Past Debts
Past Debts
Summary: Kisseus does the Family a favor.
Date: 7 years before the Holocaust… on a Tuesday?
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Oh, the life of a lackey. It might not have been the childhood dream of a young Kissy Matto, but life has a way of taking you places you never quite expected. And so it is that Kisseus, age nearly nineteen, gives a grunt in the wake of a cheery *ding* and a rumble as the doors of the lush-carpeted, gold-railinged elevator open and he drags the rolling luggage, topped with another bag, in one arm, his other shoulder laden with two other pieces of luggage as he steps out into the corridor after his charge. "Room twenty two twelve… um…" he looks for signage. "Oh, down that way."

Alyssa sighs a bit as she steps out of the elevator, looking around nervously. She could never decide if the men her uncle sent with her on these trips were guards or babysitters. "Yeah, here it is." She walks alongside him, opening up the door as they walk in. "Wow…" she mutters under her breath. Normal accomodations would normally be fine, but her uncle did like to throw his weight around. The accomodations were top notch, a full suite. Walking in, she turns and smiles. "Thanks for carrying the bags…"

Matto turns about to drag the rolling bag in after him, shuffling backward as he does so, then turning, slowly, eyes widening incrementally the more of the room he takes in. "Holy shit," is his own expression of choice. "Um. I mean, sure, no problem, I'll just, uh… Oh, a closet," he nods over where he means, rolling the bags over there and opening the door. Men with guns? Nope, no men with guns. Good. Kissy wouldn't know exactly what to do if there -were- any. Besides get shot. "Wait, no, this is the bedroom." A pause. "Nope, no, I was right, it's a closet. It's just… bigger than my bedroom at home," he laughs dryly, taking the bags inside. "Do you want me to take out your dress things and hang them up?"

Alyssa smiles, then walks over. "No, thank you, I can do it myself. Go ahead and make yourself at home… uh, Mr. Kisseus, right?" She turns to her dress bag, opening it up and smoothing her things out, taking them to the closet.

Matto takes up the dingy grey duffel that actually belongs to him out of the group, and he clears his way to the outside of the closet, sitting on a side sweeping stairwell up to the upper reaches of the suite, "Just Kissy's fine, Miss Odessyeon," he tells her, settling there with his bag beside him, keeping easy watch on both woman and door. "So, uh, when do the panels start in the morning? I can call down and set up a wake-up call." He's eager enough to make himself useful, this one.

Alyssa leaves her bags and looks at her information. "My first is at ten… then lunch, then a couple more. I'm supposed to pay special attention to the wound treatment section. We get a lot of Marines in the hospital, and I…" she glances at him. "I'm sorry if this will all be horribly boring to you. It'll bore me, too, but at least the food is good."

"Hey, it's whatever, Miss," Kisseus replies. "Here I was thinking I was going to have to drag my sorry carcass out at the crack of sparrow fart. Ten o' clock seems regularly reasonable," he smiles at her on her way out of the closet. "What about tonight? We could call up room service," he points out. Yes, Kisseus was given a considerable budget. Yes, he intends to spend it.

Alyssa smiles. "That sounds lovely, though perhaps when it's all done tomorrow you can take me out on the town. Uncle Terisias said that you're to be with me at all times, so I hope you like to dance, Kissy."

Matto lifts a hand, scratching at the side of his head, "Go out? Do you think that's wise?" he goes on to ask, "I mean— I have to admit I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to be -watching out- for, at all. I mean." He looks around the room as if he might be given a clue. "Are there men with guns, or… crazy shit like that?" 'Cause he's seen some crazy shit since he's been drawn into the circle of Odessyeons.

Alyssa sighs, then sits on the bed. "You're working for my uncle, so you are probably used to some crazy stuff, but…" she gestures around. "I am a surgical intern at Galatea Medical, and this is a boring-ass conference on wound care. The only reason anyone would target me is to get to my uncle, and there are far better targets for that sort of thing. He worries, and I do appreciate you being here, but I can't live my life worrying about what my last name might do to me."

Matto draws his lips together in a pensive look, his eyebeams displaying something that verges on pity as he listens to the woman. Trapped in her own family. He sits there in silence a moment longer and then slaps both his thighs, leaning forward and drawing himself up into a standing position, leaving his bag there on the steps. "Dancing it is, then. I'm not great at the whole ballroom style thing, but if we're going clubbing I've got it pretty much down." He wanders over to the bureau and opens up a gold-embossed leather booklet that has the room service menu in it.

With a smile, she pulls out another dress, and it is… scandalous… to say the least. "Ballroom dancing is something you do with old people who want you as arm candy. Clubbing it is." Reaching into her bag, she pulls out a key and tosses it to him. "Bar is in the other room, should be good and stocked."

Matto startles a little bit at the toss, but gets his hands up and catches the key in both of them, both eyebrows rising distinctly, "You're going to sidle on to all those lectures tomorrow with a hangover? You're a braver man than I am, Miss Odessyeon. At least look through the menu and order up some grub before you start tippling." He grins a little, though, a cheeky little gesture, and he heads into the next room. "What's your poison?"

"Deliviovoxmicotine." Alyssa calls after him. "Creates a terminal hormonal imbalance, counteracted only by hormones released during intercourse. Short version, the moment you go ten minutes without frakking, you die." She laughs. "Barring that, an Ambrosia Twist would do nicely. You a bartender?"

There's a loud silence from the other room after that first part. One can almost hear the grimace. "Nope. I just watch too many movies with bartenders in them," Kissy finally calls back, "But an Ambrosia Twist, I can do," he adds. "Gods, they've got everything in here."

Alyssa is still smiling as she follows him in, sitting at the bar. "Don't worry, I won't play the spoiled rich girl who almost gets her bodyguard killed by trying to jump him as soon as they're alone." She leans forward. "So what is your story? There has to be a reason my uncle would trust a good looking young man like you with me in a fancy hotel on Caprica."

"Well, thanks," Kisseus offers her, in regards her forbearance of jumping. He pushes the ambrosia twist across the bar, and is in the middle of sprinkling some sort of sugar topping over another concoction with ambrosia as one of the ingredients. "Maybe because he knows I owe him a hell of a lot, and because he knows that I know what happens to people who aren't properly grateful?" he cocks an eyebrow as he lifts his own drink in sugary fingers, then switches hands, lifting his glass to clink at hers.

Alyssa laughs, clinking the glass and taking the drink. "Delicious," she says. "Ok, keep your secrets. Or better yet, keep your wife, girlfriend, whatever, I promise I'll behave. It is okay if we have a good time, though, right? Not too much security pressure for you?"

"No wife. No girlfriend. Just a lively interest in not being dead by the middle of next week," Kissy chuckles softly. "Glad you approve," he smiles, "And yeah, the pressure's a little freaky. I'm not honestly sure what I'd do if anything bad happened. I don't have a gun, and if I -did- have one I don't know how to use one. I can't fight in any meaningful fashion. I suppose my only real option will be to chuck myself in front of bullets and give you enough time to run away. I suppose it makes sense. I'm fairly replacable, after all. You're not," he adds, smiling playfully as he nibbles at his sugary fingers. Mm, sugar. He sips his drink, next.

"If you're going to get yourself shot, this is the place to do it, with all these wound care specialists around." Alyssa chuckles. "And I would just stay to treat you, anyway, so you might be better of just surrendering, that way when we're both taken, you won't have bullets in you." She pulls the menu over. "Oh, they have Steak tartar…

"Not until your uncle gets a hold of me," Kissy reminds her with a cheeky smile that then fades as his nose wrinkles. "Isn't that, like… raw?" he asks her, sounding skeptical of the whole notion.
"Oh is it?" Alyssa says. "Maybe just a Delphi Stip, then." She pushes it towards him. "There should be a Pyramid game on, if you'd like…"

Matto presses his lips together a little, "I'm sorry I keep teasing you about your uncle, Miss. You don't deserve it," he notes. "It's just my way of dealing with stress, I guess," he lets her know. "Anyhow; do you like pyramid? I can't follow it, myself, but if you like it go on and put on a game. I'll order you a Delphi strip dinner," he tells her, looking over the menu as if trying to decide what he wants. If he chooses something he doesn't say it aloud.

"Well, you ARE a puzzle." She leans back. "No Pyramid, no obvious attempts to get me in bed, and a skilled maker of one of the girlier beverages someone can order. You are definitely not the normal tough my Uncle usually sends as a minder." She leans forward, studying him, then laughs. "And don't worry… I laugh about him to. You have no idea how infuriated he was when I went to work at a Public Hospital instead of Thakai U Hospital."

Matto leans an elbow on the inner edge of the bar, sipping his Ganymede Singing with a slothful enjoyment. "I think that's a family's job," he points out, "I mean… lowercase f family. To hound you to become vastly important in some sphere or other," he grins. "I have asthma," he then goes on, "So I never really did the sports thing. And as for going to bed. I happen to be saving myself for marriage," he tells her, almost managing to sond self-important, there. Is he joking? It's hard to tell.

"Ah. A moral gangster." She smiles, throwing down the rest of the drink. "He never tries to push me into the business, at least. You know him. 'We only take volunteers, they work better.' Dad left, afterall, and no worries about it. Uncle wanted me pretty badly, though. Said I was smart enough to be dangerous and pretty enough for my brains to be overlooked by idiots." She blushes a little at that.

Matto bites the inside of his lower lip just a little bit as his charge slaps the g-word label on him, but besides a brief glance down to his drink, the last half of which is subsequently slammed back, sipping forgotten, he doesn't complain about it. "H'm. Well, as to the latter I'd say he's right. The former?
Well, I guess I'll see tomorrow," he adds, a teasing look in his eye. He draws up the bottle of clear red liquor he'd mixed with his ambrosia, pouring himself a couple three fingers of the stuff straight and swirling it around in the cup, mixing in streaks of ambrosia from the sides of the cup. "Hey, want to see if there's a movie on?"

Alyssa nods. "I would love to." After refilling her own glass, she heads with him to the TV.

"And so, once the anterior ligaments have been refused, it is possible to begin muscle restructuring even in the face of severe tissue scarring. Now, if we… sorry, having some trouble with the slides…" The clock is now at 5 o'clock, a full half hour after the talk was supposed to be over. Alyssa leans over to Matto. "I don't suppose you could arrange for him to die suddenly, could you? Like some kind of ninja training where no one would see you?"

Matto is drooling. This is, sorrowfully, very nearly not a metaphor. Eyes glazed over and half-shut, Kisseus stares straight ahead as if he'd fallen asleep with his eyes open, jaw slack and lower lip moist on one side. The Odessyeon next door makes him startle awake with a soft gasp and a rather more audible, "Wha—?!" that causes about three quarters of the heads in the room to snap in his direction. "… sshhit," he probably doesn't make things any better by commenting next, though this is less widely heard.

Alyssa laughs a little. "I'll take that as a no." The Speaker goes on, oblivious to the distraction, and slowly the other attendees turn back to the lecture. "And in conclusion, once you reach the fourth hour of surgery…" Alyssa chuckles. "He's talking about saving the life of a person who is shot up and minutes from death or paralysis, and yet can make it boring. That's a talent." She glances down at her notes. "I think I've got what I need. Let's get out of here."

Matto's cheeks have gotten themselves a nice rosy hue as he sinks into the chair and tries his best to look inconscpicuous. He shoots a glance aside to Alyssa, then nods, trying his best not to look too grateful. Keeping eyes veered toward the floor, he stands, and heads for the door, opening it quietly for the woman.

As the two of them walk through the slowly filling hallways, Alyssa glances over at her companion with a bit of a smirk. "So, Kissy, what are the three primary methods for avoiding blood inundtion during a cath bullet removal? I assume you were taking notes…"

Matto lifts a hand to the back of his head, still in a little bit of a daze. "Um… turn off your personal phone, find other friends to go to the cath bullet removal with, and… remember not to make eye contact," he posits a guess.

"Right in one," Alyssa laughs, hanging on his arm for a moment as they head out of the building. "Ok, so that's over with. Back to the Hotel for a bit? Maybe wash some of the drool off of your face before we head out for the evening?"

Matto bends his arm a little, offering it at an amenable angle for her to hold; what gentleman wouldn't? His other hand moves up to the cheek nearer her and he rubs it, wrinkling up his nose, "I wasn't snoring, was I?" he wonders ruefully. And yes, Kissy does snore. Miss Odessyeon got to hear the wonders of his nocturnal ruckus with her own ears last night, even from another room in the suite. "I can't believe I shouted at him," he adds with a chuckle as he leads her toward the hotel doors.

Alyssa takes his arm and smiles. His presence had kept some of the other doctors from trying to arrange a hook up, and that alone had been a relief. There was always something odd about the men who did that, as if they saw her, but not the mind that vivisected them on the debate floor. That had been the sole fun part of the day. "It'd be worse if he had noticed. I've never seen a man so enamoured with a slide show before, and he's given that presentation a thousand times." As they arrive at the elevator, she hums. "So, do we pre-game before we go out, or just hit the clubs and see what happens?"

"Well, pre-game is supposed to be less expensive, but— I don't think whoever puzzled that one out was reckoning on pre-gaming from a hotel wetbar," Kisseus flashes her a bright and playful grin, waking up a little, now. "I could use a change of clothes, though," he fiddles at the tie he'd managed to get on himself somehow, dragging the knot away from his throat. "I haven't worn a hellsbound tie in a Lord's age."

"You looked like a doctor, though, and that's what counts. Otherwise we would have had to make frequent restroom stops to keep up appearances." As they walk into the room, she nods, and heads to her closet. "Did you buy a nice outfit with all that money Uncle gave you?"

"You're looking at it," Kissy tells her, dragging the tie up over his curly locks and tossing it somewhere disdainfully. "What, do doctors have to pee a lot?" he then wonders, uncertain how bathroom breaks make a doctorly image. He undoes the top buttons of the nice grey dress top and takes a moment to breathe before shucking the blazer and tossing it over with the tie. No, this is not a man used to having nice things.

Alyssa laughs, then drops out of her work dress, and wrapping a towel around herself heads for one of the two showers in the place. Two showers in a suite? Soon the hissing of hot water fills the suite.

"Hey, that's a good idea, actually," Kissy notes, heading back into the main bathroom to nab a shower himself, undoing his belt and dropping pants before he heads in, but keeping most of the business of actually being nekkid to the other room. It's not long before he's out again and wrapped in a towel at the waist, rummaging through his bag for something to wear.

By the time he is out, Alyssa is all toweled off and carefully wearing the slinky dress she had chosen for such an evening. She gives herself a look in it, a bit of a twist. It would have been scandelous on Aquaria, but here on Caprica things were a bit… easier in that direction. She takes a turn or two in front of the mirror, then turns. "Kissy? You ready?"

"Just getting dressed. I mean, I could go out nekkid, but I'm not sure the dress code is that lax around here," Kissy calls. It's a minute or two before he strolls out, dressed— well, casually. He's wearing the dress top again, but with the sleeves unbuttoned and rolled up, the bottom untucked, the top buttons of the collar undone. Below, a pair of jeans, but at least not blue ones, a somewhat darker grey than the top. Dress shoes also manage to make the jeans a little dressier, despite the fact that the jeans are a little lighter grey with wear along the knees. "Okay. Do you have the room key?" he asks, "Oh, hey, nice dress," he tells her.

Alyssa smiles, the pulls one copy of the key from the drawer and hands it to him, then the other goes into her purse. "Thank you… and you look good as well," she says, looking him over appreciatively. "So, shall we go out and see what the streets have to offer us?"

"Why don't we?" Kissy agrees, catching up the key and clipping it onto the keychain in his front pocket. "There was a list of places of interest in the room service booklet. Seems like the club-type clubs are going to be went down Fuflunnis at the intersection north of the hotel. We can stroll down and see if anyplace looks good, yah?"

Alyssa steps in, with a smile, and takes his arm, holding it affectionately. It's all a part of the act she is told to put on, of course… Kissy is posing as her boyfriend on this trip, afterall, but there is some honest friendliness in there as well as they walk. "So where is home, Kissy?"

Matto is a perfect gentleman, as always, walking her down the hallway to the elevator again. "Originally? Leonis," Kisseus tells her. That would explain the Leontinian accent, wouldn't it? "But I've got a place on Aquaria now. Apartment in downtown Dalhei," he tells her. "Are you still living there, or do you just stop by to see family?"

Alyssa smiles. "I live full time in Galatea, working at the General Hospital. Just an internship, though. I'd get paid more waiting tables. Twice that, if I waited tables wearing a dress like this." She shrugs. "I stay out Thakai, mostly. Uncle respects my decisions for the most part but I think he half expects me to become the Family's private surgeon, or something."

Matto wrinkles up his nose in a characteristic expression of distaste. "You don't need to get mixed up in all of that crap, man," he tells her. "Nice to see you making your own way, honestly."

Alyssa glances over at him. "But it's your life, Kissy. Why do you keep working for 'em? Just to pay the bills? Have you ever considered asking for a legit job, like working the fishing boats or something like that?"

Matto tenses a little, palpable at this proximity. "You think I asked for—" he shakes his head. "I didn't ask for anything. Your uncle saved my life. Got me a good job. He doesn't ask…" he swallows, then breaks off, looking down and away until the elevator dings and opens to let them out.

Alyssa watches him for a moment, then sighs. "You're in already. It's hard to get when you're already in, especially when you… owe… him something." Her hand drops to his and take it. "Sorry, I'm pretty naive, I know…"

Matto's hand hangs numb there until it's taken, then gives a soft squeeze as if just to show he's alive, stepping off the elevator and into the lobby. "Let's not talk about work. What sort of music do you like?" Hello, change of subject. How are you today?

"Thakai Jazz," she says with a smile. "Though anything with enough beat to dance to is worth the effort. Have you ever made it to the Festival of Poseidon in Thakai? The drinking, the dancing, the Horse Races…" she smiles. "You get all types of music there, too, and I love 'em all…"

"Jazz? For honest?" Kissy squints at her, wandering out onto the streets with her, keeping her hand in his but walking further away, now, making an impossible barrier to traffic of their arms. He squints at her, "I guess I can see the jazz in you," he finally allows, pressing the button for the crosswalk.

Alyssa smiles. "Yeah, I can see that being difficult to suss out, what with all the boring lectures I just made you sit through." As the cross the street, she looks ahead. "Oooh, there are the clubs. So what about you? What's your music?"

"For dancing? Anything with a baseline you can feel in your chest from across the street," Kissy smiles a little as he tips his chin upward toward a place which seems to be attempting to break its windows with the dense fast thudding of the dance beat blaring within, nearly palpable from across the avenue and down half a block.

Alyssa nods, and the two of them walk inside. The music is tranceish, the drinks come quickly, and soon Alyssa is shaking her ass for all she is worth, moving eagerly to the music.

Matto laughs aloud as his charge goes off for the club, looking both ways before he jogs along after her and in. He keeps himself to only a drink or two; enough to get tipsy without getting anything near drunk. He's got a woman to watch out for, after all. Not like anyone's getting too close to her once they get out on the dance floor; as much of a gentleman as Kisseus is, he dances like a Leontinian— up close, personal, and sweltering, with a decent amount of grinding going on. If anyone doubted they were dating when they came in together, they're likely convinced, by now.

Alyssa enjoys the dancing, and gives little delighted laughs as Kissy steps up and shows his moves. The sweat and the drink flow… and suddenly Alyssa seems a bit more flirty than usual. "Woah…" she mutters under her breath. "It just got… a lot hotter… don't you think…?" Suddenly a guy who had been hanging by the bar walks over. "Mind if I cut in? Her last drink was on me…"

Matto eases back just a little, reaching for Alyssa's hand, "Hey— you okay?!" he yells. He has to yell, of course, to be heard over the music. "Do you need to sit down?!" he asks, then, looking back toward the guy with one brow tweaked. "I think she needs a little break!" he tells him. Maybe a little defensive. Possessive? He -is- meant to be her boyfriend, after all.

Alyssa just leans against Kissy, smiling, grinding more. "Why," she shouts back. "You gonna sweep me off my feet and take me somewhere?" The guy seems to be pressing, though. "Come one, man, you've had her all night. Beat it, I'll keep an eye on her."

Matto has been to enough skeevy clubs in his day to know not to leave a drunk girl alone on the dance floor with a strange man. "She's here with me, dude!" he yells back at the guy, "And she's going off the floor for a little bit," he adds, firmly. "Yeah, c'mon," he answers his charge, then, easing back toward the edge of the dance floor, keeping her close but glancing behind to see if there's someplace with air he can take her to sit for a while.

Alyssa seems happy enough to follow, leaning on Kissy and even letting her arms wrap around him. "You've been so niiiice.." she wheezes as they sit, leaning forward, resting her head on his shoulder. "Musta been so boring…" The guy has backed off, but seems to be talking to some friends who keep looking over at them with dark expressions on their faces.

"And you're a cheap date," Kisseus chuckles as he answers her, "You haven't drunk all of -that- much," he points out, arm wrapped around her, keeping her close. Guys? What guys?

Alyssa looks up at him, and frowns for a moment. A bit of clarity seems to come back to her, and she closes her eyes for a moment. "I… am not… normally…" she coughs a little. "Bad… drink, I think…"

Matto draws his brows downward, "Bad drink?" he asks, "You didn't get…" Oh, yah, two and two are coming together, "That piece of frakking—" he squints on through the crowd, looking for the guy who'd so kindly bought a drink for his charge. But he can't find him. "Come on, we're getting out of this heap," he tells her.
Alyssa smiles, a bit blearily, and laughs as he jostles her up. "Your place or mine, handsome?"

"We're staying at the same place," Kisseus reminds her gently as he props her up on their way to the door. "Come on, just a few more steps. You'll feel better with some fresh air." He hopes.

"Oh yeah…" she says with that same vacant smile. "Big bed, soft sheets." As they get outside, she gulps the air gratefully… then sags against him more, the dress shifting in odd ways. "Kinda cold, though…"
Matto shuffles closer, getting up under her arm and holding her forearm on the other side of his neck to help her walk, his other arm going around behind her and around to rub her and try to warm her up. "We'll be back inside soon," he tells her, keeping his eyes on the traffic and finally finding a moment to head across the street with her in tow.

Alyssa seems perfectly willing to be lead, singing softly under her breath as she did so. "Inside is good…" she shakes her head again, and a bit of the sharpness returns to her eyes. "This stuff is…" she swallows hard. "…pretty hard core…"

"Do you need to go to the hospital?" Kisseus asks her— she'd know better than he, being a doctor. He's certainly taken care of his fair share of drugged-out folk, but— he has no idea what she was given.
Alyssa considers. "Not dangerous… at least I don't think so… but you may have to forgive me… in the morning… Gods, I feel like my Ovaries are glowing…" Her head lolls a bit before she grins up at him again, and then leans in for a kiss. "You're nicer than most…"

"That must tickle a bit," Kisseus can only presume, not having ovaries, himself. He turns his head aside as he helps her through the hotel doors, politely ignoring the invitation to kiss her. "You're… drunker than most," he points out, getting her into the elevator.

"Drunker…" she says, blearily. "And Hornier. What the hell was that stuff…" She casts her eyes about. "You're still gonna be noble, aren't you?"

"Dude, you're not in your right mind," Kissy points out. He's a little tipsy, himself, but he's been more drunk than this in his day. "If I took advantage, how could I look myself in the mirror -ever- again? Besides. I already told you, I'm saving myself for marriage." The elevator finally decides to open its doors and spit them out on the twenty-second floor.

Alyssa stays quiet as they walk the rest of the way into the room, slowly making her way towards the bathroom and dousing her face in water. "Sorry you… you had to see this." She turns around, strikes a sultry pose. "Last chance to nail the bosses niece? Foggy as my head feels, I probably won't remember much in the morning…" then she holds her head. "You're a good man, Kissy. I better… get to bed."

"You might feel better if you throw up," Kissy notes, standing there on the threshold of the bathroom as she washes her face. His eyes skirt up and down her frame as she presents herself to him like a mare in heat, but his lips press together and the inside points of his eyebrows rise in a look closer to concern than to desire. "Let's at least get some water in you before you pass out. Lessen your pain in the morning," he tells her gently, going to the kitchen area to pour her a big glass of lukewarm water, not cold enough to stress out her system any further.

Alyssa nods and drinks… and then heaves. Barely holding it in, she collapses by the toilet, and proceeds to puke up pretty much any meal she'd ever eaten. Ever.

Matto leaves her be— but only for a moment or two. One glass full of water again, another glass full of ginger ale, he sets both on the sink and then dampens a towel, settling down on his knees by her to draw her hair back gently with his fingers and be there with her while she vomits, wiping the back of her neck with the moist rag to help soothe her. "Sh-hh-hh… it'll be okay…" he tells her quietly.

It takes some time, but not too long afterwards Alyssa is carefully washing out her mouth between sips of water and ginger ale. Her head seems to be clearing somewhat, even if her body continues to grind as though it had other ideas. "Well… that wasn't what I had in mind…"

"I don't think many people start out a day saying to themselves, 'Self, I think I'd like to finish up my night dry humping a toilet,'" Kisseus teases her gently, then, more seriously. "I'm sorry that all went down. I should have been paying more attention to your drinks. Are you feeling better?"

"My head is clearer, anyway…" she mutters. "I still kinda feel like jumping you, but I imagine after seeing that," she gestures towards the toilet, "I just got a bit easier to resist than before. And it's my fault… I didn't take a drink from anyone, but I might not have watched it very closely. Uncle is gonna have a hissy fit over this."

Matto swallows softly, but nods his head, "So you're, uh… going to be telling him and all that?" he asks, just… to be sure. He experiences something akin to what it must feel like to be about to die. Not that he's got much to pass before his eyes, so far, but.

Alyssa's eyes go to his, and she pauses. "I… I figured you would. Though now I think about it…" She tries to smile, but reaches up to grip her head as she grimaces. "Probably would be a bad idea on my part, and a horrible one on yours." She looks back at him. "I won't tell."

Matto looks back into her eyes, giving her an unbearably grateful look, "Thanks," he whispers, still feeling a little on edge, shoulders hunched like the puppy caught next to the puddle of pee on the floor. Still not sure that newspaper's not going to come whack him. Whack being the operative word here. "Here, you need help getting to bed?" Wait, is he— offering? After all that? Can't be.

"Yes, please…" she says weakly, an arm reaching for him as she struggles to stand. She holds his gaze as he does. "You've been great, you know. I'll tell him, if you'd like. Recommend you."

"No, no, that's… fine," Kiss tells her, looking downcast as he helps her up. "A passing score will suffice. The fewer little jobs of his he comes 'round to me with, the happier I'll be, in the long run, I think," he sighs, helping her to stand and moving her along out into the suites. "Do you want to try to change?" he asks.

Alyssa just nods to herself as she walks in. "Probably a good idea. I obviously can't blame you." When he mentions changing, though, she turns to him, hands going to the straps of her dress and releasing them, allowing her dress to slowly flutter. She then steps in towards him.

Matto has fortunately been in the company of naked people aplenty in the past. He does give a gentle sigh as he opens up his arms and gives her a hug. "Not what I meant," he tells her, though he's not shy about hugging, at least. "Where are your pajamas?" he whispers.

Alyssa doesn't seem to be giving up, though. From the hug, she starts kissing at his neck, her arms wrapping around him. "My head is clear," she whispers. "I… I really do want this. You wouldn't be… taking advantage, or anything…"

"Five minutes ago you were trying to sex up the potty, Miss Odessyeon," Kisseus murmurs to her, turning his head and shrugging his shoulder a little bit as though the kisses were tickling him. "You've been poisoned," he reminds her, gently, guiding her slowly back toward the bed. She'll probably be more comfortable sleeping in her knickers, anyhow.

"Poisons gone. Or going, anyway, and I…" She looks up at him, and her eyes turn curious. "You never even really look at me, do you. Not as… not as a woman." She steps out of his arms. "Godsdammit, he's millions of lightyears away and he is still in the damn room."

Matto draws his lips together a little. "I look at you like a human person, Miss Odessyeon. If I thought you really wanted to be objectified I'd go see if I could find that fellow from the bar," he tells her gently. He reddens, then, just a little bit. "Who is?" he asks. But he doesn't approach. Not wanting to get trapped again. He backs away slowly and settles himself on a couch. Eyes, as promised, on her face.

Alyssa's chin rises slightly. "My uncle. Hard to be attracted to someone who terrifies you, even if only by relation." She sits on the end of her bed, and sighs. "I know, I know. I hold your life in my hands and act like you should just treat me like some girl you met at a party, even after you know I'm all jacked up on some date rape drug I let some asshole slip into a drink. I get it, Kissy. You are a good man, or at least a wise one." Looking down at herself, she moves around and slides under the covers. "Sorry to put you in that position."

"… Oh." Kisseus pauses. "Yeah, it's… it's not the best situation," he agrees, quietly. "If it means anything at all, I'm very flattered. You're a nice girl. You'll meet someone who isn't tied up in all this crap. You'll fall in love and be married and have a pack of children," he smiles wanly. "But this… there are more reasons than I could count right now why this would be a really poor plan." He stands, once she's covered, and goes to come up beside her bed and tuck her in, tenderly, almost maternal in his attentions. "Get some sleep. I'll be here on the sofa in case you need anything in the night, or need to get sick again."

Alyssa nods, but for the most part stays quiet. Not too long after her head hits the pillow, she is fast asleep. Apparently, once the 'action' was over, the drug made sure it's victim wasn't conscious to cause problems after. Fancy.

Matto just makes sure the girl's tucked in proper, then retreats to the sofa, looking to her with a sad sort of smile that fades into a pensive look. For almost two hours he just watches her sleep, making sure she's still breathing. But then sleep overcomes him, too, and soom his head's tipped back and he's sawing logs, arms folded over him on the couch, still dressed in the clothes he wore out.

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