurs, "Maybe I'll see you later in berthings, sir." The words are casual. His voice is casual. His eyes, though, aren't quite so. Must be an evening of questions all around. Out of sheer courtesy, he's quiet as he slips from the bench row, mindful of the arm still nestled in its sling, and starts up the row on quiet feet.

Kai stills the beads in his hands, letting the polished wood simply drape against his palm and around one wrist. "I wondered whether a memorial might be set up, for those who've.. gone on to Elysium. I'm not sure it's under your jurisdiction, but I think it would be good for people." Blue eyes dart toward the departing Roubani.

Nine keeps her hands folded between her knees, for now, listening to the Captain and the Chaplain.

Ajax remains quiet as he keeps that eye on Kai, before that smile of his dampens for a moment. And the altar is left as he comes over, hand moving to set on the man's shoulder and offer a squeeze. "That is a wonderful idea Captain. In fact that can be something I take to the Commander when I see him..Yes." and that smile-though more melancholy holds. "I think we should do something like that."

Roubani pauses as he hears the questioning going on behind him. He glances over his shoulder at Ajax and Kai, briefly meeting the latter's look. A faint smile pulls at one side of his mouth that's a bit difficult to interpret, then he's walking again. And out the hatch in silence, the way he usually does.

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