Polly Want A Bone
Polly Want A Bone
Summary: Two new arrivals to the Kharon talk about the future - also there is a parrot and a dog.
Date: PHD 205
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As everyone is being processed a man, well, barely a man and his dog sit in a huge room on a small ship waiting to see what will happen next. For his part Dell is quiet and reflective since he is pretty sure he will never see his family again however the dog beside him whines as if to say 'play with me' and so a hand goes out to rub the dogs belly - her majesty queen of the Canine Kingdom- it would seem approves.

Zoe sits having a conversation with the parrot on her shoulder. "No, no..I'm sure they must." Polly squawks, "Crackers…they must have crackers." Zoe nods, "I tell you, they do…what kind of place doesn't stock crackers?" Polly squawks, "And fudge, I do hope they have fudge.." Zoe smiles, "ooo, me too.."

When something non-human sounding is spoted Nemo sits up and begins to sniff, her ears perk up, her majesty might be eating bird today…or not…either way the change in tone catches her attention and she makes a soft growling sound which causes Dell to perk up and he looks over at Zoe and he says, "I haven't seen a cracker yet but I haven't seen fudge either so no news is good news, right?" He intones as Nemo realizes it is a bird and she suddenly becomes disinterested since birds are a cat food and not a dog food.

Zoe frowns, "Gee…thats not right..I left about 200 pounds of fudge back there…I would have brought it had I know…" She shakes her head a bit, "Next thing you'll tell me, they don't have any potatos…"

Dell shrugs and he is an honest man but he doesn't know up from down on this ship and he says, "Sorry, I don't know…but they are feeding us which is a good thing." He then offers with another small shrug, "And sorry I don't have any fudge." He looks over at the bird as her majesty looks up at Dell as if to say, 'Don't drop me for the bird' and he asks, "That is a rare bird, right?" He asks since animals are sort of his thing - well - farming is his thing but still.

Zoe says, "feeding us?..hmm..well ok. Though I do need to loose some weight..I've had to put on 12 pounds since the original attack. Guess I was pigging out a little more then I should have." Polly Squawks, "Stuffed, yep..too much food." Zoe nods, "Yes…maybe, but it was there..and someone had to eat it.." She smiles a bit, "Rare?..no, not too rare…""

Dell nods his head as he takes in the parrot and he studies her color and her size and he says, "She is at least…twenty right?" He asks curiously since he isn't sure but he does ask none the less and then Nemo yawns showing a big set of teeth and a long tounge which for a moment is almost comical because it looks like she is smiling. "Oh, and I think we are here to be processed for work on this ship at least I think I heard that." He then studies Zoe and he says, "All women say that they weigh to much and I would say you look fine to me."

Zoe hmms a moment, "twenty?..I think the date was just last year actually." She shrugs a bit. Polly squawks, "Pretty bird, pretty bird…you and me baby we ain't nothing but mammals." Zoe laughs, "You be quiet silly bird…" She smiles a bit, "Yeah I've heard something about that…hoping that we can help out."

Dell scruntches his nose and he says, "I'm not sure if I am up for all of this military stuff but it looks like we don't have mutch of a choice." He then looks at the bird, "Maybe he just looks mature then." Her majesty on the other hand lowers her head on the bed to study Zoe and Polly as he body stops all movement but her ears are up and he eyes are watching. "What is it you think you can do here to help out, I mean."

Polly Squawks, "Smart bird, knows how the game works….wanna buy a watch?" Zoe shakes her head, "Really? Seems like the others to me…guess I'm just used to them." She shrugs a bit, "Well I use to work security, I'm sure they have people do that around here…either that, or I can juggle for them."

Those doggy eyes never leave the bird or the person proping the bird up and she sniffs softly as she makes a soft sound, like air leaving her, but Nemo's friend Dell on the other hand eyes the bird and he says, "What kind of bird sells watches?" He then takes a moment to let his hand move to Nemo's side as he asks, "Well, I guess they need security on this ship." His hand strokes Nemo's side mostly to comfort himself as he says, "I guess they will make me a marine since I'm good for hunting or for farming and I don't see any land here to farm."

Zoe hmms, "Oh, you get use to that…we'd try to help the gift shops out." Polly squawks, "T-shirt?..Hat?..poster for your room? Why not get the little woman a pair of earings…" Zoe nods, "Well, I'm sure they'll find something for everyone to do…I mean, what else are they going to do with us?"

Dell says, "Well, might as well, put a gun in my hand and tell me to shoot every single one of those metal monsters that I can." He then looks at Polly and he gives a slightly amused expression as he offers, "Well, aren't you just the perfect little salesbird." He then looks back over at Zoe as he says, "And I guess you are right since there isn't much else to do with us. I mean back home the idea was everyone had a job to do on the farm since the idea was if you didn't work you didn't eat."

Polly squawks, "Buy a season pass…or take advantage of our late night ticket prices. You can't go wrong." Zoe nods, "Yeah, wouldn't mind taking out of few of the silver men either. They were getting quite annoying if you ask me.."

"Well, they are still out there. Somewhere out there I mean." He says in a flat and angry tone, "I really don' like those silver men." He then takes a moment to look at Polly and he says, "Polly, you take your work seriously." His hands still pet Nemo's sides and it would seem that Nemo likes this as her eyes grow heavy and they close softly - Dell it would seem is good with animals.

Zoe nods, "I'm sure we'll get the chance soon enough." as she pats her holster. "I like to be prepared…"

Dell nods his head and then he climbs into his bed fully and like his dog he goes to sleep.

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