Police Your Brass
Police Your Brass
Summary: Sal is grumpy, Kai is amused, Nyx is clueless, Topher is lost, Martin and Kitty play games.
Date: PHD133 (30 Aug 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 3, Game Room
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #133
OOC Time: Sun Aug 30 01:23:28 2009

An extension to the general lounge but not attached, this room has no such divisions for officers and enlisted. Along the back wall is a well-used billiards table done in green felt that is kept carefully leveled by cardboard sheets under one leg. On the other side of the room is a large and rather nice liquid crystal display that couldn't possibly be Navy issue by the brand name. The screen can often be seen displaying recent video games or even movies for rent from the ship's library. Elsewhere in the room are a few stacks of Triad cards as well as a locker full of board games that can be used on any one of the many tables.

"That…wasn't half bad. That guy couldn't have done that without a wire, so I've got to give him prompts but this asshole…" Martin motions to the screen. Bringing his arm back down to rest over Kitty's shins, he stubs out his cigarette. "If he'd only hooked his feet in the window sil he could have killed half the room. You and I, Nyx, are going to have to be movie consultants if they ever start making them again. This sci-fi action stuff never seems to understand real-life physics." He jokes, resting his back against the sofa.

"Nyx Asad," replies the Kashmiri-accented woman, her smile a bit warmer as she introduces herself to Kitty. "A greeting, Kitten." Her cigarette is crushed out underfoot. "And to you, Dash, we have a pact. We will be very rich. Or perhaps the new money will be cigarettes and good coffee. Which is also fine."

Conversation? Kai? He can barely converse his way out of a wet paper bag some days. He settles into his chosen chair, splits the deck, and begins shuffling the cards together. He's pretty adept at it, really; together and apart, together and apart, a series of quick snaps and the sussuration of laminated cards sliding over one another time and again. "It's 'sir', Ajtai," he tells Kitty, curtly. The odd hit's taken of his cigarette, but he's otherwise focused on the mindless task of shuffling the cards.

Topher steps in through the hatch. He seems to be quite lost as he looks around the room. When he speaks he does so in a hushed deep voice. "Sorry…I was looking for the Gym. It looks like I got lost again." Though he doesn't seem to leave just yet. Instead paying close attention to how everyone is interacting amongst each other.

Hatch opens. Off duty marine steps in. Hatch closes. She reaches up to fix her tags, flicking one higher than the other to stop them rattling. "Police your brass," she says to the woman who just ground out her cig, as she makes her way past, headed for the coffee maker. The one in Marine Country's Sec Hub is down. Travesty! Salazar's eyes are a little tight around the edges. It's a slight scowl, she looks tired. The S2 is off duty, but this must be a recent development, because she looks as it should might slam someone against a wall at any moment. The uniform requires a more chill exterior.

Kitty clears her throat and looks up at the ceiling, needing a moment to recover from that; yes, Kai was 'nice' and reminded her when he could have very easily rend flesh from bone for her mistake but even then she can feel a sting regardless. "My apologies, sir. Won't let it happen again." Or so she hopes because next time might not go as well in the reminder department. And she does not want to go to the Sixth Level of Hell. Head cleaning. "It is nice to meet you," she murmur to Nyx and then she looks over towards the hatch, catching sight of first Topher and then the S2, both of whom are observed in silence for a while. Someone else is allowed to answer Topher as she is now muttering to Martin, "So how was it?"

Lounging on a sofa with his back to the hatch, Martin is watching a wire-fu run and gun action flick with Kitty's feet resting on his knees from her position on a nearby chair. Kai has made his way to a nearby table with a deck of cards, and is conversing with Nyx who is leaning over the back of the sofa. The conversation is a crossfire of movie commentary and introductions, and Martin is daringly reaching for his mug of cold coffee…again. He'd run himself face first into a brick wall sometimes. Craning his neck to see Salazar and Topher arrive, Martin nods upwards to the S2 and then points in the direction of the ship's fore. "Up the hall. It's not too far." He throws in helpfully, turning back to the screen to sip his coffee. Another scowl. The coffee is life and death at the same time. "CAP wasn't bad." He replies to Kitty. "Nice and quiet, just the way I like it. How was your shift?"

"No, I won't," is the Captain's glib reply to Kitty. He lifts his eyes to note Topher's presence in the hatchway. A polite nod's given, but he offers no commentary, since Martin's been helpful enough to give directions. And then the skulking S2 in search of coffee is glimpsed in his peripheral vision, and watched for a few long moments. Someone looks grumpy tonight. He shuffles his cards again, tucks them together and pulls from his cigarette.

Right, then. Salazar is given a long, hard stare from the other Marine. She stoops slowly, eyes still on the S2, everything about her body language and expression conveying that she's not following an order. Oh, no. "A fine suggestion," she says with measured civility. "You are good to remind me."

Topher gives a faint smile as he nods his head ducking into the hatch. "Thank you." Is all that he can muster to say in response. His tone the same hushed deep response. Once he gets to the hatch he leans into it still looking over the room. Then finally he breaks away moving out into the corridor. Then with a quck nod of the head he dissappears from view.

"It wasn't a suggestion, Staff Sergeant." Salazar's reply is quiet, and she doesn't look over as she reaches for a mug and the coffee pot. She glances at the contents, and gives it a little swirl.

Kitty ahems and nods to Kai while mouthing the phrase 'sixth level of Hell'. "Thank you, sir," she says to Kai one last time before she looks over to Dash, looking sheepish. "Uhm, it was fine. Uneventful." The scent of coffee catches her attention which then drifts over to Salazar, her expression now one of longing which is bad as it could be easily assumed that it's the S2 she's looking at in that manner and not the coffee she has in her possession. Frak. "Hey, Martin. Don't let me get out of this chair for a while, please? Don't want to get into why right now. Just trust me on this and when I say you'll be doing me a huge favor, alright?"

Kai starts dealing out cards to himself, in an apparent game of solitaire. His stern features are somewhat more relaxed than usual this evening, half-shadowed and half in flickering light from the film playing on the television. The S2's discipline of Nyx is unremarked upon, if it even registers on his radar.

"Then may I ask who is giving me an order?" Nyx asks Salazar, her voice still dangerously polite. Understated. Perfectly enunciated.

Martin looks to Kitty and gives her a confused look. Shrugging, he downs the last of his coffee and sets his empty mug on the table. "Sure thing. I don't plan on getting up for a while as it is. I need to make sure I stumble across the finish line before I hit the racks." He replies, patting her shins softly. Stealing a glance in Nyx's direction and then Salazar's he weighs the ice in the room before turning his eyes back to the screen. "So…by all means, people, the movie's on. Feel free to take a load off and relax if you're so inclined."

The Ensign pauses at the coffee station, once she's poured herself half a cup of the stuff in question. She reaches up to rub her thumb over the bridge of her nose. "An officer, Sergeant." She rolls her neck and steps away from the coffee maker before she turns, and heads over toward the tables to find a seat. She takes a sip of her coffee before elaborating, and stops halfway to a seated position at Karim's table. No, she did not ask his leave. Several thoughts go through her mind, and then she very deliberately, and carefully, spits the nasty ass concoction back into the mug, sets it down with a thunk, and resumes sitting. "Security officer." Her slight scowl is improved greatly by the taste of the 'coffee'. Her fingertips press briefly to her lips, and then she swallows the residue left in her mouth. "But you can call me sir."

There are seven cards turned facedown in front of Kai, and three more turned faceup, above them. The stack of cards is set aside, and he eases back in his chair for a moment to contemplate, aided by a pull or two from his cigarette. His lashes lift when Salazar sits, then lower again. Rustle, rustle. His free hand vanishes into a pocket of his blues trousers, and returns with a couple packets of sugar. They're tossed atop the table in front of her.

Kitty takes a deep, slow breath and then she slouches, looking deflated as her doing so coincides with exhaling. "I don't think people are going to be watching," she says out of the corner of her mouth towards Black while giving a casual look around the room. Seeing Salazar's reacting to the coffee makes her glad she decided to fight the urge to poising herself but the pleased feeling that causes leaves as she looks at Nyx now. This is going to be interesting.

Nyx nods slowly. "I see," she intones. "Again, you are kind to remind me." No 'sir' is forthcoming. She turns and goes to dispose of her cigarette butt, all the same.

"Just don't tell them that I made the coffee." Martin murmurs back to Kitty after watching Salazar judge the batch as a failure. Smirking, he shifts his weight back against the sofa to snuggle into a more comfortable position. Seemingly happy despite the tension in the room, his eyes float back to the screen in time to see the beginning of a choreographed fight sequence. Two men begin attacking eachother with a flourished series of kicks and punches on a rooftop at nighttime. Doing the right thing, he keeps out of the discipline between the hard-nosed S2 and her subordinate. When a break in the action comes, he turns his head to Kitty and nods in the direction of her sketchbook. "Come up to work on some writing or something?"

"Sergeant, you just bought yourself a one way ticket to PT duty with Volker." Salazar glances over, fueled by shitty coffee. "Report to his rack at oh-six-hundred tomorrow, wake his ass up, and take him to the gym." She reaches for the sugar on the table, and shakes the packets down idly. "It's called he tries to break your elbows and you try to stop him. Do not put each other down for more than a day or its your ass." Check out the cool tone on Salazar. Very smooth, very pointed.

"Staff Sergeant," corrects Nyx, folding her arms. "And I shall do it happily. A test of skill is welcome always. Once more, a good suggestion…" she pauses, then hazards, "Master Sergeant?"

Maybe Salazar's been learning from the CAG. Who, it seems, still has nothing to offer while things play out between the marines. Save for a soft, "Nakheyr, doshizeh," accompanied by a brief, but pointed glance toward Nyx. That, on the scale of looks from Karim, is somewhere between pucker up your sphincter, and hope you like boot for breakfast. He resumes, then, contemplating his cards.

The sketchbook is still in the crook of the ECO's arm who has totally forgotten it is on her person. "Actually, I was going to draw," Kitty replies while trying not to listen to what's going on, "But I think I'll go elsewhere to do so later." With the tension flowing about it's hard to focus on much of anything that doesn't require much in the way of thought process which means anything that does would be pretty impossible to do. "Uhm, oh yeah. Thanks for earlier, Dash."

Salazar smiles. The packets flicking in her hand pause. She drops them onto the table, one, two. The black haired woman rises from her seat at the table, and turns to walk over to the other marine. The smile widens slightly at Karim's words. She takes the few steps across the way to put her just in front of Nyx. "You have five seconds to rephrase that properly, Sergeant." Her hands are clasped behind her back. "I suggest you do it at attention."

Nyx stands at attention. Though it looks like it takes every bit of effort she possesses to do it. A muscle in her jaw twitches; the tendons in her neck stand out. She stares straight ahead. "SIR! UNDERSTOOD, SIR!" Yep. They'll hear that one on the flight deck. But that's how the Marines roll.

Hey, as far as Kai's concerned, it's business as usual. He swaps a card out with one of the faceups, and glances occasionally toward the television screen as he plays.. with himself. Except, not like that. Salazar's stalking off, and the Staff Sergeant's abrupt compliance steal his attention for a few seconds, regardless. And then, back to his game.

Martin stops talking as the exchange between Nyx and Salazar heats up. Furrowing his brow, Martin looks to the screen, then Kitty, then Kai. The thought occurs to him to turn down the television or at least pause the movie, but that might interrupt the impromptu lesson on protocol that Salazar is giving Nyx. That would draw attention to him and his CAG is six feet away. What to do…what to do. Looking to Kitty, he crooks his finger to her in a 'come hither' manner and leans in to speak very quietly with her. Wisely, he doesn't comment on Salazar and Nyx just in case Kai's impeccable hearing is turned on. "I didn't know you draw, can I see sometime? Maybe I could convince you to design me some nose art or a tattoo?" He smiles, tilting his head. "You're welcome, but for what? I felt like I was talking your ear off."

Salazar doesn't so much as bat an eye at the response, loud as it is. Oh, loud. It almost ruffles her hair back from her eyes a little. Almost. "Motavaset." The words is spoken softly. "Ensign Salazar Nikos. I understand you've been out a while. PT with Volker should do you both some good." She watches the woman for a long moment, letting the attention draw out. "Get that attitude squared away, Sergeant. And we'll be in business." She nods. "As you were."

Kitty is also trying to keep off the radar here, not wanting to catch any splash damage, as it were. It's why she leans closer when getured to do so, Kitty drawig her feet off of the lap she has placed them upon so she can lean closer to whisper-range of the pilot. "I'm not very good right now," she mutters while opening the book to a random page; being one she had since she was a girl, there's nothing really remarkable, art-wise, all little doodles and scribbles along with the occasional heart to be found. "I've had this since I was seven or so. Really haven't taken up a pencil since I was perhaps fourteen so…"

Irritable and tired, it seems, Nyx nevertheless nods smartly to the S2. "Yes, Sir." This time it's not shout, but neither is it meek. It's… professional would be a word, perhaps. She turns and dips her chin to the rest. "Good meeting." That seems to be 'goodbye,' for she then turns and heads for the hatch, her spine ramrod straight.

By the time Salazar's finished disciplining Nyx, the CAG's eased back into his chair again to pull from his cigarette and watch. Unruffled though he may appear to be, when a soldier starts giving orders, attention is paid. His impeccable hearing, of course, is always turned on; Martin and Kitty receive a glance through the haze of smoke clouding his features, before his eyes rove back to the S2 and now departing Staff Sergeant.

Salazar stands there for a moment, considering those words. She drops her chin slightly in a little nod to herself once the woman has moved to take her leave. She turns, and makes her way past Martin and Kitty again. "Apologies for the volume control issue," she notes, and then she returns to her table. Her eyes flick to Karim. Fine. His table. She slides back into her chair, and her hands search out the sugar packets again. "Shoma kheyli mehrban hastid."

"No need, Ensign." Martin says to Salazar as she passes. It's his own little way of letting her know that there's no love lost on his end. Stealing a glance towards the departing form of Nyx, he lightly furrows his brow in a sympathetic gaze at her back. That couldn't have been fun, not one bit. Bringing his hand up to run through his hair, he leans back to rest on the sofa and raises his voice back to normal talking volume. "Art was probably my worst subject back in high school. They were always having me glue some squares over white paper to control negative and positive space." He chuckles. "Probably didn't help that I kept sneaking out of class, I might have learned something or two, right?"

"Moshkeli nist," Karim murmurs, blue eyes following Salazar as she reclaims her chair and reaches for the sugar packets. His mouth curves in a small, rare smile that seems solely for her. Once he's finished the current round of discards and hand building, he ashes out his cigarette and passes it across to her, filter first.

"I hope you haven't been drinking this shit all along," Salazar notes, to those in the room, beyond just the table. She leans forward in her chair, hand skimming the table to reach for the cigarette. Her fingers brush against Karim's as she takes it, and then uses both hands to tear the packets open. "Are you winning?" That question was for the CAG. She nods to his cards.

Kitty gives Salazar a smile and a shake of her head, she too unflapped by what just happened even if it was a bit tense off and on. "More than alright," she say right on the tail of Martin, "Sometimes it needs to happen." Kai is given a quick glance and then she laughs, shaking her head. "I never took classes but was still encouraged by Mother to draw. She said it'd improve me." The room as a whole is regarded after that is said and the smile slips, her expression now a bit sad.

"Only when the machine in berthings or the sims is on the fritz," Kai murmurs. That is, when he isn't conducting stealth missions into marine country. The contact, brief, isn't shied away from; he returns shortly to his game in progress. "Yes." Flip, flip. "No." He 'folds', and shuffles the cards together again. "To be honest, I'm terrible at basra." Something's murmured more quietly on the heels of that.

Martin turns his head to look in the CAG's direction, glancing over the cards on his table. Of course, his initial reaction is to say something sarcastic about Spider winning that would probably get him yelled at as well. That idea quickly ends at Kitty's mention of her mother. Turning back to her, he catches the sad look on her face. Mind quickly calculating the right thing to say in the all-too-common situation amongst the survivors, he reaches out and nudges her knee with the back of his hand to get her attention. A quiet smile is sent her way. "Then don't stop. I've got some old magazines and comic books that were sent to me and are pretty much collecting dust in my locker if you want some stuff to sketch out for test. You remember that martial arts dog?" He asks, trying to deflect the sadness to something softer.

There are four primary players to be found in the game room currently with Kai and Salazar sitting at a table and Martin and Kitty sitting next to each other, the two sets of pairs in various levels of conversation currently. Kitty is holding a sketchbook and pencils with the former item held open so Dash can look at it. With her mind on something sad, she's distracted and Martin almost goes without an answer but she eventually has it dawn on her that he asked her something and she shakes her head.

"I put in a request to have someone come out and repair the machine in Marine Country," Salazar does not look pleased. She swirls her up around once the sugar's in. And gives it a moment to mix before she says, "No movement yet." A glance is taken at the cards on the table. "I know I'm going to regret this." She tips the mug back and drains the coffee. It's more of a pounding of the coffee. Chug, chug, chug! She makes a funny little sound in the back of her throat, then puts the mug down carefully, and glances across the table at Karim. She swallows that final swig of Game Room coffee, and then says something very quietly to the CAG.

"I'll see what I can do about escalating your request up the chain," Karim notes with a wry sort of amusement not reflected in a smile. But Salazar knows him well enough, to know it's amusement nonetheless. "Eos can often be bribed with sugar." And doesn't the CAG have stock in jello, somewhere? The elastic band's dug out of his pocket and wound around the cards again. He rises, touches the marine's shoulder on his way by, and mutters something softly. Then he's gone, to replace the deck from whence it came and head for the hatch.

Looking over the sketchbook, Dash takes in the items on the page one by one, smiling at a few that he likes. Raising his eyes to see her slowly respond with the shake of her head, he looks in the direction of the clock at the head of the room. "Hey…" He says quietly. "…I'd hate to do this but I've got that CAP in the morning and the CAG over there knows my schedule." He rises, preparing to leave. "You decide if you were gonna head by mid-day lunch rush tomorrow?" He asks, looking down to her.

The sound of bootsteps barely slips through the hatch as it pops open, revealing one very messy-haired Willem Price, already having accquired his damn terrible coffee from next door and wearing a fairly sour look upon his face. He stops momentarily to glance backwards over his shoulder as if he's being followed. "That's right. I can see you coming this time!" He snaps at, well, -someone-. His pursuer doesn't follow him inside, however, and he proceeds into the game room in relative peace, stopping only once to adjust the bag on his shoulder. Which of course means his path comes close to the CAG's. "Oh, Sorry sir." He makes a point of visibly stepping out of the shorter man's way.

Salazar rises not long after the CAG. She picks up the mug to return it from whence it came. The distasteful 'coffee' is given a look on her way by, and then she, too, turns for the hatch. "Goodnight." It's for the collective group. The surly S2 is headed back from whence she came. Sort of. Officer berthing, anyway. "Ajaleh kon, Karim."

"Yeah, I'll drop by, see if you're there, Dash." She smiles as much as she can muster but then she looks over his shoulder, her attention diverted from Martain to the seemingly departing Salazar and Kai and the apparently arriving Willem. "Good night, sir. Ensign," she affords to those leaving and then she adds, "And hello, Willem. What was that about someone coming what?"

It's like a little dance. Willem jukes left, the CAG jukes right. He is indeed shorter, if more sturdily built. The Lieutenant receives a curt nod, and the contents of the room as a whole, a polite "good night" before the Captain steps out close on Salazar's heels.

"Hey Rebound. Night of Rain, that action flick is in the movie port if you're interested." Martin says to Wil as he enters. Looking back down to Kitty, the side of his lip tugs into a reassuring smile. Squeezing her shoulder softly, he rounds around from the front of the sofa and heads for the door. Nodding upwards in Rebound's direction, he slides out the hatch after Spider.

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