Playing Librarian
Playing Librarian
Summary: Cinder runs into Selene in the library when looking for a new book
Date: PHD 188 (24 Oct 2009)
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Selene is sitting at a table in the otherwise empty library, with a stack of looseleaf in front of her. She's writing something, something incredibly dull to judge by her expression, and seems to be about two-thirds of the way through the paper stacked in front of her.

In her first bit of extended off-duty time not spent doing laundry or just sleeping, Cinder has decided to make her way to Kharon's library. The single book she had on her person when she set foot on Elpis is now read three or four times, just a cheap trashy romance novel that's now looking ratty and well-worn. Despite that, she clutches it in her hand, intending to leave it on one of the shelves for someone else to read, trading it in for something else. "Frak me…" she comments softly, upon stepping in. Where does she even start looking for the right section?

Selene runs a hand through her hair - which on an aside, actually looks fairly pretty even when down, touching the bottoms of her shoulderblades now - then goes back to writing on the page. She doesn't seem to notice Cinder yet.

For a few minutes, Cinder just…wanders around aimlessly, looking down some of the aisles, but never going very far. Mostly, she's looking for some sort of librarian, but on a ship like this, and in this state, it's basically wishful thinking. Finally, she's forced to bug the woman sitting at the table in the middle of the library. "Ah…excuse me. Maybe you know where I could drop this book off and find something else like it?" she calls out to Selene, from a few feet away at the end of one of the aisles.

Selene looks up and blinks, then lays her pen down, thankful for a reason to stop writing. Rising from the chair, she nibbles at her lip and peeks at the title, then nods. "Yes, this way," she offers softly, disappearing down one of the aisles.

Cinder follows her down the aisle. She blinks a little bit, knowing Selene's face is familiar, somehow, but she can't quite place it at the moment.

Selene stops in front of a small shelf full of trashy novels, and makes a space for Cinder's. "Here," she says. "Oh and… I never did thank you for the blanket, so…" Nibbling her lip, the woman finishes, "thank you," before scooting back to her table. That's where her face is familiar from.

"Oh…that's….you're…" she stutters out a second, finally putting the pieces together. She was the sobby, distraught little thing that was brigged when Sunshine went psycho. She takes a second to find another novel, not really caring about which one, just grabbing one and heading back out of the aisle. There's other things she's interested in now. "So…uh, are you feeling better now? They let you out, which is really good" she says to Selene, standing across the table from her, and putting her hand on the back of a chair across from her.

Selene looks up briefly from her essay, then shakes her head. "No, I'm not," she replies quietly. "Imagine that the woman you thought you cared for went crazy and killed the CO, then tell me how you'd feel."

"Uh…pretty crummy I'd imagine." She's sort of forced into a loss of words, not really knowing anything about what that'd feel like. "But…at least you're not in the brig anymore, I mean. That's a pretty awful place to feel bad, if there was one."

Selene sighs a little more, putting her face in her hands. "I'm sorry, you didn't deserve that," she offers. "I just… well… it hurt to see her do something like that. It hurt even more that everyone seemed convinced that I was in on it. Some people still won't talk to me."

"Well…far as I'm concerned, if you're let out, then you must not be guilty of anything, right? I'm just a grunt MP though; I do the locking-up, not the letting-out." For a moment, she just stands there, looking over Selene, before she gets an idea. "So…is this one any good? I just picked it off the shelf because of the title." Cinder slides the newish paperback onto the table in front of Selene, so she can have a look. It's titled "Forbidden Rendezvous" and shows a picture of some hunkish man sweeping some bimboish broad off her feet.

Selene picks it up and looks it over a moment. "It's word porn," she finally replies. "There's no real thought to it, no substance, just some dumb girl all stupid for some guy who doesn't deserve her," the blonde explains, putting the book down.

"Oh…well…hmm. I guess you're pretty smart when it comes to books huh?" She doesn't make it seem like that's a bad thing though, just making a statement about your apparently-bookish nature. "Is there something else you figure would be better to read? I've been reading books like that a while though, I have to warn you…."

Selene shrugs a little and lays her pen down, sitting back in her chair. "Well, it depends on what you want, really. If you're happy reading that sort of book, then that's probably a good one for you. I tend to prefer classical literature, myself."

"Classic stuff…like they make you read in school and stuff? I was never really good with literature classes or anything…" she says with a little smirk. "Though, I guess you figured that out already, since you know I like trashy novels."

Selene shrugs a little. "My fiancee liked trashy novels," she replies softly. "I never really understood that part of her, but…" She bites her lip, thumbing at the ring on her left hand.

Cinder doesn't miss her statement about that, but she sure as shit doesn't make a big deal of it. "Well, if she was like me" she begins, careful to note that Selene's fiancee was a woman. "If she was like me, I think it was that she liked the exoticness of it all, you know? Not to say that what we have here and now isn't good, but it's nice to get a little escape from time to time. Tropical retreats, romantic getaways. And hell, maybe you get an idea or two, right?" she says, winking at Selene.
Selene turns a little pink in the cheeks and stammers, "Yeah, maybe," before picking up her pen and looking back down to her paper, trying to continue her essay to avoid the mental images.

For a moment, Cinder ponders just leaving her there to write, but curiosity gets the better of her. "What, uh, are you writing there? Did you need to come down here and look up facts or something?" she asks, noting that you've elected to write in the library rather than, say, your bunk or lounge or something.

Selene looks down at the essay and turns a page over, laying it on the face down stack. Only a few pages left, actually. "This is my punishment for disobeying orders," she replies in a quiet voice. "An essay on the importance of the command structure."

"Disobeying orders, huh? Is that why you were…uh, brigged and all?" Cinder's genuinely curious now about how you actually did wind up getting sent down there. Without asking, she yanks out a chair across the table, the one she had her hand on already, and takes a seat.
Selene shakes her head. "I got brigged for my association with Sunshine, because they thought I was in on it," she replies. "This doesn't warrant brig time."

"Right…right…" Cinder says, nodding. "So…where exactly on board do you work?" she asks, not familiar enough with faces to know, and Selene's off-duty uni not providing any clues.
"CIC," the woman replies in a quiet tone. "I'm a navigation tech." Shrugging a little, she looks back at the paper and frowns. "Just a few more pages… I'll finish it tomorrow."

"Oh…if you need me to go so you can finish up today, I'll get going. I don't want to be a bother or anything. Just came down for a new book afterall…" Cinder's already standing up to go, pretty adamant about leaving so Selene can get done today if she needs.

Selene would normally protest that she doesn't have to leave, but her experience over the past week seems to have sapped the woman's spirit. "If you like." Her voice is meek still.

Cinder chuckles a bit. "If I like…" she says, shaking her head a little. "Isn't it more about what you like? I came down here and interrupted you, after all!"

Selene shrugs a little. Her spirit is definitely gone for a while, judging by how she barely even reacts to that. "It doesn't matter to me, really," she replies. "The library is open to everyone, after all."

Ok, well…Cinder decides to let Selene alone with her thoughts for the moment. "Probably best that I let you get that done, then. I can still swing by my bunk and start reading before my shift starts, at the very least." She slides the chair back in, and makes for the hatch, but, after some deliberation, gives Selene a pat on the shoulder. "I don't know the details, but it doesn't seem like you did much wrong in my book. If you need to talk I guess, I'll listen if there isn't anyone else."

Selene smiles just a little, though it doesn't touch her eyes. "Thank you," she replies softly.

Cinder gives one nod, and that's that. She makes for the hatch, swings it open, and steps into the hall. From the outside, it's swung shut with the normal squeals and thump.

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