Pop Stars, Philosophy, and Underpants
Pop Stars, Philosophy, and Underpants
Summary: Doing laundry and humming a song leads Selene to discover how her failed high school rock band's song about their covert midnight practices became a colonial hit. Also, jokes about the Kharon's favorite article of clothing.
Date: PHD 163 (Sep. 29, 2009)
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The laundry room is empty right now, except for one person doing her wash while everyone is somewhere else. Selene is humming a tune to herself as she pulls a load out of the dryer, then tosses the load from the washer in. After shutting the door and turning it on, she puts her basket up on top of the dryer and begins folding, still humming to herself.

It's a catchy tune Selene's humming. Just coming in the door with a laundry basket in her arms, Mimi has a hard time not starting to hum along. She sets her basket on top of a washer. "Morning, Selene," she calls cheerily, carefully avoiding the most temperamental washer, since the selection's so unrestricted this morning. With yesterday's events behind her, she's in a good mood.

Castor Leda has acctually managed to fall asleep in the laundry room as he is proped over on a chair, a book in his hand, the book is one of the classics and it is about a little girl falling in an odd hole where she is looking for a black rabbit with a watch and many other strange things. He doesn't snore and he is sleeping quietly, his clothes are still spinning however, Aquarians, they can sleep anywhere it seems.

Selene smiles and waves to Mimi, apparently not having noticed the officer sleeping in the laundry room. "'morning," she replies cheerily, going through her basket of dried laundry. There's not much variety on top, mostly just uniform parts. Pulling out a pair of pants, she begins folding while asking, "How're you?"

"Not too bad, now that Basic's over." Mimi doesn't look up from her laundry-sorting, apparently one of those people who can hold a conversation without eye contact, however much more pleasant it might make talking. "And you? Flown us any interesting places lately?"

Selene laughs a little at that question, folding a uniform jacket next. "Not really, and you've been all the places I've flown us, so…" The woman grins, then starts humming her tune again, swaying a little as she folds. She really does have a pleasant voice as far as music goes, though few people on the ship have ever heard it.

Mimi laughs and nods. "Pity there's not more time for sightseeing," she muses, shaking her head. A moment of near-silence ensues, as Selene hums and Mimi folds. Mimi finally breaks it, looking at Selene thoughtfully. "Selene… do you sing? Your humming's good; you carry a tune well. It made me wonder."

Bang, the book falls out of Castor's hand and this cause a sudden chain of events to happen, the bang then causes Castor to suddenly jerk awake, "Swha?" The sudden jerk of his body causes the chair to tip back and a split second later there is a loud crash sending an empty bucket near by to fly in the air slightly, the bucket of couse falls over Castor's head as he is getting up. He then says, "Okay, there is a bucket on my head and I am on my ass…I frakking swear I haven't been drinking." He then says, "And if anyone is in here you didn't see this…like ever." He then lifts up the bucket off his head and he notices Marissa and then Selene and he turns three shades of red which of course causes him to drop the bucket back on his head for a moment.

Selene bites her lip and is about to answer the question when Castor's Rube Goldberg machine makes her jump. She whirls around, staring in disbelief and blinking. "Are you okay, sir," she finally ventures, hoping he didn't break anything. How do you explain that to the sawbones?

Bang! "Swha?" Screesh…CRASH! Cla-PLOOMPH! The sudden cacophony whips Mimi's head around that way, and she stares wide-eyed for a second before bursting into giggles. "Cas, are… are you all right?" she asks, laughing and moving to help him up. Some things you just /have/ to laugh at, even when they're serious.

Castor pulls the bucket off and he says, "Only thing hurt was my pride." He then says, "And possibly my ass." He stands patting it, "Ow, yeah, small bruise for sure." He then looks at Selene and Marissa and he says, "I will be fine, really." He then smiles and looks for a shiny new change of topic as he picks his book up, "So, umm, yeah, about those Sharks." The Aquarian Sharks that is.

Selene shrugs a little and turns back to her laundry-folding then. She's never been a sports fan, after all. Her song is gone for the time being, and she simply folds in silence, beginning to put the folded uniform pants and tops back in the basket.

Mimi giggles and steps back after helping the wounded pilot up. "Well, I can't do anything about your butt, but pride…" She gives him a quick hug. "That's easy."

Castor smiles warmly and he says, "Aww, thanks." He then says, "So, what were we all talking about?"

"Not much. I was asking Selene if she sings. She has a lovely humming voice," Mimi replies, turning back to her folding. "So, do you Selene? I used to sing, but I wasn't very good at it."

Selene nibbles her lip a little. "I did," she replies. "I was hoping to do so again, but it never worked out."

Castor looks at Selene and then back to Mimi and he says, "Maybe, I could put together another talent show." He says with a smile since the last one was SO popular, well, not really, but a good time was had by all. "So, you could both practice together and I could get a show together?"

"What happened?" Curiosity is going to kill the Mimi one of these days, but for now she'll cheerfully poke her nose into anyplace that it'll fit into.
Castor's suggestion gets a thoughtful look, but only for a moment. "I dunno. Seriously, Cas, I wasn't performer material."

Castor studies Mimi for a moment and he then winks, "Well, I'd have to work up a new series of tricks for the show…I've got an idea for a time travel trick." He then says, "Though I'd need some things for it." He then gets a twinkle in his eyes. He then looks over at Selene, "Acctually, yeah, Daiasu, what is the deal with that?"

Selene frowns a little as she lays the last pair of pants in the basket, just waiting for the other dryer load now. "I was in a band once, in high school," she begins. "I'd studied vocal music since my mother passed, and everyone of my teachers said I could make money singing." The woman pauses briefly. "When I was fifteen, some other students and I started a band and practiced in a garage. We got really good, and I guess someone noticed our talent, because they had us record a demo of the four songs we'd written at the time."

"That doesn't sound so bad," Mimi comments, still folding. Some of it she can do by feel, so she looks up at Selene. "So I'm guessing there's more to the story."

Castor nods as Mimi speaks since he wants to know what happened next.

Selene sighs softly as she turns around, leaning against the dryer. "We released the demo and it was really good. Suddenly we were the talk of the town, at least among the half that listens to music like ours. And then Kentaro, the man who took my brothers and I in, found out. He didn't like it at all," the petite woman explains softly. "Said that rock music makes 'good girls do bad things' and that I was far too young to front a band." She pauses a moment, a dead quiet that seems to indicate that worse is coming. "Then he took me out of the music program and forbade me from seeing the band again."

Castor looks over at Mimi first and then to Selene and he says, "I'm sorry to hear that but those times have passed you are free to do what you want now." He then smiles, "And that means you can bring a bit of joy to those around you. Live music is a rare gift these days."

"Oh, hon…" Mimi says softly, moving over and giving Selene a warm hug. "I'm sorry you lost that chance. It could've been great."

Selene is leaning against a dryer, accepting Mimi's hug and leaning into it. "Well, we'd planned to connect after graduation, but Manda, the one who wrote most of our songs, got in a car wreck and ended up in a coma," she explains. "When she finally came to, it was as if Apollo had just left her. All of her songs sounded forced and awkward… the magic was completely gone." She looks up at Castor and adds, "Would that it were that easy. I'm just a singer, and I'm not comfortable without a musical backup. Given the size of Kharon, I doubt I can ever find a band quite like ours here."

Castor looks over at Selene and he says, "Well, you can try again here and now. The Kharon has all sorts of things to offer if you keep your eyes open." He then says, "And we need live music, seriously, we need it. Something soothing for the soul." He then pauses as he collects his thoughts and he says, "So, lets find the things you need."

Mimi holds Selene gently, content to hug her until she decides she doesn't need it any longer. "Poor Manda. And poor you, too. I think you all would've been great. And it's a pity you all didn't end up here on the ship. Live music would be wonderful, if we could get it."
She glances up at Cas. "Are you sure everything's /here/? I mean, we've got a good number of people, but finding talented and willing ones…" She trails off, sure he understands what she means.

Kitty schleps a big bag of laundry into the room, having to drag it as she has just about every single piece of clothing she owns, a sign of her having fallen behind in her wash. A washer's claimed, stuff is stuffed in it and it's started once soap is put in, the ECO not noticing that others are here, yet.

Selene nods to Mimi as she speaks to Castor. "I don't know if anyone here is even willing to play what we played. You can't just put a band together like raptor parts," she points out. "Part of what made what Wanderer had so beautiful was that we all loved what we were doing, and we all loved the songs we played."

Castor blinks and gives a Th' Frak look (TM) he then says, "Wait, seriously, that was your band? That was YOUR frakking band?" He looks over at Mimi and says, "This is unthinkinkable…" He then adds, "Inconcieveable." He then looks over at Kitty, "Kitters, no but seriously?" He then looks back at Selene and his hands go out with open palms imploringly, "But..you…and…" This could almost be like a Jerry Louis (for BSG) moment, OH LADY WITH THE FLANTRENAN AND THE THING AND THE MELVINANANANA. Color Leda shocked.

Mimi blinks. "Wanderer…" She glances at Cas freaking out and then back to Selene. "Now I feel a little bad, 'cuz obviously I should've heard of you all. I guess I was in the air too much."
She glances up and waves at Kitty. With the noise Cas is making, she might not hear a hello.

"It's a good thing that I do not come here to do wash in an effort to have a Zen moment," Kitty says over the yelling Castor does. "Would nevere be able to achieve it if I did…" Grinning once the reaction dies down, she simply watches the others, giving Mimi a smile and a nod hello which she then gives to Selene and Castor in no particular order.

Selene turns bright red, apparently not thinking that her band was that big a deal. "Um… yeah," she replies quietly. "I didn't even realize that our stuff left Gemenon. I had a pretty sheltered life after that point… Kentaro was a 'Father Knows Best' sort of tyrant. That and how the band really fell apart after Manda's accident…"

Castor looks over at Mimi and Kitty and then back to Mimi, "Oh, come on…you have to know that song, Don't Stop Believin' it was on the radio back on Aquaria. I mean seriously when they made that fictionalized drama about The Family called the Sapporo's the last episode used that song to end the entire series with a fade to black. Remember?" He then looks at Kitty and he says, "And…I…frak sorry Kitters." He then says, "That song got big back home."

"The /who/?" Mimi looks blank, patting Selene's shoulder as she lets go. "The satellite hookup to Calypso wasn't that great. We only got about eight channels, and if the governor was on your night was /shot/." She smiles faintly at the memory. Kitty's remark draws a giggle. "How's you, Kits?"

Selene blinks and waves to Kitty as Castor brings back memories for her. "I haven't sang that song in ages," she replies softly. "That was from our only real album, the one we recorded with me sneaking out of the house, before Kentaro sent us to Caprica to finish school - partially to get me away from the band. " She laughs softly and adds, "Manda's inspiration for it was me sneaking out of the house at midnight and catching the light rail across town with our drummer. It describes the whole band pretty well."

Kitty hmmms softly, thoughtfully before answering Mimi. "I am good, thanks. Just trying to…trying to get caught up with stuff." What that 'stuff' is is left unelaborated as she's busy turning the questio around on Marissa. "How about yourself? Everything well?" The others are looked at and she grins, listeing to them talk about something from the past.

Castor says, "Well, it is an honor to meet you." He then smiles, "And yeah…" He looks over at Mimi, "You know, 'Just a small town girl, in a small town world…'" He then takes a moment to hope Mimi catches this he then looks over at Kitty and she begins her conversation with Mimi and he lets things go where they may.

Mimi smiles, listening to Selene's description. "Wow. Small wonder your band was so good, if you were all that dedicated." The dark-haired Southern Islands native only draws a blank on Castor's quote, though, shaking her head. "Sorry, still no bells ringing."
"Hmm? Oh, right. I'm okay, Kits. Kind of lost. as I still haven't gotten any official word on who my flight instructor's supposed to be. So I'm just keeping up my exercise as best I can and hoping I can contact somebody soon. Which strikes me as kind of backwards, as the officers are supposed to know this stuff, aren't they?"

Selene giggles softly as Castor screws up the first line, but adds the next three in a soft, beautiful musical tone. "She took the midnight train going anywhere… 'n just a city boy, born and raised in south Delos, he took the midnight train going anywhere."

Castor looks at Mimi and says, "Fair enough." He then looks at Selene for a moment and he says, "We need to talk more about this later." He says as he rips his clothes out of the dryer, "But I have to get to bed since when the rest of you are sleeping I'm on CAP." He then looks at Mimi again and he says, "Take it easy, Crewman Delann." He then looks over at Kitty, "And you there, Kitters…" He pauses for dramatic effect, "have a good one okay." He then winks at Kitty and then to Mimi and with that he is out like a flash.

Kitty rises a brow and then nods, slowly. "They might make you wait a bit longer on your flight training. Might want you to finish Boot or whatever. Not sure what the SOP on that is. But you'll be flying before you know it." The last load of wash is put into a washer and started. "I know that it must feel like a big time case of 'hurry up and wait, but it's important that things happen at their proper time." The song's listened to as Selene sings and she smiles. Yeah, see you later, Castor."

Mimi barely gets to wave as Cas hurries out. "Darnit… sometimes that pilot just moves too fast," she murmurs, half-joking. She smiles at Selene. "Now I'm /really/ sorry I never heard of you all. That was beautiful."
Her attention turns to Kitty. "But I /did/ finish Basic, Kitty! I got the piece of paper and everything. But nobody's said a thing about what I'm supposed to do now. I just hope they remember I'm here."

Selene smiles and nods, bending out to pull her delicates from the dryer when it buzzes. Good thing that Castor left just in time for her underwear to be done. "I wouldn't mind finding a new band," she says, "but I'm not sure we can ever have what I had with that one."

Kitty shrugs. "Be proactive, Mimi. Get with the CAG, point out that you have yet to be approached with the information…" She grins and then adds as an aside to Selene, "The big thing is finding people with instruments aboard the Kharon. Not sure people have brought with them."

"I did. He didn't know, either. He only said he figured it'd be Black Kat, but he didn't know when." Mimi shrugs. Why is it always /her/ fault when people don't get back to her? "We used to say it'd take the end of the world for administrators to get their waterfowl lined up neatly. I guess it's going to take more than than."
She looks back to Selene. "Wow, good thing Cas left when he did," she observes teasingly. "I wish I could help, Selene. Maybe there are some musicians on board who wouldn't mind putting their skill to constructive use. Lords know there's enough inspiration for music these days, and not enough musicians to write it."

Selene eeps softly at Mimi's observation. She'd been mindlessly folding and didn't realize exactly which pair she was holding. Blushing, she tucks it into the basket under some other clothing, and picks up a plain grey pair of standard issues. "Like I said, it'd be nice, but… the last few lines of that song Castor mentioned - I'm fairly sure that most people have stopped believing. I'd love to change that, but I can't do it alone."

Kitty winces and sighs, getting the feeling like she offended Mimi. "Sorry. I didn't mean to imply anything…" She looks at Selene and then over to her wash, feigning checking which cycle the first machine is on. "Faith is important…not saying that in a religious manner. I mean an 'in general' kind of faith. We need people to remind us of how importnt that is."

Mimi giggles and hugs Selene from behind. "Nice undies. And maybe you will, if there are some interested people on board. Just that song was a work of belief, after all."
She sighs softly. "Sorry, Kitty. Didn't mean to jump sort of down your throat. It's just that I got the same thing back in the air service. I was hoping Fleet had their gear together a little more, but I guess not. Government service is government service everywhere, huh?"

Selene shrugs a little and leans back into the hug for a moment before going back to folding, picking up another pair that's not fleet issue, but not terribly immodest either. "We'll see. I just don't want people to start expecting me to do things like that."

Kitty looks at her watch and winces, her face going pale. "I need to go. Got to catch someone for PT…laundry will have to finish without me…" Sighing, she waves to Selene and Mimi both before bolting.

"Oh, dear… Kits, I'll take care of your laundry for you!" Mimi promises as the other girl hurries out for PT. She shakes her head. "Kits can be as bad as Cas about getting in too big of a hurry."
She turns back to that hug. "Which one? Wearing racy undies, or singing and making people feel better?" she asks teasingly. She knows very well which, but she can't resist having a little fun with the petite officer.

Selene blushes a bit more and folds the undies up, tucking them away, before pulling out another pair just as racy. "Singing, I mean. It's not fun when people demand you to do it like you're a windup doll," the woman observes, quickly folding the item in her hands and pulling out socks this time. Finally, something a little less embarrassing.

Estrella arrives from the Hallway - Deck 3, Midships.
Estrella has arrived.

"I was kidding," Mimi replies, giving Selene an extra little squeeze and letting go. She and the helmswoman are in the laundry, Selene folding dried garments and Mimi until just now hugging her from behind, to leave Selene's hands free. "And I think I'd get tired of it, too. I mean, I was getting my string pulled a lot back when I was flying rescue birds, but that's a whole other story, when lives are on the line."

Selene nods a little and tucks the socks into the basket. "Well, here's the thing," she replies softly. "Music isn't something like math, where you can just click all the pieces into place. If you're not feeling it, it's going to suck."

Estrella wanders into the laundry, a duffel bag overflowing with clothes slung over her shoulder. "Hi," she calls shyly, eyes getting slightly wider seeing the two women snuggling. "This is gonna sound like a really stupid question, but…" she trails off, glancing all around the room with the machines everywhere, "Please tell me this is where you wash clothes, and those aren't some kind of fancy air purifiers or something." She leans against the wall with a slump, her bag thwocking to the floor.

Selene looks over her shoulder and laughs a little at the question, nodding and holding up the panties she's folding. "Yes, this is the laundry. Don't worry, I still get lost here sometimes." Smiling, she motions the newcomer over to the washing machine across from her.

"I've heard that, but it was from a music producer I was ferrying out to meet with his former star at Calypso," Mimi says thoughtfully. "He was going there to tell the man to clean up his act or the studio'd drop him. The star refused. He got dropped. Honestly, he deserved it. He was a jerk from the first day he arrived." Mimi shrugs and gets back to the subject at hand. "I never thought much about what he said 'til now. I guess really feeling the right way is important for a performer. I know my flying was off if I was having a rotten day."
She glances up as Estrella comes in, giving the newcomer a friendly smile. "Hey! You're in the right place, actually. Just don't get too close to the washers. They're in the habit of gobbling people up when they're in the wrong mood."

"Oh, thank the Gods," Estrella breathes out, taking a few steps into the room, dragging her bag behind her. "I've been carting this thing all over this ship for an hour now," she admits. "I came this close to seeing if the dishwashers in the mess could be used to clean clothes." When Marissa mentions man-eating washers, she eyes a few dubiously, and then seems to give up. Sometimes clean clothes are worth running the risk of being eaten alive. "So, what do you guys do here?" she asks with a smile, leaning over to attack the monster bag.

Selene smiles to Estrella as she folds another pair that are definitely not fleet regulation, not paying attention to what her hands are doing as she talks. "I work in CIC," she replies. "I'm a navigation tech. Selene Daiasu."

"That must've felt like dragging an anvil around, judging by the size of that bag," Mimi observes. Seeing Estrella's reluctance to go near the washers, she really tries, but in the end the giggles win over her self-control. "I'm sorry, they really don't bite. I was just teasing you," she confesses. "Please, let me help you as a way to make it up." She grins. "Selene's useful. Me, I just take up space and hope somebody will teach me to fly. Marissa Delann, but everybody calls me Mimi."
She glances back at Selene and giggles. "There you go again, Selene! I hope nobody ever makes you handle explosives, the way you keep pulling out the wrong things!" she calls teasingly.

Estrella glances back to the washers for a second, and then laughs. "Well, you never know," she snickers. "I suppose they could be cylon washers." Grabbing a huge armfull of clothes, she tosses them onto the closest table and dives in for more. "I'm trying to fly, too," she admits. "I haven't started that part of everything, but hopefully soon." She looks to Selene and shrugs apologetically. "For a military kid, I'm woefully clueless about everything. I'm not really sure what a navigation tech does, but I did meet someone from CIC the other day…I think his name was Praxis?"

Selene grins and nods. "My boss," she replies. "I fly and jump the ship." She then looks over at Mimi's teasing and blushes, hiding the pink frilly things in the basket and picking up the last few items. Socks, thank the gods they're socks. "Hey, it's not my fault you keep peeking at my undies," she retorts.

"And it's my fault you keep holding them up for the Lords and everybody to see?" Mimi counters, sticking her tongue out at Selene. She's so mature…
Estrella's words pull her attention back the newest arrival in the Laundry, and she moves over to help her sort clothes, at the risk of turning her back on Selene. "Oh, you're wanting to fly too? I'm still waiting for word on what I do next, but I'll tell you everything I can once I find out."

Estrella stops and regards Marissa with new eyes. "You're done with the basic training, then?" she asks quickly. "I'm only a few days into mine. Hence the huge bag of really smelly clothes. But I finally got to move into a bunk the other day." She pauses and sighs while rolling her eyes at the same time. It's a talent, really. "Didn't last longer than 10 minutes without someone making me do pushups. Are they giving you a hard time, too?" She doesn't comment on the underwear exchange and avoids looking at the items in question. She's either respectful of privacy, or a big bad prude.

"Welcome to being enlisted," Selene snarks. "Enjoy your time, because eventually you'll get your nice gold pin and nobody walks on pilots like they do the enlisted."

"Not done by much. This is my second day out of it," Mimi explains. "I'm still jogging, but not for hours at a time, and I'm still studying to stay sharp." She looks at the bag and winces faintly. "They've been left a while, huh?" she asks, her voice sympathetic. "That's the trouble with Basic. You don't have time for /anything/, even the necessary stuff. Mind if I help? You've got my sympathies fully engaged."
She winces faintly and glances back at Selene, then back at Estrella. "Don't mind her. If she gets too bad, I'll hold her down and you can tickle her silly," she promises with a conspiratorial wink.

Estrella's eyes light up at the offer. "Oh, are you sure you wouldn't mind? That would be wonderful." Dumping the rest of the bag out finally, she starts sorting them into piles. She looks over at Selene when Marissa mentions tickling, and wiggles her fingers at her in a menacing way, if you're ticklish, that is. "I'm Estrella," she mentions while laughing. "It's nice to meet people who can't actually tell me to perform feats of physical labor and then punish me if I say no."

Selene giggles at Estrella's wiggling of her fingers, then hmms thoughtfully. "Well, technically I do outrank you both," she says in a pondersome voice, before grinning wickedly.

"Nice meeting you, Estrella," Mimi says. "I hope your Basic goes well. Mine was a mess. At least I got through it."
Selene speaks, and Mimi looks mock-worriedly at Estrella. "You know, she's technically right. Which means we should either listen sharp or get tickling. What say you, Essie?" New nickname already? Estrella should feel honored! It usually takes her a week.

Even Tactical officers need to do their laundry sometimes. It's true that Demitros never drops food, spills coffee, or does anything to sunder his uniform with those plenty of decorations. However…over time they lose their soft feel! Entering in his off-duties, with the blues over his arm, a quirked brow at the talk of tickling is shown as Praxis looks over the various enlisted and barely-enlisted in the room. "If only it were that easier for my senior officers." he mentions dryly, moving to a machine.

With all this talk of senior officers and whatnot, something occurs to Estrella that makes all the color rush out of her face. "Oh, Gods," she moans. "My locker. I didn't lock it. They're either going to steal my stuff, or pee on it, or smear it with something awful, like itching powder." She glances from the laundry to the two girls, and to the door. "I'll be right back!" she yells, rushing to the door. Praxis is given a quick, very respectful nod or perhaps a salute since this player really doesn't know yet who gets saluted or when/where, and then she dashes down the hall wildly.


Selene Daiasu's locker is open, with the small lockbox normally at the bottom removed. The woman herself sits on her bunk with the box in her lap, looking through the contents. A bittersweet smile touches her lips as she lifts a copy of the band's only studio album, followed by a picture of the band's lineup during their bliss-filled four month run.

The words from Manda's song have been ringing in her ears since earlier that day. It's funny, she thinks to herself, to us, that song was just about the battles we fought trying to play the music we loved. Suddenly the words have a whole new meaning, one that brings tears to her eyes as she tries to remember what was and imagine what could have been.

"We need something to hope for, don't we?" she whispers. "Living just to find emotion…" The nav tech's voice cracks and tears stream down her face as the words ring ever louder in her mind in the quiet solitude. Some will win, some will lose, Some were born to sing the blues. Oh, the movie never ends, It goes on and on and on and on.

Don't stop believin', hold on to that feelin' streetlight people.

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