PHD148 Air Wing Meeting
PHD148 Air Wing Meeting
Summary: Air Wing meeting covering several subjects, most notably promotions for Price, Matto, Leda, and Morales.
Date: PHD148 (September 13, 2009)
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Coming in, early would be Hale, and this is a usual trend. A pad of paper tossed down on his usual desk, before he moving back to clear the podium of old notes and logs. Sliding them away, before he is looking up. And then its a bit of a double take as eyes land on the short hair'd wounded wingmate of his. A faint quirking grin given to her as he moves to grab up his own paper and pen, before moving to take a seat over by her. "Mooner." said softly as he reaches his seat, body wedging himself in rather easily. "How're you?"

Eddie gets pulled out of her thoughts by Hale's words, looking up with a bit of a wry smile on her lips. "Looking forward to the CAG erasing my name off that injured list tonight. I'm released from medical now and everything should be cleared. You might just get your wingman back, I know you missed me." The pencil stops getting abused and instead is tucked behind her ear.

Thorn, too, is rather early; the ready room is still mostly deserted as he walks in and proceeds down the steps. He takes a seat not far from where the two Viper pilots are quietly talking. "Hey, Rabbit, Mooner." In lieu of a cigarette, Thorn pulls out a pen and begins to idly chew on the cap.

Hale looks towards Eddie and there's a faint smile given over, before his hand is reaching over to chuff her lightly in the arm. "Good, I am as well." that said Hale's looking back towards whiteboard and chuckling. pen clicked a few times before he is watching Mooner from the peripheral. "Course I missed you." hale replies. "You're me good luck charm." And as the raptor ECO comes in, there's a slight smile and a nod given over. "Thorn."

Eddie is lounging in one of the front most chairs, her legs stretched out in front of her. Nearby, Hale sits, and it looks as if Thorn just settled in too. "Lieutenant." She greets Kom. Poor Eddie, drowning in a sea of brass and her the only Ensign in sight. "You don't know how glad I am that I'll be able to make things explode again." Forty-five days plus of not being in the cockpit, Eddie's ready to get back behind the stick. "I need to see something destroyed."

Xanthus is here, he's sitting down. His clipboard is still shrinkwrapped. He's got two pens, one of which has never been used and the other which has never been used by him. Go fig.

Kitty comes in and takes a seat early, choosing one in the very back where she shouldn't be noticed too much. She's never really felt like she belongs here, this being more like Pilot Land <tm> in her opinion, a place people like her shouldn't really be.

Maybe a row behind Xanthus and off to the side, an aisle seat has been claimed by Wil, as he leans quietly, silently towards the extreme edge. He even hangs over it just a few inches. His elbow rests upon the armrest and he has a binder over his lap. His eyes are barely open and it looks like, er, no, he's not asleep. He's just been drifting off. Resting his eyes. Yeahhhh.

Leda comes in wearing his flightsuit, why, because someone has to run CAP while everyone was asleep. Castor glides to a seat beside Kitty, since he wants to sit by a friend. He says nothing, maybe CAP was boring or maybe CAP was full of excitement, shooting asteroids, and saving the lives of more people. no wait it was boring. He then says softly, "Kitty."

"You able to stand G's?" because one can bet that he will be pushing the young Ensign to her limits as soon as she is in the cockpit. There's a look for a bit as everyone seems to be filing in, before Hale's offering a slight lazy glance back at Eddie. "I'm glad we'll be done with Double PT's finally." And yes he does mean that. "Going back to one will seriously make it easier to get up in the mornings, wot."

And he drifts maybe just a fraction of an inch further, leaning over the side. His eyelids just press a tiny bit further downwards as Willem leans in his aisle seat, blissfully drifting off into his own oblivous world even as the place begins to fill with activity and aircrew chatter.

Xanthus glances at his shrinkwrapped clipboard. Perhaps he's going to unwrap it this time. He's reaching for it. he's reaching for it. He's… Oh. It's being used as a platform for him to have low-key mock swordfights between his two pens. Typical.

"Hey," Kitty says and then tacks on, "Before you ask, no, I haven't spoken to her yet but will if I see her." She looks at the pilot and gives a small, tired smile.

Eddie leans forward, shifting the books in her lap to the floor by her feet. She's a little stiff because she's dressed in her blues which are crisply starched and pressed for once. "I'll be sticking circles around you faster then you can ask that question over the com link, Rabbit." Eddie's cocky smile makes a reappearance, having been missing for a good long while now. As others shuffle in, Eddie gives them little chin-up nods in greeting.

And "zzzzzzZzzzz." The sound of soft snoring barely carries through the ready room as Wil drifts off, almost lost in the commotion of the place. He's not going to be in his happy place for very -long- at this rate.

Harrison enters from the corridor in his duty uniform, gravitating over to the back row where Kitty and Castor are parked. "Can I have one of these chairs, or are they all taken?" he asks in a low tone.

Matto is on time. Just. At least his uniform's looking in pristine condition, and he seems on the groomed side. He returns Eddie's nod, smile presented for smile, and then turns aside to file in with the rest and grab a seat right behind Poppyflower, a seat or two over from Willem, climbing over the back and settling in, then leaning forward to look across to Willem there, reahcing over to prod him a little.

The CAG strolls in somewhere in the midst of the usual anarchy of two squadrons of pilots trying to find their seats. He's dressed in his finest officer's blues, boots spitshone bright enough to blind unwary Ensigns who look too directly at them— pins and wings, even shinier. He's got a clipboard under one arm, though nothing to indicate a slideshow's in the offing today, and ambles up to the front of the room while the noise continues around him.

Castor looks over at Kitty, "Please do, since my, I'll get a date through my kick ass pool skills failed." He then smirks, "So, yeah, but thanks Kitty." He looks up at Harrison, "Have a seat and make yourself at home." He then turns to look over at Kitty and say something else but oh look the CAG.

Batista, soon-to-be nugget, pauses on the threshold of the Ready Room. Her hair is pulled into twin pigtails secured behind her ears. She's looking marginally more awake than yesterday, and is fresh from a post PT shower. She hesitates there, causing a little traffic jam for any unsettled pilots on their way into the meeting.

Another, soon-to-be nugget is seen coming in right behind the other one. Though he perhaps seems a bit, 'fresher' than his counterpart. Hair wet, but in his duty greens, Virgil Gresham does at least try to get around her. "CeCe, you're an awesome door." A little sarcasm goes a long ways, however once in the room he is stopping himself. So another mini traffic jam seems in order. "Oh shit.." murmured to the pigtailed apprentice, "Where should we sit?"

And just one or two moments of pure, unadulturated snoring pass as Wil's mouth hangs open. He sounds a bit like a lawn mower being jump started until Matto nudges him and suddenly the sound he's emitting sort of resembles the following — "Zzzzzzz..Whycan't I AARRGHGH!" He rockets straight up in shock as his eyes open in apparent realization. It's a bad place and a bad time to drift off. Eyeing the other man, he warily nods, looking slightly abashed and just straightening in his seat as fast as he can.

Harrison slips past with a smile of apology, moving to the aforementioned free chair and claiming it in the name of himself. "Thanks," he murmurs to the two near him.

Hale snickers back towards Eddie. "Just you try it, dove." there, that should add some fuel to her fire. if anything their first CAP together should prove to be eventful. There's a glance to those coming in, watching old faces, and some of the newer ones respectively. A glance back and over towards the CAG, and Hale can't help to grin. A nod offered the Captain, and Rabbit soon falls right back into silence. Ready for the show to be on the road.

Dammit. Eddie hates when she's the one that spots Kai. She can't even claim plausible deniability, as she's sitting in the front row. As no one else is hopping to, Eddie pops to her feet, her voice taking on the sharp edge of a bark. "CAG on DECK!" Sigh. When did she become the responsible one.

There's a pause and then Kitty asks softly, "Maybe you're just moving too fast? Could be it, huh? Try slowing dow…" When Eddie sounds off likes she does the ECO gets onto her feet, standing at attention immediately.

Nuggetjam. Bat reaches back to shove Gresh away from her, for all his sarcasm, and sort of stumbles into the Ready Room for her troubles. As he moves 'round her and in, she almost runs into him. Finally, she takes the redheaded pilot's arm, and leads him to a pair of seats. No, that's not a death grip, why do you ask? You didn't need circulation in that arm, did you, Gresh? She somehow manages to go to attention while still clinging to Gresham's arm. Ohgod.

At the mention of the CAG, the silent-up-to-now Thorn springs to his feet, coming to a rigid position of attention.

Kai sets his clipboard down on the podium stand, unclips the sheaf of papers, and starts sorting through them with slightly furrowed brows. His eyes flick up once or twice to note those gathered— or perhaps to note individual faces amongst them. What probably goes unnoticed is the slow swallow, the sweating palms, or the tension in his shoulders to keep them from shaking. He takes a breath after a count of ten, and clears his throat audibly on the exhale. "All right, all right, settle down. We've got a few things on the agenda tonight, so I'd like to get started. Crewmen Gresham and Batista, get your asses inside, and either find a chair or stand quietly by the back wall. Price, you can give Batista your seat. Thank you." Salutes are returned absently, and then his eyes cut back to his notes.

A huge mug of coffee in hand, Fingers slips into the meeting just before the proverbial buzzer. She wears her blues, but seems to be melded with that coffee mug like maybe her life depends on it. Her eyes are heavy and a bit glassy, like she either didn't get much sleep or is nursing a wicked hangover. Just in time for everyone else to be at attention. Oh. Right. Coffee behind back, spine rigid, go. Oh wait, non specific as you were. Jupes takes up a standing position at the back wall.

"You okay, Darling?" Kisseus wonders, though his own eyes are still colored a little darkly underneath, having had trouble catching up on sleep since the party. Still, the magic of coffee has him awake and aware, and he's about to say something else before Eddie's hollering and, yep— thar she blows. The CAG, that is. Kissy hooks an arm underneath Willem's just in case his legs haven't woken up with the rest of him, drawing him along as he rises.

Leda stands so fast that his head spins, only a little, and he throws up a salute. He then looks over at Kitty and he winks. As the salute is returned he falls into his at attention position, which is to say, he is present but sleepy since he just flew CAP and well a whole lot of nothing on CAP is a good thing though it is a bit boring.

"OW!" comes Gresh's next words, but they are drowned out by the sheer fear factor that the CAG can bring on. And of course when everything is called for; attenion and the like, our n00b does manage to get into attention, quickly. Eyes look back and there's a nod back towards Kai, before a cough, and a muted: "Sir." Yeah he'll just quietly stand and possibly faint in the back. Don't worry about him.

Eddie ticks her fingers off her forehead, then slops herself back into a seat, as if someone suddenly removed the giant stick of rebar that was shoved up her ass with that call to attention. She settles back in as Kai starts, pulling out the pencil from behind her ear. "There is no trying. There is only kicking your ass." She mutters quietly aside to Hale, before craning her head to rubberneck at the nuggets. Fresh meat.

Mars is a little late. She misses the CAG announcement by a few seconds, arriving just in time to find her seat in the back per usual. Dropping into her, she sets a clipboard on her lap and tugs a pencil out from behind one ear, giving the man at the podium her attention.

Kitty tugs on the back of Castor's flightsuit and then sits down again once Kai calls for things to begin. "I'm being serious," she mutters to Tinman before falling quiet, Kai the only person in the room for now.

There's a quick rise and salute. All on the level, and measure before Rabbit's easing back into his seat. An Agenda, means that there will be notes to take, and taking notes is one of Rabbit's strong points. He has a book out, don't you know.(shameless plug) The Lieutenant looks over towards Rebound for a second and he's grinning and chuckling. Eyes paper side as that pen is clicked to life. "Dream on princess. You've got a lot of running left to do." popped back, and with that he's focusing in. And leaning out of the way so Eddie can effectively rubberneck.

Whoah. Now Wil's awake. And just ever-so-slowly, his face twitches into a sour curve of his lips. Grumpy. It lasts a second, and only a second but he draws away from Matto a little bit, almost defensively. "I'm fine." Standing, he steps aside and simply salutes. "I'm fine." The seat is abandoned with his notebook. He just moves laconically towards the wall and whips out his pen.

When the CAG says your name multiple times in one address, it has ill effects on you, assuming you're a nervous sort of nugget-to-be like Batista is. She drops into a seat, an unoccupied one. Hey, it's warm from Willem's butt. Bonus.

"At ease, ladies and gentlemen," Kai tells the room at large, blandly, in case that wasn't clear. He seems unusually eager to get to business today, and only glances up for brief interludes in between all his rigid staring at the papers in front of him. "First on the agenda, I'd like you to welcome three new recruits to the air wing, and one of our number who's just returned from a protracted absence. Crewman Virgil Gresham" He nods toward the man. "Coco Batista, and Marissa Delann." Who's probably hiding out in the back somewhere, beneath the press of bodies. "As well as Lieutenant Isaiah Harrison, who'll be back to flying vipers once he's finished jumping through a few hoops for me." His lips twitch a little there, indicating he's probably teasing a bit. "If you see them around, please do your best to make them feel welcome. And try not to haze them too badly until they've at least got their pins."

Thorn is an island of silence in the sea of hushed conversation. He simply sits in his seat, chewing on the end of his pen with the occasional glance around at the others in the room as he waits for the meeting to start.

Harrison crosses his arms over his chest after standing so he can come to attention and dropping back into his chair. He's paying attention, although he slips a little bit lower in his seat when his name is called. No one by that name here, right?

Matto takes a quiet look at the Darling Willem as he shies away, but, now being not the best time to press by any means, he settles back down, looking up front and then, briefly, to the nugget who takes Willem's place. A hand lifted in a few arc degrees of wave.

At the mention of his name, Gresham is somewhat able to muster up a weaksauce smile to go with the raised hand and finger wave that is given to anyone who looks his way. Luckily for Kai, Virgil's voice was skeered clear off with the stand quietly order. Smile drops with the hand, a moment of fearful uncertainty before the crewman is looking down to fidget with a loose button on his duty jacket.

Batista holds very still, eyes forward. She stares at the CAG, only shifting a little uncomfortably toward the end of his address when he mentions hazing.

Fingers takes a lean against the wall, with the heads of a few pilots strategically blocking the CAG from her direct line of sight. She lifts the coffee mug and sips quietly, nursing the crappy brew. It's not so much that she can't see Marek, it's more that maybe he won't notice the coffee of it stays behind others.

Matto grows suitably bored with watching Coco's statue imitation, and he looks forward, himself, leaning that way and resting his elbows on his knees as he watches Marek with a casual but attentive stare.

Xanthus stops his pen swordfight. Truly this is serious.

Eddie falls quiet, perhaps blissfully so, but she suddenly has an itch on her nose that can only be satisfied by the nail of her middle finger. Aimed playfully at Hale of course, but a strategic turn of her head.

Castor looks over at Kitty for a moment and he winks which is his way of saying thank you. He then hears the name Gresham and he turns to look at the man and he winces slightly…shit…this guy is a pilot…shit…things didn't go well during the last meeting they had…well, Leda will have to make up for lost time. He then hears Marissa's name called and he blushes ever so slightly and he whispers to Kitty, "Than you, Kitty." He then gives a thumbs up to the new nuggets.

The seat was kept warm by Wil's presence. Or maybe defiled, depending on how you look at it. Wil just gives Batista a faint glance, along with Matto, neither one really seems sour or hostile now. Just a -look-. He flips open his binder and stares at the contents as he jots something down. In mid-jot, his head lolls away from the paper towards Gresham as the man's announced.. The look on his face is still even, but he slowly nods his head in a back-and-forth motion once or twice before eyeing the podium and the CAG proper.

Curiously, Thorn cranes his head over his shoulder at the mention of the names; Gresham's face he remembers, but the other two are unfamiliar. The rigid stances of the recruits brings a thin, barely noticeable smile to the ECO's face. With that, he turns back to the front of the room, drawing a small, bedraggled notebook out of his pocket.

Crybaby doesn't wave to the new faces but she does give the nuggets a smile, an attempt to be friendly without being overt. "Don't thank me," she mutters to her friend. "I am not doing anything worthy of appreciation. Save that for when I save your frakking ass by telling you you've got a Raider on your ass."

"As I'm sure you can imagine," Marek continues, tucking his hands into his trouser pockets and keeping his eyes trained on the clipboard like his life depends on it, "I'm going to have my work cut out for me, in terms of training and incorporating these new pilots into the wing. We have only three qualified flight instructors amongst us: myself, Captain Legacy and Lieutenant Valasche. Which means that all of you, especially my senior pilots" His eyes fix briefly upon Hale, and again upon Alex. "are going to be crucial to me for the next little while. I'm also inviting any of you with experience teaching, or expertise in any related academic area that might be useful to the program, to talk to me. As well as a reminder that under no circumstances is anyone who is not myself, Captain Legacy or Lieutenant Valasche to take one of our nuggets up off the flight deck without my express approval."

"Something you'd like to share, Crybaby?" Yes, the CAG's looking directly at Kitty when he says that.

Hale glances up as he looks back towards Marek for a moment. look caught, but the Lieutenant is not one to shrink from it, like some wilting flower. There's just a small nod, before he's focusing in on his notebook, taking time to scribble a few notes. And when the Captain calls out Kitty, there's a turn of his head to look over to the ECO briefly, before attention is back alone on Spider.

Kitty shakes her head. "Sorry sir. Leda had said something and I was replying to him. Won't happen again." She gives Castor a cross look, her nose wrinkled as she mouths 'hush, now'.

Harrison glances down the way toward Castor and Kitty, brows arching before he leans slightly that-a-way, for all values of that-a-way which don't include being in Spider's direct line of sight.

Eddie isn't the one in trouble. Jupiter isn't the one in trouble. The river Styx just froze over. Eddie chews on the inside of her cheek, biting back a smile. Her pencil scribbles a note, probably a reminder to give those three people that were just listed some version of hell.

Matto keeps gazing down at Marek, fingers twining with one another as he listens. Or, at the very least, he appears to be listening. His eyes don't abandon Marek for Kitty, nor his face register any notion that lecture has been paused in favor of chiding.

There's a glance over in the direction of Kitty and Castor, a slight frown on his face as he rolls his eyes at the pair. He's not the one in trouble, either, though, so with a minute shrug of the shoulders Thorn's attention quickly goes back to Marek at the front of the room, still gnawing at his pen like a surly blond chipmunk.

"Frakkin' ass seems like an urgent topic," Fingers comments, from her place leaned against the wall. Must be a hangover.

"The correct answer is 'no, sir'," Kai presses, voice mild though with a very slight edge to it as he continues to stare at Kitty. Then it's back to his notes again, without further ado. "Moving on. I'm going to need volunteers for an advance scout mission, once we reach the Scorpian orbit in a few days' time. It's a risky mission, in that it has the potential for being either dangerous or really frakking boring. Come and see me if you're interested." His shoulders settle a fraction, a little of their tension slipping away. "Also, Lieutenant Komnenos and Lieutenant Price have completed their modifications to our simulators, and received final approval from myself, pending Captain Legacy's signing off on it. This was a tremendous amount of effort, and I'd like you to give them a hand for taking on a task of this scope purely of their own volition." That word seems to give him a bit of trouble. Maybe due to his accent, or maybe just his limited vocabulary.

When he hears the name Leda, there's an idle look up from his errant button fiddling. Virgil looks over at Kitty, and Castor for a moment, though his own look seems to be of a small scowl, which is then clearly brought back into the focus of his button as he continues to toy with it, while the Captain speaks

Matto sits up straight, then sits up past straight to lean back in his chair, neck craning back to spot where Willem's gone to stand as he rather enthusiastically starts up applause, giving him a warm smile.

Castor looks a little bit like a frak up then again, this is Leda, so this would be natural. He looks over at Kitty and offers a smile of support before he begins to clap his hands for everything that was done by Komnenos and Price. He then notices the look from Gresham and he isn't sure of what to do…shit…no…but seriously, talking about the past kicking you in the ass.

Wil sidles up further against the wall. He's reaching a certain state of calm attentiveness. You've got to -be- the wall. Achieve oneness. Yeah. Even if he is visibly paying attention to the CAG. Two things earn arches of his eyebrows and a sharp turn of his head. The first is 'volunteer mission.' His head slowly nods. As his own name's called in regards to the simulator mods, his eyes widen slightly. The pursing of his lips looks quite modest. He almost-smiles, his eyes darting over towards Thorn to catch the other man's reaction to the statement.

Kitty nods and then blinks, the words 'scout misson' being a real attention-getter. She also listens intently when he mentions the work that has been done with the sims, that being something she too applauds for, the ECO more than willing to show her appreciation to Thorn and Rebound.

Harrison lifts his hands to applaud when the meeting moves on, straightening back up in his seat.

Thorn is in mid scribble as the CAG makes the announcement regarding the simulators. He looks up with a crooked eyebrow, a curt nod his only response to the sudden smattering of applause directed at Willem and himself before he goes right back to his notes.

Eddie gives a little hoot of appreciation for Willem and Thorn's efforts in the simulators, then makes another notation on her pad about the volunteer mission. Of course she's going to throw her name into the hat. Gunshy is for pansies, and certainly not viper pilots. Who cares if she just got her flight status back, she wants to blow something up. The notation on her pad gets little stars drawn around it.

Kai pulls his hands out of his pockets and gives a few hearty claps himself, along with one of those rare little smiles shot in both Komnenos' and Willem's directions. The kind that crinkle up his eyes a little, like he's honest to gods pleased about something. As the last of the applause is dying down, he clears his throat again and flips the page in his notes. "I'm also going to be seeing about getting permission from the deck Chief to start marking birds. And I'm not referring to naked women, shark teeth or quips about riding bareback, so don't even bother." Samantha's given a brief look at that, though it lacks heat. "Most likely just callsign, and it's not been approved yet, so keep your spraycans to yourself for now. Last item on the agenda, is promotions."

Eventually, Bat relaxes into her chair. Her first briefing since… the incident we shall not speak of is going pretty smoothly. She further relaxes when promos are mentioned. Not something she has to worry about.

Samantha smiles just a bit, even as she's given a look, but still it seems something she's interested in. She gives a quiet touch of applause and a proud grin to both Willem and Anton, though, definitely happy for them, before settling back into silence in her seat.

Matto leans back forward after the applause is finished. He'll have to find Toes later, not having been able to spot him across over there, but he continues to smile faintly at the bit of recognition. Nicely done, Marek. He goes back to his slouch and his casual stare before too long.

Promotions? Yeah, nothing Eddie has to worry about, she keeps on scribbling. Scribble scribble scribble.

Wil's look in response is, well, calm. He's not beaming, but he's not squirming under the attention either. slightly, reservedly pleased, although he catches both the CAG's look and Sam's in turn and his smile tightens more firmly. Seems like a good thing.

Hale has been silent since the little chastisement from the CAG to a couple of junior officers, and even as the comment comes about dealing with marking there's a faint nod and a half grin from the Lieutenant. After all it would be nice to see: Lt. Abraham "Rabbit" Hale: on the side of a bird somewhere. A few more scritches, before Rabbit is looking back up slightly towards the CAG. Ah, now this is something he was hoping to hear about. Not for himself, mind you. He's quite happy being a Lieutenant.

At the mention of promotions, Thorn's eyes narrow, and his demeanor chills noticeably. His sudden ire doesn't seem directed at Kai specifically, but he seems to already know the outcome of this particular conversation, where he's concerned, at any rate. That pinched expression fades after a moment, and his face is once again a mask of neutrality as he scribbles down a few more notes in his trademark spidery scrawl.

Kai lifts a few pages, so he can read off the names listed on the very last one. "Would Ensign Morales, Lieutenant Price, Lieutenant Matto and Lieutenant Leda please come up." A few small boxes are withdrawn from under the stack of papers, which takes some juggling not to drop the whole lot.

Fingers finishes off the last of her coffee in the back, stowing the mug against her hip as she resumes her wall-holding-up responsibilities. Her eyes track Morales, and a slow grin springs into life. Who knew it was possible.

Kitty takes in the names and smiles; she holds her applause for now but it's clear to see that she's happy for everyone.

Leda hears the word promotion and the worlds oldest JiG slips back into his seat, he waits to cheer on his younger friends who are soon to be his superior officers since this is something that always happens. Then his name gets calle and he blinks…so this is what it is like to be picked first for kickball. Leda stands up and moves forward trying not to make any noise because this might be a dream and he would rather not wake up from it. Seriously, did he just me EL-TEE…he looks at the boxes and then at Kai.

Samantha smiles a bit wider, sitting straight in her seat, the grin all the way to her frakking ears by the time the names are done being read.

Wait. What? Eddie looks up, then glances around as she scoots to the edge of her chair. Her head cranes left and right, as if expecting to find out she's just been Punked. Warily, she rolls to her feet, tugging sharply on the bottom hem of her Blues jacket to snap it tight. Maybe Kai only needs her help holding the little velvet boxes for the others. Slowly she makes her way to the front of the room.

Hale doesn't even look towards Mooner, just a nudge of an elbow towards his wingman. "Move it Eds." still he's moving to train his eyes on Willem for a second, and there's a nod given over to his mate. With that it seems Hale's a bit happy. But certainly no clapping or such just yet.

Wil's standing there a moment. Straightening. And his jaw drops a little bit as his mouth opens, lips parting like he just got slapped in the face with a fish. The shock passes quickly. He does listen to the other names mentioned and his eyes dart towards the named people first and foremost. This done, he just steps away from the wall and strolls briskly towards the podium with an even gait.

Thorn's eyebrows raise and the ends of his mouth quirk as Kai reads off the list of names. There's a narrow grin for both Kissy and Willem as they're called to the front of the room, and a congratulatory nod'n'smirk to Eddie, if she can see it on the way up to the podium.

A raise of his head, "Huh." Virgil offers, but its more of a sound of air escaping his lungs than anything else. Eyes slide over towards Batista, and then over to his fellow ginger. Awesome, so it seems that gingers -do- get promoted in this squadron.

Matto is already grinning down in Moonshine's direction, substatially unsusprised by the choice; and Willem, of course, that makes total sense. He had his money on Thorn, for his part, and when his name doesn't come up it— actually takes him a moment to process that he's been called… instead? Only when Willem's on his way does he edge up and toward the aisle, as if expecting to be asked what he's doing and told to sit down again. Thorn's smile confirms the fact that he heard right, and he heads the rest of the way down in Willem's wake, keeping fairly close.

Kai manages to collect all four boxes, and steps away from the podium, and down to the level of the rest of the room. He's not a tall man; most of the pilots in here outdo him in that department. But his spine is rigid, his shoulders thrown back, and there's a set to his jaw that pretty much says he doesn't give a frak one way or the other about it. Each box is handed off to its correct recipient, with a handshake to follow it; Willem is first, Eddie is last. And then he steps back again. "There are a few more I'd like to have had up here today. And there are those up here that I've had reservations about," he explains evenly. "But each one of these men and women up here today, have worked their asses off to get where they are now. They've changed, and they've grown as pilots, as officers, and as human beings. And I'm proud to have them in my wing. Another round of applause, please."

Samantha gets to her feet almost immediately, giving a loud wolf whistle to those on stage and then a strong, loud round of applause…"Frak yes! 'sbout time, folks!" She calls over the, undoubtedly, cheering crowd. but it's nice to watch such things. Good news in bad times. She's gonna cheer her little heart out for it.

Kitty claps now and even cheers, her smile broadening by a mile, at least. "Alright!" She stands up just after Sam, giving those promoted a standing ovation.

Wil's head cranes about towards the aforementioned named people again. He smiles a tight smile at Matto, first and foremost. Eddie gets one too. Castor gets the tail end of the look and then the smile fades as his head drifts towards Thorn. It's not a -frown- but an even look that almost looks expectant. It only lasts a moment as his head whips around back towards Kai as he clears the space towards the Podium. His shoulders roll back and he stands tall. Yes, a ginger can apparently get ahead, yo. Gingerly said ginger holds out his hands to accept the box and he firmly, resolutely shakes Marek's hand. He beams a little. Actually beams.

A sharp whistle, as one might expect to call in a pack of dogs, or perhaps children out in the fields is given from the tall Lieutenant in the middle row. And yes, a loud whooping cry to go with his applause. It takes Hale a little bit longer to get to his feet, after all he wedges himself into these bloody desks all the time, now he's got to uncoil and come up in order to give the cheer to his mates. "Way t' bloody go! Piss 'n' Vinager you lot!"

Thorn's applause is enthusiastic, if restrained, but then he's never really been the demonstrative type. He does at least stand, though; while he doesn't shout catcalls like some of the others, his accolades are no less sincere for it.

Jupes whistles a shrill, loud call. That's her contribution. Eardrum shattering high pitched loudness. Luckily, it's brief. She can't clap, she's holding a coffee mug!

Eddie's is the last to recieve her little box, the thing weighty in her palm. When she looks up to shake Marek's hand, there is a firmness to her lips. Pride? Certainly. But she's pulling something back and trying to hide it under a steely facade. Maybe her bottom lip is tight just to keep it from trembling. When she can muster it, there's a thick swallow and a quiet 'thank you sir' before he's off back towards the podium. She looks out at the other pilots applauding and hooting and hollering, then back to the others that stand with her and giving them a brief smile. Who knew Eddie could blush.

Castor blushes slightly and he looks at the boxes, his face is flush red and he stands there quietly watching everyone and he gives a slight nod, he then returns Wil's look with an equal smile as he looks over at Papabear aparently he his horribly aware of this moment and he is glad to be here but still Leda doesn't like being a center of attention, luckily, there are two other people standing with him. He then looks at Kai and he gives a small salute to say thank you because sometimes words are not good enough.

"I don't know what to say. I will make damn sure you don't regret this, sir." Willem finally says towards the CAG when he finds the words, pursing his lips tightly and then swipes off a crisp salute before turning to eye his fellow pilots. He opens the box and stares briefly at the pins inside, maybe half-expecting this to be some sort of offseason April Fool's joke and to find an Ensign's pins. Nope. His teeth flash in a suddenly broad grin that is altogether rare from him.

Matto keeps nearby Willem the whole way past Marek, who gets a few low-murmured words, presumably of thanks, at close quarters, and a hint of a smile along with the handshake. Once his hand's free he returns Willem's smile and gives a touch to his back by way of congratulations, but a tentative one, in case he needs to shy away from the touch, as earlier. Thence his attention out toward Thorn again, a rosiness rising to his own cheeks.

Kai doesn't drag the meeting out any longer. That seems to be the high note he wanted to end it on, and he has to cup his hands around his mouth to bark out a 'Meeting's over, everyone's dismissed' before he heads back up to the podium. Assuming he's heard over the general noise of a roomful of pilots cheering on their comrades, that is. He ducks his head down and immediately begins gathering up his stuff, with a brief grin and a salute returned to Castor and Willem each. "I'd better not, Price."

Mars doesn't stand up, least not until the meeting is announced at over. She does, however, give the newly promoted some clapping. No cheering, though. That's not her. Tucking her pencil away, she heads for the door.

With the meeting over Gresham, offers Willem a smile before he is making his way to sneak out of the room. No need to be caught in here with a bunch of folks he doesn't entirely know. Sides, he's got a watch coming up. Oh the joys of basic training. And out slips ginger number two.

As everyone's dismissed Kitty begins to make her way towards where the CAG is, pausing only long enough to give the newly promoted air wing members a pat on the shoulder if able to. "Sir," Ajtai says to Kai once she's able to get within a range that allows for her to speak at a respectful level of volume. "I don't know if this is the proper place or time but considering you can be a hard man to get ahold of at times, may I speak with you for a moment?"

Komnenos hears the dismissal, but barely. Already standing, he begins threading his way through the row until he reaches the aisle; however, instead of making for the door, he pushes through the throng of pilots, offering his newly-promoted friends a handshake and a slight smile before he makes for the CAG like a seeking missle. "Captain."

When Marek dismisses the meeting, Eddie just lingers at the front of the room, clicking open the little box to look at her new set of pins within. She just sort of…stands there in the wave of dispersing airwing. "I'll be damned." Is muttered beneath her breath.

Samantha is, strangely, right on Thorn's heels. But it's not his ass she's staring at, it's the Captain. Apparently, someone has something to say. Sam smirks, half to herself, but allows Thorn to speak first as she waits respectfully in line..

Coming up out of his seat, Hale tucks away his pad and pen, before he's making it to come down and congratulate his friends. He won't linger too, terribly long, but still the proper amount of time is needed. At least he's not moving towards Kai just yet. No, his first destination is Eddie. Arms opened wide as it seems he is going to offer her a hug, instead of the usual fist punch. After all, that's the proper regs for promotions don't ya know. "Bloody proud of you Mooner." Sincerity at its finest from Abe, before he's looking back to his wingman. "And about damned time. Knew you could do it." And no, there's no I told you so smile, or such. Just, utter pride from the Lieutenant.

Thea slips into the ready room still in her flightsuit, clearly straight from CAP. Her hair's plastered to her forehead and neck from the helmet, which is under her arms.

Kai is in the process of wiping his hands off on the sides of his uniform jacket, when Kitty approaches. Blue eyes slink up to meet hers briefly, then lower again as he clicks off his pen and tucks it away. "Yes, Katherine?"

Castor looks at Kai and he says, "Thank you, sir, and if you need help training the nuggets feel free to count on me." He then smiles as he looks over at Kitty. He then looks at Eddie, "I know, right, Lieutenant Junior Grade Morales." He says testing out the sound of that on Eddie. He then looks back at everyone and his face is still flushed red.

Xanthus salutes and all that other stuff, then heads out.

Did his countryman catch that look? Wil smirks a bit at Gresham out of the corner of his eye before he turns just abashedly at Kai. "Sir." He says, simply. "Count on it." He shakes Matto's hand, almost immediately. Eyes Eddie and claps her on the shoulder. Castor too gets a brief but wide grin before striding to Thorn and grabs the man's hand, firmly shaking it. There's kind of a questioning look on his face as the smile fades a little but he doesn't say anything to shed light on why that is.

Harrison stands from his seat as the room starts to clear out. "Always good to have good news," he observes quietly to himself.

Kitty swallows hard and looks at Sam and Thorn from over her shoulder before she speaks, her gaze now returned to the Captain's face. "I would like to volunteer for the scout mission if there's room for me, sir." Her gaze drops and for a moment she almost looks like something's troubling her but now is not the time and she remains silent.

A handshake won't do, of course, and Kissy gives Thorn a brief but warm hug on his way past, not keeping him, even if it seems like the Captain's busy for the moment. He lets him go again, turning back to watch the rest filing up, offering Willem and Moonshine hugs, as well, once they get out of official-looking territory.

Thea's just in time to hear Kitty volunteer for the next mission and a brow arches slightly. She looks past the woman to Kai, watching him for a moment with a little smile on her face. While it looks like she's too late for the festivities, she's just in time for the afterparty. She doesn't approach anyone just yet - it would appear she's trying to get the gist of things.

"Noted, Lieutenant." Papers are shoved into file folder, and tucked under Marek's arm as he steps aside of the podium. "I'll have a signup sheet posted by the whiteboard, tonight. Captain Legacy and I will make decisions on who's going, probably in the next day or so. Thank you. Thorn, what can I do for you?"

Wil perks a bit at the mention of the Scorpia mission. He doesn't immediately cut in, ahead of the obvious line of people with questions or comments but given the sharp -look- the Captain gets, it's pretty clear he's eager to throw his name in that hat. He telegraphed that one. In the meantime, he starts to gently fondle his pins. It's not as dirty as it sounds.

Eddie throws an arm around Matto, returning the hug a little numbly, as if she's on auto-pilot. "Congratulations." She offers the others, finally palming the box and moving amongst them and returning arm clasps and handshakes and little bits of laughter in celebration.

Leda nods to Kai, it is an odd feeling being called Lieutenant - like full on eltee - he then looks over at everyone else who recieved a promotion and he says, "I'd offer a drink…but I'm afraid I'm on the wagon." He then says, "However, I can offer you all a drink if you want." He then looks back at Kai, "Aye, sir, keep me informed, if I can be of use I'm here for you, sir." He then looks at everyone with a beaming cow-eyed smile.

"I'm volunteering for th' scout mission as well, sir," Thorn replies promptly. "Also, regarding training duties… I taught undergraduate computer science for two years as a grad student, and I was involved in planning several small scale courses of training after I made JG on the Solaria." His words are slightly rushed, as though he's trying to get everything in before the CAG can suddenly flee or something. "So… I'll volunteer for training duties as well, if y' need th' hand."

"Thank you, sir." Katherine turns quickly after giving the CAG a salute, her expression softening but only marginally. "Sir," she says to Legacy before she begins to go towards the hatch, the exit only paused long enough to give Matto a hug. "Talk with me later if you can, Kissy."

Oh, that reminds Kai of something else. Laughing a little after Castor speaks, he adds between cupped hands, "Free hooch in red berthings, in thirty minutes!"

"Sir." Wil finally finds the words, as he cuts in, starting to attach his new pins with a calm, collected series of movements. He doesn't interrupt, just making it clear that he has something to add when his turn comes.

Samantha chuckles and clears her throat…"You can chime me in three, Captain. 'swhat I came up to bug you about. Let's go keep our eyes open." She then looks towards Thorn as he mentions training duty, a respectful smile on her lips…"and yeah…eager to get into the new sim programs with the boys who know'em best. That means I get to spend a night all alone, shakin' the house with Rebound and Thorn, all the better." She grins, waggling her brows a moment at both the men.

Kai then turns back to Thorn, even going so far as to place a hand on his shoulder and lean in slightly so he can hear him above the general noise in the room. He nods after a few moments, and gives him a firm clap. "I'll keep that in mind, Anton. Thank you."

Thea watches the room, a smile on her lips. As Harrison goes past, she nods, once. "Lieutenant. See you in the Red Berthings in a bit? Or are you going to avoid the crowds?"

Matto hugs Kitty tight on her way out, and loiters there— either waiting on Castor to come by and get hugged, or waiting on something else. He's not going to be mobbing Marek, though. Not now. Not when the sign-up sheet will go up later. His attention veers off toward the back, spotting his Captain, giving her a cheeky sort of you-knew-about-this-didn't-you look.

"Haven't decided yet," Harrison replies as he continues on. "Maybe so." And then, onward and outward, offering nods to everyone that he passes.

"Haven't decided yet," Harrison replies as he continues on. "Maybe so." And then, onward and outward, offering nods to everyone that he passes.
Harrison heads through the exit labeled <O> Hallway.
Harrison has left.

"Yes, sir." Thorn nods briskly to Kai in acknowledgement, arm snapping up in a quick salute as he turns around to make room for the next petitioner. Noticing Sam behind him, he pauses on the stairs, offering the woman a smile.

Once done saying his congrats to Eddie, Hale is moving on to Willem Respectively. One hand out, for the shake, the other going for the bro embrace at the back. A nod there to the newly minted Lieutenant and Hale looks him over appreciatively. "Good damned job, brother. Couldn't think of a fella more deserving." Of course everyone who was promoted earned it, and did deserve it. Still its thanks given , and it is meant wholly. "Good job mate.." That said and done, it seems that he's moving off towards Matto.

Hand offered to him as well. "Oi." a half smile there, but it is the usual that comes with Rabbit. "Congratulations mate. I mean it, you'll be a bloody great senior officer." Yes, Rabbit does have faith in Matto, believe it or not.

Castor doesn't so much as hug Matto as he hugs Matto so tightly he picks him up off the ground a little bit and claps his hand on Matto's back, it would appear that Leda is excited and it shows. He then says, "Well, Kissy, looks like we made it. Now, how am I going to sleep with all of this excitement." He looks over at Hale and he smiles.

The newly-raised Lieutenant Price rolls his head back over his shoulder at his now now-longer-superior offficer. He smirks, briefly. Poor Sam. Nah. He ain't like that. "I'll be around in some capacity. Once I screw my head back straight. But certainly." He draws back to shake Hale's hand firmly, and warmly. "I don't know about -more- deserving. Mudguts said it best. 'Deserve has nothing to do with it.' But I'll -live up- to it, Rabbit." He looks a little uncertain as to who to pay attention to here, picking his targets based on chance and approach.

Cece pops out of her seat, and heads over toward the hatch with a distinct slink in her movements. Sneaky, sneaky, sneak out. The blonde does her best impression of a kid who's just snatched the cookies and wants out before Daddy notices.

Kai smiles a little to himself, finishes gathering up his stuff, and attempts to shoulder his way on through and toward the door. Being not much for crowds of people, it seems a tactical withdrawal so he can recharge the old batteries before the mob in berthings hits. "You got it, Samantha. Looking forward to seeing your name on that sheet." Marek meets Sam's eyes for a moment, then continues on toward the door.

From her spot at the back of the room, Thea gives Matto a grin, brow quirked slightly. Yes, she's clearly pleased. As Kai goes past, she reaches out to touch his arm. No, it's not to stop him - just a brief touch.

"Sir?" Wil inquires of Kai one more time with a certain calmness inherent in his voice.

Samantha nods curtly to Kai, and then she drops some of the seriousness and suddenly Will is going to find himself stumbling back at least a foot or two as a body-slam hug is coming in his direction. It's certainly not a bro-hug. Bros don't hug this way. This is the elder sister, so damn proud of you she could cry kind of hug that is half meant to knock him to the floor. Or suffocate him.

Eddie finishes making the rounds as quickly as possible, her smile frozen in place til the point where her cheeks actually hurt. Finally she makes it to the fringes of people and slips out.

Matto shakes the Rabbit's hand, then pulls him into a hug. Sans kisses, this time. "Thanks, dude," he manages, paling a little as the implications of all of this sort of hit him all at once. For a moment his knees may weaken faintly, but he clears his throat. He can do this. This? Can get done. And then he's getting lifted clear off of the ground, which brings a noise from him approximating a 'YEEK!' as he wasn't quite expecting it. He laughs, though, then, and once he's found his feet again, "Made it," he laughs, "You'll sleep when the Tired gets you," he assures Tinners.

Kai nods politely to one of the pilots who's bold enough to slap him across the shoulder, probably in some spillover of pleasure about one of his buddies getting promoted. He doesn't make eye contact, but continues trying to slither door-wards. Thea's touch to his arm earns a long look, and a small nod that seems to communicate something or other— and then there's Willem with his question, who's subsequently launched at by Case. "Lieutenant?" he answers, bemusedly.

"Sir. I just wanted to say thanks. For a talk we had a long time ago. It — it made an impression and I think you know what I'm referring to." Wil's expression turns a fraction solemn. But only a fraction. "Second. You can bloody well tattoo my name on that list. Last? I just wanted to say something. You mentioned the simulators. I just wanted to make sure that Thorn got the credit he deserved. He was the efficient one. That's i—-" Yeah, that's it. Because we just went into the season premiere of WHEN SAM ATTACKS. "Gahhhh!" He didn't see that one coming. "Krypter. Krypter." Finally, he just ends up hugging her as well, stifling a laugh. Or attempting to. The attempt fails.

Jupiter shoves off of the wall, tucks her coffee cup in the crook of her arm, and slides around past Kai as he's stopped near the hatch. She slides around and heads out.

Thea gives Kai a crooked smile. They're doing it again, that Captain mental speak. Her hand drops as he turns toward Wil and she slips through the crowd toward Matto, lips twitching. Yes, she's trying for that professional look, but this is, apparently, a Good night.

Leda looks at Matto, "Aye, when the tired hits no one can get away." He then stands and makes his way quietly out of the room to attempt to sleep.

Samantha didn't expect Willem to actually continue speaking to Kai, and by the time she realizes he is, it's way too late to break off the hug attack. At least they actually don't go tumbling to the floor. She gives his back a good, tight smacking also before pulling away, clearing her throat slightly and stepping back…"Uh… congrats…Rebound. Continue, yanno…"

"You owed me for that landing." Wil quips towards Samantha, mirthfully. "I'll let that one slide." Eyeing the coming and going of various pilots, his grin is a muted approximation of 'sly,' indicating he's entirely amused by the turn of events.

Kai briefly cuts his eyes toward Jupiter, just as she's sliding around him. Nothing more than that. And then his attention's on Willem again. "You're welcome," he answers plainly, for the first. Of what that talk entailed? He says nothing. He knows, and Willem knows, and that seems like enough. "I'm well aware of the work Thorn put into the project, Rebound. Rest assured, it hasn't been ignored or forgotten." He twitches a small smile, then nods once more to Thea, and turns to let himself out. While he still can.

Matto turns his attention back toward his Captain, managing to look somewhere between ecstatic and completely terrorized by the turn of events. But as she approaches, the high emotion of his face eases into something more warmly stoic, almost military if it weren't for the highly personal devotion evident between Lieutenant and Captain, which would look more in place between a Knight and his Lord or Lady. He looks down to the box in his hands, then holds it out for her to take, if she'd like to do the honors.

Thorn is briefly caught in the rush of pilots, but finally the crowd begins to thin out, giving him a clear shot up the steps towards the door. He heads that way, eyes fixed straight ahead as he ascends the stairs.

Samantha grins warmly, ruffling at Willem's ginger hair. "Yeah. We're even. Almost…Still, 'sgood to see. I gotta shake the other's hands too… but wanted to … yanno… letcha know… First." Damn, she might actually be -fond- of the guy. And not in the Sam-fond way. She then steps back, slightly blushing. Matto is given a brief glance and a double thumbs up in his direction, smiling a bit as she sees the interaction with Thea, but not daring to approach. She then looks towards the stairs and the moving Thorn. "Where's yer brain buddy going, Will"

Thea's smile softens as she watches Matto then reaches out for the box. There is, quite definitely, pride on her face. And of course, there's that answering devotion. She puts her helmet aside then reaches out to take the box. "These pins carry a great responsibility, Lieutenant Matto," she says in a low, quiet voice. "You have earned them, and you will continue to earn them." The first in is taken out, the box put aside. Her hands reach for his collar. "I know you'll live up to the trust placed in you. I'm proud of you, Kiss. So very, very proud of you."

"That's probably not my question to answer." Wil states faintly with a gentle lift of his index finger towards the departing figure of Thorn. He seems a bit abashed, all of a sudden as he gives Samantha a glance. It looks vaguely, well, concerned. "Thanks, Case. Thanks." He puts a lot of weight into the last statement. And yes, he's still beaming at his fellow-promoted who remeain. Matto will no doubt get warmly congratulated sooner or later, but he's not cutting in. Smirking at Sam and then Hale, he simply clasps the pin container in a closed hand. "There was a time when I wasn't sure I'd see these."

Samantha rubs Willem's arm gently, "Well, it's much deserved. I'm gonna go check on the man… give him a tight hug too for the sim work. See you around, Rebound?" She inquires, now heading off in the direction of the stairs also, the way Thorn went, a touch of concern in her eyes to match Willem's.

Matto might be getting a little misty-eyed. Well, he was never one to hide or be ashamed of what he's feeling. He stands at an attention when his Captain takes the box, feet planted sturdily on flooring, though his chin tips a little bit downward so he can murmur to her, "I never wanted your job, Captain," he tells her, "The command… the decisions… and… I never thought I'd have to step up to that plate. But, uh, things being how they are," he presses his lips together: the world being over, he means. "Someone has to help look after the little ones. And I— well, I'm learning from the best," he tells her warmly. "I'll keep making you proud, Captain," he tells her. And waits for some sign that he can break attention and hug the bejibbers out of her.

"You do that. I'll be around. Soon." Wil offers towards Samantha. "I'll catch up. I just need. You know. To catch my breath. I didn't see this coming." He smiles an easy smile which blooms a little further as he gazes down at the pin-case one more time. "I need to go do something. First and foremost. I'll look for you in a few."

Thea doesn't let Matto go from attention just yet. She still has the other side to do. "You're going to do fine," she tells him after a moment then steps back, pulling into a salute. "Congratulations, Lieutenant Matto. Dismissed." Well, there's the sign.

Samantha slips out after Thorn with that.

Matto dutifuly creates the other half of the salute, then, once dismissed, lunges forward to grab her up in a warm Kissybearhug. And just holds her there a while.

Thea drops the salute and wraps her arms around the younger man, bending her head to murmur quietly to him. One hand moves to the back of his head, brushing his hair.

You whisper, "I'm so proud of you, Kiss. You've earned this. I have faith in you and so does the CAG." to Matto.

The exchange between the two Raptor pilots goes observed by a faintly smiling Willem as he strolls towards the hatch slowly. Matto will probably get ambushed later, given the devious-looking grin the Viper pilot shoots at the man. With that, he strolls out the hatch. Maybe after Samantha and Anton. Maybe.

The Mamma Cat's kitten's growing up. Sad, but the way the world works, sometimes. It doesn't mean that the fingers brushing his hair make him purr any the less. He nods his head in a quiet reply, not quite trusting in his voice for a moment, but squeezing her tight for a second further before he draws his cuddle-addled head back and away just enough to look into his Captain's eyes, "Thanks, Kitten," he tells her, then gives a breathy sort of laugh, "Look at me, getting all choked up," he chuckles at his own expense. "Are you going to go to the party?" he asks her.

She reaches up, smiling, and brushes a thumb over the ridge of his cheek. "Of course I'm going to the party," she tells him softly. "But you have something to do first, if I'm not mistaken?" Her eyes twinkle just a little bit.

Matto smiles softly at the Legsykitten, "Yeah," he replies, "Yeah, I do." It… might not be the same thing the Legsykitten is thinking of? But he does have something he has to do. "I'll see you there, though."

Legacy taps her nose with her fingertip and steps back to let him go. They grow up so very fast.

Matto backs up, but… doesn't seem keen to leave, yet, shooting a quiet smile to the Legsykitten.

Her head tilts a little to one side, a question in her eyes.

Matto looks… moderately shifty for a moment. "I… have something that I need to do," he reiterates. But he doesn't… actually do anything.

Thea blinks a bit and she cants her head to the other side. "Dismissed," she says, trying that to see if that will release him to go do what he needs to.

Matto's cheeks redden faintly at the impasse in which they find themselves. He certainly can't do what he needs to do when she's standing right there. He loiters there for a further moment, then draws his lips together and just nods. It'll wait. "See you later," he offers sort of shyly on his way past.

"Actually, why don't I step out first, Lieutenant," she murmurs, clearly utterly baffled. "I'll see you in the red berthings in a bit. For now, I'm going to shower." She's clueless - and scampering.

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