Phaistion Bray
Timothy Kelleher
Timothy Kelleher as Hephaistion Bray
Name: Hephaistion Bray
Alias: Phai
Age: 25
Hair & Eyes: Black mohawk, blue-grey eyes
Faction: Resistance
Position: Unknown
Colony: Caprica
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Timezone: Central

Biographical Info - A Brief History

Early Days

Hephaistion Bray is the only son of reknowned Caprican chef Antonius Bray and his wife Miriam. Among his fondest childhood memories are the cherished moments spent in the kitchen of Aria Luna, his father's five star restaurant. While his own path travelled along different routes, Antonius had always enjoyed teaching his son various techniques and styles of cuisine, and in the Bray family? Food and eating was a communal, bonding experience.

Curious and active, Phai has always enjoyed sports, and spent many hours practicing martial arts, a persuit that always helped him achieve a sense of inner peace and balance, as well as keeping him in good physical shape. Such endeavors, however, have always paled in comparison to his true love of art.

For as long as Phai can remember, he would doodle, sketch, paint, or quest after any sort of artistic persuit. Endeavors which were encouraged by his highly creatively minded parents. Quite often his paintings would grace the walls of Aria Luna in a place of pride. In school he always excelled in artistic minded studies, including literature, history, and music, spending many years as an active particpant in his school's choir.

After high school, he was accepted to Picon University on full scholarship to their arts program and had been working towards a master's degree in art history, as well as a minor course of study in music. He was in the final year of attaining his degree when the war broke out. During his spring break, Phai had travelled to Scorpia to do some backpacking and hiking, and since the holocaust has been laying as low as possible, simply trying to stay alive amongst all of the death and destruction. Cut off as he is, he has no clue of the scope of what has occured.


- Son of reknowned Caprican chef Antonius Bray, owner of the highly acclaimed Aria Luna restaurant.


- Art
- Music
- History
- Literature
- Cooking
- Martial Arts


- Outside - Staind
- Karma Police - Radiohead
- Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden
- Revive - My Darling Murder
- The Story - 30 Seconds to Mars


"Is it enough to just exist? Can the mind and spirit continue to exist under those conditions? Or is it more important in the end to have something to exist /for/?"

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