Picking Up The Pieces
Picking Up The Pieces
Summary: Thorn and Samantha try to sort through everything that's going on, and talk about what to do next.
Date: PHD130
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Samantha just really wanted to get him out of there, not certain exactly what they have to be discussing, but she didn't need him getting in another fight. Once they're at his berthings, she lets him go, shaking her head and moving to steal another cigarette from his pack, even if she has to dig her fingertips down his back pocket to find them. She doesn't ask. "…That was stupid too, you know. Just let it rest." She finally states, flat and stern.

Her reaching into said pocket doesn't phase him; he simply looks over at her, a pinched mulish stare on his face. "I don't care. She had no reason t' get on your arse about it. I didn't see you throwing punches in the game room." He throws up his arms in surrender, though. "Fine. I'll let it go."

Samantha pulls out the cigarettes, tapping one free and then resting the pack on the oak table, rather near them, incase he wants one too. She lights the new one off of her old one and settles down into one of the chairs at that oak table, not going near her bunk for the moment. She wants to talk but…it's just not there, a slow breath escaping her nose as she looks to the floor. "…Sorry…"

Thorn sighs, becoming somewhat deflated as he pulls up a seat next to her. Another cigarette is pulled out, and the pack disappears into his pocket. "Don't apologize," he replies wearily. "It's not your fault, for frak's sake." Thorn cranes his head downwards, trying to catch her eye. "So. What happens now?" he asks, trying to lighten his tone and turn the conversation in a different direction.

Samantha shakes her head slowly. "No… no clue. I didn't expect Martin to… react like that. He… called it off. No forgiveness, no second chances…it was over. Figured…that he meant it was over…" Because of what she did with the man sitting there. One sleep… one nap, but it was enough to end everything it seems. She exhales smoke slowly, still not quite able to look him in the eye. "Still sorry Martin did it."

An eyebrow rises, and an aghast expression comes over Anton's face. "He… broke it off?" There's a hushed silence as he digests the information. "Frak, Sam… I'm… sorry. For… for what it's worth." Now it's his turn to hang his head. "Believe me, I… didn't want t' see you hurt like that." Her apology on Martin's behalf is simply shrugged off, as though it's no matter.

Samantha shrugs slightly, still staring rather numbly forward, that look of utter sleeplessness on her face probably now well explained. "Yeah…Said… if we were really doin' this… really together…I'd have never done that. I made a promise and…I guess I broke it. No second chances. Whatever…" Sam admits quietly, trying to keep all emotion out of her voice. "So…dunno why he did that to you. he's being an idiot."

"I tried t' tell him before it started… I didn't even know th' two of you were still together," Thorn says slowly, a guilt-ridden look on his face. "I mean, I hadn't seen you with him for weeks, and I sort of assumed that…" He trails off, not finishing the sentence, taking another drag off the cigarette instead. There's a shake of his head as he continues. "I don't care what he says, or what anyone else may say… I'm not that type of person. If I'd known, I'd've… kept my feelings t' myself." Komnenos looks back over to her at the mention of the fight. "And I reacted like such a reasonable individual, myself," he says drily, the ghost of a smile tugging at his lips. "He was angry." There's a shrug from the ECO.

Samantha shrugs slightly…"Ultimately, my fault. I shoulda stopped flirting ages ago… but damned if you're not attractive and thoroughly enjoyable to be near… and Martin and I've been on off schedules for ages now, it feels… and… I was being stupid about it. I lead you on… and I got my just desserts for it. So…I guess that's why I'm sorry. I…never wanted it to come to this." Sam confesses, standing up and just beginning to restlessly pace the room.

"Um." Thorn flounders for a moment at her confession, eyes widening slightly. It's one thing to suspect, completely another to hear it spoken aloud. His eyes narrow ever so slightly, though, at something she said. "So, you're just leading me on, then? Is that all it is?" There's an edge creeping into his tone as he speaks, though he's not showing any of the telltale signs of moving towards an anger fit. His arms fold defensively against his chest as he leans back in his chair. "I won't be just a… pretty fill-in." Anton watches her pace up and down the rows of bunks. "I didn't want it t' come t' this either. I certainly didn't want t' get socked in the face for something I should've known better than t' do. But it did, and I did. And here we are."

Samantha's eyes go wide at his comment, realizing that she's said that in the worst way possible. "No! Gods… no…it's not…. I mean… I am interested. Frak…if…if wasn't for Martin I'd have jumped you in some tool room… ages ago… but… Frak…I don't know. I'm not used to being…. " Loyal? A good girl? In a single relationship? She has no clue how to phrase this which doesn't just make her sound worse and worse. She continues pacing, nervous and tense…

There's a careful nod as Thorn listens to her talk, and his hackles fall as her words process. There's a slight browraise at the mention of a tool room. He continues to watch her pace, but there's no judgment in his eyes as he studies her, only sympathy. "I'm sorry I put y' in this position," he finally says with a sigh, "but I'd be a damned liar if I said I wasn't interested either." There, it's said. He retreats slightly as he says that, his crossed arms clenching a bit as he talks; it's not often he puts himself out there like that. "An'… I mean…" Thorn cuts himself off, a dumbfounded silence taking hold as he clearly has no idea what to say next. He settles for smoking, making a pale attempt to defuse some of the tension by blowing a pair of jaunty little smoke rings.

Samantha pauses as he admits… damn.. that he is interested too. What does she do here? He can probably pratically see the gears turning behind her head as she goes through the fact that…if she jumps into bed with him now… it really will confirm what everyone says. Even if they both want it. Even if Martin said things were off. She just stares at him, a big ball of tension, blinking against some strange stinging in her eyes…"…Frak….I don't know what to do…here…" Sam admits, her voice slightly cracking on the edges of the words.

"Well, that makes two of us," he replies, offering her a smile. Blue eyes meet green, as he studies her with a meaningful look. Yeah, he recognizes what's going on in the back of her mind. Maybe he's not quite as oblivious as he lets on sometimes. "Maybe we should just… take things slow, for a bit," he offers, even if that's the last thing he really wants. "I… I don't want t' ruin… whatever this is." He taps his cigarette, ash fluttering down onto the floor. "I don't want t' pretend there's nothing going on, but…" Thorn shrugs, clearly torn between his obvious feelings and his desire not to cause any more strife or distress, for anyone involved.

Samantha considers that a few moments, looking up to him again, her throat still a bit tight. She nods faintly, "Probably… let me sort things with Martin… just… I dunno… get any sort of sanity about this whole thing… give us a chance to… to do this proper…if it happens…" Sam admits quietly, finally pacing over to his bunk and feebly lowering herself to sit on the edge there, muscles just numb and slow at the moment. "Last…guy I did this with… killed himself, yanno?"

"If we're going t' do this, I want t' do it right," Thorn says in quiet agreement, watching her as she finally slumps down onto his rack. He has an urge to sit down beside her, comfort her somehow, but he stays put, giving the woman her space. There's a slight at the mention of the suicide of Ajax. "I'm not him, okay? I don't want you t' even think that. You… you look unhappy enough right now without bringing that up." A guilty expression forms again on his face at the mention of the dead priest, and his eyes flick back down towards the floor as he considers the role he's played in said unhappiness.

Samantha rubs one hand across her eyes…"but…But I'm trying to -warn- you, Anton… this is what I -do- to people… Frak, do I drive them insane? You and Martin going at it like… like wild animals… one man crazy enough to kill himself… Maybe I -am- cursed…If you were smart you'd stay frakking far away from me." Sam seems dead serious about this as she finally voices the words she's barely been able to allow herself to think but has thought the whole time. She ruins people… it's enough to make her sick. She takes a deeper drag of her smoke.

"Call me stupid, then." Thorn's eyes finally creep back up to Sam's face once again, his piercing gaze completely serious. "And don't say that. It's a self-perpetuating cycle, y'know?" He leans forward in his seat, a sudden cool intensity on his face. "I'd hate myself if I didn't at least give this a shot. Especially after it's gone this far."

"Just… let me be th' judge of what's good for me, hm?" Thorn asks softly a moment later.

Samantha looks back up to him, meeting his eyes dead on for a few moments, green serious and quiet, so very much unlike her usual self but all of this has hit her harder than she'd care to admit. "…I never wanted it to come to this….any of this… I just… I just want to be happy… and for the people I… I -care- about… to be happy too…" She admits softly, rather obvious words but all she has left is miserable, impossible truth right now. She nods at his last question. "Il'l do my best. Jus'… worry about ya. Worry about pullin' ya into all this."

Again, one of Thorn's eyebrows arches in her direction. "Don't worry about me, Samantha. I'm a big boy," he replies mildly, a hint of gentle sarcasm creeping into his tone. "I know you. And I'm going into this with my eyes wide open." A column of smoke spills from his lips as he takes another drag. "I wish things hadn't happened the way they did, either. But it happened, and there's nothing t' be done about it now. I… just want you t' be as happy as you can. And I want t' be happy, too… with you, if possible." He shrugs slightly. "Who knows? Perhaps things happen for a reason. Even if it escapes us for th' time being."

Samantha gives him a weak half smile, patting the edge of the bunk next to her, a quiet invitaton again…What got them in trouble in the first place but, really.. no reason not to now. She takes another deep, long drag of her cigarette, resting just a hint more as the nicotine actually hits home. "Yeah… we'll figure it out. And… I dunno about me. I sure as hell ain't the officer I'm supposed to be. But…I'm trying. Just…gotta keep workin'."

Thorn rises from the chair and moves over to the rack, bouncing up with a practiced hop as he joins her on the top bunk. "Nobody's perfect. Hells, anyone will tell you I'm no model officer. We make do." There's a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "All anyone can ask is that y' never quit trying." A barely noticeable haze of smoke begins to form in front of them as he exhales a moment after she does.

Samantha relaxes a bit against him, leaning there, not with her arm around him but close. It's nice to just sit, to acknowledge they are relaxing together and to simply… Be. She closes her eyes and takes another deep breath of her cigarette. "Nope… never. Not until I'm dead. Neither of us will, I know that… "

Komnenos laughs at that, a short barking sound that isn't entirely devoid of mirth. "You got that right." He looks over at her, a slight smile still on his face. "You feeling better now, then?" Anton relaxes as she leans against him, watching as some of her tension finally seems to slip away.

Samantha considers that a few, half nodding. "Yeah, I think. I…gotta go talk to Martin. See what the frak that boy is thinking… Not looking forward to it but… frak, I owe him that much." She admits, definitely discomforted by the thought but there is still a good woman buried somewhere deep down in Samantha..

"All right." Thorn nods slowly at the mention of Martin. "I… I'd better try t' talk t' him at some point too… but I'll try t' give things time t' calm down, first." He, too, has a good man somewhere inside him, even if some might not think so right now. "You do that. I'd go t' the dance, but unfortunately it's past my bedtime." Thorn slides back down off the bunk with a sarcastic grimace.

Samantha nods curtly, leaning over to kiss his cheek, a chaste moment, but a caring one. "Sure…if things go to shit I'll see you tomorrow, eh?" She murmurs, slipping down off the bunk herself with the casual jump she's become used to over her months living here…

Thorn nods, offering her one last smile as he heads for the hatch. "Sure." With that, the cigarette is stomped into the metal floor, and he departs.

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