Pity Party
Pity Party
Summary: Ezra and Sal meet up to discuss what is going to happen to Jules, when Selene appears and adds her own ideas.
Date: PHD 208 (November 12th, 2009)
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A pair of staggered desks flank the entrance, one occupied during most hours by a desk sergeant, and the other rotates between other personnel. In the back is a bank of monitors on the port wall in a 180 degree view. The arc of stacked flatscreens is under the watchful eye of an MP or three during most hours of the day, and recorded for review otherwise. These monitors are visible from the S2's desk (directly across on the starboard wall) and the station set just in front of them. One of the feeds always on display is a feed of the Brig. Other secure areas have been wired in since warday. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. An armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' and holds the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. A hatch midway through the room leads into the Small Arms Range.

It's paperwork time again in the Sec Hub. Salazar sits at her desk with a most epic stack of folders awaiting review and signature.

Soon enough the hatch is opening again, bringing in the Major and with him, a strap of black, bound chords, the ends having been left free, like tails. This, first and foremost is set down on his desk, before he's turning back to look over at Nikos. A faint grunt before Cass is reaching for memos left on his desk.

"How's the arm?"

Salazar glances up from her work, wearing a tee. A bandage just peels out from under the left arm. She has pretty much a full range of movement on it, seems like. "Better, despite the issue on Ragnar. Should have the stitches out in a few days." Her eyes follow that strap.

"Frakking lucky that- what did the frakker hit you with?" Comes the CO's usual grumble and growl. A faint brow being tossed back up as he looks over towards Salazar. "Also, you think you'd be up for a Marine fight night in a few days. I want to make sure we know our hand to hand, given what happened on ragnar-in case we run into any more incidents like that." a pause for a moment to let that settle. "Also- We have progress on the Ozymandias case…We've been authorized by Command to use alternative questioning methods." a beat "So I can do it, or you can..Or we can take turns.." Odd how the Major talks about torture with such ease- "Her delusions clearly haven't broken by sweet talking. So lets see what else we can get out of her.."

"He tried to clock me with a wrench. I made the mistake of blocking with the recently ventilated arm." Sal doesn't seem too upset about it. "I'm always up for fight night, Major." She pauses, tossing her pen onto the pile of paperwork under her hands. She tips back in her chair. "How… alternative." It's a question, it's a statement, it's wary all in one!

"Well, lets just put it. our normal procedure doesn't fully apply anymore. So feel free to stripe it out of her..Just don't kill her, or beat her up so bad we need medical.." Ezra offers before he's nodding. "Good. I'll look forward to seeing you in the ring." Yes he's be rolling around as well, or so it seems. "Oh-And Ensign. We need to put together the firing squad. I figure Parts..I'd say Elder but he's lame, an we'll need to shift him to Navy." A faint frown. "I can tell him, or you can.." She knows the man better, than he does. "Anyway. Lets move this along, shall we? Command needs info, and we need to give the ship justice..Among other things."

Salazar regards Ezra from her desk where she's seated. Her dark eyes remain on the CO for a long moment. She clicks her pen closed, and slides a few file folders into her desk drawer. "Parts, Dover, Swift, Cavalera, and Panda. Brand is a little too green. Unless Dover hasn't recovered from his bout with the civvie crud by the time his services are required." She draws her sidearm out of her drawer and slides it into her thigh holster, sliding to the edge of her chair. "I'll take the other under consideration, sir."

Selene has been pondering recently how justice is served by following one murder with another, though she hasn't said as much to anyone, due to the hostile environment, and all. She steps into the security hub and looks around, frowning slightly.

"If Dover's not, I'd say put in Barghest, or Pickens. Both of em are decent shots. Hell Jarot too, unless you figure that it would be too personal for her. Don't need that shit on our heads. Professionalism, is what we'll need with it." And Cass is quiet for a moment. "If all else fails I can walk up and just use a pistol. Less mess- then airlock her.." Quiet for a moment he watches the S2's movement and nods just once. "Good, I got faith in you Nikos-" However whatever else the Major was going to say is lost as he's looking over towards the hatch. Not the proper time for patrols to be returning.

Salazar rises from her seat. "You have the watch, sir." She's holding her opinions pretty close. She does that a lot. "Jarot's still out with the gut shots." She lingers over her coffee, making no move to leave though the watch was just officially transferred. She takes a sip, then glances over to the hatch where Selene stands. "Speak up or move, PO."

Selene frowns more, her nose twitching a little as she does. "Well, it looks like I showed up just in time," she observes, endeavouring to keep her voice as cold as possible. "I am looking to speak to the prisoner. The Exoh said I'd best speak to you about it."

There's a faint look to Salazar and a nod. "Thank you, Ensign. You're relieved." of the Watch-that is. "Have a good night." tac'd on, and with that Ezra's moving from where he was standing in front of his desk, over to the coffee machine. There's a glance to the PO as she speaks up and he pours himself some coffee. "Ensign, before you go, what's our policy regarding people talking to the prisoner?"

Salazar's glance at Selene, is brief. She glances back to the Major. "When you murder the CO of a ship in a time of war, you're dead. No snuggles before the firing squad. If you believe your reason is compelling, submit a written request. Otherwise, you'll be looking indefinitely." Sal pauses to refresh her coffee.

Selene frowns a little. "I have to ask why," she replies. "You just indicated your intent to murder her like she murdered the CO, so what could it possibly hurt to let her answer a handful of personal questions that will nag me until I die if she doesn't?" Selene turns towards Ezra as she adds, "It's not like I'm asking to be alone with her. I just want to hear it from her own lips."

"Oh, so you're saying that- because you won't to get to hear from your supposed loved one- one that from what I have read used you like a cheap trick- that you're going to be nagged until you die?" A pause and the Major looks back towards the PO. "Grow up- I lost a wife, and grown children. I won't be able to say shit to them, Petty Officer. Deal with your cards and move on." And with that Cass is taking a sip, before looking for the sugar.

"This is the military. We don't murder people- we kill them. And in this case, we will execute them for murder, by our laws." A pause "Nut up, PO and find someone new."

Selene frowns and holds up her left hand. "You lost a wife, Major, I lost a fiancee a month before my wedding. I /am/ trying to move on, and I'm aware that all signs point to her using me, but I want to hear it from her lips. With all due respect, sir, I don't understand why this is such a difficult request to grant. It would take all of five minutes and would help my own morale more than having the CO's killer brought to justice beforehand."

Salazar pauses near the hatch. She listens to the Major's response to Selene's queries. She merely says, "You're in the military, PO. If you have a problem with military law, request a muster out. We should be entering orbit at Solon II." She smiles slightly. She nods to the hatch. "I suggest you step out before the Major takes issue with your tone."

There's a look back towards Salazar and a look back towards Selene. "I don't care for your personal morale, Petty Officer. I care for the safety of this ship. Be lucky we didn't line you up and shoot you for failing to follow an order during war time, let alone during an attack on this ship." And with that the Major is moving to his desk, and sitting down. "My answer is no." Cass has spoken. Cass is law.

Selene's face sinks a little. "Then maybe the northern priests were right," she replies softly. "Maybe the Cylons /were/ the punishment of the Lords for our mistreatments of each other. It's clear that we haven't learned from our punishment for our sins. I hope you enjoy your bloodshed sir. It's all our people will see until we're all dead, it would seem." With that, she spins on her heel, and, unless impeded, makes her way through the hatch.

"Hades hairy backside," the S2 mutters, as the PO leaves to head through the door. "PO Daiaisu." That's not so much a request as a statement. The statement says attention, son. "This is not high school, princess pouty. You are a soldier in the Colonial Military. You will salute your superior officers before you exit a room. 'Sir' is the proper address."

Selene stops and wheels around on her heel again, stopping at attention. "I should not /be/ a soldier anymore, Sir," she replies matter-of-factly. "I should be a singer, happily married and living on Gemenon. Serve four years and have your schooling paid for." Her nose crinkles slightly. "If Solon II weren't such a gods-forsaken pit, maybe I'd go put my pins down on the XO's desk right now." She snaps a salute, the precision obviously emphasized for taunting purposes, then wheels about to exit once again.

"You're not dismissed, yet Petty Officer." Cass begins. "Since you came in here and spoke freely without asking, you will stand here till I dismiss you." The Major offers without a look. "And when you Salute you keep your hand u till I return it- Or do you need a reducation in what you are, sailor?" And with that a bit of the bark comes in his voice. "Your little pouty ass tirade does a disservice to any who have died keeping your ass from dying on this ship- as well as the myriads who died during the Holocaust. Just because shit ain't right for you, does it mean we sacrifice something needlessly to make it so- As such you owe this ship, and its crew an apology. For not doing your job when ordered, and for taking your selfish views over their well being." a pause. "That understood?"

Salazar nods to Ezra, and moves around Selene to take the hatch. She salutes the Major with her coffee. "Sir." The indication is clear — the Major is only a hardass stickler for those who piss all over his proverbial house. "If you'll excuse me, my tolerance for juvenile emotional outbursts has reached its limit. I'll have a decision for you on the squad by morning shift." With that, she's gone.

Selene stops and turns around again. "I apologize, sir, for not understanding how my request for five minutes with the prisoner is a selfish request that will certainly doom this ship to its complete and utter destruction," she replies. "I do not understand why a few moments to speak to a woman you plan to kill and dump out the airlock like she was refuse is a needless sacrifice, or how it is a disservice to the memory of those fallen. I thought I was being reasonable, sir, asking for a limited amount of time, and specifying that it would /not/ be alone. I came in here with every intent of asking politely, and I apologize if my mood was soured by the realization that you intend to treat a living being like refuse. Even given her crimes, she would have been given a proper burial, one that did not dishonor the gods, were we still on the Colonies."

"She would have been buried without ceremony in a Potter's field outside of Fort Flagg, had she done this any other time, while being in the Navy. If not, she still would have been buried in a potter's field with no Ceremony." Ezra states flatly. And Eyes look back towards Selene "I am giving you one last chance to turn off that self righteous attitude, before I remand you to quarters and write to your Department Head. So right now you can Salute, Say, Yes Sir. I understand, instead of preaching to a superior officer." A pause "Is that understood Petty Officer?"

Selene twitches visibly, before snapping a salute and holding it. "Yes sir, I understand," she replies flatly. "Trust me, I highly doubt you'll see me again."

"Good." Cass offers, before he's looking back to Selene. Silent, as he makes her hold the salute a little longer, before his hand comes up. Salute returned. "Dismissed." and with that he's focusing back in on his work.

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