Summary: Vendas wanders down for lunch. Becomes center of attention. Beats feet.
Date: PHD 051
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[ Mess Hall - Deck 2 ]--------[ CEC Kharon ]—
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #51 OOC Time: Tue Jun 09 13:59:13 2009

Next to Hangar Bay One, this is probably the largest room on the ship in terms of available square footage. Its expanse has to feed the entire crew of the Kharon three times a day and still be able to offer snacks to those who need something between meals. The kitchen is almost constantly in operation to produce the next meal while huge coffee urns operate near the end of the room, fresh mugs ready to fulfill the needs of the masses.
The typically gray walls of the ship are broken up in here with a neutral shade of gull white that might be an attempt to shift atmosphere of the ship. Long tables span rows that go back through the room with a few circular tables at the rear which offer a more private setting. The serving counter is near the Fore end of the room, the long counter passing by numerous serving platters.
-=[ Condition Level: 2 - Danger Close ]=-------—-
Vendas Samantha
[H] Hallway

Samantha looks over her shoulder as the apple juice chugging contest apparently reaches a fever pitch, all the Marines yelling 'Chug, chug, chug, chug!!' in loud, grunting tones. She just stares at them, in just a hint of shock, as she settles down into the seat across from Kai, "Damn, sir…I think I'm far, far safer here. …Are they drinking… -Apple juice-?" She chokes out a laugh as she admits that, taking a good gulp of her coffee and settling in against the wall.

Willem has arrived.

"Sure as hell looks like it." Kai, at least, doesn't point out the *other* thing it could be. He downs a healthy swallow of his coffee instead, and drifts his eyes over the Lieutenant sat down next to him. "You're looking good, today. Sleep well?" Only he could make that sound miles away from any sort of come-on.

The CAG walks in wearing her flight suit. She looks oddly dishevelled and makes her way over to the line for food. She stares at the tray as she moves along. The woman could stand to run a brush through her hair or something. Maybe a few more hours of sleep? Someone comments something to her and she laughs, though. Not all is lost. The smile looks natural on her, eliminating some of the frazzled appearance.

Oh, the joys of Condition Two. As the hatch pops open just behind Torch, the figure of Willem, half-clad in a pulled-down flight suit with your standard fleet tank tops beneath slips on through, a ubiquitous pile of papers under his arm along with a worn notebook. He seems…awake and alert, if there is nothing else truly special about his state at this time.

"At least…I hope that's apple juice." Sam states flatly, apparently reading Kai's mind about what else it could be. She shakes off the thought and settles down into the chair a bit deeper, crossing her legs and taking a good, deep gulp of her coffee. "Yeah, actually… nice to come down off an adrenaline rush, truth be told. I… It was a good fight." Sam doesn't quite say she enjoyed shooting those things out of the sky, but it's clear in her eyes. She -likes- the fight. Possibly a bit too much. She's practically glowing. But then… her bunk was empty again last night.

Kai looks, himself, a good deal more relaxed than usual. His shoulders lack their oft brittle tension, and he seems half inclined to smile, even if it only tempts the corners of his mouth. "It was. You and Dash made a good team up there." He swallows another spoonful of soup, and spots the CAG in line; his eyes fix there for a while. "I'm going to be reviewing wing assignments today, so if you have any thoughts, now's your chance."

Vendas eventually gets what she needs but forgoes the coffee. She probably spotted the pair when she first waltzed through the door so she plods over and flops down next to Case. "Hey." She looks to her tray, then to Kai. "Captain." She blinks and few times and reaches for the sammich on her plate. Mmm. Meat-thing with white paste and crunchy green material on a white bun. "How goes?"

Roubani has arrived.

Samantha nods in agreement to Kai's words. "Yeah….Dash and I…always make a good team, strangely. Or maybe not strangely. BUt it felt good." She admits warmly, still smiling, comfortable and relaxed as she takes another sip of her coffee and pokes her fork into her food. She even seems to be enjoying the rations. She smiles a bit wider as Vendas joins them. "Boss lady. Wow. I'm at the important table of the day. Goes great, dollface. Yourself?"

Proceeding through the line with minimal fanfare, Willem seems…Subdued. That would be the best way to put it. As he distantly piles his tray with minimal stacks of the slop du jour, he peers at the foodstuffs as he hums something under his breath. It's a simple tune, but unrecognizable.

Roubani heads into the mess hall, not from the normal hatch but from the side entrance leading back towards the galley. A crewman trails him, carrying a toolkit, who's then dismissed to crawl on back to the bowels of engineering. Poor guy's a bit sooty. The logistics officer that had accompanied them lingers to have a few words with Roubani, and something gets passed hand to hand in secretive manner. REMF shadiness.

Kai sort of eyes Vendas' plate for a few seconds after she's sat down. Or more specifically, eyes the so-called 'sandwich', as if he half expects it to reanimate at any moment. "Good, sir, thank you." He considers the CAG's slightly disheveled appearance for a moment before shifting his attention back to his food. And his report-in-progress. "I don't frankly care whether it's strange or not, but you flew well together. Finding a good wingman is harder than finding a good frak-buddy." He did NOT just say that.

Kai is seated at a table with Samantha, the CAG, and a handful of snipes chatting quietly amongst themselves in snipe-ese. There's a table of marines nearby, chugging what appears to be apple juice.

Vendas eyes her food then the people in the kitchen with some lingering malice. Someone told her it was a turkey sammich. She's obviously dubious about the truth behind such claims. She then glances back to Sam. "Bah. Goes alright. Trying to decide whether or not eating this is a good idea. Not actually thinking so. Might just stick to my bug juice." She reaches for that at hearing Kai's remark and stops. Wow. She takes a long breath and continues her reach. "Maybe for some. I'll offer my trust for the wing before the other, personally."

Roubani eyes the thing that was passed off to him, nodding to the officer he'd been talking to. Once the logistics man is gone, he sighs quietly and mills his way through the line, getting - what else - a cup of tea. Toolbag slung carefully over his left shoulder, he's mindful of his gimpy right arm as he shuffles through the crowd, looking for something. Or someone. He's quiet as ever as he sidles up to the table holding Samantha, Vendas, and Kai. "Excuse me, sirs?"

That same flowing nine-note refrain is hummed by Willem several times, probably to the point of which he doesn't even realize he's doing it. Tray hefted upon the his hands, belongings still tucked under his arm, he turns on his heel and looks..looks. Engineering. CIC crew. Marines. Usual motley assort-oh hey. Air wing. That'll work. His grey eyes blink once or twice as he sidles up maybe a minute or two after Roubani. A crowd's building. He doesn't ask permission like the other man but silently snags out the first free chair he sees at the table and sets his tray down, settling in himself.

Samantha studies Vendas quietly, a trace of concern on her face. She doesn't say anything, but she does look worried, some of her happy expression sombering. "…Headache, sir?" She asks, very gently, meant for just their table's ears. She then looks back to Kai and chuckles gently. "Yeah. We make a very good team. If you wanna pair us up out there… Go for it. I think we'll impress you even more." She admits gently, looking back to Roubani as the Ensign comes over. She nods briefly…"Poet."

Kai's mouth is full with a bread roll, so he doesn't have anything to say for himself after that last remark. Not like he was going to, anyway; Marek is king of the remorseless non sequiturs. Oh, and there's Roubani, speaking of which. "Ensign." It's mumbled around a mouthful of food, so comes out fairly unintelligible. Willem gets a nod, rather than any attempt at 'Lieutenant'.

Vendas shakes her head to the question from Sam, leaving it alone apparently. She brushes a hand through her hair, tucking it behind her ear and sips at the juice in the other. She takes a grateful sip and nods to Willem as he sits. "Hey, Lieutenant." She then turns up at seeing Roubani. A smile creases her face some. "Hi there. What's up?"

Roubani gives Kai's full mouth a look that's far too reminiscent of one's mother going 'tsk tsk'. He clears his throat softly and sets a little baggie down on the table. Clearly meant for whoever, though it's a little closer to the women than the men. "A crewman and I were bribed for some off-duty time fixing a coffee machine just now." This is how engineering dirty deals. "But I'm not terribly fond of these, so I thought perhaps they'd have a more honourable end of existence here. If anyone would care for them." In the baggie? A handful of little chocolate kisses. Aw.

Samantha smiles a bit more to Roubani. "Damn, Poet…ain't that sweet…" And then she nods towards Vendas, chuckling warmly, "Come on, that'll help. Chocolate fixes everything, dollface." Apparently, in off duty, Sam's getting away calling the CAG Dollface. But she says it with full affection and confidence in the woman. She then takes another bite of her gruel and finally pushes it away, waiting for her turn wt the chocolate.

Rather than bust out with a handful of individual greetings, Willem's humming suddenly stops as he responds to the Captain, CAG, and Hell, greets the other two, even though Roubani is not at all a superior officer. "Sirs. Hullo." He arranges his tray in front of him after his words and stares at…The soup. Yes. The soup. The easiest thing to make out of nothing, if you're keeping track of culinary atrocities. There's some bread there, too, and what looks like spreadable tuna. Smells like spreadable tuna. Sets the papers and notebook next to him. Willem smirks a bit suddenly looking at the chocolate, but only for a moment.

Kai could probably use a lesson or two in etiquette, it's true. He's a little rough around the edges sometimes. But at least he doesn't chew with his mouth open. The chocolate kisses are eyed, but he goes for another spoonful of soup, rather than reaching for the baggie. Since they seem intended more for the non-Y chromosome holders at the table. "Dollface?" he repeats, blue eyes ticking up to the Major's for a moment. "Ensign, I think you've made a friend for life."

Vendas looks down to the chocolate and blinks like it takes a moment of recognition. "Sweet Gods," she sighs, staring. "Ensign, if you ever want or need something, don't hesitate to.. you know.. ask. Said you got these for doing some off-duty work?" She reaches for the baggie, fingering it. Her eyes stay fixated on it before she passes it to Sam. "Here. Each of you take some," she says quietly, intending them for the other pilots. The baggies is never lifted to high for fear of massive offensive response by other crew. If the CAG, clad in her flightsuit and pins, notices being called Dollface, she doesn't seem to take offense.

"They're doing my tooth enamel a favour, sir." Roubani tells Kai as pulls the heavy bag off his shoulder and sets it down carefully by his chair. There are pens behind both ears as usual, and his left hand is heavily stained with both blue and black ink. He settles on the edge of a seat, cradling his hand around his tea cup. Willem gets a polite nod, a faint smile that comes and then fades back into his usual solemness. Notebooks. He can relate to that. Vendas is also nodded to. "Yes, sir. Don't mention it to Captain Eos, kindly. Not that she would be upset about fixing coffeemakers so much as she'd stake me for not getting her any peppermints."

Samantha lofts a brow at Vendas and pulls out three of the chocolates, two of which she slides before the CAG and one she keeps for herself. "Doctor Passi's orders. Two chocolates. Eat'em, bosslady." Sam states flatly, trying to maintain a -stern- look, but there is a smile twitching behind her brow and eyes. She then looks up to Roubani, finally grinning a bit wider. "Free voucher from the CAG for anything you need, Poet. Impressive. Don't be too dirty about it. Or, if you are, at least take photos." Oh yes, Sam's in a great mood and it's possibly dangerous. She chuckles to Kai then…"Yeah, we're off duty. She's dollface, you can be handsome, and Poet here can be Kid. We're in Searider Falcon, suddenly."

"'Lo, Poet." As far as Willem's concerned, he's not really treating the Ensign any differently now than he was when he was on active flight status. He holds up an open hand in a wave and half-smiles before returning to his soup. At least for a moment, before reaching out a pale hand and carefully making a nudging motion towards the chocolates with a slow shake of his head. "Nah. I don't need this." A slow, dry grin is offered up to Sam now as he bares his teeth slightly. The soup languishes, unmolested a few seconds more. "Why are you making me feel like I'm in middle school literature class?" The slight smile produces a few wrinkle lines.

Well, they're not gummi bears, but they're close. Sort of. Kai seems like he might wave off the offer, but reneges at the last minute, and hooks a couple of chocolates from the bag. They're scattered beside his plate, and his mouth pulls into a small smile. "Thank you, sir," is murmured to the CAG. Ever formal, off-duty or not. Mention of the book by Samantha quiets him though, and he returns to his silent consumption of soup and breadroll.

"Captain Eos! Yeah, no problem. I'm not about to sell you out, Poet. Don't worry. It might interrupt any further flows of kindness." She gives him a little wink and sets her cup back down. "How's the job treating you, Ensign?" She's visibly tired but trying to be conversational with the young man. With Passi's suggestion the CAG offers an easy smile but pushes them to Kai and Willem. "Thanks, but I think these should go to the guys here. Help yourselves. I'll be okay."

There are a few chocolates left, but true to his stated preferences Roubani doesn't partake. His tea seems to keep him just fine. His eyes flicker to Kai as the Captain takes a few and his mouth tugs into a half-smile, then he nods to Vendas again. "Well, thank you." Stock answer given in his soft voice, as his attention's on her face rather than the question. "Are you feeling alright, sir?"

Samantha is giving Vendas that glare which says she should eat chocolate. Sam slips one of the pieces into her pocket of her off duty track jacket instead, and finally pops just one of them past her lips before nodding for the others to indeed take the bag. She finishes off her rations food also, and then just settles back deeply into her chair, languid and happy, much like a feline with a full belly. Her eyes keep a slight watch on Vendas, quietly concerned, but she's doing her best to hide it.

The snipes, by now, have abandoned the table to the officers seated around it. Gone to greener pastures, perhaps, or just back to work. Kai finishes off his soup and lets his spoon clatter into the empty bowl, mouth dabbed with the back of his hand before he reaches for one of the wrapped chocolates. His fingers are none too dainty, so it's a bit of work trying to get the foil off. The various looks and words of concern levied toward the CAG have him subtly watching her.

Willem simply remains steadfast in his abstinence from sugar as he shakes his head wordlessly once more, returning to his soup. Not that this is terribly appetizing either. He tears off a piece of bread and continues to chew, quietly, displaying the -uttmost- of snooty table manners.

That wasn't apparently what Vendas was looking for in an answer from Roubani. Though not angry, she looks a bit furstrated and nods. "Fair enough. Glad to hear things are okay." She looks back to her tray and then the others at Roubani's question. Being the center of attention today doesn't seem to be her cup of tea. Or coffee. Or bug juice. She clears her throat. "Ah yes. Just, you know.." She makes an airy gesture to her head. "..had a headache earlier. I'm probably going to go bunk-down, though. Can someone grab my CAP rotation this afternoon and I can hit you back in a few days?" She looks around between the other pilots. "I have to take care of some business."

Samantha frowns to Vendas, a trace more worry in her eyes as she stands up, apparently finished with her lunch herself. "Sure, boss…I'll take it if no one else will. Don't worry about gettin' me back. I like flyin'." She admits warmly, finishing the last gulp of her coffee and readying to head out herself. No, she's not following the CAG. It's just weird timing…surely.

Roubani sips his tea. "I'm sorry you've not been feeling well, sir." The words are almost stilted in their formality, but it's the tone that counts. And that's quite sincere, and a little concerned. "If there's anything I can do, please let me know."

Kai drops his gaze as Vendas backs off from the scrutiny she's getting. It's probably why he kept his mouth shut in the first place. And as Samantha offers to take the shift, he lets that go, too. "Permission to accompany you, sir," he ventures after a significant pause. It can't be aimed at anyone other than the CAG, considering the 'sir' in there. His file folder is closed, and since he's already finished eating, it's possible he too was on the cusp of leaving.

In turn, Willem clears his throat, his mouth has unfortunately been full with the appetizing menu items of the day while the others offer their condolences. He doesn't add to them, but offers, in a measured, quiet tone, "I would be happy to fly for you, Sir…I…" And then he trails off at the apparent trainwreck of awkwardness that hit the table. Again, he doesn't comment, but seems more alert and focused than the earlier daydreaming Lieutenant JG that walked in, a short time prior.

Vendas cuts Roubani an easy smile that may or may not be forced. "Hey no sweat, right Ensign Poet? Not like you crawled in my head and tooled around." She smirks and rises from the table with Passi. She nods to the woman. "Thanks, Lieutenant. Just, if you need something let me know. I know we're all a bit short-staffed." She takes up her tray, still holding all the food she sat down with. Not hungry for reprocessed yums. Or ew. She shakes her head to Willem but doesn't say anything. Sam took dibs apparently. She just glances to Kai on the way to turning around and moves for the hatch without another word, tossing her tray in a bin.

Does she really know that Roubani didn't climb in her head and tool around? MAYBE HE DID! His dark eyes watch her back for a moment but his expression doesn't say much. He sips his tea again, thoughtfully.

Samantha frowns as Kai actually asks to follow. Well, there goes that plan. She nods to Kai, apparently planning on following previously but she motions for him to go. He's got seniority. Her eyes don't even bother to hide the worry now. She looks towards Willem then and offers out her fist. "Rock scizzors paper you for the extra shift? Only fair you get a chance." She states with a casual smile.

How about a sledgehammer to that good mood of yours, Kai? POW. The Captain's jaw tightens just a fraction, when his CO doesn't so much qualify his query with an answer. And he half looks like he might just keep his backside planted in that chair, and take his sweet time with the chocolate Roubani so generously brought over. He even finishes unwrapping one of them, and pops it into his mouth sedately, waiting until the CAG's out the hatch before calmly gathering up his tray and his belongings. "Behave," is murmured in the pilots' general direction as he eases to his feet.

Well, you chew, you lose. Willem narrows his eyes a bit as he studies the CAG attentively, giving her one of those little bird-like glances of his, eyes darting from her, to Kai, and back to her. "Well, remember my offer in the future." He reiterates, crisply. Beyond that, he declines commenting. Beyond a sort of general, "Yes, Sir." to the Captain's order. Finally, his eyes loll back to Samantha as her sort of playful comment catches his attention. "Heh. I don't know if we need to go that far. I'd just be happy to take it unless you -really- wanted it." The tone is wry. He then falls as silent as…well, Roubani.

You head through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.

[ Red Squadron Berthings - Deck 1 ]-----[ CEC Kharon ]
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #51 OOC Time: Tue Jun 09 15:25:25 2009

The hatchway to this room has a top-down stencil of a Viper Mark Two painted across the entire expanse, the rear end of the Viper at the bottom of the hatch. Once inside, the berthings are typical of Viper squadrons throughout the fleet: Two lines of bunks are mounted against each wall with another one built into the wall at the other end. The room's gray walls and the empty space surrounding the bunks hold framed pictures of Vipers in action and depictions of the Cylon War of forty years prior. There is also a hatch in the back the leads to a private Head for these officers. Even here, the dark blue curtains hide away each individual bunk from the goings-on within the common area which is centered on a large oak table, though the surrounding chairs are standard navy.
-=[ Condition Level: 2 - Danger Close ]=-------—-
Viper Pilot Bunks Oak Table
[H] Hallway

Kai has arrived.

Vendas wanders the decks for a few minutes rather than head anyplace in particular. She's not lost, just.. something else. She eventually winds up back at Red Berthings and stops inside the hatch. She looks around for a moment and eventually moves cautiously to her bunk. Curtain open, she prys off her boots one at a time while she seems to get ready for racking out.

Kai left the mess hall some time after the CAG. Close enough to gain some idea of where she was headed, if by no other means, then by inference— or lucky guess. He shows up at the berthings shortly after her, and shuts the hatch after he's ducked inside. Watching her silently for a few long moments, he makes his way over to the table, and rests his backside against the edge of it.

Vendas was -really- hoping to be alone. Its reflected on her face when Kai locks the hatch and looks at her. Especially like that. She goes back to prying off her boots and finishes without ceremony, leaving the footwear on the floor. Normally she might disrobe to her skivvies but someone has her spooked. "What's wrong, Captain?" Legs lift and she turns back into her bunk in a practiced motion.

Kai presses his lips together, and ducks his eyes when she gives him that look. It's not quite 'kicked puppy' worthy, but he definitely seems at odds with himself; unusual, perhaps, for the normally unflappable Captain. "Sir," he speaks up finally, "you've been unhappy with me for over a week now. If it's that report I filed a little late, I apologise, sir. I've been busting my ass working on the upcoming training op, and the new wing assignments.."

Vendas just seems.. off. Odd things about what he says catch her attention that normally wouldn't and she eventually just closes her eyes. "I'm not unhappy with you. I'm just unhappy with myself. Stop being so critical of yourself, Captain." There's that characteristic bluntness. Her hands lift to her temples, rubbing them with her fingertips. "Do me a favor and erase my name off the board. I'm grounding myself for today."

Kai is silent again for a while, breathing steadily and softly, contemplating what she's said. He follows the motion of her fingertips to her temples, focusing there for now. "Why are you unhappy with yourself, sir?" He can be blunt, too. And generally is. In the meantime, he grudgingly leans across the table to the whiteboard posted on the wall behind it, and rubs the CAG's name off with his fist.

She opens her eyes are looks to Kai with his question. When he turns to erase her name, she just asks him a simple set of questions. "Are we married? ..or dating?" Her face is completely impassive. Not a normal question, either. Being the heinous bitch just isn't her style.

Kai hides his confusion, and probably startlement at being asked those questions, rather well. All she'd see is a momentary hesitation, followed by a shake of his head as he re-settles against the table. "No, sir."

Vendas closes her eyes, hiding something. She rolls her head back onto her pillow. "Then it doesn't matter then, does it, Captain?" Her fingertips go back to her temples and she lets out a sigh of relief. "Is there anything else? Am I in the wrong bunk? Someplace I need to be?"

"..sir.." His voice has softened a fraction. Gentler? Not so much; there's a trace of something jagged and sharp in his tone. "No, sir. But with due respect, I'm concerned about you. The entire damned squadron is." His fingernails gouge the table where his hand's curled, not that she'd notice such.

Her hands fall from her temples, arms relaxing. They flop down by her side. "Gods, Captain. You want me to get up in front of everyone and make a speech about how I'm fine? I don't sleep a night and turn down a few chocolates and now I'm suspect for what? …Being concerned about?" A hand claps to her forehead. "Just let it go. I took my pills and I'll be out in a few minutes anyway. I could use the quiet and dark."

Kai doesn't speak again, for a long while. He may, in fact, have simply up and left already— except he hasn't. If she happens to look over, she'll see him still leaning against the table, shoulders taut with coiled muscle under his open fatigue jacket. "Yes, sir," he supplies quietly, at length. Murmured as he pushes back to his feet, "Rest well." A chair that's unlucky enough to be between he and the hatch, is kicked rather viciously aside as he strides off. It careens into the bank of lockers hard enough to dent one or the other, surely.

"Thank you, Captain," is all she whispers as he says he's leaving. Her body begins to relax until he kicks the chair, making a horrendous racket. Hands sweep to her ears as her face contorts in agony. She rolls away deeper into her bunk and lays in the fetal position as she waits for her head to stop exploding with the headache.

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