Playing Chicken
Playing Chicken
Summary: What starts out as a conversation between Matto and Kitty winds up becoming a game of chicken once it's lights out for Kissy.
Date: PHD 201 (11-05-09)
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Matto wanders back into berthings, freshly showered and ready for bed. Rosy-cheeked from the heat he enjoys in the showers, bathrobe hanging open without concern for the fact that he isn't wearing anything underneath.

Kitty is up and about, sitting on the table as she polishes a pair of boots, humming a tuneless little song as she does. Motion catches her attention and she turns her head, catching an eyeful of Matto's 'glory' when she does. "Pardon me for saying this, but that's a sight I'll never get tired of." She's mostly teasing but still, there is a part of her that appreciates the nude male form.

Matto grins over at Kitty, opening his locker and chucking first his towel and then his robe in there. "I knew a fellow Leontinian would understand. The human body is a beautiful thing, isn't it? Male, female, anything in between. We're all made in the lords' images, yah? Or, rather, we made them in ours. Who was it who said that if horses had gods their gods would be horses?" No, he's not bothering with pajamas tonight, evidently, just crawling up into his bunk as-is.

"Hmmmhmmm," Katherine murmurs through her nose, still watching as he goes about going about getting ready for bed. She's distracted and almost misses the fact that there is more being said by him and she's rushing to play audio-catchup so her brain can sync up with her ears. "You know, I'm not sure. I have heard the saying before but have no clue who said it." Now a bit blushy due to her being flustered at herself, she returns to boot polishing, putting black wax-dirtied cloth to one.

"Xenophanes… Xenotheos… it was one of the xeno-s, I'm pretty sure," Kisseus muses, inspecting his toenails briefly as he sits on the edge of his bunk. But they look okay, so he drags his legs up and sprawls on his side, looking over to Kitty. "Ready for tomorrow?"

"Yup. Am armed with some good ammunition in the form of advice, am mentally on my game and am all set." A far cry from the timid 'I guess so' or 'yeah, I am' that Kitty has given in the past, sounding pretty darn sure of herself for the first time since she's arrived here. She still has a way to go before it can be said she's made a total one-eighty but there's a change already. "Yourself?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," Kissy replies with a quiet smile. "No— scratch that— that'll be after slumber happens. Which is going to start approximately now. Good night, Babydoll. See you in the morning." And he nuzzles on down into his pillows, turning onto his stomach and dozing off.

Sparro walks into the racks quietly so as not to disturb any sleepers. Spotting Kitty, he grins and nods. "Evening there, Kitty."

Kitty smiles as she verbally tucks the Kissybear in. "Sleep sweet, Kisseus." She goes back to polishing her boots, looking at the toe of the one she's working on critically when she's greeted by Sparro. "Hey, old man. How are you?" She smiles.

Sparro just laughs. "Not too badly, little girl." Walking towards his bunk, he slides the curtain open and sits with a sigh. "Just got to fly a spaceship for a few hours. I try not to let myself forget how awesome that is."

"Yeah, I hear you on that." Slipping off of the perch she made for herself, Kitty set the boot and rag on the table before giving the pilot a hug. "It feels nice to be out there."

With a surprised smile, Sparro returns the hug. "So how are you doing these days, Kitty? I didn't mean to pry, but it sounded from something I overhead that someone was in some kind of trouble, or something? If so, I've been in about every type of trouble a Wing member can get in."

Kitty blinks and then looks up, blushing. "That was probably me. Seems like I had been the talk of the Wing for a while, now." A shoulder's shrugged and then she sits, returning to the table to do so although she doesn't return to the upkeep of her boots. "I'm alright now, I think," she adds after she pauses to think. "Captain Marek and I talked and I think he helped me to put things in perspective"

Sparro nods. "I don't really know what it was, but if it is dealt with, then no worries." He smiles up at her. "Whatever it was… we're all human. We all make mistakes." He gives her a shrug. "Of course, I'm the oldest officer on this ship, including the CO, and I'm still an eltee. So what the hell do I know?"

Castor steps into the berthings hesitantly but he makes his way in none the less and he seems to be looking for someone….and that someone is being stepped too with expert movement and direction almost like a guided missile as the pilot stops in front of Kitty's bunk, "Hey ya, Kitters." He then looks over at Sparro, "Sorry to barge in…and wait…what are we talking about?"

"I'd fill you in on the details but I think it's for the best to just let things be so I can move on. I'm sorry…" Kitty drops off in mid-sentence when Castor speaks and she smiles. "We were talking about the crap I had been going through in a round-about way. What's up with you?" Kyle's given a quick look and then he gets her polish rag tossed at him although whether it reaches him or not is left to be seen.

Sparro laughs as he dodges the rag. "Well, that and how I've somehow managed to get stuck at eltee while the Commander is now a commander." He grins. "It's all down to being a master of self sabotage."

"Thinking of taking over, eh?" Castor says to Sparro, "Well, according to The…Captain Legacy you've got the chops since you've got a lot of wing experience." He offers this as a compliment - again - any hard feelings Leda had are now gone and then he turns to Kitty, "Not much just wanting to catch up with my favorite red head on the ship but it is good to see you in a better place now, Kitty."

Kitty rolls her eyes at Birdman. "You're trying to not get promoted? Gods, Sparro. Don't do that to yourself." He's shot a 'glare' which is more sad than angered. "Did you hear that, Castor? Sparro is sabotaging himself." Leda manages to get a blush out of Kitty thanks to his 'favorite red head' comment and she smiles but doesn't thank him verbally, letting the upturn of her lips say it for her.

Sparro smiles. "Every time someone has tried to promote me, Kitty, I punched out a superior officer. Kinda stopped that from happening." His smiles. "And not quite a coup yet, Bubbles. Just tryin' to keep flyin'. That's all that really mattered after."

Castor says, "Never let Papabear hear you speaking that way or the XO…" He then says, "Though if you made Captain that would be a bad day for all of us on this ship and not because you don't deserve it but because Captain Marek or Legacy is no longer with us." He then throws a hand up as he says, "However, Lieutenant Sparro, to each their own and it is good to see that there is no competition for me. Oh, and aye to the keep flying part." He winks at Sparro as he says this but Leda truth be told Leda is happy where he is these days and isn't looking to climb either and so he then turns to Kitty, "So, uh, yeah I guess I did hear that.""

Kitty grins. "And here I am, pining for the day that I can remove the Jay-Gee from my rank." Her eyes lower and she itches her nose, putting a black smudge on its tip thanks to some polish she didn't see. "Yup! Seems you sure did, Leda. Which is more than I can say about myself. I hear frakall…"
Sparro's given a quick 'we'll talk later' look while Kitty's talking.

Sparro nods and kicks his feet up into the bunk, slowly allowing himself to fade. "You're looking better, Castor. You sleeping any better?"

Leda nods his head and he says, "Yeah, just hitting up double PT and living cleanly." He then smiles as he says teasingly, "Kitty, it is hard to hear yourself over your own awesomeness." He then looks back at Sparro, "And yourself?"

Kitty's brow creases. "My what?" A slight snort is given and it's then that she realizes she got boot polish on her, the distinctive scent getting her attention. "Crap." Getting up to her feet, she goes to her locker and opens it so she can look at herself. "You guys confuse me," she blurts out.

"My dear, we are men. As Thea put it so eloquently, that is what we are for. Though you might also want to do something about what you got on your ass, there." He winks at Leda.

Castor looks over at Kitty and he makes a soft, "oooo" sound which comes out more like something bad is on her pants and then he says, "You know you are so awesome that you can't hear anything else around you.." and then he pauses as he looks up at the ceiling, "well," and he lets his words roll, "Your pants are not so awesome at the moment." It would appear that Castor knows how to play this game.

Kitty looks behind her, trying to see what the hell Birdman and Bubbles are on about but it's impossible to. "You are just wanting to get me out of them," she accuses them both dryly. "Don't make me tell on you guys. And trust me. I know just who to go to." Turing, she points at Sparro and says softly, "Thea…" And then that finger's leveled at Castor as she adds, "…and Mimi. And won't they be disappointed?"

Sparro sits up with a look of mock outrage on his face. "What? Are you implying that Castor and myself, who are PILOTS, might I add, are following a line of inquiry specifically for the purpose of getting an attractive young woman out of her pants?" He glances over at Leda. "I'm offended, frankly. How about you, Bubbles?"

Castor pauses, "What gave us away then?" He adds quickly, "And I just wanted to make you look was all…spotting you pantsless may lead to your brother coming to break my nose…or other things if I am unlucky." He then looks over at Sparro, "To be honest I would be more offended if she went to Mimi…I'm just trying to pull a harmless joke here." He then says in cheerful tones, "However, if I really started up with shenanigans you'd know it."

"Joke…you want a joke?" Kitty starts to strip, her off-duties quickly chucked, first her tanks and then her pants, leaving her in her undergarments which are then taken off in a similarly fast flurry of motion until she's positively naked. Perhaps she took lessons on exhibitionism from Matto. "There. Now you have something to be offended over, Birdman."

Sparro laughs, though he does look appreciative. His look turns downright mischievous. "Very not bad, kitty, but remember, most of the time when I see that, it's wet." He nods towards the showers.

Castor spins around faster than he should just to avoid this scene it would be like looking at his little sister naked hence the speed with which he moves is clearly ludicrous speed, luckily he is a pilot so he is used to this and he mutters, "Godsfrakkingdamnit, Kitty, I can't see that!" He doesn't turn to Sparro and he says, "Stop encouraging her."

Kitty shakes her head at Sparro; she does it a tad -too- vigorously, however, which causes a cascade effect of a marginal shimmy at her chest, hips and backside which just might make things worse. "That'll cost you, Kyle. And trust me when I say you couldn't afford it." Castor's protests and the like gets her to roll her eyes but she doesn't move yet, Kitty not inclined to do anything about her nudity just yet. "What? You were the one going on about jokes, Leda. Isn't this one? I'm getting a big laugh out of this…"

Sparro continues to look appreciatively. "I'm always good for my debts, Kitty. You know that. And I happen to have a few old accounts I keep aside, you know, for a rainy day." Standing up, he walks over, around the table, sitting down about a foot from where she stands. "You're making the poor kid pretty uncomfortable, you know. Takes some doing, with a Viper driver. So do you want to REALLY freak him out?"

Ah, behold the wall for it is a beautiful and simple wall, a wall of beauty, a wall that helps keep space out and everyone alive on the Kharon safe, a wall that is currently keeping Castor from looking at Kitty and so he says, "Um, Kitty, can you please put your clothes on." If this were a game of chicken the puppydog pilot is out. Leda keeps looking at the wall, "Sparro, Kitty is like my kid sister it isn't cool to want to see your sister naked it is frakked up and don't give her ideas or you will regret what debt that you will have to pay me."

Kitty's grin turns into a full-on evil smile, one you see in horror movies just before the best-friend-who-is-really-the-mass-murderer goes in for the kill kind of expression. "What do you have in mind, Birdman?" She does feel a pang of sympathy for Castor after he implores her to get dressed and then explains the familial-like feelings he has for her to Kyle but she's not ready to just yet, this game not played out to the ends she wants them to quite yet.

"Well I can see that you like to dance." Sparro smiles and gestures at the wiggling. "So would you care to?" He offers his hands for her to join him, ballroom dancing style. Safest thing in the world… if she hand not also happened to be a beautiful naked woman. "There is no debt, Leda. The world ended. All bets are off."

Leda is still looking at the wall trying to figure out how to get out of the room without seeing anything which may or may not be delicious to Kitty at this moment however he says in Sparro's direction, well, it is more like bouncing off the wall, "One good deed, Sparrow."

A finger is held up as she listens, not only to Castor but to her conscience as well, Kitty trying to figure out if she can do this and escape feeling guilty afterwards. She's still feeling impish, don't get the wrong impression. She's just not going to have fun at the expense of someone's feelings. Such a nice girl, no?

Sparro smiles, kissing his fingertips and then touching them to her cheek. He then pulls a blanket from her bed and wraps it around her. "You're safe now, Castor. Well, as safe as any Viper Driver in Black berthings, anyway."

Castor sighs and waits for a moment to turn around, "Thank you." He says as his body relaxes some and he pulls himself to face everyone, "Kitty, don't scare me like that again okay?"

Kitty leans in to kiss Kyle's cheek before stepping back, her modesty intact once more thanks to him. "I owe you a dance." Whether she'll be naked or not is left to be guessed but she'll at least make good with tripping the light fantastic with him. "Gods, Castor," she then sighs. "I'm not your sister. We're close, yes but it's not the end of the world to see me naked." Sweats are yanked out of her locker and then she ducks into her bunk, curtain closing as she gets dressed.

"Yeah, the end of the world has been and gone, man." Sparro turns and leans against the racks. "It's worth finding the beautiful that's left every now and again. For instance…" bending down, he picks up her underwear and holds them up appreciatively before flicking them at Castor's head. "The fun in a good joke…"

One empty hand goes up in the air and one hand goes down with a pair of panties that is then flung back towards Kitty's bunk - catching panties is an easy thing for a pilot to do but this time Leda says to Kitty, "Well, you mean a lot for me and I'd rather not set about tempting myself by doing something stupid is all, huh…" he stops mid sentence as a realization comes over him and he says, "Were it any other woman on this ship I wouldn't mind seeing her naked but man…what does it mean when you love someone so much you don't want to see them naked?"

Kitty is now clothed and she slips out, a brow arched as her panties go sailing past her head. "Frakall..what the hell?" At least they're back in her possession, sort of, and not being kept for trade fodder. "I don't know what it means, Castor, but thanks. You're a good guy." Stretching, she takes a moment to relax and then her clothing's gathered, the off-duties tossed haphazardly in her locker to be washed later.

"Usually that means you're twenty years married, typically." Sparro chuckles, heading back towards his rack. Kicking back on it, he smiles. "Well, old dog has got to get some sleep, you know." He winks at Kitty and waves at Leda. "You watch those pilots of yours, Leda. That was some epic partying after Hale's wedding… and we ARE at cond 2."

Castor looks at both of Raptor Jocks and he says. "No, thank you Kitty." He then smirks, his little smirky smirk smirk as he says, "Sleep tight Lieutenant Sparro." He then turns to Kitty, "You going to bed too?"

Kitty leans over and hugs Sparro. "Sleep sweet..oh, and just to warn. If word of what happened here tonight gets around the ship, I'll sic my brother on you." Which could be a very bad thing, just ask Kitty. "That goes for you too, Ledaa." She yawns but then shakes her head. "Not quite yet."

"Do I look like the sort to oogle and tell, Kitty?" He returns the hug, putting a kiss on her cheek as he does. "Just be careful, ok? Not all pilots are as virtuous as I am. Hell, I'M not always as virtuous as I am." And with that, he pulls the curtains shut.

Leda looks at Sparro and then at Kitty well revenge by telling Panda is out assuming Leda is the type to get revenge - the metaphorical magic eight ball says ask again later - and with that Castor turns to Kitty and he says, "Loose lips, Kitters."

There's a sigh and a nod from Katherine, her expression mirroring her understanding. "Yeah. I know." How she knows she doesn't say. She simply nods to Leda instead. "Thanks."

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