Pilots and Marines
Pilots and Marines
Summary: What starts out as a small, casual chat becomes quite the social event between members of the Air Wing and the Marines.
Date: PHD 178 (10-13-09)
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General Lounge

It is due to the need for sanctuary that Kitty's here, having fled the berthings those who are part of Black Squadron call home to try and seek some form of peace that she has yet to find. Curled up in a near-fetal position on the couch, she tries to meditate, her mouth moving as she says a silent prayer, her eyes closed tightly

It's been a long day, just like every day since the Holocaust, for everyone's favorite medic. Without his satchel, but still in his scrubs, Corporal Jacobs drifts into the lounge in a zombielike trance. Looking for a place on the couch, however, brings Kitty to his attention. He raises an eyebrow and opens his mouth for a second as he attempts to say something, but it just doesn't come out. He then thinks for a moment as he advises, quite seriously, "Sir. Curling up into a fetal position and speaking to yourself is a possible sign of becoming a psychological casualty. Do you require counseling?"

For Cinder this time is becoming more and more of a rarity; that is to say, some free time. Time not on duty, time not at the range or the gym, time not spent exhausted behind all imagination and just collapsed in the bunk. In off-duty treads, Cinder's wandered down from the marine berthings to the general lounge, not knowing whether to expect it filled with pilots playing cards and shooting the shit, or quiet as a graveyard. When she opens the door and peeks in, she can only raise her eyebrow at the sight. She's never met Kitty, and she isn't quite sure that it's her…logic says it is, based on the pic she's seen on Panda's bunk, and the way he talks about her, but she's not going to jump to conclusions. Instead, she just walks into the lounge. "Corporal" she says with a nod to Jacobs. "Lieutenant" she says to Kitty, whether she pays attention or not.

Kitty looks up and rolls her eyes while smiling as much as she's able to, shaking her head at the well-intended medic. "I was praying, not talking to myself, Corporal. As for the fetal position..eh. Don't worry about it, okay? I had a rough go of things but it's nothing talking to my brother won't cure." Sitting up, she peeks around Jacobs to look at Cinder, a new face entirely. "Hello…" she starts to greet her but then pauses, realizing she doesn't know her rank, it causing her to falter. "I am sorry. Have't met you so am not sure how to address you."
Cinder's sudden presence is a bit of a surprise to the medic and his eyes wander for a bit. Hard to hide it when you're so tired, too. "Private Brand." He says, both answering Kitty's question and greeting Cinder. "And sir, I'm sure that Lance Corporal Ajtai will act as wonderful counsel for you." Sarcasm, not very well shaded by his official sounding talk. He eyes Cinder once more as he takes a second to think. "And how are you adjusting, Brand?"

Well, that confirms it then. The woman here IS Panda's sister. "Well. I'm adjusting well enough. But for the moment, it looks like there's someone who needs a little more help than me, ya?" Call it…a feeling. Call it a woman's intuition, but even if Kitty looks fine, and even if she's telling Jacobs that she IS fine, she looks far from fine. "You're Panda's sister, Lieutenant?" the MP asks, sinking into a chair across from Kitty, sitting sideways, with her back against one arm, and her legs slung over the other arm of the chair.

Kitty snorts. "Actually, Corporal, my brother will be better than a counselor." The sarcastic tone he takes with her has her bristling almost visibly, something about it annoying her. She'd elaborate and most likely wax poetically on the subject but Cinder speaks to her, drawing her attention off of Jacobs which could very easily be a good thing. "Yes, I am." The way that Cinders sits has her chuckling. "Nice to meet you, Private."

Someone may have forgotten about how certain people care about their brothers. He raises a hand in dismissal as he says, "My bad, sir." He apologizes. He shakes his head then as he makes a hand gesture to Cinder, "While I think you're correct, Private, whether someone else needs more assistance than you will be up to me and the Ell Tee, not you. And sit in your chair correctly." He's not being overly mean there. Just a slight reminder of how it works in the Marines.

The greenish MP can only give Jacobs a little smirk, even as she turns her body to sit properly. The worn leather of the chair creaks and groans as she shifts, sliding her legs down the arm and planting her boots on the floor, sitting up properly, but taking a deep breath. "Sorry Corporal. Just trying to get comfortable, you know?" She's smiling a bit, both at Kitty and Jacobs, but gives Kitty a little wink. Maybe it's proper by rank, but it felt like the right thing to do, given how Kitty's lying all over the couch, even though Jacobs can't admonish her the way he can a Marine private.

Kitty blinks when Jacobs admonishes the rookie for taking her seat like she did, it being enough to cause a brow to arch up. "I didn't realize that this was a place for one to be concerned with such things as posture and all that. I'll be sure to keep it in mind." The JiG had already sat up but makes a point to straighten her posture further, her boots now firmly planted on the deck and her hands placed on her knees, her back perfectly straight. "How is this," she ask them both.

Jacobs chuckles, "Sir, it's uh…Rookie-bashing, y'know?" He waves a hand dismissively as he moves to a separate chair and settles in, also deciding to sit at the position of attention. Gotta go along with the joke, really. "Looking good, sir." He then adds with a nod, "Real professional."
Cinder looks like she wants to speak, but really, she doesn't know either of these people well enough to say something entertaining or prolific. Only thing she manages is to say is "first week on the job, and all." It's a learning experience in all ways, and for the moment, she seems content enough to learn what the Corporal, who really was the one to introduce her to the Marines here on ship (with vaccinations and all!), and the JiG, who she hasn't actually met, but feels surprisingly close to having spent some time with Panda (and his explosive protective personality regarding her).

When Jacobs admits to what that was all about, Kitty finds herself slouching, making herself comfortable once again. "I see. I guess I was being a bit dense. Forgive me." His compliment is given a smile of thanks but it is well after the fact as she addresses Cinder before hand. "I see. How are you liking everything so far, Private?"

Well, he's not that interesting it seems. Jacobs leans back in his seat then, slouching comfortably. He then leans his head back against the chair, staring at the ceiling. Time to relax. Finally.

"Sure as shit beats living in a cargo bay, you know? It's nice to have a job again, I have to say." Even though she doesn't put her legs up over the arm of the chair, she turns her upper body as much sideways as she can, to get her body lying sideways as much as possible on the chair. "Got really boring just…drifting around, living with a bunch of strangers in a cramped up place like that."

Kitty can't relate to that due to being enlisted in the military for quite a while before the attacks happened but she tries to show sympathy regardless of not having that in common with Cinder. "I see. Well, I am sure anything has to be better than that. Even being tormented by Corporal Jacobs over there." She smiles when she says that, obviously ribbing him. "And how have you been, Corporal? Everything been going well for you as well?"

"My tormenting is probably the best part of her life right now, sir." Jacobs teases then. He smiles and draaaags his head up to respond further. "Well, sir, new recruits cause lots of paperwork for me. But that's normal. And I'm backed up on physicals, so I've been scrambling." He sighs and shakes his head then, "But otherwise…still alive, still good."

While those two seem to catch up a little, the Private peels herself off the chair and wanders over the the tables with various magazines. Guns, guns, technology, guns, military research, Colonial military monthlies, and…ahh, there's a few. A few female crewmembers seem to have dumped their glamour mags there as well. Sure, they're a few months old by now, but something's better than nothing out here, all alone. Cinder snatches one up, leaning against the wall and flipping through to make sure it's worth reading more in-depth, letting the Corporal and JiG to it, eavesdropping now and then to see if she's invited back into the conversation.

There's not much time for eavesdropping as Kitty addresses Cinder again, looking as if she feels a lot better thanks to her and Jacobs both, the two Marines having done so very well to cheer her up and pull her out of her stoic mood. "So you know my brother…duh, of course you do. Kind of hard not to know the people you work with, I guess. It's really nice to be able to meet another of my brother's compatriots." Reaching out, Katherine balls up a piece of paper and hurls it at Jacobs, the lightly waded item not even reaching its mark as it falls out of the air not a foot from her. "Damn…hehe. I'm sure you'll get caught up eventually, Corporal. Probably about the time you're ready to kick the bucket but you'll get caught up."

The medic grumbles, "I would hope that it doesn't actually take that long." He then clears his throat as he stands up to pick up the piece of paper that Kitty threw. He wads it up more, making it a little bit better for throwing before he sets it gently back on her lap. "Here you go sir." He then settles back down in his chair. "We keep getting more survivors, though…and I will definitely have my hands full for time to come."

To address Kitty's comments about her brother. "Yes…I know him. Had to take him down once too, to keep him from making a big career mistake. Even a greenie like me could see that what he had in mind was a baaaad idea." As she talks, she lowers the magazine she's holding open in her hands, so that she can look over the top at both Jacobs and Kitty.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Attention all hands, Kharon may experience very brief and slight turbulence as we are descending low enough into planetary orbit in order to send an important message through the disruptive troposphere to the Keros mining facility. Continue all shipboard operations normally."

Kitty's nose wrinkles and she scowls down at the offending paper, muttering. "Yeah, I'll show you." The 'showing' comes in the form of throwing the godsdamned thing in the trash, Kitty actually getting onto her feet to do so. "Thank you, Corporal, but think my days as a pitcher are sadly over." She pouts at Jacobs but that turns into a slightly abashed grimace. "I am sorry that you had to do that, Private. I know it's your job but still…" Yeah, but stll. That's about all she can say, the ECO falling quiet as the announcement is made.

Jacobs nods, "Indeed, sir. Better stick to the whole ECO-thing." He chuckles then, "But sometimes Lance Corporal Ajtai can lose his cool a little." He nods at that statement, looking to finish Kitty's sentence for her. Having run out of things to say, though, he just resorts to checking Cinder out. Why not?

[Intercom] Praxis says, "All hands, message has been sent and we are resuming previous orbit position. All systems nominal."

Looks up at the ceiling speakers at each announcement, as if that makes a difference at all. "Yeah…it's my job. No biggie. It's pretty clear that he loves you a hell of a lot, but I mean, what're brothers for, right? I kind of wish I had one when I was growing up, but no dice." She seems oblivious to Jacobs checking her out…what else is new, right? It isn't the first time, and it probably won't be the last.

"Yeah, I thankfully do a good job at that," Kitty quirps over to Jacobs with a shrug but when she speaks after that is said is said to them both. "We love each other a lot and we're all the other has. I guess we can be a bit overly protective of each other but such is life, I guess." She looks over to the vending machines, her eyes narrowed, the siren song from the chocolate bars luring her in, causing her to drift in that direction.

Jacobs doesn't even say anything about anyone being overprotective of their siblings. Not like his survived to be like that. He eyes Kitty a bi as she heads for the vending machine, probably pondering something medical. "Such is indeed life. I'm sure if my sister was here, I'd be acting a whole lot different…"

"That sounds fair, both of you. Gotta fight for what you have, right? Since it IS all we're gonna have for quite some time." Cinder just nods to her own words. Right now, she's got nobody on board to fight for, but she's getting there.

Kitty shrugs lazily as she looks at the selection, that proving to be problematic as there are too many types of chocolate to choose from. "Depends. Sometimes you…I need to learn to let Panda do as he wishes more often." There is a pause in the unrelated tangent before she adds quietly, "…same can be said about him where I am concerned…" Insert a lot of grumbling and grousing here. It takes a moment for her to recover but her slight annoyance soon passes and she finally makes up her mind, choosing a chocolate bar with almonds. "Are you the oldest, Jacobs?"

Jacobs drags his upper teeth across his lower lip. "No, sir." He clears his throat then as he reminisces. "No…I had an older sister. Her name was Sarah." He takes a long sigh, "She was going to get married to this teacher's assistant. His name was…" Then a look of horror kind of drifts across his face as he realizes something that may be the most horrible thing he has ever thought of. "I don't remember his frakking name…"

Cinder listens and watches to these two venting, letting things out. Things are rapidly getting emotional, and even if she doesn't know them, she's going to interject herself. She tosses the magazine down, back into the stack, opened a little still, but crumpled up some. Time for her to play doctor a bit, as she slides up behind Jacobs on the couch, patting his shoulders firmly, leaving her hand there. "I'm sorry you can't remember his name, but I'm sure he was a good guy if your sister was gonna marry him. Just one more reason you're here fighting, right?"

There are three people currently relaxing in the lounge - Cinder, who is standing with a magazine in hand, Jacobs who is sitting, and Kitty who is stepping away from the vending machine, her prized candy bar in hand. "Don't stess over not being able to remember his name, Corporal. It's not surprising, really. Time has passed and a lot has happened since then. It's not surprising that you can't remember the name of the man your sister was going to marry." The fact that they're talking about people in the past-tense bothers her but she tries to not let it show, her attention turned to the chocolate rather than her discomfort.

Kai steps into the lounge with an empty coffee cup looped over two fingers, while the others are occupied with unfastening his fatigue jacket. If he looks off duty, it's probably because he is. So when someone barks something at him about a wireless call, the Captain looks vaguely nonplussed. "Thanks," he murmurs blandly, threading his way over. How do they manage to track him down? Kitty, the marine, and the topic of conversation are skirted around for the time being.

Jacobs just flaps his hands in a sort of scissoring 'X', dismissing the thoughts. "You're right. It's nothing. Don't worry about it." Looks like he's still worrying about it. And those paying attention may hear him mutter to himself, "Let it slide, Ben…let it slide."

"You gonna be ok, doc?" Cinder asks, with some concern in her voice. The hand on his shoulder tightens a bit as she gives a little squeeze and rub. "We all lost a lot on that day…so you're definitely not alone." She doesn't know what else to say. She wants to help, for sure, but not much more that she can do other than some comforting words and a pat/squeeze on the shoulder.

Kitty looks over her shoulder and notices Kai but, since he's busy, she forgoes the greetings until he's free which gives her time to open up and nibble on the candy. "What the Private said, Corporal. It's sad and we shouldn't forget them, but besides that, it's best to just…" Shaking her head, she finds a place to take up space, this time leaning against a bulkhead instead of sitting somewhere.

Kai rests his hip against the bulkhead wall, and keeps his back to the majority of the room while he converses over the wireless. The coffee cup is spun around his fingers now and then, just an idle motion to keep them occupied.

Jacobs raises his hand to pat Cinder's hand on his shoulder. "Yeah…Thanks. Thanks. I'm good." He smiles then, nodding to them both. "I'm fine, don't worry about it." He then hrms, "What about you, Private? Any siblings?"

The hatch opens and a tired-looking Thea comes wandering in in her off-duties, likely after a post-CAP catnap. There's a coffee cup in one hand and, for once, she's imitating the CAG's beeline for the machine.

"Nope…no siblings. I had nothing. I got nothing now, so…status quo, ya know? Just my job and the people on this ship" She doesn't seem…particularly saddened by the loss of anyone important in the Holocaust, but her life was never super-fulfilling to begin with. "Like I said before, just nice to have a job and purpose again. To know that I'm working for something good…hopefully."

Kai's brows furrow slightly at something he hears, and the coffee cup spinning is abruptly halted. He replies in a low voice, his head turning slightly toward the bulkhead as if to ensure he isn't overheard.

Hatch is twirled and in steps a bit of shaggy, yet solid looking marine. head bowed, the Corpsman seems to be focused on one thing, and one thing only. The Vending machines. A few cubits are held in his hand as he nears one of those frakkers with the electric hum a going on-hand pressed to it, before one finger keeps pressing buttons-though no money has been set in. A grunt and finally money is quickly pushed in and then one button tapped repeatedly, before some time passes. the KaLUNk of a can dropping is like music to his ears "Frakin' A, no frakking Ghost in the machine." A nod before he's reaching for something in a pocket.
But then Dutch Elder ain't exactly social-rather he looks to where Kitty and her menagerie of talkers are, and then slides his eyes back over towards Kai. Brow up, but nothing said.

Thea procures for herself a cup of coffee. Given the way her hands have curled around the mug for warmth and the way her head dips toward the liquid - it's very much needed. As she passes the vending machine she dips her head to Elder and offers a quiet "Sergeant" by way of greeting. Kai's huddle is noted, but not interrupted. Toward the officer side of the lounge she goes, aiming for a sofa.

The arrivals of Captian Legacy and Dutch gets Kitty to smile, both given a slight nod of acknowledgement. More of her candy is eaten but the overly-sweet food starts to get cloyingly so and she finds herself in need of a drink. "Excuse me." Clearing her throat, she slips over to the coffee machine, getting herself a cup.

Kai hangs up his call somewhat abruptly, though it's pretty much par for the course, for the oft-abrasive CAG. He pushes away from the wall and heads for the coffee machine— which had been his initial destination, before the call came through. "Afternoon, Ajtai," is offered in a clipped tone of voice without so much as an accompanying glance, gods forbid a smile.

Cinder is basically left standing behind the couch with Jacobs, watching the flow of new faces into the lounge. Most of them pilots, one more Marine she remembers from basic but isn't exactly friends with yet. She's left just standing, watching, playing the silent observer for the moment, until she takes ahold of the back of the couch and slides herself up and over, putting herself back down into a seated position next to Jacobs there. "You're going to have to help me out with all the faces" she groans.

Jacobs pats Cinder's hand once more as he indicates who these people are. First Kai and Legacy get intros, "That's the CAG, stands for Commander of the Air Group. He's important. She's Captain Legacy, a pilot of some sort. She got hurt a while back, that's all I know about her." Dutch, on his way to the vending machine, also gets an indication. "And that's Sergeant Elder. Also known as Dutch. He's the top Marine medic around here, despite my claims to greater medical knowledge." The joke here is about the claims of greater knowledge. Jacobs just got the short stick when it comes to actually leaving Sick Bay or the ship in general.

"Captain." called back towards Legacy, though focus is completely held on the soda can in his hand. He's going to be on the enlisted side of the lounge, unless someone is going to want him to break some form of protocol and come over to say shit. Here's hoping no. Still down he goes, and the sound of the can opening shows the soda hasn't gone bad. "Damned rare treat.." mutters, Dutch, before a slim and slender cigar is pulled out and pressed to his lips. This is how someone should enjoy their time off- right here.
Already the fizz is cutting down on the burn which hits his throat with the almost stale smoke. Lighter's tucked-feet up. And with that the medic, is closing his eyes.

Thea tucks herself into the corner of the sofa in a pose rather feline-like. Perhaps her callsign isn't too far off. One leg's tucked beneath her and the cup cradled in both hands around chest-height. Someone, clearly, does not wake up well. Her attention is focused somewhere ahead of her.

Apparently, being 'important' doesn't mean shit when it comes to being left coffee. By the time Kai slides the pot out, there's little more than dregs in the bottom of it. Wonderful. He shoves it back in, sets his cup down, and proceeds to poke buttons until it starts brewing. Witness the CAG's utter mastery of technology. "I see you decided to take a break from being a bullet magnet today, Elder," he comments to the marine who passes by.

"Hello, sir. How are you?" Kitty pivots as she greets the CAG in kind, her head bowed politely in lieu of a salute. "Been a while since I've seen you around. Do hope you've been well." Thea is looked at and she adds with a chuckle, "You look like how I've been feeling, sir. Is everything alright?" Dutch, Jacobs and Cinder are watched but, for now, they're left to their own devices.

A brow raised, even if the medic doesn't entirely respond to the CAG's jibe right away. "Possibly." said after a moment and a quiet toke of his cigar, then a slug of nice and utterly sweet soda. "But, the night is young." Dutch, notes before one eye is opening and looking back towards the CAG for a moment. "Well this is a shock, and here I thought you got all your coffee from Marine country, Captain." At least the times he has been in the Sec Hub, the CAG has always slunk in and drained the pot, a little.

Legacy glances over at Kitty after a moment and laughs softly. "It is, Kitty, promise. Early morning CAP, that's all. I slept harder during the nap afterward than I intended." She gestures to the sofa nearby. "Care to join me?"

All Cinder can do is sit on the couch, listening to the banter. That's as good as any magazine, really. When Jacobs points out the people who are speaking, she just nods to each one, trying to make sure she remembers the face with the name.

It might've been a jibe, or it might've just been friendly ribbing. Tough to tell with Marek, who seems barely capable of cracking a smile most days. "I'm on a hiatus," he answers Dutch, blue eyes flicking the marine's way briefly before shifting away again. "Good," he answers Kitty's query. "I was probably under the mountain of paperwork in the ready room." Ha ha. He starts digging for his pack of smokes, gaze roving over the room absently and stopping on Legacy.

"That's a surprise." muttered around his own smoke, before he's bringing out a lighter, if Kai needs one. With the banter between them, one might never tell where the two are stepping. After all Elder's got a history of snarking at everyone from officer, to enlisted. "You spill something on someone's desk? Piss in an ashtray-sir?" A sip of his soda "Or just a change of venue?" Curious, after all, Dutch would never classify Kai as a social butterfly.
There's a look over towards Cinder- new person. And Jacobs, one of the Corporals under him. A nod to his fellow marines. "Kids." intoned-yeah he's just around 24 himself.

Kitty makes sure to pass by where Cinder is on her way to where Thea sits, this being so she can reach out to pass the newest Marine on her arm. "You'll be fine, honest. Jacobs will take care of you. And Dutch…" She cocks a grin towards him as she adds, "He's a good guy. Just stay the frak out of a boxing ring when he's in it." The other couch is sat upon now, Kitty grateful for the invite and the company, Legacy being someone she rarely gets to see outside of the 'workplace'. "Thanks, sir." Kai's commentary about the paperwork has her snickering. "I sometimes have to wonder if you don't walk past paper and get it attracted to you like static cling does errant socks in the dryer, sir. You always seem to be swamped wth it."

Thea glances toward Kai for a moment, lips turning up slightly at one corner. They do that Captain non-verbal communication thing for a moment and then she's looking back toward Kitty and tuning back in to the conversation.

"Unfortunately," mutters the CAG around his own cig, moments after he lights up. "They haven't given you a desk yet, Elder." The smoke's exhaled away from Kitty, and there might be a glint of amusement in his eyes. If so, it's subtle. Drily, "Are you volunteering to take some of it off my hands, Ajtai? I have some meteorological and thrust flow analysis that I wouldn't mind washing my hands of." His eyes find Thea's when the woman looks over, then lower as he pulls again from the smoke.

"Yet." says Elder with a finger raised. Don't worry it is not an inappropriate one. "I think I'll have to get crippled or something finally before they sit my ass behind a desk. As is I am too readably available for front line duty." Another drag of his cigar, before he's just eying the can-Yeah he's going to keep this in his bunk even when he's finished with it. As such, Dutch will be taking his time.

"I could try sir. I could actually use the distraction and if it helps you out at the same time then that'd be all the better." Kitty looks around, hoping like mad that the enlisted members won't take that as her trying to suck up to Kai but it's too late to take it back, the ECO not about to renig on her offer. Leaning closer to Thea, she half-whispers, "I don't think I've seen it this busy in here in a long time. And out of curiosity, sir, how much trouble can someone get for chewing out a superior officer?" There is a slightly noticeable division of rank here, albeit unintentional perhaps, with Kai, Thea and Kitty kind of off to one side and Elder and Cinder elsewhere, the two groups still able to easily converse despite that it seems.

Thea cants her head toward Kitty and quirks a brow slightly. "Depending on the senior officer and whether or not either party was in uniform," she says quietly. "I'd say a damned good bit of trouble. Of course, a senior officer out of uniform chewing out an enlisted who's in uniform is going to be in even more trouble. Dare I ask, Crybaby?" Yep, Thea's slipped into Captain mode.

Matto steps into the lounge, two brown-and-red hand-crocheted juggling balls in one hand, one in the other, evidently thinking he's going to find some spare room to toss his balls about. But the lounge being rather too crowded for those sorts of antics, he's about to turn and leave when he spots the Babydoll and the Kitten-faced Captain, and instead he simply drops his hands to his sides and strolls over. "Hey, guys."

Kitty clears her throat and then looks over at Matto while replying to the Captian. "Funny you should mention that," she sighs out while lacing her fingers together. "It actually has to do with that." Pause, thoughts gathered, and she continues. "Castor had admitted to that entire thing with my brother and I kind of snapped at him, badly. I've really been on edge since that whole thing with Dorian and Martin but that was no excuse and I'd like to ask your advice on the matter, sir." Confession made, she waves to Kissy, lifting her left hand to wriggle her fingers playfully at him.

Thea glances at Matto as he comes in and a smile blossoms, though it quickly fades at Kitty's admission. "I think, Ajtai," uhoh, she's gone to last names. "That's something best discussed in private. We'll talk about it later tonight." Her attention then turns to Cinder and she gestures to the other seats in the general area. A Captain is inviting a Private over to talk. A Pilot is inviting a MARINE over. The smile is inviting and warm. "Elder," she calls, glancing to Dutch. "If you want to join us, you're welcome to. We don't bite."

Dutch looks up from his place on the couch where he had been holding some conference with Kai. A faint smile is passed to the Raptor Captain, before he's rolling his shoulders. "Its alright Cap." comes the usual thick tauron accent. Can't take a miner out of the mountains, it appears. "I'll need to hit Medical soon enough. Just enjoying a slow smoke, and pop while I can." Still he is rising up, and making his way over, a little-to be polite, of course.

Matto is in the middle of assaulting his Captain with a big warm Kissybear-hug when he catches the word — Ajtai — on its way out of the Kittenfaced one's lips. Eyes widen and he disengaged from the hug perhaps a bit prematurely, looking from Legsy to the Babydoll and back again. "Something wrong?" he wonders.

Kitty nods slowly. "Came clean to Captain Legacy about my having popped off at Lieutenant Leda, sir." She looks rather guilt stricken, it being why she was honest to Thea about it, but the Captain's reaction makes it worse and right now she wishes the couch would come alive and swallow her whole. "I'll make sure to keep myself available, sir," that said to the Captain herself.

Thea grins up at Elder, head tilting to the side. "Reminds me. I have a bullet to get from you, if you still have it," she tells the man, though glances to Matto and Kitty. "Kitty," she says quietly. "Take a few deep breaths, mmmkay? We'll talk about it later." There's something a bit more gentle in her tone. "Come join us, Kiss. Everything's fine. I'm just having my post-CAP nap cup of coffee." She's quick to reassure her Riders before smiling up at Dutch. "How're you feeling, Sergeant?"

"You did what, now?" Kissy wonders, "Why?" Here's Kissybear. Here's the loop. Notice the distance between the two. "And how's your brother doing?" he goes on to ask. Yeah, he's got a lot of getting-caught-up to get done. He tosses a ball in the air and snaps an arm up to snatch it therefrom before he collapses into a seat. Flop. One knee gets drawn up along the back of the sofa as he sprawls, giving a wide yawn and shifting a shoulder up and back to use the arm of the couch to scratch an itch on his back.

When Thea invites the marines over, Cinder just leans forward on the couch she's sitting on, opposite the pilots. "Captain?" she speaks up, a little hesitantly, having never really sat down with either a pilot, or a captain before.

Kitty reaches a hand out to Cinder, looking apologetic to the Marine, as well. "I am sorry I left you like I did, Cinder. I wanted to talk with Captain Legacy and got in a hurry to get her attention before she got busy." Blushing, she looks at Matto and coughs. "Lieutenant Leda told me something involving my brother and himself and I went into explosively-over-protective sister mode which included my…kind of saying some not-nice things to him." It is left at that since Thea said it will be discussed later. Instead, she asks the pilot, "Always play with your balls in public," she quirps and then looks at Thea. "Guess I should follow that up with asking him if he'd like our help."

"No fun unless someone's watching," Kisseus replies, hauling his other leg up to cross over the first, and he leans back over the arm of the chair, tossing a ball into the air, then another when that one reaches its peak, then another when the second one reaches the peak, catching the first in the same motion that he catches the third. A steady pattern of sound — thak thak thak thak thak thak — as the Kissybear juggles one-handed, draped backward over the arm of the couch. "Is your brother still upset? About the thing with Marty?" he goes on to ask Kitty.

Dutch looks askance for a moment as he finishes as much of his cigar as he is willing. Using the edge of the can to snuff out the cherry before he is pocketing the smoke. Wiping the ash and such from the lip, before taking a sip he nods back to the Captain. "I'll see where I put it. If I don't have it, it is probably down on Scorpia somewhere." Said in all truthfulness. Though there's a shrug. "Sorry a head of time."

Legacy grins up at Elder and shrugs delicately. "We were both a little occupied at the time," she tells him, eyes crinkling at the corners. "Come join us, Private. I promise that we don't bite. We're Raptors. It's only the Vipers who cut their teeth on Marines. Captain Althea Legacy, also known as Black Cat." While she doesn't join in the conversation between Kitty and Kissy, her nose crinkles slightly.

Cinder gives Captain Legacy a curt nod before pulling herself from the couch where she sits. It only takes a few steps to cross the lounge to the other couch, where, being a little full already, she just sits herself down on the arm of the couch. One leg is up on the side of the couch, the other down on the floor. "Private Cinder Brand…also known as uh…well, I haven't got a nickname yet, but maybe in the future."

'Funny." states Dutch, with a slight chuckle. "I've never had a Viper cut their teeth on me." But then he's pretty sure the majority of Red Berthings, with the exception of the CAG and maybe one other, are all afraid of him. Another sip of his soda, and fingers are coming up to tap a salute to the Raptors, aka bus drivers. "You all have a good evening and flight whatevers, when you get there." And with that he's turning to head to the hatch, but he's still in earshot if someone needs him, real quick.

Kitty rubs her hands together once she pulls the extended one back. "I haven't seen him since the night he challenged Marty to that fight, Kissy. And I think it is something I should remedy. Please excuse me." Getting to her feet, she turns slightly to add, "I will come look for you later, Captain. Thank you." Cinder is given a smile and she turns again, this time towards the hatch. "I will see you later, Kissy. Will come out of hiding."

"You should do that," Kissy notes, reaching across to poke Kitty in the side with his toes and subsequently losing track of his balls and having one bean him straight between the eyes before it topples to the ground. He sits up with a dazed grunt before the other one can do the same. "Good luck; you'll be fine, Dollface," he tells Kitty, then offers Cinder a hand lofted in a few arc-degrees of wave in an I-don't-know-you-but-hi-anyhow sort of gesture.

Legacy grins at Cinder and dips her head. "I'm sure the Marines will give you one in time. If I'm not mistaken, you've just finished your boot?" She looks up at Kitty, a hint of concern in her eyes. "Get some rest," she tells the woman. "Have a good evening, Sergeant," she calls after Dutch. Then it's back to Kissy and Cinder. "This is Lieutenant Kisseus Matto, callsign of Madman," she tells the other woman. "He's earned it."

Cinder takes a look over to the man with the juggling balls. "Clearly, he'd have to be to walk around with his balls out like that" she can't help but quip, smirking a little as she says it. She turns back to Captain Legacy before she answers. "Ah, well, that's true…Sir" she replies, having to remember to add the Sir at the end of the sentence, when here gut reaction is to just go with a Ma'am, or nothing at all.

"Why are all the womenfolk so obsessed with my balls?" Kisseus can't quite help but wonder, tossing the one that's not currently on the floor behind him from hand to hand in a lazy gesture. "They tell me I'm mad, but— I'm not, really. Although I guess if I were I wouldn't know it, so." He shrugs. "Just call me Kissy," he offers her, continuing to idly play with the hand-crafted toy. "Cinder… Brand? Heh, your folks had a sense of humor, I guess?"

"Because you're always showing them off in public," Thea comments, tone dry as she grins fondly at Matto. "As long as you're only juggling and not yanking, I'm fine with it." It takes her a moment to retrieve the lost ball and it gets dropped on Matto's stomach as she settles back into her seat.

Cinder doesn't say anything, just content to snicker a bit at the dry tone, and the awful puns. "Isn't it a little concerning that he needs three balls to achieve the same effect?" she adds, her mind rapidly sliding into the gutter, a place she's been working rather hard to get out of!

Matto casts a sly grin over to Thea as she drops his lost ball on his tummy. Then, unzipping a couple of the cargo pockets on his fatigue trousers, "Doesn't need to be three," he notes, drawing another one out of one pocket, "Four's even better," he notes, grin broadening a little, then drawing another two from the other pocket, "Or six."

The Captain just groans and scoops her coffee back up again. "Kisseus," she mutters, warningly. "Behave yourself." Shaking her head, she turns her attention to Cinder. "How are you finding things so far, Private?" Wow. A Captain who's approachable and relaxed. What are they feeding those senior officers?

"Honestly? Like I have no frakkin' idea what I got myself into. I don't know a damn soul on board, and I still feel like a stranger, even around the marines." With the lounge emptying out, she figures what the hell, and puts her ass back down on the other couch, stretching out a bit. The furniture groans a bit as she puts her back up against one arm of the couch, one foot stretched out on the couch, the other down on the floor, one arm over the back of the couch. She leans her head back, shaking her hair out a bit. "I like having a job again though. I like having my own bunk, for sure. Plus, I gotta basic, basic was tough, but I feel a lot better than I have in frakkin' years."

Matto gives his Captain an unbearable innocent look. What? He holds up the juggling balls by way of explanation. S'all he meant. Really. He tucks them away, then, three in a pocket, and zips. "Having work is good," he agrees with Brand, "The job market really sucks right now."

"Your pants look like a chipmunk, Kiss," Thea tells him, laughing. "And yes, having work is good. Having something to do is even better. Idle hands get people in trouble." She's curled into her seat, cradling the coffee. "You'll meet people soon enough, especially in the Marine berthings."

"I figure as much. Pretty tight quarters in there, but I imagine it's the same all over the ship though. I've walked through a few times on patrol, but mostly at hours when people are busy or asleep…slow times, ya know? Figure that's better for training." Now that the lounge is emptied a bit, Cinder looks a little more at ease, especially since these particular pilots aren't…well, jerks, frankly. She's seen enough Marine-Pilot hate her first few days on the job to last a while. "What do you think is gonna happen when those machines go empty?" she asks, jerking her head toward the vending machines.

"Chipmunk is the new black, Legsy," Kisseus informs his Captain with a dry arc of a dark eyebrow, flashing her a bright grin. Then, glancing back toward the machines, "Those? Aren't they empty already?" he wonders. "Anyhow, nothing good left in them," he notes. Which is to say they're out of gummy bears. Goodness knows how that might have happened.

"I rather suspect that people will start canibalising other machines," the Captain replies airily, eyes twinkling a bit. "As for when the stuff runs out…" A shadow crosses her face. "Well, we'll see a rise in discipline issues and morale will drop like a stone. So, it's probably good to keep that from happening. And no, Kiss. There are still a few things."

"Hmmm, maybe I ought to get a few things now before they get completely run down, hm?" She gives the two a little grin, standing up. "Oooohhhh, frak" she groans, while she stretches out toward the ceiling, interlacing her fingers and turning her palms up, flexing up onto her tiptoes. Leaning to one side, she hits up the soda vending machine, jiggling a few cubits in her pocket, before she puts them in with a rattling into the machine. "Figure once I finish this, I'll be heading back to my locker to get prepped for duty" she says, as the can tumbles down the machine, thunking and thumping on its way out.

Matto stretches out his legs when the Brand gets up off of the couch, sprawling lazily and taking up the whole dang thang. Jerk. He snugs a pillow up under his head and looks across to the Kitten. "We're going to stop somewhere and hit up a convenience store to restock?" he wonders.

"Yep," Thea murmurs to Kissy, eyeing him for a moment. "Virgon, likely." Is she kidding? Hard to tell. "Have a good evening then, Private. It was nice to meet you. Good luck down there in Marine-country." Yes, she's smiling as she curls up a little more in her couch corner.

"Ayup, and thanks Sir." She pops the top on the can with a satisfying hiss, before turning to the hatch door. Turning the latch on the door, it opens with a clang. She gives a nod to both of the pilots in there. "Captain" she says, nodding at Thea. "Lieutenant" she says, nodding at Matto. With that, she steps out into the hall, can in hand, on her way back to the marine berthings.

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