Patching Things Up
Patching Things Up
Summary: Samantha and Castor patch up their friendship while on CAP.
Date: PHD046
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CAP is in progress and two vipers currently fly around the Kharon keeping watch over here a Raptor trails behind as well ready to provide assistance if needed. So far things are quiet and there hasn't been any activity. The only thing that can be seen is a whole lot of black with stars peppering the heavens off in the distance. One Viper is slightly ahead of the other Viper and the back Viper contains one Tinman, aka Jig Leda. He turns on his com to speak with Samantha, "Hey Case, can you talk?" His voice is no longer the detached Tinman instead there is only Leda speaking to his friend.

Samantha is flying careful and smooth. No show off tactics, just taking lead as is her job and keeping an eye on everything. She's even been flying slightly with her of hand, working on being ambidexterous as the small pressure fractures in her right hand continue to heal even under her flight suit's gloves. She's been fairly dead quiet for most of their CAPs, possibly things just awkward, maybe she's angry, or maybe just tired. Either way, as he echoes over the comm she responds back, "…Sure, I got a mouth, a tongue. It might be a possibility."

Flies smoothly as well, he is a good pilot, a better gunner, but a good pilot. His Viper responds to everything that Case's Viper turns in a near perfect parallel symmetry. He respond over his com, "I miss just jawing with you, Case. I'm your wingman so I miss joking around and in general being goofy." His voice carries an honest and nostalgic tone, "So, what do we need to do to set things right between us?" Leda checks his instruments and DRADIS as he speaks.

Samantha sighs slightly over the comms, suddenly wishing there were some damn way to have a cigarette inside a bird. Of course, she'd have to get used to being off the things anyway… She tilts around the ship, taking one of the harder curves with the usual drowsy precision of someone who's fallen into pattern at this point. Eyes always peeled for anything on DRADIS, of course, but it's quiet…"It's fine… hell, you were the one who was pissed at me for frakking the priest…"

Castor follows along with Case as the Raptor trails along keeping up with the pair. It all seems rote sometimes and right now is nothing new. Leda says over his com, "Yeah, well, you kind of freaked me out I mean I didn't know what in the hell to do." His voice carries tones of pennance as he says, "And the Padre is sort of a symbol of the things I don't like. I'm not saying the man is but the robes and the whole thing all gets to me and so I just got frakking startled."

"Yeah… me to, frakking me too. Hell, I CAUGHT you prayin' to somethin', so I sure as hell know you believe no matter what lip you give about it all. I don't like the gods or any of the puppetted religion surrounding them. Jack and I…have agreed…that is no limits topic for us. When we're together, he's just a man, end of story. Only way I can handle that and he's respecting it…so should I turn my back on him anyway still? Even though he's giving up a part of his life while bein' with me?" Sam asks flatly over the comm, her voice a hint impaitent, but it's more exhaustion behind her tone than anything.

There is a moment of silence from Leda's com before the response comes back, "Alright you caught me, I'll admit there is something bigger than us out there but it isn't the Lords and if you go telling anyone I said that I'll deny it. As for you and Padre that depends, so long as he respects it the limits and you both care for one another than go for it. I mean at least you have a relationship you can be open about. Unlike the masses that go about hiding in closests." He then makes sure his com is speaking only with Case and not broadcasting out back to the Kharon. "What does your heart tell you about the Padre?" Castor is awake, he is always awake on CAP.

Samantha is awake, mostly, but the dreams have been worse lately. Especially with a frakking priest at her side, not that she'd ever allow herself to admit such things might be connected. She sighs. "…I… I don't love him. Not yet. I could, probably. I will, I think… if this continues. And I'm -allowed- to love him. No breaking regs at all, no skirting lines, no risk of it interfereing in the field. That's… better, right? Even if I do love Martin… and frak, I do… it's dangerous. Too damned dangerous. Shouldn't we both move on before it gets even worse?"

Case's voice buzzes into Leda's ears through the speakers in his helmet and the man takes a moment to take it all in, "Case, I always say go with your heart, never cheat, but go with your heart." His voice carries with it a soft supportive sound, "Whatever you decide I'll support you because I'm your wingman, eltee. It is my job to look after you. However, I can't tell you what to do."

Samantha sighs quietly again, "I know. And I'll trust your opinion…but you gotta do something for me, Tinman… and I'm dead serious… Promise me you'll do this, and then we're kosher, I promise." Sam murmurs over the comms, her voice suddenly a touch more stern.

Leda's voice comes over the com with a teasing, "If you want me to find panties for you I can't since Captain Legacy wants me to find some for her." He then responds to the tone of Sam's voice, "Yeah, what do you want me to do, Case?"

Samantha can practically be heard rolling her eyes over the comm, the smirk even more clear in her voice. "I mean…you gotta quit it with the cutting me off bullshit. No emotional shutdown. No tinman fall back when it's just you and me, savvy? We're friends or we're not. You don't shut me out." She goes more dead serious towards the end there.

Castor smirks from inside of his cockpit at the eyeroll, but, Samantha would never see it. Leda responds, "I'll do my best, Eltee, I promise and we are friends. Besides, I don't know about you but I need someone to goof around with that is safe." He checks his DRADIS and adds, "Seriously, safe is good."

Samantha gives a look down to her own DRADIS, almost thinking she's seen something, but there isn't even another flicker. Possibly just debris, probably just her own mind trying to give her imagination something to do. She still sits up a bit straighter and continues their turns around the ship. "Alright then. I am safe… but I'll get mighty pissed if you keep goin' all stone on me… So… that's where we stand."

Leda's voice chimes in, "Well, now there is an understanding between us I'm glad because I missed you." He adds, "DRADIS is clear." As he announces his check to Case, he has to follow procedure after all. "Besides, we've got stuff to talk about, big stuff."

Samantha laughs faintly, "All clear over here too. and what big stuff are we talking about?" She inquires, chuckling still on the tail end of her voice. She ends up swinging her bird around, then, apparently going to loop the OTHER way now. It's a way to keep them both sane. And to see if he's watching.

Less than one second after Case's viper turns Leda's viper, he is a good wingman and he is reactive, "Well, it would appear that a fellow pilot mentioned to Blackcat that she wishes I wasn't seeing someone. So, the Captain asks me if I am seeing someone and so I told her that I was talking to someone and that was about it." He then adds, "But now, the Captain, Kissy, and Matto all know I've been talking to someone. So, here is the question, should I bug out because of the attention?"

Samantha blinks, her brain just trying to follow that twisted pilot soap opera logic. "…Uh… What?…who is seeing what now where when?" She asks, chuckling just a little. Once that half laugh is over. "Now… names. I won't spill, I promise. Who do you want and who is bugging to want you?"

Leda responds, "No, names Case, though lets just say it would be a relationship that would be frowned upon by command." His voice has hints that he might mean something with someone enlisted. "No one is bugging me but I am just saying that if command finds out I might be grounded or even worse turned into a civilian and I can't live with the civvies."

Samantha sighs slightly, understanding touching her voice…"I'd say ask command. Honestly. Maybe they'll start changing the rules… but having seen the shade Vendas turned about me and Martin, and we weren't even technically breaking regs…. You'd be in shit. It…it just ain't worth it, really."

There is a sad tone in Castor's voice as he says, "Frak, I was afraid of that. It means I'll have to break it off with her. Damn it. There was something there to and now…." his voice trails off as he continues flying behind Case and keeping formation.

Samantha is quiet a few heartbeats. "You could ask command? If she's in a totally different department…hell, things have changed. If there is no risk of you two being a risk in the field, they might see things differently. martin and I were too closely working together…"

Leda's Viper is flying smoothly, though one of his instrument panels lights up, his thrusters have some how lost about five percent of thrust power, minor problem for right now but it will go in his CAP report, "You think the CAG would go for that?" He shakes his head, "I'm thinking that she might rip my heart out just for asking about it. Besides I'd like to make full Lieutenant before I get to much older."

Samantha frowns, looking down to her panel, "You alright back there, Tinman? Getting a funny read from you." She is ever dilligent, no matter how routine this is becoming. She's still trained to be utterly on the ball. And then she sighs, "I… I think she'd appreciate you being honest. She didn't yell at me until I decked Mooner…"

Leda responds over the com, "I'm alright Case, I just lost five percent of my thrust power and I am not sure why, everything else checks in as okay." He then takes a moment to drink in what Samantha has said before he gets a bit confused, "Wait, you what? You hit Mooner?" Castor never hears about this sort of stuff, "What the hell was Mooner doing?"

Samantha blinks, surprise in her voice. "…Yeah. Ah… you didn't…Know? That's why Martin and I were basically…ordered to stop it. Mooner was pullin' down his frakking pants and ticklin' all over him and… just… she had her hands all frakking over him… And they were laughing and frak, I was so damned jealous. I marched in that room and decked her." Sam admits, a guilty trace of a sigh on her voice.

Castor responds over the com with sympathetic tones, "Well, it sounds like she was pushing your buttons on purpose." He continues flying right behind Samantha, "Or maybe she was just jealous of you two." He then takes a second to think about it all, "Did they put you in hack for that?"

Samantha keeps an eye on her readings and his engines, a touch worried, but seemingly it's all fine as he's not losing any more power and there seems no cause of it. "No, not in hack. Took me off flight status for three days. Why I didn't fly all the end of last week. And yes… probably all those things. Jealousy and buttons, that is. Doesn't make it any better."

Leda's viper seems to be alright despite the power loss, no other strange readings. "That is why you weren't flying, good to know, I was wondering why all of that happened." His voice says soothingly, "Well, we all have our buttons and no one deals with jealousy very well." Castor looks at his instruments, "Still no contacts on DRADIS."

"Yeah, clear as day out there…normally is. Feels like only when we go proddin' at their shit do they prod back, so far. Maybe we're lucky. How's your thruster doin' over there? I could phone actual, ask permission to come in early…" There is genuine concern in her voice for her wingman. It might be nothing now, but who knows when a minor issue could turn into a major one. Samantha hits a few buttons, trying to focus sensors on his bad thruster.

Leda says, "If you are asking for my opinion sir, I think we should be in contact with acctual, I don't want this bird to blow up on me. I'd rather not die, not yet, I've got more work to do. Besides I think I need permission to die right, eltee?"

"Hell yes, and I'm not givin' that permission tonight." Sam taps open her comm lines, ringing back to the ship, "Actual, this is Case speaking… Tinman has a thruster losin' power with no apparant source. Permission to land early and get his bird fixed up before it becomes a real issue?" Her voice is all professional now, despite the previously too relaxed conversation.

Castor hears the confirmation from Actual to bring the bird in, from his cockpit he looks a little disappointed but then again he hates landing early, maybe he is a glutton for punishment but Tinman likes flying CAP. "Well, it looks like we are out, eltee."

"You take her in first…I'll watch your back. Just want you to get down safe…" And with that, Samantha swings back, playing wingman to him for now…

The two birds land into Kharon and this little SNAFU will most likely piss of the Chief, then again, everytime something breaks it pisses off the Chief. A new CAP flies out and everything keeps moving like clockwork, after all, sometimes rote living is good.

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